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"It's bad enough having to read most of the crap that's written,
without having to look at a photo of the b*st*rd that wrote it."
--Ab Fab

Last update: 02-08-05

The Executive Committee

Editor-in-Chief/Publisher Whoosh!
IAXS Executive Committee Kahuna
BA History 1980 (British and Commonwealth) Kalamazoo College. MA Music 1984 (Early Music Performance Practices) University of California. JD Law 1991 (Just plain old law) Ventura College of Law. Kym practices tax law for the U.S. Federal Government in the seismically active canyons of the Santa Monica Mountains. Kym was the founder of IAXS and currently is the President for Life after a bloodless coup. Kym is 43 and happily lives to tell of it in Malibu Canyon, CA with Wes, her incredibly patient husband of 15 years, and Ira, her loyal thirteen year-old son. Kym's most profound Xenite achievement so far was to coin the term "uber" to describe a genre of XENA fan fiction.
Favorite XWP episode: It is still...DREAMWORKER (03/103)!! Let's face it, it is THE ONE.
Favorite XWP line: Gabrielle to Xena: "You're not much for girl talk, are you? Of course, you're not like most girls." PROMETHEUS (08/108)
First episode seen: CRADLE OF HOPE (04/104).
Least favorite episode: THE QUILL IS MIGHTIER... (56/310)
CYNTHIA WARD COOPER Cynthia Ward Cooper IAXS Executive Committee
Senior Technical Producer
Editor, Xena FAQ
IAXS Executive Committee
Cynthia Cooper was born in Fort Riley, Kansas on December 18. Her early years were marked not only by incessant travel, but also by the knowledge that her birthdate had been calculated to maximize her parents' tax benefits. After a number of adventures, Cynthia moved to Dallas, where a promising career as a neo-punk hair model was cut short due to an unfortunate follicular accident. While waiting for her hair to grow back, she earned a master's degree, and is presently employed as a technical librarian in a Dallas-area academic library. Her present obsessions include Hong Kong action movies (thank you Rob Tapert!), Richard III, and the study of ritual cannibalism (though she hastens to assure all that she's a vegetarian). Cynthia has been an ardent Xenite since the very first broadcast, and frequently expresses the opinion that the world would be a far better place if everyone would just sit down together and watch Xena once a week.
Favorite XWP episode to rewatch: THE DEBT (52-53/306-307), and DESTINY (36/212) ("I like the flashback eps")
Favorite XWP episode overall: THE GREATER GOOD (21/221) and REMEMBER NOTHING (26/202) Anything with the Amazons
Favorite XWP line: Xena: "I've got nothing but bad news for you" DESTINY (36/212).
First episode seen: SINS OF THE PAST (01/101)
Least favorite episode: A SOLSTICE CAROL (33/209)

Senior Staff
Graphics Editor, WHOOSH!
IAXS Executive Committee
"You can never have too much money or too many Amazons"
When he's not working for a big Science/Engineering company that (amongst other things) designs, builds, launches, and operates exploratory spacecraft, Bret writes fantasy novels and short stories. Bret is a man of many skills, having also previously been an Olympic-qualified archer, a drummer in the Butch Grinder Band, a news reader for Public Television Station KVCR, and a Deputy Sheriff for the County of San Bernardino, California. He also collects Japanese swords, armor, and art.
Favorite episode: HOOVES AND HARLOTS (10/110), WARRIOR...PRINCESS...TRAMP (30/206), and THE QUEST (37/213)
Favorite line: Xena: "What's this?" Gabrielle: "I'm... an amazon princess?" Xena (rolls eyes): "Great." HOOVES AND HARLOTS, 10/110; Xena after being goosed by Joxer: "Are you suicidal?" WARRIOR...PRINCESS...TRAMP (30/206); Joxer: "Ha. Ha." A COMEDY OF EROS (46/222); Autolycus: "I'm not just leering at scantily clad women, you know, I'm working!" THE QUEST (37/213)
First episode seen: CRADLE OF HOPE (04/104)
Least favorite episode: FRIEND IN NEED

Executive Editor, Whoosh!
Salmon Catcher-in-Chief
Grand Poopah Faux Bear
Best Bar in These Thar Hills
Love Slave 432

Bongo Bear is not really bear [GASP!], but a high muckity-muck in the Whoosh! hierarchy. Moving up in life.
Favorite episode: A DAY IN THE LIFE (39/215) and BEEN THERE, DONE THAT (48/302)
Favorite line: Xena: "That's my piece of meat you're reaching for." Thunk. THE DEBT II (53/307)
First episode seen: THE GAUNTLET (H12/112)
Least favorite episode: FOR HIM THE BELL TOLLS (40/216)

