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Brilliant - tm - Digital Entertainment and @Home Network Enter Content License and Distribution Agreement for Broadband Distribution of Multipath - tm - Movies

Posted 02/11/99

Business Wire
Page Business/Entertainment Editors


Brief mention of XENA on a press release for Brilliant Digital which makes XENA Multipath movies on the web.


   Brilliant(tm) Digital Entertainment, Inc. (AMEX:BDE;
http://www.multipathmovies.com), a leading interactive entertainment content and
tools developer, today announced a content license and distribution agreement
with @Home Network (NASDAQ:ATHM), the leading provider of high-speed Internet
services via the cable infrastructure. The revenue sharing agreement represents
Brilliant's first large-scale animated content distribution relationship to tap
the rapidly growing broadband market.

    Pursuant to the agreement, Brilliant Multipath Movie content will be offered
to @Home subscribers, enabling them to access Brilliant's interactive digital
Webisodes via Brilliant's web site at http://www.multipathmovies.com. @Home's
high-speed network allows subscribers to download Brilliant's content at faster
speeds than users connected to the Internet via standard modems. The agreement
also provides @Home with an exclusive worldwide license to certain scaleable
content that has been designed to take advantage of the performance capabilities
of high performance Intel Architecture-based microprocessors.  

    Multipath Movie titles and Brilliant's Digital Projector(tm) technology will
be a featured product offering on the @Home Showcase. Showcase is a high traffic
area on the @Home service that resides only a single click off the service's
home page. Brilliant titles are expected to be available during the first
quarter of 1999.

    Suneet Wadhwa, Manager of Media Development, @Home Network, commented,
"Brilliant Digital is an ideal content partner as they provide an exciting,
cutting-edge form of interactive entertainment that we believe will be of great
interest to our subscribers. We look forward to working with Brilliant,
leveraging our distribution capabilities with their impressive array of high
profile, digital animation. We are also very excited to deliver specially
optimized content on the @Home service."

    Kevin Bermeister, president of Brilliant Digital commented, "Developing
distribution through the high-speed @Home broadband service represents an
exciting, fast-growing new market for our content. This relationship, with an
acknowledged industry leader, is an important step in our plans to position
Brilliant Digital as an early participant in the widespread deployment of

    "Importantly, our animation software tools and Digital Projector technology
have been developed to scale up or down to available bandwidth and processor
capabilities, allowing us to support the high-speed benefits of the broadband
market as well as the improved graphic rendering of high speed processors. Users
of the @Home service will be able to subscribe to free Webisode channels and
Webisode pay channels where they can interact each week with their favorite
characters including Superman, Xena, Ace Ventura and Popeye."
About Brilliant Digital Entertainment:

    Brilliant Digital Entertainment is the production studio responsible for
creating Multipath Movies, a new generation of digital entertainment to be
distributed over the Internet, on CD-ROM, as television programming and for home
video. Multipath Movies utilize proprietary, technologically advanced software
tools to produce three-dimensional, digitally animated stories, each with
multiple user-influenced plot alternatives or paths that lead to a variety of
distinct conclusions. Brilliant Digital Entertainment (http://www.bde3d.com) has
formed strategic alliances with Packard Bell NEC, CompuServe, British Telecom,
DVD EXPRESS and @HOME to distribute its technology and Multipath Movie content.
Brilliant has signed content license agreements with DC Comics, Morgan Creek
Productions, King Features and Universal Studios, Kiss Digital and Bantam
Doubleday Dell Books for Young Readers for the Choose Your Own Adventure series
of interactive books. The Company is headquartered in Los Angeles, CA with
offices in Bondi Junction and Double Bay, Australia and Middlesex, England.
Information about Forward Looking Statements

    Statements in this news release that relate to future plans, financial
results or projections, events or performance are forward-looking statements
within the meaning of Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933, as amended, and
Section 21E of the Securities Act of 1934, as amended. Actual results may differ
materially due to a variety of factors including: (i) the commercial success of
Brilliant's content with @Home users, (ii) @Home's commercial success, and (iii)
the commercial success of the @Home Showcase. Brilliant's ability to complete
development of scaleable content designed to take advantage of the performance
capabilities of high performance Intel Architecture-based microprocessors is
subject to a number of factors and risks including the Company's ability to
complete scripting and production of the content and to successfully complete
quality assurance testing. Information about certain additional factors is
contained in the Company's most recently filed Form 10-KSB report and 10-QSB
report and are available from Brilliant Digital Entertainment's Investor
Relations department and may be obtained by calling or writing to our investor
relations company, Jaffoni & Collins at 212-835-8500 or bde@jcir.com.
   CONTACT: Kevin Bermeister, President 
                        Michael Ozen, Chief Financial Officer 
                        Brilliant Digital Entertainment 
                        818/615-1500 or info@bde3d.com David C. Collins 
                        Jaffoni & Collins Incorporated 
                        212/835-8500 or bde@jcir.com

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