Whoosh! Erica shows great restraint in not jumping for joy when she hears Bianca and Lena are 'just friends'
What's more scary than Erica Kane telling you she
wants to see life from your point of view?

Lena Kundera

November 4, 2003

(Lena appearance)
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Bianca Montgomery
Lena Kundera (Olga Sosnovska)
Erica Kane


While Bianca and Erica are talking in Bianca's studio, Lena visits; Erica apologizes to Lena for not accepting her and Bianca's relationship; Lena tells Erica that Bianca and her are now just friends; after Erica leaves, Lena tells Bianca that she might have to leave town for a little while and that she wants to be friends with Bianca; Bianca agrees and asks Lena to deliver a message to Kendall that she appreciates what Kendall has done to protect her and that she loves Kendall; Lena is all verklempt over the realization that Bianca blames only Michael for everything that has happened; Lena goes to the hospital looking for Kendall and she finds out that Kendall is about to be arrested for poisoning Ryan with insecticide laden allergy pills.


From The Official Site at ABC.com:

Lena is horrified when Erica informs her that Kendall is going to be arrested for giving Ryan poisoned allergy pills

From About All My Children

Erica agrees she buried the pain, but it all came back at once, and she remembered the pain of those 9 months with Richard Fields' child growing inside her. She's just so grateful Bianca terminated her pregnancy, and will never have to go through the pain she did. She feels they're both under stress and are saying things they don't mean; can they just forget today? Bianca agrees as they hear a knock at the door. She opens it to Lena, who says this is a bad time. Erica asks her to wait; she wants to apologize, but Lena insists it's not necessary. Erica's sorry she didn't accept Bianca's and her feelings for each other. They were just discussing seeing life from another person's point of view, and she'd like to understand hers. Lena appreciates that, but she and Bianca are just friends now. Erica smiles she's very glad Bianca has such a close and good friend. She starts to leave, and Bianca goes to give her mom a hug and repeat that she didn't mean to say anything to hurt her. She knows their situations are entirely different, and their pregnancies, too. People are more accepting these days and understand what rape victims go through; at least she is old enough to cope with it, but Erica was only 14 years old! Erica hugs her as she says they are both strong enough to conquer anything now. She leaves, and Bianca goes back inside. Lena apologizes for dropping by, but wanted to let her know she may have to go out of town for a while. Bianca hopes not for very long. Lena does, too, and says she would really like it if they could be friends. Bianca asks, "I can trust you now, right?" Surprised, Lena says of course. Bianca makes a decision and says Lena can't tell anyone what she's about to say. Lena asks if this is about Michael's murder? Bianca says no, she needs her to deliver a message to Kendall from her. She needs Lena to tell Kendall thank you, that it meant so much to her that she would protect her like that. She knows what it cost her, and she loves her. Lena asks if she can forgive her for everything, for her part in bringing Michael into her life? Bianca insists she doesn't hold anyone responsible for what Michael did to her except Michael, "No one else." Lena smiles and thanks her for that before leaving...

Erica sees no reason why an old friend can't come back to her house for a pleasant chat, but Jack asks for a rain check, saying Derek is on the warpath, and Kendall is going to need all the help she can get. He leaves, and Lena comes in, asking if Erica has seen Kendall? Erica says no, but she might catch her at the police station; Ryan Lavery's been poisoned by somebody who doctored some allergy capsules. The police think Kendall did it, and they're probably right.

From Soap Slut

Lena drops by Bianca's and is all horrified to hear from Erica that Kendall is going to be arrested for the poison pill incident.


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  • Erica has an epiphany.
  • Lena sets the record straight.
  • Bianca has a delayed reaction.
  • Mary bonds with a heifer.
  • Jamie doesn't protest nearly enough.

The Set-Up – At Adam’s, Babe seems to find no reason not to be grotesque while Adam wishes Aaron Spelling had never gotten into television.

At Brooke’s, Mary charms the chain right off of Jamie’s pants.

