Whoosh! Online Edition Whoosh! On The Road

By Nessa King [14-19]
(307 Words)

[14] There were plenty of men, women and children dressed as their favorite HERCULES and XENA characters. Those I spoke to were all talented people, each of them had made their costumes. Sometimes, they would just scrap together little pieces of household items like hangers, bowls and so forth.

[15] The children were the first to take the stage for the contest. They were all so cute and well dressed and each child was a winner in the contest. Each received plenty of great HERCULES and XENA gifts and even had the chance to get interviewed and taped by a local film crew.

[16] Next up were the adults. The stage was filled with people from young to old trying to compete for first place. Gabrielle seemed to be a favorite among the fans as many of them were dressed like her. However, because of the great costumes of so many, there was no single winner. Five people tied for first place. Xena and Gabrielle (Toni and Alison respectively), Xena the Milk Maid and Joxer, and Gabrielle (Kimmie Kat) all won.

[17] The crowd couldn't make a choice. They cheered equally for all five contestants. They too were awarded tons of great gifts by the people of Creation. It was afterwards though that the fun started.

[18] Some of the fans and winners of the contest were interviewed and taped by Channel 11 news and even Howard Stern. No, Howard Stern wasn't there personally, but his crew was there. That night, anyone tuned into Channel 11 to watch XENA here in NY got a great treat. Not only did they get to enjoy a full day at the convention, but a great episode of HERCULES AND XENA, plus, news coverage as well.

[19] All in all, this was a fun-filled, very enjoyable full day. Best of luck to all future contestants.

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