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Maddy loves Xena

Posted 02/10/99

The Evening Post (Wellington)
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1 graphic: "Lucy Lawless"


Another article on the NZ Prime Minister and USA Secretary of State meeting.


   Actress Lucy Lawless might be a peacenik but her alter ego, Xena, Warrior
Princess, is still the hero of United States Secretary of State Madeleine

   On a fleeting trip to New Zealand last year, Mrs Albright said Xena was her
role model.   And despite Lawless confirming that she does indeed hold
anti-nuclear views, Mrs Albright is sticking with her hero.

   "She told us that when she feels frustrated she uses the Xena symbol and
says, 'Now look, this is important and anything is possible,' " Prime Minister
Jenny Shipley said after talks with Mrs Albright yesterday.

   "I thought it was wonderful that she's now using a New Zealand image of a
very powerful woman who views the fact that things have to be done and need to
be done as not an impossible task." - 

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