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AUGUST 22, 1998

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By Sue Dayton
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An Overview of the Dearborn H/X Convention

[01] 6:00 a.m., and I walked out into the morning air which was heavy with the promise of another hot day. I had my camera, film, and ticket in my back pack which I placed on the seat beside me. I wasn't sure how long it would take me to get to Dearborn, but I wanted to be sure I was there in plenty of time. It turned out I had nothing to worry about.

[02] 10:15 a.m., and I'm sitting in the parking lot of the Dearborn Civic Center. the trip had taken a lot less time than I had anticipated -- and the con wasn't scheduled to start until 1:00p.m. I noticed some people sitting on the ground outside the door so figured the line was forming and I'd do well to join it. As I walked up the side walk, I realized I needed to "take a break", but looking through the door, wondered if those working security for the con would let me go inside to the restroom. I approached one very nice young man who told me where the ladies room was and let me in. After my visit, I wandered around the vendors' area, taking note of what was being offered for sale and the fact that there was a lot more merchandise here than there had been in Valley Forge. That done, I went outside to wait in line with the others who had already shown up -- Rachelle, MilToro, and Tisiphone.

[03] NOON -- The doors to the con were opened and we all went inside. I went to the tables where I had seen things I wanted, made my purchases, then walked over and drooled over the chakram. (Someday, I want to own one of those!) From the corner of my eye, I spied Sharon Delaney, our intrepid fan club president, and went over to say "Hi!" I was joined by Rachelle, MilToro and Tisiphone, and Sharon took us over to a very quiet spot in the hall, telling us she had something she wanted to share with us -- we were the first fans to see the photos she's picked out for the 1999 XENA Calendar. All I can say is get your calendar as soon as they're available, folks. The pictures (especially those from the SIN TRADE episodes) are awesome!

[04] 1:30 p.m. -- The con activities began with the Xena and Gabrielle Music Video, "Sisters" then went into Sharon's slide presentation for Season Four of XENA and Season Five of HERC. Seeing the slides gave me reason to believe that these are going to be good seasons for both shows.

[05] We went through the various video salutes to guest stars and stars of the two shows, the trivia competition, costume contest, and auction, then it was time for the main attraction of the afternoon.

Danielle Cormack

Danielle Cormack

[06] 4:35 p.m. -- Danielle bounced out onto the stage, waving, smiling, and looking great! When the applause and cheering stopping, she told us she had been shopping at a local mall because that's something she really enjoys doing -- going to malls. She also talked about her two-year old son, who was at home in New Zealand with his father. She said that when they were filming IS THERE A DOCTOR IN THE HOUSE? [24/124], she was actually pregnant with him. The producers added padding to her stomach because they didn't think she looked big enough to be carrying a Centaur. The house lights came up, and she began answering questions from the audience.


[07] One of the first questions asked was if Ephiny would be appearing in the fourth season of XENA. She said that the producers had tried to get her signed up for an episode, but they wanted her at a time when she had a prior commitment, so she couldn't do it. She will be appearing in an episode of HERCULES, though.

[08] Quite a few people asked if they could have their pictures taken with her or give her hugs, and she graciously accommodated them.


[09] The questions ranged from what she thought about the Rift between Xena and Gabrielle (she says a rift is good for any friendship because it makes it stronger), to what Lucy and Renee are really like (she says they're a joy to work with and also went on and on about Renee's abs), to a request for her to do the "Amazon Retreat" (she couldn't remember what it was at first, then gave it a try).

[10] After answering questions for almost 45 minutes, it was time for autographs. Danielle stayed and signed for everyone in the room, taking pictures with them, and saying something to each person who went through the line.


[11] Although this con was small (the only other XENA con I'd been to was Valley Forge), I think I enjoyed it more because it was more intimate. I do know that I will be more than happy to attend another con where Danielle is a guest because she was absolutely wonderful!


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