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Posted 02/03/99

The Des Moines Register
By Staff
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A note about the Lucy Lawelss bulimia comments from the USA Weekend article which went out on the AP feed.


   Tired of it all?

   Capt. Kathryn Janeway may abort her mission. New York's Daily News reports
that Kate Mulgrew, who plays on Star Trek: Voyager, wants to leave the show. The
newspaper said Mulgrew is tired of 80-hour work weeks and that she wants to
devote more time to her children and upcoming marriage to Tim Hagan, a Cleveland
politician. Mulgrew also complained Friday to TV critics in California that she
was fed up with Hollywood. But Paramount issued a statement in which the actress
said she "cannot imagine not participating in (the show's) entire run, whatever
that may be." 


   Short Takes


   * Lucy Lawless, of Xena: Warrior Princess, has a blunt message for anorexics.
"To any girls out there who are thinking of it, or are just getting into it,
just quit your bloody nonsense," the New Zealander tells the upcoming issue of
USA Weekend.

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