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Photographer moved on

Posted 02/10/99

The Southland Times (New Zealand)
Page 3


Robert Preston, a NZ film location scout for XWP/HTLJ was thrown out of Te Anau park and forbidden to photograph there.


   A film location scout, responsible for initiating more than $ 600
million through the international film industry into New Zealand during the last
few years, left Te Anau yesterday disillusioned by the town's parking warden.

   Roger Preston with more than 15 years experience in New Zealand's film
industry, was instrumental in finding New Zealand locations for hot television
adventure series Xena and Hercules but the film veteran has been beaten by a Te
Anau parking warden.  

   His latest job, travelling the south in his van capturing scenic images on
still and video cameras for a TRADENZ Joint Action Group expo in Los Angeles,
was cut short in Te Anau after a parking warden made it clear he would not be
left in peace to photograph lake and mountain scenes from the foreshore, he

   Community Board member Brian Vidler said this action was the very thing the
town wanted to avoid.

   It went against all efforts put in to promoting the region, he said.

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