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[01] Robert Trebor is one of the hardest working actors in show business -- and I mean *working*. The guy's convention schedule speaks for itself. He will be (and has been) on the road quite a bit, making himself available to fans in venues where many people might never get an opportunity to see or meet someone from XENA. If Robert Trebor comes to an area near you, it is worth it to catch one of his appearances. He is witty, informative, and a genuinely nice guy who loves his fans as much as they love him.

[02] At Valley Forge, he opened with a comment that his parents and sister were present, and they all got a round of applause as well. He took a snapshot of the audience, sweet revenge for having been photographed so many times himself.

[03] Many people expressed a desire to see more of the Salmoneus character. They genuinely miss seeing him, and hope he returns for an appearance soon. He very much enjoys playing the character of Salmoneus, and is pleased that he has been able to help develop that character somewhat over time.

[04] SAL_FAN was finally able to con Robert Trebor into singing at an appearance! Armed with a set of walnut halves (masterfully selected by an unnamed source) SAL_FAN took the stage (at Robert Trebor's invitation) and held the microphone while Mr. Trebor entertained us with his rendition of the XENA "theme song". The audience cheered enthusiastically. Robert Trebor confirmed that he himself thought of the theme song at literally the last minute on the last day of shooting THE GAUNTLET.

[05] Attendees also learned that his first public performance was in fourth grade with the Philadelphia All Boy's Choir.

[06] Robert Trebor also got his share of declarations of love (most notably from Mistopholes), so Lucy Lawless at New York City was not the only one!

[07] Someone asked how many actors on the show were Kiwis, and Mr. Trebor confirmed that most are from New Zealand because it is so expensive to fly people back and forth from America.

[08] A very Salmoneus question was asked: What is the value of a dinar? Robert Trebor responded he thought it was the equivalent value of a bag of oranges.

[09] Robert does not do many things stuntwise, but he was taught how to handle a sword and did so for his appearance in the HERCULES episode LES CONTEMPTIBLES.

[10] At audience request, he also sang "Miss Known World" from HERE SHE COMES... MISS AMPHIPOLIS to thunderous applause.

[11] International fans complimented Robert Trebor as well. Salmoneus is well-received in Belgium.

[12] His next appearance as Salmoneus will be in the episode IF I HAD A HAMMER, which he will do sometime in November. Other than that, while he has a lot of negotiations going on, there are no firm appearances for him in other things. He would, however, very much like to direct another HERCULES or XENA episode.

[13] When asked what he likes best -- acting, directing, singing, writing, Robert Trebor responded in classic deadpan fashion: "Working!" But more seriously, he said that for him, acting is the thing that all his other pursuits spring from.

[14] In his spare time, he sees many films and attends the theatre. He also likes to listen to live music. He is interested in dance and art, as well.

[15] When asked which other actors' work he admires, Robert Trebor mentioned Robert DeNiro, Al Pacino, and Michelle Pfeiffer. Stanley Kubrick is a director he likes, and we all know he's a fan of John Frankenheimer.

[16] His favourite episode on XENA was THE GREATER GOOD. The audience approved this choice too. On HERCULES, it was hard for him to choose between THE FIRE DOWN BELOW and CENTAUR MENTOR JOURNEY.

[17] When asked who his best friend on the set was, he said probably Kevin Smith [Ares] because they get along so well. He also gets along well with Renee O'Connor.

[18] After a few more questions, it was time for him to go. Forty-five minutes seldom passes so quickly!

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