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FEBRUARY 15, 1998

A WHOOSH! Report
By Julie McNickle [01-08]
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[01] It wasn't as much fun as Burbank but I had a good time. I'd never met the two people who rode with me, so it was fun getting to know them.

[02] There were some videos that I hadn't seen in Burbank, and basically, that's what the day consisted of. They did have the costume contest and one lady had a Joxer costume that literally put Ted in stitches when she came up to sing the Joxer song with him. They would've had almost the entire audience up there if Ted hadn't stopped them himself, and he isn't a very big man. His costume armor weighs 40 pounds and he did say that it gets heavy as the day goes on. His new video is to Bryan Adam's Everything Thing I Do. Every clip also had Gabrielle in it, leaving a very strong impression that there was something more than friends between the two of them. If they'd shown that at Burbank I think they might have had a riot on their hands.

Ted Raimi
Ted Raimi on-stage

[03] Ted said he, Lucy and Kevin did their own singing, and Hudson and Renee would have but they didn't have time to make it to the studio to record the songs. The songs were recorded first, and then they did the filming with the songs playing so they could sing along with themselves. Which explains Lucy almost cutting off too soon at the very end of her last song. Watch it closely, you can see her almost cut it off and then she doesn't. Or maybe it's just my imagination.

Ted with fans
Ted with fans

[04] Ted also said that Xena is going to have a daughter but couldn't or wouldn't say who the father is or when. That really got some of us wondering. Do we have another rape coming up? I don't see her jumping in bed with some guy just for the sake of doing it.

Ted Raimi
Ted having more fun on stage

[05] There was a lot of the new merchandise at the Con. The diary, journal, bookmarks, cards and such, the new poster, and lots of 10" action figures. I heard they bought what Toy Biz had left cause Toy Biz was concerned about ordering the new ones with so many of the first ones still sitting on the shelf. I heard the number 6,700 but don't know how much truth there is to that.

[06] I had never seen the HERC blooper tape. That thing is a riot.

[07] Well, that about covers that little convention. I don't know how many chairs they had set up but I'm guessing 350, maybe 400. I asked Adam what process they use in deciding convention locations. Ratings was the answer. They go to the areas that have the highest viewer ratings. Don't they know that we'll travel? Seems to me they should try having one someplace where the ratings aren't too good and publicize heavily in that area. They might be surprised at how many show up.

[08] I did have a good time visiting with some of the people who work the merchandise tables. One lady looked at me and said, "You were at Burbank." That about blew me away. There were over 2,000 people there. I did visit with her a little bit in Burbank, but notenough that I'd expect to be remembered. We visited quite a bit after I got Ted's autograph. While waiting for the others I went out and visited with them for about 20 minutes. Nobody was out there and they were just kind of "hanging out." I now know how they got their jobs with Creation. I'm jealous.

Ted and Kim
Ted with Kim, our photographer


Julie McNickle Julie McNickle
Julie has lived in Kansas all her life and found Xena one night while channel surfing. The episode that was showing was CALLISTO (22/122) and needless to say, she was hooked from that moment on. As she lives on the borders between station signals, she has one chance each week to catch the show. She loved the show but had no idea how extensive the fan base was until getting online last summer. After attending the Burbank convention this year she knew she was obsessed. She has also met some of the neatest people online and in person through Xenaverse and Flawless mail lists.
Favorite episode: Naming a favorite episode is tough. There's so many that pop into my mind but I definitely have to say THE BITTER SUITE (58/312) probably tops the list. I've only watched the tape 20 or so times.
Favorite line: There's two lines from the show that I proudly display on my truck. "I Have Many Skills" fits me as the diversity of my job with the State encompasses many areas. Let me finish by saying I'm "Loving Every Moment Of It". Xena has many other lines but those two have got to be my favorite.
First episode seen: CALLISTO (22/122)
Least favorite episode: At the bottom of the list I'd probably have to put FOR HIM THE BELL TOLLS (40/216). I don't dislike Joxer but this one was too much of him.

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