Chief Graphics Engineer
Administrator, Whoosh Forum
AKA "The Giggly One" or "Gig" on the message boards. Always searching for the right singing gig and for my big break, I've done everything from factory work to waiting tables to office manager, and am currently employed as a bank vault teller to pay the bills. In my spare time, I like to dabble in animation and run a message board dedicated to Hudson Leick. Occasionally I get the urge to construct, sculpt, paint, draw, crochet, or sew something, but I don't usually have time for all that, lol.
Favorite episode: IDES OF MARCH
Favorite line: Callisto to Xena about Gabrielle: "We were playing a game of truth or dare... she's not very good at it." A NECESSARY EVIL
First episode seen: SINS OF THE PAST
Least favorite episode: Any episode where, "In the name of Eli..." is uttered more than 5 times, lol.

In Alphabetic Order
Reviewer, Episode Guide
Xiomara Suro (Beboman) was born and raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico. She retired from the military and a ten-year stint as a Coast Guard Special Agent and went to hide in Nevada and worked for a time in a casino, in the surveillance department. After a few years of watching others playing, she decided that was no fun, so she left the casino life behind. Now she just works on writing short stories, poetry and trying to get her romance novel published. She also enjoys taking long motorcycles rides in the company of her husband "Wolfman". She is the mother of two and the grandmother of two.
Favorite episode: WHEN FATES COLLIDE(130/618), ADVENTURES IN THE SIN TRADE I AND II (69/401 & 70/402), A DAY IN THE LIFE (39/215) and IS THERE A DOCTOR IN THE HOUSE (24/124)
Favorite line: Xena: "Gimme, Gimme" FRIENDS IN NEED I (133/621); Xena: "Be Nice". THE GREATER GOOD (21/121)
First episode seen: A DAY IN THE LIFE (39/215) (after a bad spill on a Harley)
Least favorite episode: GABRIELLE'S HOPE (51/305), MATERNAL INSTINCTS (57/311), and IN SICKNESS AND IN HELL (72/404)
Freelance artist, performer, and bon vivant
Barb Binder is a young, vivacious singer/songwriter/actress and has much in common with Laura Sue Dean (except Barb has gotten much more professional work lately). She is a kiwi who has volunteered her freelance journalism skills to WHOOSH! in the hope this might help her obtain sponsorship and work in the USA someday. When she's not penning feminist articles, she works as a torch singer in Auckland's most exclusive nightclubs, breaking hearts and filling large brandy glasses with tips every night except Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. Barb has several certificates in martial arts, which she most often uses on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.
Favorite episode: SOUL POSSESSION
Favorite line: : Barb Binder: "Barb Binder, from WHOOSH!..." SOUL POSSESSION
First episode seen: THE BITTER SUITE
Least favorite episode: Anyone which involves marriage, except SOUL POSSESSION

