Whoosh! There's a metaphor in here just dying to get out
What's more scary than Erica Kane
asking you how she can help you?

Lena Kundera

November 11, 2003

(Lena appearance)
Last update: 11/11/03

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Lena Kundera (Olga Sosnovska)
Jail guard
Bianca Montgomery
Greenlee duPres
Reggie Montgomery
Erica Kane


Erica visits Lena in jail and asks Lena if she could use her help; Erica tells Lena about how her mother almost killed a man too.


From The Official Site at ABC.com:

Lena is surprised when Erica visits and offers to help her.

From About All My Children

Aidan notes the time of Michael’s death could affect a lot of people, not just Kendall, but David, Erica, Lena and Jack! Jack agrees any of them could have pulled the trigger, given the chance, and Aidan thinks one of them did...

Bianca arrives. Reggie pulls her in and says he needs to talk to her! She realizes Reggie made up the part about her uncle being here, and protests she needs to talk to him about Lena. Reggie insists she can talk to him later...

When Jack insists they have to clear something up, Reggie says Bianca has to talk to him about Lena. Jack tells Bianca Lena is going to be released later on; they’ve got nothing to hold her on, because Michael was dead before she put the poison in those capsules. Bianca asks if Lena knows? She starts to leave...

Lena is dozing when the guard comes in and says she has company. She asks if it’s her lawyer, and the officer grins that she doesn’t look like any lawyer he’s ever seen. Lena asks, “Bianca?” Erica comes forward, sorry to disappoint her.

When she asks if she was expecting Bianca, Lena says she would never ask her to come here; Bianca’s whole life has been shattered, and she can’t ask her to take on her problems, too. Erica argues that’s what you do when you care about someone, and Bianca cares about her. Lena thinks she just feels obligated, and figures that’s why Erica’s here. Erica retorts that she rarely feels obligated to anyone, but Lena thinks it’s best if Bianca just focuses on herself for now. Erica says Bianca is far stronger than she knows, and she should never sell her short. She asks if she did it—did she poison Michael Cambias’ allergy pills with insecticide? Lena agrees she did, and that’s why she thinks it’s better for Bianca to stay away from her. She doesn’t want her mixed up in this whole mess and, whatever is going to happen to her, she’s prepared to face it alone. Erica believes her, but they’re all involved in this, so she is far from alone, “Now you tell me, how can I help you?” Erica says she seems shocked, but if Bianca is willing to give her a second chance, so is she. Erica knows Bianca was so happy when she was with her, and Lena risked everything to keep her safe from Michael Cambias. Lena sighs that putting insecticide in those pills was a desperate measure, and it didn’t help anybody, but Erica insists she was trying to protect Bianca and she thinks it was ingenious! Lena sighs that Michael didn’t take any of those pills, and she ended up poisoning an innocent man—Ryan Lavery almost died because of her! She did some terrible things being Michael’s pawn, but she would never have considered killing anybody. Erica says she wanted to kill him, too, and so did a lot of people. Lena agrees, but she’s the one that acted on it. When Erica says she wishes she could have known her mother, Lena smiles that Bianca talked about her, and loved her very much. Erica says her mother was living proof that even the best heart can be driven to murder. She explains that Richard Fields was a very sick man, just like Michael Cambias, and her mother went after him with a gun. Lena asks if she shot him? Erica says no, in the end she couldn’t bring herself to pull the trigger. Lena asks what happened, and Erica tells her Mona walked away when he was having a coronary. Lena wishes Michael’s death could have been that simple. Erica insists there must be something she can do for her. She suggests calling her mother, but Lena refuses. She adds, if Erica’s trying to get her back with Bianca, she shouldn’t. She will always love Bianca, but if it’s ever going to work out between them, it has to be because Bianca’s ready to love her again. If she isn’t, then they were never meant to be...

From Soap Slut

Erica arrives in Lena’s cell wanting to help. Lena turns her down, which I think is crazy because whenever Erica has a rare attack of selflessness? Take her up on it. It doesn’t happen often.


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  • Erica and Lena bond.
  • Greenlee is not Cupid.
  • *ssicle is defrosted.
  • Aidan's post-its organize a union.
  • Lena redefines the Axis Of Evil.
  • Bianca, Reggie and Greenlee are kicked out of the recap.