At the hospital, Ryan thinks talking with *ssHat before he turned into *ssicle is reason enough to be crowned King of All That Is Stupid.

At Portia’s studio, Erica continues her diatribe against Kendall while BaBianca wishes someone would change her batteries. Finally, she reacts:

Bianca: "You think that because Kendall was conceived of rape that you bear no responsibility for the way that she behaves, but maybe it is your fault and mine, too. Maybe we’re the ones to blame for making Kendall the way she is."

Well, that gets my vote.

Portia’s Studio – Erica thinks Bianca’s theory is just silly putty because, after all, she feels she’s given Kendall everything, including Mona’s pearls.

Bianca: "It was because of the way that she found out about how and why you gave her up that – that’s when she started hurting people. […] On top of having to deal with her own reaction to who her father was, she had to deal with your reaction and my reaction and everyone’s reaction."

Oh, you mean Kendall had the same issues VolderTot will? For a second there I almost thought Bianca might be listening to herself and realizing all her decisions, Voldemort forward, have been utter and total crap, but I don’t think there’s any chance that will happen. Oh, and Bianca? You’re giving your mother a headache.

Erica: "Oh, look: it’s ok, I’ll take the abuse, it doesn’t matter. What I’m so grateful for is that you terminated your pregnancy and you will never have to go through any of the pain that I did."

Remember those moments after Bianca was raped, when she was on the couch in Myrtle’s living room and Erica called, saying everything was fine and Bianca was safe? Yeah? Then you surely recognize the anvil that just shaved ten years off of my life.

The Cambias Jet – Kendall doesn’t believe that Ryan is on her side: she’d rather keep the jet idling on the tarmac and wait for the police to arrest her than take off and think it over.

Aidan manages to convince her that Ryan is trying to protect her, but is almost laughed out of the plane when he reveals he plans to ride to destinations unknown with Kendall.

Well. That is just cruel! Here’s a man who’ll stand by his (?) woman – unlike Bob Dole who, while Elizabeth was running for the Republican nomination for President, publicly announced he had donated money to that model of stability, John McCain – and he’s derided! I don’t even care that his plan to whisk Kendall away is stupid: where are you going to go, Mexico? Come on.

The Hospital – Ryan trades his information on *ssicle’s killer for his time of death which, because things could not have developed any other way, is anytime – within a 24-hour window - before and after Alexander died.

So, who’s on first?

Ryan says Michael killed himself, so Derek places him under arrest. For what? I’m not sure, though I bet it has less to do with impeding an investigation and a whole lot more to do with pissing off an officer. Well, at least they’re letting Derek act his one and only range: that of the angry, sanctimonious male.

Brooke’s Couch – Mary Polanski wants to take things upstairs so that she can "delight all of [Jamie’s] senses" and "show [him] things [cheerleaders] can’t –" like sex with no strings attached. Jamie, whom we’ve established is torn between the BroYay with J.R. and the processing lesbian ways and means to an oppressive relationship, wants to get to know Mary first and maybe figure out what kind of bracelet he ought to buy her for the post-Yay glow.

This is appalling, I know, but I was apparently not joking when I said my love for Mary knows no bounds: all I can manage is some form of moral opposition drowned by very loud laughter.

J.R. and Babe’s Room Of Horrors – Will Babe ever wear clothes again? Will they ever stop having sex in front of Betsy?

Babe: "I feel like I’m Heather Locklear in my own spin-off of Dynasty."

But you are! Sammy Joe married Steven Carrington, Blake Carrington’s rich gay son – just like you did with J.R.! I knew all these annoying Dynasty references would eventually bear fruit.

After getting her very own Platinum plastic and signing for it, Babe takes a spin around the room, stumbles against a hidden door and is swallowed by the wall: here’s to hoping no one will ever find her or that ugly purple robe.

The Cambias Jet – Kendall is tired of all the lies, tired of alphabetizing them at night and cataloging them by genre by day, but is not too tires to be moved by Bianca’s love for her.

Aidan: I love you, Kendall: I love you. You’ve got to believe that right now."
Kendall: "You do love me. I believe you, I do."

