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Olympic scandal reflection of times

Posted 02/09/99

The Cincinnati Enquirer
By Letters to the editor
Page A11


XENA is mentioned in a letter to the editor concerning violence on TV wrestling shows.



   Pro wrestling OK for young viewers

   This is in response to an Enquirer article by Mark McGuire of the Albany
Times Union on pro wrestling ("Pro wrestling has headlock on cable" Jan. 4).
Many of Mr. McGuire's concerns (profanity, sexual content, violence, etc.) would
be valid if Monday Night Raw and Monday Nitro were not on as late as they are.
Mr. McGuire complains of the content of TV shows that are on until 11 p.m. Yes,
Nitro does begin at 8 p.m., but the truly explicit content does not begin until
after 9 p.m. Check the little ratings box in the corner of your TV screen. Both
shows warn of language and violence, that's what they are there for. The Sunday
morning and Saturday evening programs are censored, and the material presented
is a very toned down versions of the prime time counterparts.

   If you were looking for holiday entertainment for the kids, why look to cable
for it? Do not blame pro wrestling for the bad influence it has on children. Its
not the promoters' fault that parents allow their children to stay up and watch,
or to be there in the arena. What they're doing is playing for the lowest common
denominator, and making lots of money off of it. What's more capitalistic and
American than that?

   Another of Mr. McGuire's complaints was the finer line between good and bad
guys. In the past, it was black and white, now wrestling plots focus largely on
the gray area, the place where we all live. Fans root for the interesting
characters that do not insult them. Its those characters with dark auras that
fascinate us, in all forms of entertainment.

   Yes, it is violent, so is Hercules and Xena, and all three are not real. Wait
until the violence is real, and is even more popular before we become too
worried about the future of civilization. It's not TV to blame for the problems
with the majority of juveniles, it's lack of parenting.


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