The Set-Up – At the Pine Cone Motel, Aidan runs out of post-its and chalk gets in his eyes.

At Jack’s, Greenlee reveals she’s the one who stole Minnie’s lashes.

In Jail, Erica stops by to see Lena – but she’s no lawyer.

At Fusion, the ugly face of the company is on a new poster.

At the funeral home, Gil, Frasier’s ambiguously gay food critic, moonlights as a funeral director. Kendall wants to say a few words to *ssHat and orders Gil to open the casket: "rot," "hope," "bastard," "in Hell," "you" and "I" are the words she’s thinking of – and not in that order.

Fusion – Mia doesn’t like Ryan and wants to "wipe that pretty right off [his] face."

Oh, great, now we can’t even count on Mia to be stupid: what next, Erica as a good Samaritan?

Flowers Funeral Home – Think of a duck. Now, think of an anvil falling on the duck’s face. Now, think of a buttock. Over that buttock, attach the flat duck’s face – with its smooshed beak. You with me? OK: that’s what defrosted *ssicle looks like in his casket.  He’s a bit veiny under the collar but, otherwise, nothing like a defrosted body would actually look like. And the rouge on the cheeks! Dude’s gayer than Liberace.

Pine Cone – It’s another close-up for Aidan’s blackboard; an article on *ssHat’s death covers Lena’s name, which is either a coincidence, a very clever way for the writers to say that Michael is still on top since Lena’s in jail or a way to tell us that Lena will be free soon ‘cause she’s not the killer.  I just think it’s the lazy b****** set designer’s fault.

Jail – Who teased Erica’s hair today, Tammy Faye Baker?

Erica: "You were expecting Bianca?"
Lena: "No, I wasn’t expecting Bianca: I would never ask her to come here."

Lena, backtrack a little more and you’ll end up in the man’s prison.

Erica: "Well, why not? Don’t you want to see her?"
Lena: "Of course I want to see her."
Erica: "Well then why wouldn’t you ask her to come?"

Danger, danger Will Robinson! It’s that d*** "do I look fat in these pants?" question all over again!

Lena: "Because Bianca’s life has been shattered: I can’t ask her to take on my own problems, too."
Erica: "Well, that’s what you do when you care about someone and believe me Lena: Bianca cares about you."
Lena: "Erica, she just feels obligated."
Erica: "Why do you think she – "
Lena: "Is that why you’re here, Erica?"
Erica: "Lena, I rarely feel obligated to anyone."

Oh, thank god: for a moment I thought the writers had turned Erica’s personality around like they’ve done with everyone else: it’s good to know she’s still the egocentric woman I’ve grown to know and, well, know.

Lena thinks Bianca should "focus on herself" and not be involved with her or her case and discovers that Erica found out about her latest arrest while listening to AM Pine Valley.

AM Pine Valley? And Erica listens to that? Please: does she even know how to turn on a radio?

Pine Cone – Aidan has a sudden revelation: finding out Michael’s real time of death would impact everyone, especially Kendall, Erica, David, Lena and Jackson.

Oh, Sparky: why don’t you just take off your shirt, look pretty and say nothing, hum?

Jack: "I’ll be honest with you my friend: I wouldn’t want to try or defend this case."

And we all know what that is, Jack. Here’s a lollipop: the wrapper alone should keep you busy till tomorrow.

Jail – Erica’s willing to give Lena a second chance and says she knows Bianca "was so happy" when she was with Lena.

Erica: "And you, I mean, you risked everything so that she would be safe from Michael Cambias. […] You were trying to protect Bianca and I think that it was ingenious, frankly."

Aww, from one criminal to another. Sniff. Lena and Bianca aren’t together, so it’s cool to be all Mommy PFLAG about it all now and the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Oh, Erica: let me teach you something about enemies and friends. Iraq was on the USA’s s*** list. Iraq was and is on Iran’s s*** list.  With your logic, we should be showing Iran our sexy legs! Are we going to do that? No. And I know you think Lena is an Axis of Evil all by herself and, since (officially) there are three countries in that axis, it must mean you’re for BAM. [/Marge logic]

To add insanity to the impossible, when Lena says she had never considered killing anyone before Bianca was raped, Erica brings up Mona. Mona! St. Mona of Assisi! All right, who spiked my lemonade?