Would you just stop talking and kiss the guy already? I’m not getting any Lianca and lord knows I’m getting more superfluous BAM crap than I can stomach: the least you can do is give me some KaidanYay and make me believe that you mean it!

Portia’s Studio - Lena, who can’t catch a break to save her life, decides to stop by for a visit; she does try to leave, but Erica stops her.

Erica: " Lena, I’d like to apologize."

Will this be an itemized list?

Lena: "That’s not necessary."

Lena, it’s great that you want to be bigger about it all and, in fact, you are, but – shut up and let the woman grovel.

Erica: "No, I – I’m very sorry that I didn’t accept yours and Bianca’s feelings for each other."

What’s this, twist the knife? Lena must find this amusing only because it figures Erica would say something like that when it no longer applies.

Erica: "Bianca and I were just discussing seeing life from another point of view and I’d like to understand yours."

Did you have that conversation while I was bleaching my eyes during the Babe/J.R. scenes? ‘Cause that’s not the conversation I remember.

Lena: "Thank you, I really appreciate that. Bianca is probably too kind to say it, but actually we’re just friends now."

Oh, Bianca is not "too kind" to say anything and especially not that, but I’m glad Lena was the one to point this out so that Bianca could show that half-grimace of regret on her face: I haven't seen that much triple-blinking from Bianca since she dropped the key in front of Lena's door at the Pine Valley Inn.

Erica: "Well, then I’m very glad that she has such a close and good friend."

Heh, maybe if Bianca hears the word friend in reference to Lena one more time, she'll quadruple blink and then explode!

Bianca follows Erica out the door to hug her and to give her a social studies lesson.

Bianca: "See, people are more accepting these days, they understand what rape victims go through and at least I’m old enough to cope with this: you were only 14-years old."

Oh Christ, this is the message, that today people are "more accepting" of rape victims? Good god, just what is there to accept?  First we get Voldemort as a love story and now this, a lesson in how to accept victims of a horribly brutal crime?  Thanks, McHack, but I think I'd rather take lessons from a different kind of idiot, like the one in my village.

Back inside and under Portia’s three watchful eyes, Bianca and Lena agree that Erica "is full of surprises."

Lena: "Oh, I’m sorry to just drop by, but I just wanted to let you know I may have to go out of town for a while."
Bianca: "Oh. I hope not for very long."

Why, would you even notice that Lena’s gone?

Lena: "So do I and – I would really like it if we could be friends."

Oh, that’s fine Lena: that’s what we lesbians do. I’m friends with my exes, too. Oh, except for one, but that wasn’t my decision, so I wash my hands of it. Take that, Pontius Pilate!

Bianca: "I can trust you now, right?"

Lena: "Of course."
Bianca: "OK. You can’t tell anyone what I’m about to say."

What are you going to do, instruct Lena to come visit when Maggie’s away?  Speaking of which, just how long are study groups these days? Maggie left on, what, Thursday and hasn't been back since. It's hard to miss the fact that Bianca acts her age when Maggie is not around. Huh, maybe the Coke machine trapped her finger in the change slot.

Brooke’s Couch – Having found the MiniBetsy bracelet, Mary Polanski takes her shoes off, makes herself comfortable and asks Jamie whether the "lovely bovine bracelet" is for his girlfriend. Tad bursts in and saves his son from Mary’s hilariously evil ways, but has to let her back in so that she can retrieve her shoes and whisper something to Jamie.

It’s only on closer inspection that I realize Mary says "a bientot, mon petit" and did not, in fact, leave instructions on which hotel would be the rendez-vous point. Shame on me for thinking less of Mary.  Or is that more?

Adam’s House Of Horrors – Babe has a secret: she "cheated on the 4th grade spelling bee," but has walked the non-phonetically spelled line ever since.

To prove it, she proceeds to spell tramp and sexy, one of which she is: I’ll leave it to you to decide which. Betsy, in righteous bovine disgust, topples over.

