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Title Author Status Archive Last Checked Reviews Characters Plot Era Venue Genre Type Explicit Alarms Explicit Alarms Buckets of Blood Otherwise Distressful Degree of Uberness Related Bdate Edate
Call of the Wilderness Warrior Kat c Yes 02/19/2001   Rochelle (UX), Heather (UG) Sins of the Past, western style (CasaUber)                     07/21/99 07/22/99  
Callisto: Child's Play Anderson, Joseph c Yes 02/20/2001   Xena, Gabrielle, Callisto, Jilly Jilly is introduced. Callisto finds herself drawn to an abused child. Violence, profanity and child abuse. First "Jilly" story.                 F First Jilly story    
Cally and the Pirate Blanco, Kevin c Yes 02/20/2001                         Might be just a Callisto Uber   07/97  
Cape of Fear JAM c Yes 02/19/2001   Chris (UX), Sam (UG) A psychologist helps a new patient remember her past (CasaUber)                       08/15/99  
Capture My Heart Patsbard inc 1-4 02/19/2001   Crystal (UX), Stacy (UG)                       04/15/00    
Captured Vertigo and Complx c Yes 02/19/2001   Xena (UX), Nikita (UG) Xena convinces Nikita to go against the section. (CasaUber)                   Xena/Nikita crossover   2000  
Car Jamming The Criminal c Yes 02/20/2001                         Companion piece to "We Will Burn in Heaven" chapter 17      
Caribean Breeze Morgan c Yes 02/19/2001   Alesandra (UX, carribean club owner), Cadmilla (UG, young tourist) A chance encounter leads to ubersex contemp   R alt         Cl     06/01/98  
Carpe Doodah AJ c Yes 02/19/2001   Xandra (UX), Gabrina (UG) Uber parody     H                    
Carrot Cake Cycle, The Drools Thrills c Yes 02/19/2001   Dana(UX), Grace (UG) A parody of the Nano Series: Doc catches a virus that threatens to decimate the city's battery supplies and raise Baskin-Robbins' stock (Lunacy) contemp                     05/26/99  
Case of the Hollywood Homicide, The Palomine c Yes 02/20/2001   Mel & Janice ] Janice and Mel investigate the murder of a leachous movie studio detective (Shadowfen)                 P     08/01/99  
Cast Party Magenta (Lori Bowen) c Yes 02/19/2001   Lucy (UX), Renee (UG)                     Book 3 of the Xena Lawless series      
Casting Couch Anderson, Joseph c Yes 02/20/2001   Jilly, Kim Ares brings an alien warrior to Ancient Greece where Jilly and Angela realize they have stiff competition (Ultimate)       gen           Sequel to: Jilly: Space Ranger; Kim & Jilly series ?    
Castle Walls Redhawk inc 1-6 02/19/2001                                
Cat Named Xena, A Warrior Kat c Yes 02/19/2001   Xena (UX), Gabrielle (UG)                       06/28/00 07/02/00  
Cause, The hobbes c Yes 02/19/2001   Duena (UX, outlaw), (Brynn, UG, Yankee captive) Set during the Mexican War, a Mexican girl turns bandit after the Yanquis kill her father. She takes a young Yanqui girl hostage to escape from pursuing soldiers but then begins to bond with her. Mexican American War Amer SW         *       10/20/97 11/05/97  
Chakram, The Herculena inc c1 04/20/2000     Xena gets help to look for her chakram                 NOT For some reason this has appeared in Uber lists and it is clearly NOT an Uber or even an Uberoid ?    