In an impressive display of acrobatic agility, Lena blends Spine!Lena and Schmoopy!Lena together: she shuts up Erica, refuses her help, and gets all girly about Bianca.

Lena: "If you’re trying to help us reconcile again, please don’t."
Erica: "Have your feelings for Bianca changed?"
Lena: "No, I will always love Bianca, but if it’s going to work out between us, it has to be because she’s ready to love me again."

Lena, can you say that differently? I don’t think Erica is programmed to understand nobility of character.

Erica: "And if she isn’t?"
Lena: "Then we were never meant to be."

Again: Lena, you're talking to Erica.  See that dog-like head tilt?  It means she doesn't understand.  Please draw her a picture and make whale sounds to explain it. Oh, and gesticulate as wildly as you can.

Jack’s Pad – Jack announces that Michael died "on August 28th, sometime between 8 p.m. and 4 a.m. the next morning," which means that he died before Alexander who, after faking us out for weeks, finally croaked on the 29th of August at 06:35.  He also tells Bianca that Lena will be fine because "they have nothing to hold her on because Michael was dead before she put the poison in those capsules."

Jack, you lump of everything but law: Lena is a prime suspect in the shooting so she may get out, but she’s still in trouble. Or, well, she would be if this show made any sense.

Bianca: "Does Lena know?"
Jack: "No, actually she doesn’t know yet."

Of course not! Why tell the person who’s being held that she can get out of jail? Was everyone won over by that "jail will be a reward" crap she’s been spouting?  Oh, sure: start listening to her now as opposed to before when she was the only one who figured out something was terribly wrong with Bianca. Feh.

Fusion – Greenlee stomps in and announces she, Simone and Mia will go after both Ryan and Kendall now that Kendall’s "gone over to the dark side" and has "positioned herself with Ryan."

While I appreciate the Ryan snark, what the h*** does a romp on the roof have to do with Fusion? Gee, would it maybe occur to you to talk to Kendall first? You suck, all three of you! 

Flowers Funeral Home – Aidan shows up and informs Kendall and Ryan that the coroner has established a new time of death for Michael.

I’m not even going to wonder how Aidan knew Kendall would be here ‘cause that’s a huge waste of time and I’d find more satisfaction pondering the mysteries of, oh, yeast.

The Last Scenes - Jack questions Reggie about the .38 he bought; Bianca gives him an alibi and says he was with her the entire night and the gun, ops, is in the landfill.

At the cemetery, Erica tries to talk to her mom and wishes that kid from The Sixth Sense were there because it’s so d*** noisy and Mona can’t hear her.

At Fusion, Greenlee decides to make "the ultimate sacrifice" and "take [Kendall’s] place in Ryan’s bed." Tell the truth: you broke your head when that car hit you, didn’t you?

TOMORROW ON ALL MY CHILDREN: Greenlee tells Ryan they have to save Kendall; Michael gets a funeral; Adam tries to bribe Babe.


This parody is by LizzieT.

Jack paid a visit to Aidan's hotel room.
Aidan: Oi'm sorry. Did yew ave an appointment?
Jack: No.
Aidan: Well yew can't just be tripsing into me eadquarters whenever yew feel loik it mite.
Jack: Uh, Aidan, this is the Pine Cone. And you called me...remember?
Aidan: Sorry guvnor. Oi'm a bit sleep deproived with all the work Oi've ad to dew. Loik me flow chart?
Jack: It's very thorough. Hey, I'm on it! What's up with that?
Aidan: Oi've eard yew're on Derek's tew. Something about the evidence room. Care to tell me whot that was all about?
Jack: No.
Aidan: Ahh, witing for yew're lawyer to show up before Oi question yew eh? Woise mewve.
Jack: I am a lawyer...remember? I'm the DA.
Aidan: Troing to pligh it tricky are we? Dew yew think yew cewd get yewrself off if yew were accused of killing Moichal?
Jack: Probably. Especially if Justin ended up prosecuting the case. I would imagine anyone on that flow chart could get away with murder under those circumstances.