Co-Editor, FAQ
Debbie Cassetta lives in Nassau County, Long Island. She works as the Director of Academic Operations and Budgets at a university in New York City. A doctoral candidate in American Studies at NYU, she also teaches United States history to college students. Known around the Xenaverse as Mistopholees, she is the founder and president of Sword and Staff, creator and editor of the Lucy Lawless FAQ, a member of the NYC XenaFest Committee, and is currently compiling the Who's Who of the Xenaverse. Debbie also wrote a chapter entitled "Into the Mix: Xena Nights, Subtext and Misconceptions" for Nikki Stafford's book, Lucy Lawless and Renee O'Connor: Warrior Stars of Xena. Her other interests include photography, reading, science fiction and Star Trek.
Favorite XWP episode: ALTARED STATES (19/119), IS THERE A DOCTOR IN THE HOUSE (24/124) and ONE AGAINST AN ARMY (59/313).
Favorite XWP line: Xena: "I have many skills." THE BLACK WOLF (11/111); TIES THAT BIND (20/120); HERE SHE COMES...MISS AMPHIPOLIS (35/211)
First episode seen: ALTARED STATES (19/119)
Least favorite episode: FOR HIM THE BELL TOLLS (40/216)
Assistant to Miss Dean
Dahak comes from the Middle East and is the baddest god on this whole planet. He has come to release an evil into the world that will make BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER look like BARNEY. When not working towards his goal of making the entire population of the world his servants, Dahak finds time to hang with his daughter and grandkid, and to help out Laura Sue Dean when she needs it. He says its because Laura Sue reminds him so much of his beloved Hope. A big fan of XWP, Dahak hopes to make it to a convention some day.
Favorite XWP episode: Toss up between: THE DELIVERER. (50/304) (What can I say? I am a romantic. I love first date movies) and GABRIELLE'S HOPE (51/305) (Hope was such a strong baby. A real chip off the ol' block, if I don't say so myself. She had no problem taking down that wimpy knight. Those Brits. Oh well, don't get me on it. Speaking of Hope, though, I have more pictures in my flame resistant wallet.)
Favorite XWP line: Gabrielle: "No!" THE DELIVERER (50/304). That Gabrielle, she always had a way with words, dontcha think?
First episode seen: THE PRODIGAL (19/119). It was love at first site.
Least favorite episode: THE BITTER SUITE (58/312). I should have had more screen time.
Editor, News Gossip Rumors
I was born and raised in TOPEKA, KANSAS. I am a twenty-(mumble) year-old aspiring actress transplanted to Hollywood and adore watching, learning and reporting to fans all about Xena: Warrior Princess.
When I am not obsessing about myself or the show, I love to shop till I drop, hang out at the Phoenix Room, and "dish" with my other actress friends (Tori Spelling and Shannon Dougherty). I've just completed my first major film role: the mother in "Little Ezekiel" and have several television commercials under my belt. My manager (Stanley -- short for Stanislavsky) swears that my career is ready to take off...I hope he's right!
Favorite XWP episode: THE QUEST (37/213) (Oooh! Didn't Renee just nail that entire episode? Gives me chills when I watch the amazing work she did there.)
Favorite XWP line: Gabrielle to Iolaus: "I would tell her how empty my life was before she came along... about all the things I've learned from her, and and that I love her" THE QUEST (37/213)
First episode: THE GREATER GOOD (21/121) (Hey Powers That Be! We want more Salmoneus episodes of XWP, please!)
Least favorite episode: FOR HIM THE BELL TOLLS (40/216), and any "Gabby-lite" episode
Reviewer, Episode Guide
I have taught math and literature to junior high students for so many years that I've lost track of how many. In my spare time I run a county fair, serve as mayor of my hometown and watch "Xena" (not necessarily in that order).
Favorite XWP episodes: A DAY IN THE LIFE (39/215), BEEN THERE, DONE THAT (48/302),and IDES OF MARCH
First episode seen: THE GREATER GOOD
Favorite lines: Ares: "You'll always be a goody two shoes." Gabrielle: "Yeah, but with a really big sword." SEEDS OF FAITH Least favorite XWP episode:: (only because I can't bear to watch it again) MATERNAL INSTINCTS
LYRIS Jan Thimo Grundmann
A woman of mystery.
'MICHAEL KLOSSNER Michael Klossner
I was the right age to enjoy the children's swashbuckler series of the first decade of TV -- Robin Hood, Zorro and half a dozen others. These have remained among my favorite TV nostalgia memories. The genre died on TV, as in the movies, but I am delighted that there have been three excellent, up-to-date sword series in the 1980s and 90s: Robin Of Sherwood, the Sharpe's series of TV films starring Sean Bean, and Xena.
I have written chapters annotating the best books and magazines on genre films and TV in four books, all edited by Neil Barron: Fantasy Literature (1989), Horror Literature (1989), Anatomy Of Wonder 4 (1995, covering SF) and Fantasy And Horror Literature (publication expected late 1998).
Although a mere Yankee transplant, I work as a librarian at the Arkansas State Library. I contribute to Chakram, as "Boeotian".
Favorite episode: A NECESSARY EVIL (38/214)
Favorite line: Xena to Salmoneus: "Make sure you keep amusing me." THE GAUNTLET (H12/112).
First episode seen: CHARIOTS OF WAR (02/102)
Least favorite episode: THE BITTER SUITE (58/312)
A woman of mystery.
Cathy P Cathy P-----
A woman of mystery.
Freelance Reporter for the Uber Media Review,
the Xenaverse's only independent investigative news source

Favorite episode: YOU ARE THERE
Favorite line: "Are you two...lovers?"
First episode seen: THE GAUNTLET
Least favorite episode: FOR WHOM THE BELL TOLLS

LYRIS Marissa Robillard-Meli
A woman of mystery.
Reviewer, episode guide
Who is Adriane Saunders? Adriane is a commercial artist and writer, who--though an American--lives and works in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Her background includes visual arts, radio broadcasting, public speaking, bodybuilding, fitness, mountaineering, and meditation. Adriane's spin on life is simple: "Show up and follow the clues."
Favorite episode: IDES OF MARCH
Favorite line: Xena: "I have many skills," said from time to time throughout the series, usually deadpan
First episode seen: DESTINY
Least favorite episode: FALLEN ANGEL

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