Chamber of Horror series (see "For the Love of Irina", "Resurrection at Rest", "Through a Glass Darkly", "'I' of the Beholder", and "Flesh of My Flesh"]                                        
Chance of a Lifetime: Personal Demons Complx inc 1-7 02/19/2001   Nicole (UX), Cassidy (UG) A jogger and a photographer run into each other at the beach, literally CasaUber)                          
Chance Opportunity GabGold c Yes 02/19/2001   Kailea (UX), Lisa (UG) Kailea needs some money to buy a house, and Lisa has it, can they figure out a way so Kailea can borrow some? (CasaUber)                       09/26/00  
Chances Taken Stoley c Yes 02/19/2001   Sydney (UX, investigator), Sam (UG, investigator)                     sequel to Another Chance      
Change of Heart Kawai inc 1-6 02/19/2001                                
Changeling's Moon, The Adams, Nene aka Bardwynna c Yes 02/19/2001   Lady Evangeline (UX, detective), Rhiannon Moore (UG, ex-prostitute/sidekick) When Rhiannon and Lina purchase a painting by a convicted murderer, they are drawn into a web of secrets, lies, and unspeakable evil. Victorian London M alt   *     Cl Gaslight series (6)   01/01/99  
Chase Away, The Alisa Goodwind inc 1 02/19/2001   Alex (UX), Elle (UG)                     Inspired by the movie "The Chase" 06/28/00    
Chicago 5AM James, L.N. c Yes 02/19/2001   Tina Amphipoli (UX, police detective), Mariel Potidean (FBI agent) T&M join forces to solve the mystery of Chicago's disappearing youths in the leather club scene. contemp Chicago M alt   *     Cl Entire   03/26/98  
Child of Darkness Anderson, Joseph c Yes 02/20/2001   Jilly, Kim Jilly must face the the consequences of her actions (Ultimate)       gen           Jilly series ?    
Child of Love Psyche-b c Yes 02/19/2001   Danni (UX), Brie (UG) Two women and their struggles to find happiness in a world that is just starting to accept the unique kinds of relationships (CasaUber)                          
Childhood Lost Knightwind                               [listed in CasaUber J&M area]      
Child's Play Kamouraskan c Yes 02/19/2001   Xena (UX), Gabrielle (UG) Gabrielle has a secret she need to talk about (CasaUber)                          
Chocolate Cream Jesse c Yes 02/19/2001   Nat (UX), Vicki (UG)                            
Choices of the Heart Alix inc 1 02/19/2001   Alex (UX), Bryn (UG)                     sequel to Mended Hearts      
Choir Jera c Yes 02/19/2001   Crystal (UX), Donna (UG)                            
Chosen One, The Verda c Yes 02/19/2001   Brice (UX), Roslin (UG) The Sovereign's daughter is out on picnic with the man that has been chosen to be her husband when a rebellion turns her world upside down (CasaUber)                       1999  
Chosen, The Dvirtue c cYes 04/20/2000   Diana (UX) Diana tries to understand her destiny, and her followers called the Chosen (Ultimate)                     ?    
Chosen II, The Dvirtue c cYes 04/20/2000     Diana tries to understand her destiny, and her followers called the Chosen                     ?    