Ryan stopped by Fusion.
Mia: So let's set up appointments for our Sexiest Man to do interviews and photo shoots.
Simone: Give it up Mia. That storyline tanked months ago.
Ryan: Hello ladies. Have some flowers.
Mia: Bug off. I know what you did with Kendall, you slime.
Ryan: Why would you care what I did with Kendall?
Mia: I don't know. I don't know why I cared about the Sexiest Man contest either. Is there really any reason for me to be on this show?
Simone: I'm glad you're on the show. You make me look interesting by comparison.
Ryan: I think I'll look for Kendall. This seems like pretty much of a time waster scene.
Mia: Oh yeah? Well.....oh yeah?

Erica went to visit Lena in jail.
Lena: You're not here to have me deported are you?
Erica: No. I'm here to see if I can help you.
Lena: All right. Who are you and what have you done with Erica?
Erica: I'm serious. I want to help. Did you really try to poison Michael?
Lena: Yes. But it didn't work. And I almost killed Ryan instead.
Erica: That's OK. His return has been kind of a bust anyway.
Lena: Then you don't think I was wrong to poison his allergy pills?
Erica: I just wish I'd thought of that instead of.....you know.
Lena: Why are you being so nice? :::gasp::::You don't have a brain tumor or something do you?
Erica: No. I just know that you made Bianca happy and I'd like for her to be happy again.
Lena: So would I. But I'll wait for Bianca to decide if she wants to be with me again.
Erica: Oh Lena. What kind of an attitude is that? Do you think I'd have been married 5...7...however many times if I had just waited around for people to decide what they wanted? You have so much to learn about being a soap character.

Reggie, Bianca, and Greenlee discussed family matters.
Reggie: Greenlee, you have to get Erica and Jack back together.
Greenlee: Do not.
Reggie: Do to.
Greenlee: Make me.
Bianca: Why is it Greenlee's job to get them back together?
Reggie: Because it was her fault they broke up.
Greenlee: Was not.
Reggie: Was to. You wrecked the wedding because you're a brat.
Greenlee: I know you are but what am I?
Reggie: You're the most irritating person in the world.
Greenlee: I know you are but what am I?
Jack: I have news for everyone. They determined Michael's time of death. He died sometime on August 28.
Greenlee: What does that mean?
Jack: Alexander died in Las Vegas which is on real world time. Michael died that same day in Pine Valley where the day and night of his death lasted close to a month. However if you speed Pine Valley time up to real world time then Michael actually died three weeks before Alexander and therefore Ryan inherits the Cambias fortune.

Greenlee broke the news to Mia and Simone.
Greenlee: Ryan owns Fusion and he's boinking Kendall.
Mia: That's awful! But why am I acting shocked? I went running over to Aidan's last night to tell him about Ryan and Kendall.
Greenlee: Never mind. Kendall has betrayed us.
Simone: How do you figure that?
Greenlee: Never mind. But I'm going to get Fusion back by boinking Ryan.
Simone: How is your boinking Ryan to get Fusion any different from Kendall's boinking Ryan to get Fusion?
Greenlee: Never mind. The audience says they want romance and we're going to give it to them.
Simone: How is boinking someone you don't love to get a company back romance?
Greenlee: Are you just trying to be difficult?

Kendall visited the funeral home.
Kendall: I'd like to see Michael's body please.
Funeral Director: I'm sorry. We thought it would be a closed casket service so we didn't touch him up much. He looks like a repulsive little rodent with bad hair plugs.
Kendall: That's what he looked like in life too.
Michael: Please, some respect for the dead. I paid a fortune for those hair plugs.
Kendall: So Michael, it looks like you're dead now even though I think I detect some eye movement going on. I'll just go out and dance on your grave.
Ryan: How about a tango?
Kendall: What are you doing here?
Ryan: I got bored in the scene with Mia and Simone. How are you holding up?
Kendall: Just fine. I don't need you.
Ryan: That's good. The funeral home has a pointed rooftop.
Michael: Cheating on me already? My body is hardly cold....er I mean thawed.
Aidan: Oi ave news for yew. Moichal doid before Alexander.
Ryan: That means I get everything!
Kendall: That's not fair. After everything I've been through I don't even get his fortune?
Ryan: I'll buy Fusion from you. At least you'll have the money to pay for a good defense lawyer.
Aidan: And it lewks loik yew'll need one now that yew're aliboi is shot.
Kendall: I can't deal with this now.
Ryan: I wish I could take care of Kendall.
Aidan: Oi wish Oi cewd tike care of Kendall.
Michael: I think it's in really bad taste for the widow's boyfriends to discuss her in front of the corpse. It's a good thing I'm not sensitive or I might have my feelings hurt - if I had feelings.


