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mmWire News Briefs -- Acclaim, EA, THQ, Aztech, 989, InnoMedia, M2K, Sony, BDE, Eidos, Infogrames, Sierra

Posted 02/09/99

Page Vol. 6 No. 8


More on Brilliant Digital's multipath movies.



     Brilliant Digital Entertainment [BDE] is trying to expand its 3D
"Multipath Movies" into the TV sphere. The company yesterday announced
a deal with Kaleidoscope Media Group (KMG), which will offer BDE's
Gravity Angels for domestic and international distribution at this
year's NATPE TV trade fair. KMG also is offering home video rights to
the property. BDE claims the two-hour sci-fi thriller Gravity Angels
is the Internet's first full-length 3D animated movie and says the KMG
deal is the first in which an Internet-originated property has been
offered for broadcast and video distribution. BDE's 16 current
properties include Ace Ventura, Popeye, Xena and internally developed
title Cyberswine. Titles are available online or on CD-ROM (discs cost
from $9.95 to $14.95, including a free preview episode). BDE has
bundling deals with Packard Bell NEC, CompuServe and Matrox. GT
Interactive [GTIS] will distribute some of BDE's CD-ROMs in the US.
(BDE, Kevin Bermeister, President, 818/615-1500)

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