Christmas Eve Wakar c Yes 01/20/2001   Mel, Janice Janice and Mel spend a quiet Christmas eve together (CasaUber)                 P     12/11/97  
Christmas in Costa Rica Wilder, J.C. c Yes 02/19/2001   Mel, Janice Janice and Mel are called to Costa Rica to examine a cave, and discover more than they expected (CasaUber) 1940s? SoAmerica A alt * *     P     12/01/97  
Christmas Remembered Adams, Helen c Yes 02/19/2001     A story set in the future about the meaning of Christmas (CasaUber)                       12/30/00  
Christmas Story, A Azel, Anne c Yes 02/19/2001   Charlie (UX), Anna (UG) On a bleak, snowy night, a young woman is mercilessly beaten by a group of gang members. From the shadows of an alley, a figure watches knowing that the beating had been meant for her. Used to doing whatever is necessary to survive, Charlie has no intentions of feeling guilty but as the gang members depart something pulls her toward the bleeding form in the snow - and toward a destiny she can't evade (Lunacy)                       12/10/00  
Christmas Wishes, Christmas Gifts Shadowriter c Yes 02/19/2001   Kris (UX), Julie (UG)                            
Circle of Life Fantasy         Becca (UX), Stacey (UG)                     Book 7 in The Lost and Found series      
Circuit, The James, Seana c Yes 02/20/2001   Mel, Janice Melinda is doing a book tour with her book on the scrolls when a certain archeologists meets up with her. 1940s USA             P     06/20/99  
Claiming of Ford, The T. Novan inc 1-40 02/19/2001   Ford (UX), Marra (UG) The Claiming of Ford is the story of a powerful warrior and commander and second in line in a royal house..she is know as Lord Kurruthian or Garron Ford to her troops. Ford is a war hero. Marra is a slave girl in an age where slaves have no rights, are not citizens (from story) future   SF                  
Class Over Anderson, Joseph c Yes 02/20/2001   Jilly Jilly must face the consequences for her actions with Callisto (Ultimate)       gen           Jilly series ?    
Claws and Effect Adams, Nene aka Bardwynna c Yes 02/19/2001   Jo (UX), Evan (UG) The theft of a rare book and murder involve Jo and Evan in a deadly cult (CasaUber)                   Book 3 in The Underworld Chronicles      
Clinic, The Klancy7 c Yes 02/19/2001   Jess (UX), Renee (UG) Military experiement are geared towards breaking an Amazon called Jess, a story based on a tale called Battle, written by Judy (Wishes) (CasaUber)                     08/99    
Clock Tower Dragonjuls c Yes 02/19/2001   Theresa (UX), Marisa (UG) A short story of the enchantment of love through generations, with the hope that two lonely souls can be drawn together (CasaUber)                          
Cobb Island Advocate c Yes 02/19/2001   Kayla (UX), Liv (UG) A woman chaperones her brother as he meets his girlfriend, finding herself on an island with an interesting past (CasaUber)                       05/18/00  
Cold Midget inc 1-14 02/19/2001   Jo (UX), Rocky (UG)                            
Cold War Fox, L. c Yes 02/19/2001   Major Valenta Alekeyev (UX, KGB), Rachel Clark (UG, American detainee) A KGB major must question an American detainee.                       04/01/99  
Colonization Trilogy [see "The Amphipolis Expedition" and "For the Love of Gaia"]                                        
Coming Home Katrina c Yes 02/19/2001     Roomates in a group house find their way home (CasaUber)                       12/04/99  
Commitment, The bard, kd c Yes 02/19/2001   Billie (UX), Cat (UG) Two women struggle with the commitments in each of their lives as they let themselves find love contemp   R alt         Cl Book 1 of the Commitment Series (aka the Billie & Cat series)   11/01/98  
Community Service Tigerlily inc 1-4 02/19/2001   Juliette (UX), Rian (UG) A famous singer meets her match when she is sentenced to community service (CasaUber)                          
Conclusions BlindzonElyzon c Yes 02/19/2001     A decision must be reached before going forward, no matter how painful (CasaUber)                          
Confession Morrig c Yes 02/19/2001   Magali (UX), Casey (UG)                     Sequel to Absolution and Penitentia      