Howard: She doesn't look like any lawyer i've ever seen.

Reggie: Let's talk about how you blew up jack and erica's wedding.
Greenlee: Now? Your braids are too tight.

Erica: Why wouldn't you ask her to come?
Lena: Because bianca's whole life has been shattered. I can't ask her to take on my own problems, too.

Erica: Lena, I rarely feel obligated to anyone.

Erica: I heard it on a.M. Pine valley.

Erica: I believe you. But, lena, we're all involved in this, so you are far from alone. Now, you tell me -- how can I help you?

Jack: Any one of us could have pulled that trigger, given the chance.

Erica: If bianca is willing to give you a second chance, then so am i.

Erica: I think that it was ingenious, frankly.

Erica: My mother was living proof that even the best heart can be driven to murder.

Erica: Guns are not my style, either.

Jack: Lena is going to be fine. She's going to be released later on. They've got nothing to hold her on because michael was dead before she put the poison in those capsules.


Unverified in non-clip parts

***** (clip a) [Erica visits lena in jail]

[amc031111a starts]
Howard: You have company.
Lena: Is it my lawyer? He didn't call.
Howard: She doesn't look like any lawyer i've ever seen.
Lena: Bianca?
Erica: Sorry to disappoint you.

***** (clip b) [Bianca tells Reggie she needs to talk to Jackson about Lena]

Bianca: Reggie, I thought you said that uncle jack was here.
Reggie: Well, I kind of sort of made that part up.
Bianca: I need to talk to him about lena.
Reggie: Well, you can talk to him later. I need your help with greenlee.
Greenlee: Coffee and a welcoming committee. How will i ever thank you? Move.
Bianca: Wait, let me do that for you. Greenlee, you just got out of the hospital.
Greenlee: Nice of someone to realize that.
Bianca: Is this a good idea? I mean, should you even be out of bed?
Greenlee: Well, sleep's not my friend. Every time i close my eyes, I have the most horrible visions.
Bianca: About the accident?
Greenlee: No, no, not that. But trust me, it was really scary. I took a sleeping pill and finally crashed, but then these rude people who are moving in downstairs, they broke my r.E.M. This is cold.
Bianca: Oh, I'll nuke it for you.
Reggie: Oh, nuking. Great idea. Let's talk about how you blew up jack and erica's wedding.
Greenlee: Now? Your braids are too tight.
Reggie: Oh, I think you need to start making up for that. Broken wing or not, me and bianca's going to kick you out of this family.
Bianca: Wait a minute, nobody is kicking greenlee out of the family.

***** (clip c) [Erica asks Lena how she can help her]

[amc031111c starts]
Erica: You were expecting bianca?
Howard: I'll be outside if you need me.
Erica: Oh, thank you.
Lena: No, I wasn't expecting bianca. I would never ask her to come here.
Erica: Well, why not? Don't you want to see her?
Lena: Of course I want to see her.
Erica: Well, then why wouldn't you ask her to come?
Lena: Because bianca's whole life has been shattered. I can't ask her to take on my own problems, too.
Erica: Well, that's what you do when you care about someone. And believe me, lena, bianca cares about you.
Lena: Erica, she just feels obligated.
Erica: Why do you think she --
lena: Isn't that why you're here, erica?
Erica: Lena, I rarely feel obligated to anyone.
Lena: I think it's best if bianca focuses on just herself for now.
Erica: Lena, bianca is far stronger than you know. Don't ever sell bianca short. She's going to get through this. You'll see.
Lena: I hope so. Did she tell you i was here?
Erica: No. Actually, I heard it on a.M. Pine valley.
Lena: Oh. Yes, i was wondering how long that would take.
Erica: Then, you did it? You poisoned michael cambias' allergy pills with insecticide?
Lena: Yes, i did. And that's why i think it's better that bianca stays away from me. I don't want her mixed up in this whole mess. And whatever's going to happen to me, i'm prepared to face it alone.
Erica: I believe you. But, lena, we're all involved in this, so you are far from alone. Now, you tell me -- how can I help you?

