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Season 1 (2002-2003)
06/07/02	K01/101	Crush
06/07/02	K02/102	Sink or Swim 
06/07/02	K03/103	The New Ron 
06/14/02	K04/104	Tick-Tick-Tick 
06/21/02	K05/105	Downhill 
06/28/02	K06/106	Bueno Nacho 
07/12/02	K07/107	Number One 
07/19/02	K08/108	Mind Games 
08/02/02	K09/109	Attack of the Killer Bebes 
08/16/02	K10/110	Royal Pain 
08/23/02	K11/111	Coach Possible 
09/06/02	K12/112	Pain King vs. Cleopatra 
09/13/02	K13/113	Monkey Fist Strikes 
10/11/02	K14/114	October 31st 
11/01/02	K15/115	All the News 
11/15/02	K16/116	Kimitation Nation 
12/27/02	K17/117	The Twin Factor 
01/10/03	K18/118	Animal Attraction 
03/07/03	K19/119	Monkey Ninjas in Space 
04/25/03	K20/120	Ron the Man 
05/16/03	K21/121	Low Budget 

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