The Hospital – Erica gesticulates her way through a conversation with Jack about Kendall and her selfish ways: I just don’t know how she’s ever managed to not knock herself unconscious.

In his room, Ryan is finally putting on some clothes; Dr. Maria objects: I guess her chest is feeling sympathy pains.

The Last Scenes – At Adam’s, Mary Polanski toys with Adam and the heifer. I don’t know about you, but seeing Mary drink from a bottle is far more disturbing than seeing her kissing young men: I never, ever want to think back to the acts Mary’s mouth on the neck of a bottle forced me to picture.

At Brooke’s, Tad finally places the pieces of the bovine puzzle together and makes Betsy holy.

At Portia’s Studio, the lights are dimmed and Lena and Bianca are in the kitchen: what the h*** happened?  Weren't they just in the living room with the lights on? Oh, why do I give a d***?

Lena fears that Bianca’s revelation will have something to do with Michael’s murder, but it’s a message for Kendall.

Bianca: "I need you to tell her ‘thank you.’ Tell her that I – it meant so much to me that she would protect me like that and that I know what it cost her. And – that I love her."

Oh, so you weren’t unconscious on the couch while your mother was calling your sister "evil:" that’s great to know. Maybe, next time, you’ll react while the person in question is still in the room.

At the hospital, Erica makes the word chat sound like hot monkey sex and places a booty call, but Jack is too busy trying to get beatified.

Lena walks in, looking for Kendall, and learns from Erica that Ryan was poisoned and the police are about to arrest Kendall. Lena, drop your mouth a little more: I’m not getting enough shock from you.

On the jet, Derek places Kendall under arrest for attempted murder; he does get to the part about having the right to remain silent, but Kendall’s protests drown it out. 

TOMORROW ON ALL MY CHILDREN: Greenlee thinks Ryan poisoned himself; Erica threatens Mary; Bianca vows to protect Kendall.


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Lena parts are indicated in red for those who only want a Lena fix

Bianca was angry with Erica.
Bianca: Why are you always so mean to Kendall? How can you treat her this way?
Erica: I don't want to. But just when I think I can trust her she comes up with some bizarre scheme like you suing Michael's estate. Of course it would be different if she didn't really want you to sue Michael's estate and she was actually protecting you by making herself look bad.
Bianca: Yeah, well....you just shouldn't feel the way you do. You should feel the way I think you should even though you don't know what's really going on.
Erica: If I didn't know better I'd swear pregnancy hormones were making you a little irrational. I don't know why I have a daughter that treats me so badly......There it is again. That sounds like my mother laughing hysterically. Must be the wind.
Lena: I'm sorry to intrude. Maybe I should come back later.
Erica: No Lena. I have something to say to you.
Lena: Do you really have to? I don't think my insurance will cover another suicide attempt.
Erica: I just want to tell you I'm sorry. I shouldn't have disapproved of your relationship with Bianca.
Bianca: Are you all right Mom? Do you have a fever? Are you back on drugs? Multiple personality disorder?
Erica: No. I'm just glad that you have someone like Lena in your life.
Lena: That's nice to hear but we're just friends now.
Erica: Too bad. I have a feeling if you were living here with Bianca you wouldn't let her hang that horrible painting on the wall.
Lena: You can count on that.
Bianca: Lena, I have to tell you something but you can never tell another soul.
Lena: Of course. I'm honored that you're trusting me with your secret.
Bianca: Oh, I'm not. Not the big secret anyway. Just a little secret. Tell Kendall I said thank you.
Lena: Thank you for what?
Bianca: I can't tell you. It's a secret.

Babe and JR were being annoying.
Babe: So do you think this ceiling camera shot of me in my underwear will make the audience like me better?
JR: I think the teenage boy audience will be pretty happy. I doubt anyone else is watching our scenes anyway. Here, I got you something.
Babe: A credit card? Sweetie I told you, you don't have to pay any more.
JR: It's for you. It has your name on it.
Babe: Oh. Never mind.
JR: I'll go get dressed and we can go shopping. ....Hey, Babe, where did you go?
Babe: I'm in the wall. I think those message board people sealed me up in here.
JR: No, its just the secret passage.
Babe: Cool! Let's go spy on your father.
JR: Neato! I just love being a mature married man.

