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Title Author Status Archive Last Updated Reviews Characters Plot Era Venue Genre Type Explicit Alarms Explicit Alarms Buckets of Blood Otherwise Distressful Degree of Uberness Index Related Bdate Edate Added
Tale for the 21st Century: Civil War, A B.J. O'Donnell ?         In a 21st century world of oppression, a young woman meets the head of the Freedom Fighters future     alt           U   ?    
Tales of Emoria: Future Dreams, The Mindancer inc 1-6 11/17/1999   Tigh (UX, Peace Warrior) and Jame (UG, Peace Arbiter)   realm of fantasy Emoria?   alt             Sequel to Tales of Emoria: Past Echoes 09/99?   11/17/1999
Tales of Emoria: Past Echoes, The Mindancer c Yes 11/17/1999   Tigh (UX, Peace Warrior) and Jame (UG, Peace Arbiter) A powerful Wizard is threatening to start another war. Tigh and Jame are the only ones, according to the Emor Book of Mysteries, who can stop the Wizard. realm of fantasy Emoria? A alt                 06/12/1999
Team Players Vada Foster c Yes 11/09/1999                                  
Tell Me, Gabrielle Verrath c       Sina (UX, little kid), Gabrielle (UG, Sina's friend)                     L     03/30/1999  
Tender in the Night Llachlan inc       Reed Lewis (UX, actress), Jae Cavanaugh (UG, director)                     L     03/17/1999  
Terror in the Amazon Rachel2 aka Rachel Staples c       Mel, Janice M&J go to excavate on the Amazon at a site with many unexplained deaths. Late 40's Amazon A alt     *   P A,AR,L,S,U House on Redmen's Hill   08/28/1997  
That Texas Summer J. S. Stephens ?       Laura Wilkins (UX), (UG, ex-school teacher) A former school teacher meets the mysterious Laura Wilkins       gen           U,T   ?    
These Dreams Verda c Yes 11/09/1999   Tess Richmond (UX, business executive), Samantha (UG, artist) Samantha has had a dream about a sepcial woman all her life, is Tess her? contemp   R alt         Cl A,L,U     02/14/1999  
This is War BardWooHoo c           Civil War                 S     Jan-99  
This Mortal Coil Dyin' Isis inc                             taiko's        
Through a Glass Darkly Nene Adams aka Bardwynna c       (UX, warrior), Aislinn (UG, orphan raised in convent)                     L,T Chamber of Horrors   03/15/1999  
Through the Looking Glass Chrysippa c       Mel, Janice, Xena, Gabrielle M&J's granddaughter's travel back in time to X&G's time by way of a magical mirror. 1990's?   A alt         P,Cl A,L,S     Feb-98  
Tiopa ki Lakota Redhawk c Yes 11/09/1999       18th century Lakotas               L,T   05/11/1999    
Tired Verrath c       Beamer, Roadster Cars make like ubers                   L     05/07/99  
To Stand Together Through the Storm Sword'n'Quill c                             L,S,T     Apr-99  
Tomorrow's Past sHaYcH c       Natasha Romaniff (UX, X's descendent) Xena's descendent travels back into time to replace Xena in history future   R alt         F A,L,S,T     11/19/1999  
Toward the Sunset Della Street c       Jess Chambers (UX, outlaw), Mattie Brunson (UG, schoolmarm) A school marm meets a woman outlaw forced to spend two weeks in town while her horse heals. 1880s US West W alt   *     Cl A,L,S,U   Jun-97 08/10/1997  
Tree Grows in Mesopota+A264mia, A Joanna c       Xree (UX, a tree), Gree (UG,a tree)                     L     10/20/1998  
Trial of Truth, A Stoley c                             T        
Trick or Treat Vada Foster c Yes 11/09/1999                                  
Tropical Storm Missy Good c       Dar Roberts (UX, corporate raider), Kerry Stuart (UG, manager) Roberts company acquires Stuart's place of business in order to gut it. contemp Miami R alt         Cl A,L,S,U a Present under the Tree   09/30/1998  
Troubled Soul, A Taiko c                             taiko's        
True Colors Karen Surtees & PruferBlue c Yes 11/13/1999   T.J. (UX), Mare (UG)                              
Turkish Encounter Anne Azel c       Gunnel Dedeman (UX, industrialist), Jamie Miller (UG)                     L,T     02/02/1999  
Two Roads, One Path Stoley c Yes 11/09/1999                         T     Feb-99  
Two Sides of the Same Coin Protek inc 1 11/16/1999                           Infinity Series 09/20/1999    
Tyger, Tyger Joseph Connell c Yes 11/16/1999                         T Infinity Series; prequel to Only One 10/05/1998 12/13/1998  

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