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What's hot and what's not?

Posted 02/10/99

Fancy (Dutch)
January 1999


Short article generally about XWP, using a Lucy Lawless quote from the David Letterman Show. Excerpt translated from Dutch by Petra de Jong.



You're probably dying for information about Xena (Lucy Lawless), the
mythical warrior. Lucy started her career with Hercules, a demigod tough guy
from the same age. She was so popular with the audience that the makers of
Hercules decided on giving Lucy her own show.
Lucy comes from New Zealand, where the show is also being shot. For the show
she trained in kungfu and swordplay. Before she became the tough Xena she
had ash blond hair; for the show her hair was dyed black and she got some
hair extensions. Lucy about Xena: "A pre-Mycean kick-ass gal that traverses
the time lines." In the States Xena is 'hot', they even made an actiondoll
of her.


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