The Taborn Family Page

Wes, Kym and Ira Taborn live in beautiful Calabasas, CA, nestled in the Santa Monica Mountains in Southern California

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We are friendly people!

Kym has some major issues with XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS,
check out how she expresses them publicly:
WHOOSH! The Journal of the International Association of Xena Studies,
a XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS fanzine which Kym edits!

This site is under construction (the understatement of the year). Please drop us a line that you stopped by. Eventually we will put up links connecting to EVERY single High School and College friend of Wes and Kym. Too much excitement for one web page, no?
Stay tuned for whistles and bells! (But please don't hold your breathe).
Last update March 15, 1999.