Connections Advocate & Rsawest c Yes 02/10/2001   Claire (UX, lawyer), Amanda (UG, psychologist) An attorney embarks on an investigation and meets an interesting psychologist along the way.                   Book 1 of the Claire & Amanda series; Sequel: Crimson Snow   07/00/99  
Considerable Appeal KM inc 1-2 02/19/2001   Jess (UX), Robin (UG)                     Sequel to Undeniable 01/20/01    
Conspiracy of Swords Shadowriter inc 1-27 02/19/2001                                
Convergence Kandis Glasgow inc 1-13 02/19/2001   Taylor (UX), Candance (UG) The woman are send back on a mission, and meet up with other soul fragments. (CasaUber)                   Sequel to Stranger Paths & Return to Reality      
Conversion Warriorjudge c Yes 02/20/2001   Xena (UX), Gabrielle (UG) Love and sin in a Benedictine convent in 18th century Germany 18th Germany                      
Cooking with Fire Bat Morda c Yes 02/20/2001   Tiffany (UX), Sam (UG)                         11/01/99  
Cops Anderson, L.B. c Yes 02/20/2001   Xinn (UX), Gabe (UG) Two cops are assigned to work on a unique undercover case (CasaUber)                     05/08/00 01/29/01  
Corporate Executive, The HerBard inc 1-16 02/20/2001   Bobbie (UX), Stacie (UG) While Bobbie was taking care of business oversees, her brother has been running the company, into the ground (CasaUber)                          
Corporate Raider D. Virtue (aka Denise Mayes) c Yes 02/20/2001   Alex (UX),Taylor (UG) A corporate raider takes a shy young woman under her wing (CasaUber)                     07/00/98    
Corrina Artemista c Yes 02/20/2001   Kristen (UX), Corrina (UG) In the future birth defects can be fixed, if they are not missed (CasaUber)                       1999  
Costumes by George Lucas Simahoyo inc Post                           NOT ONLINE      
Countess, The Anderson, L.B. c Yes 02/20/2001                             10/10/00  
Coup de Grace Darkbloom, Vivian inc 1 02/20/2001                           03/22/00    
Covington's Kid Simahoyo c Yes 02/20/2001   Janice Harry Covington's young daughter Janice gets into trouble and he tries his best to fix it 1929     gen         P   09/24/98  
Cradle and All Lela Kaunitz                               prequel to "Shoot to Kill"      
Crazed Ramblings Of A Madwoman, The Verrath inc 1-3 02/10/2001     Xena's ghost appears to a writer in San Francisco                     03/06/99    
Crimson Snow Advocate c Yes 02/19/2001   Claire (UX, lawyer), Amanda (UG, psychologist) An unstable patient threatens his psychologist and the people she loves (CasaUber).       alt           Book 2 of the Claire and Amanda series; Sequel to Connections   11/14/99  
Crossing Brooklyn Ferry Anon c Yes 02/19/2001   Gabrielle (UX), Serene (UG)                            
Crossing the River Lethe LilTrain c Yes 02/20/2001                         sequel to "Forgetting"   03/06/00  
Crossroads djwood c Yes 02/20/2001                             10/23/00  
Culture Clash Barber, Malaurie c Yes 02/20/2001   Laurence (UX), Chloe (UG)                     sequel to "A Year in Paris" 2000    
Curse, The Louise, Anita inc c1-9 01/31/2000   Ann Bounty (UX)                     Part of the Ann Bounty seris ?    
Curse on Both Your Houses, A archaeobard c Yes 02/20/2001   Mel, Janice Mel and Janice are pitted against some very dangerous enemies who see Mel's "perverted" new relationship as a serious threat to their future plans for the Pappas name and money (Lunacy)                   Book 3 in the Bodice Ripper series   10/10/99  
Cyber Antics Downs, Penelope inc 1-9 02/20/2001   Catherine (UX), Torrey (UG) Two lawers get draw into more than just a high profile case (CasaUber)                          
Cyberepic Redhawk c Yes 02/19/2001   Dusky (UX, tribe leader), Shannon Elias (UG, Canadian courier) In post-apocalyptic America, Dusky leads the Red Wolves, a nomadic trible of Amerinds and Hispanics; Shannon is a courier for a program no one wants delivered. Hmmmm. future North America A     *     Cl     12/17/98  
Cybotic Love Ri c Yes 02/20/2001   Hilda (UX), Anna (UG) Hilda 123 was a cybot professor of Human Behavior who simply couldn't understand her own toward research assistant Anna Green (CasaUber)                       11/16/00  

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