Mary was still kissing Jamie.
Jamie: Mrs. Smythe, I think you're trying to seduce me.
Mary: What was your first clue big boy?
Jamie: When you tried to take off my pants. Are you sure you don't have me mixed up with someone else? Someone closer to your own age. Someone who's old enough to vote.
Mary: Oh look, a lovely necklace with a cow. Who does this belong to?
Jamie: No one.
Mary: Jamie, Jamie, Jamie. A successful soap character has to be a better liar than this. But that's beside the point. Take me Jamie. I'm all yours.
Tad: Out!
Mary: Now Tad. Don't be jealous. There's plenty of me for both of you.
Tad: Out!
Mary: Well. Those Martin men certainly play hard to get.

Ryan had an announcement.
Ryan: I know who killed Michael. I'll tell you if you tell me when he died.
Derek: All right. He died sometime last summer.
Ryan: I can't believe this.
Derek: That I can't be more specific?
Ryan: No. That this has been dragging on since last summer and nothing's really happened.
Derek: So who killed Michael?
Ryan: I think it was Michael.
Derek: You think Michael committed suicide?
Ryan: No. I think he murdered himself. Just put his frozen corpse on trial and find him guilty. But don't give him the electric chair. It might thaw him out.
Derek: That's it. Arrest Kendall for trying to kill Ryan.
Justin: I'll get right on it boss. Can I stop for a snow cone first?
Derek: Justin!
Justin: :::pouts:::

Meanwhile Aidan took Kendall to the airport.
Kendall: What are we doing here?
Aidan: We're going on the run, just loik Oi did with Mowreen. It will keep yew owt of jile.
Kendall: Why would I go to jail? They can't prove I killed Michael.
Aidan: They're going to arrest yew for troing tew kill Ryan.
Kendall: Why would they think I tried to kill Ryan?
Aidan: Oh, Oi don't know. Mighbe because yew said yew wanted tew kill im and foive minutes lighter yew give im some pills whot was poisoned.
Kendall: Well, if they're going to split hairs.
Aidan: Oi love yew Kendall. Come awigh with me and Oi'll mike sure yew are sife. Oi think Ryan migh love yew tew. E's letting us use is pline to run awigh.
Kendall: All right. I'll do it. I'll just tell the pilot we're ready.
Pilot: We'll take off whenever you're ready ...I love you Kendall. I'll fly you anywhere you want to go.
Co-pilot: I love you too Kendall. Let me be the co-pilot of your heart.
Air traffic controller: Don't listen to them Kendall. I'm the one who really loves you. I'll clear the skies for you whenever you're ready.
Derek: I love you too Kendall....er...I mean you're under arrest. You have the right to remain silent- and I really wish you'd consider it...
Kendall: No! You can't arrest me! I didn't do it! Beside's, it's Tuesday. No one gets arrested on Tuesdays


Unverified in non-clip parts

***** (clip a) [Lena visits Bianca when Erica is there]

Erica: Honey, we're both under so much stress. I think we're saying things we don't really mean. Can we just forget today?
Bianca: Yes, please.
Erica: Look, I just came by really just to see how --
[knock on door]
erica: You were doing.
Lena: Oh, I'm sorry, this is a bad time. I'll come back later.
Erica: No, no, no. Lena, please wait. There's something I want to say to you.

