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Posted 02/12/99

The Times-Picayune
Page E4
7 photos, with 1 being the person who came as Xena (Farrell)


This year's (19th annual) Coronation Celebration of the Corps de Napoleon had the theme of cupid. One of the Queen attendents was dressed as Xena and accompanied by her escort as Hercules.


   "Adoring Duos" was the focus of the 19th annual Coronation Celebration of the
Corps de Napoleon, held Saturday night in the Grand Ballroom of the Landmark
Hotel in Metairie.

   The theme was developed, for the presentation of the court, with the master
of ceremonies portraying the mature, real Cupid, relating his first-person
account of persuading Napoleon to add some adventure and romance to his life.
This was aided by the examples of six couples, portrayed by the court maids, who
symbolized different types and aspects of romance. These couples were alluded to
by both costume and symbols on giant plumed collars worn by the maids. From each
collar trailed feather boas, in coordinated colors.  

   Reigning as Empress Josephine XIX was Rosemarie Coble.


   Maids to the empress, the "Adorning Duo" they represented and their escorts
were Ms. Denise Bremermann, escorted by her husband, Mr. Francis Bremermann,
"Peter Pan and Tinkerbell"; Ms. Sharon Creager, escorted by Mr. Paul Schulz,
"Beauty and the Beast"; Ms. Chassidy Farrell, escorted by Mr. Ross Barkhurst,
"Xena and Hercules"; Ms. Angela Ingram, escorted by her husband, Mr. Barney
Ingram, "Minnie and Mickey Mouse"; Ms. Carol Lundgren, escorted by her husband,
Mr. Clarence T. Lundgren, "Popeye and Olive Oyl"; and Ms. Pamela Prendergast of
Cedar Creek, Texas, escorted by her husband, Mr. Robert James Prendergast,
"Pocahontas and John Smith."


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