***** (clip b) [Erica apologizes to Lena, and Lena tells Erica that her and Bianca are just friends now]

Erica: Lena, I'd like to apologize.
Lena: That's not necessary.
Erica: No, I -- I'm very sorry that I didn't accept yours and bianca's feelings for each other. And, i mean, bianca and I were just now discussing seeing life from another person's point of view. And I'd like to understand yours.
Lena: Thank you. I really appreciate that. And bianca is probably too kind to say it, but actually, we're just friends now.
Erica: Well, then i'm very glad that she has such a close and good friend. Honey, i will call you, ok?
Bianca: Excuse me for just a second. Mom --
erica: Honey --
bianca: I did not mean to say anything to hurt you.
Erica: I know. I know, baby.
Bianca: I know that our situations are entirely different, and our pregnancies, too. See, people are more accepting these days. They -- they understand what rape victims go through. And at least i'm old enough to cope with this. You were only 14 years old.
Erica: We are both strong enough to conquer anything now. I love you.
Lena: Wow. Your mother --
bianca: Yes, she's full of surprises.
Lena: Oh, I'm sorry to just drop by, but i just wanted to let you know I may have to go out of town for a while.
Bianca: Oh, I -- i hope not for very long.
Lena: So do I. And I would really like it if we could be friends.
Bianca: I can trust you now, right?
Lena: Of course.
Bianca: Ok. You can't tell anyone what i'm about to say.

***** (clip c)

Erica: Jack? Oh --
jack: Hi.
Erica: I knew you'd be here. I knew you'd be here with greenlee. Jack, you have no idea what kendall has done now.
Jack: Oh, I'm afraid i already know. As a matter of fact, she's probably booked even as we speak.
Erica: Booked?
Jack: Yes.
Erica: You mean, arrested?
Jack: Yes. I thought you already knew.
Erica: No. No, all I know is that she -- she tried to use bianca, you know, to get --
jack: Let me just tell you why I'm here in the emergency room. It seems as though somebody tried to poison ryan lavery.
Erica: Someone? Kendall?
Jack: They found him collapsed on the floor. He had taken a couple of allergy capsules, but the medicine had been emptied out and poison put in.
Erica: And they think it was kendall? Kendall did it?
Jack: Well, I don't want to believe that she did.
Erica: No, of course not. I don't want to believe it, either. I -- i just don't know, jack. I just don't really know anymore what she's capable of. I mean, I started to tell you before, she actually went to bianca and used her. She wanted to get bianca to go back into court, open all the tragedy that's come over her, just so kendall could get at michael cambias' estate once and for all.
Jack: And what did bianca say about this?
Erica: Well, you know bianca. I mean, bianca's defending kendall.
Jack: Well, the funny thing is so is ryan.

***** (clip d) [Bianca asks Lena to deliver a message to Kendall]

Lena: Wait, are you going to say something about michael's murder?
Bianca: No, I -- i need you to deliver a message to kendall from me.
Lena: Oh, sure. Kendall's been very nice to me, and, well, you know I'll do anything for you.
Bianca: I need you to tell her thank you. Tell her that I -- it meant so much to me that she would protect me like that and that i know what it cost her, and that i love her.
Lena: You really forgive her for -- for her part in bringing michael into your life?
Bianca: Lena, I've told you that i don't hold anyone responsible for what michael did to me, except michael. No one else.
Lena: Thank you for that.

***** (clip e) [Lena finds out Kendall is about to get arrested for poisoning Ryan]

Jack: So then why would ryan would say that kendall's innocent if she's not innocent?
Erica: Because he was once in love with her and because we don't know what's gone on between them since he's been back in town. Oh, jack, would you come back to the penthouse with me? Let's just get away from all this.
Jack: Erica, look, as long as you're with david hayward, pretending to be with him or not -- whatever the hell's going on there -- we're just going to have to remain old friends.
Erica: Well, fine. No reason why good old friends can't come back to my house and have a pleasant chat.
Jack: Oh, don't give me that look. Can this old friend just take a rain check, please? I mean, derek is on the warpath, and kendall is going to need all the help she can get.
Erica: From you?
Jack: Doesn't seem to be anybody else around. I'll see you later.
Lena: Oh, erica, excuse me. Have you seen kendall? She's not at home. I thought maybe she might be visiting greenlee here.
Erica: No, no, kendall's not here. But if you wait a few minutes, you might catch her at the police station.
Lena: What?
Erica: Ryan lavery's lying in there. He's been poisoned by somebody who doctored the allergy capsules. And the police think kendall did it. They're probably right.

***** (clip f)

Kendall: No, derek, i didn't poison ryan. You have to believe me. Somebody else tried to kill him. I would never do that.
Derek: Yeah, we'll talk about down at the station. Cuff her.
Kendall: No, no, I'm innocent! You have to know i would never do that! This is ridiculous! Why would I poison ryan? You have to know --
aidan: Don't be frightened, kendall. I'll fix this, i swear.
Kendall: No, aidan -- no, you know that I'm innocent!
Derek: Let's go.
Kendall: This is wrong! They can't take me away for this!
Aidan: I know, I will fix it.
Derek: You have the right to remain silent --
kendall: No, you have to know this is wrong! You can't do this to me right now! This is wrong! Aidan, you've got to help me.
Aidan: Don't be frightened. I will fix this, i swear.
Kendall: Please help me!

***** (clip a) [Lena visits Bianca when Erica is there]

From Sosnovska Symposium's Play-By-Play by Akakel (transcripts coming soon)

ek: we are both under stress, saying things we dont mean. let's just forget today
b: yes, please
ek: just came by to see how you were doing
[amc031104a-inc starts]
LENA looking hot: sorry, bad time. i can come back
ek: no, please, lena wait. Something i want to say to you 

***** (clip b) [Erica apologizes to Lena, and Lena tells Erica that her and bianca are just firends now]

From Sosnovska Symposium's Play-By-Play by Akakel (transcripts coming soon)

[amc031004b-inc1 starts]
ek: i'd like to apologize
lena: not necessary
ek: no, i'm sorry i didnit accept yours and bianca's feelings for each other. i'd like to understand your points of view 
lena: i appreciate it. b is probably too kind to say it, but we're just friends now
ek: i'm glad she has such a close and good friend...leaves...b, i'll call you
[amc031104b-inc1 ends]
b to ek: hugs..i didnt mean to hurt you. our situations are different and pregnancies too. ppl more understanding these days. i'm old enough to cope now. you were only 14
ek: both strong enough to conquer anything...leaves
bianca back into lena
[amc031104b-inc3 starts]
lena; wow. your mother
b: year, full of surprises
lena: i'm sorry to just stop by, may have to go out of town for a while. I would really like it if we could be friends
b: i can trust you now, right?
lena: of course.
b: ok. you can't tell anyone what i'm about to say

***** (clip c) [Bianca asks Lena to deliver a message to Kendall]

From Sosnovska Symposium's Play-By-Play by Akakel (transcripts coming soon)

L: are you going to say something about mc murder?
b: no...need you to deliver message to kendall
l: sure..anything for you
b: tell her thank you for protecting me and that i love her
L: you really forgive her for everything? for bring mc into your life?
b: i told you...mc is the only one responsible. no one else 
Lena: teary-eyed: thank you for that. picks up her coat and purse and leaves...

***** (clip d) [Lena finds out Kendall is about to get arrested for poisoning Ryan]

From Sosnovska Symposium's Play-By-Play by Akakel (transcripts coming soon)

lena to ek: looking for kendall, have you seen her?
ek: no, but could be at PVPD soon
lena: what?
ek: ryan lying in there, poisoned by allergy pills and they think kendall did it...and i don't know...
ek walks off
lena stunned....


I have the following unprocessed clips (when I get the transcript they will be processed):
amc031104a-inc.mpg (2.1m; 0:12) Lena visits Bianca when Erica is there
amc031104b-inc1.mpg (8.3m; 0:49) Erica apologizes to Lena,
amc031104b-inc3.mpg (6.3m; 0:37) Lena asks Bianca if they can be friends
amc031104c.mpg (11.6m; 1:08) Bianca asks Lena to deliver a message to Kendall
amc031104d.mpg (4.9m; 0:28) Lena finds out Kendall is about to get arrested for poisoning Ryan

I am eliciting volunteers to host the clips throughout the web. If you have 5-100megs of space you can lend to this project, please let me know!

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