***** (clip d) [Jackson and Aidan discuss Lena]

Jack: You know, the M.E.'S office really stepped up the pace when lena was charged with attempted murder.
Aidan: Narrowing down michael's time of death could affect a lot of people. Not just kendall, but david, erica, lena, and you.
Jack: Yeah, I guess any one of us could have pulled that trigger, given the chance.
Aidan: One of you did.
Jack: You don't know that.
Aidan: I know that reggie was questioned by the police.
Jack: And he told them nothing, so do me a favor and take my son's name off that list.
Aidan: It's too crowded, anyway.
Jack: Aidan, you do realize that most of the people on that list are protected by alibis that are shaky at best, right?
Aidan: And whoever they arrest, the police can't expect an open-and-shut case.
Jack: Not unless they can prove or narrow down the time of michael's death, no.
Aidan: And an attorney with half a degree could establish enough reasonable doubt with so many potential suspects.
Jack: Yes, i'd say that would be a very good way to defend.
Aidan: Is that what you would do?
Jack: I'll be honest with you, my friend. I wouldn't want to try or defend this case.
Aidan: No, if you had to, could you make it work?
Jack: Unless the police could come up with something more concrete, I would say there would be a very good chance that whoever killed michael cambias could walk. Now, anyway, thank you very much. This has been fascinating. And thank you for your candor.
Aidan: No problem.
[Phone rings]
jack: Jack montgomery. Really? When? Thank you very much. Well, that was the m.E.'S office. Looks like we've got our answer.

***** (clip e) [Erica tells Lena she's willing to give her a second chance]

[amc031111e starts]
Erica: Lena, you seem shocked. But if bianca is willing to give you a second chance, then so am i.
Lena: Did bianca ask you to do this?
Erica: No. But I know that she was so happy when she was with you. And you -- well, I mean, you risked everything so that she would be safe from michael cambias.
Lena: Erica, putting insecticide in those pills was a desperate measure, and it certainly didn't help anybody.
Erica: But you were trying to protect bianca, and i think that it was ingenious, frankly.
Lena: Maybe. But michael didn't take a single one of those pills. And instead, i ended up poisoning an innocent man. Ryan lavery almost died because of me. Erica, i did some terrible things being michael's pawn, but I would never, ever have considered killing anybody. But then when he went after bianca, I just lost all reason.
Erica: Listen to me, lena. I wanted to kill michael cambias, too. So did a lot of people.
Lena: Yes, but i'm the one who acted on it.
Erica: My mother -- i wish you could have known her.
Lena: Yes, bianca talked about her. She loved her very much.
Erica: Oh, yes, yes. Very much. But my mother was living proof that even the best heart can be driven to murder.

***** (clip f) [Erica tells Lena about her mother]

[amc031111f starts]
Erica: Richard fields was a very sick man, just like michael cambias. And I, like bianca, had no idea what this rapist was after when he touched me like that all those years ago. But my mother did, and my mother went after him with a gun.
Lena: And did she shoot him?
Erica: No. In the end, she couldn't bring herself to pull the trigger.
Lena: Honestly, I don't think i could actually shoot michael, either.
Erica: No, guns are not my style, either.
Lena: So, what happened to this man and your mother?
Erica: My mother walked away while he was having a coronary.
Lena: Well, if only michael's death had been that simple. If he actually took one of those pills, so many of us would have been spared.
Erica: Michael cambias spare others misery? I don't think so. Look, lena, you told me that your lawyer hasn't called you. I mean, do you want me to help you get a better one?
Lena: Oh, no, thank you. That's not necessary. Kendall and ryan said they would take care of it.
Erica: Oh, come on, there must be something I can do for you. Can I call your mother? Is she still in chicago?
Lena: Erica, stop.
Erica: Why? Why? I mean, look, I want you to be helped here. I mean, for your sake, but also for bianca's.
Lena: If you're trying to help us reconcile again, please don't.
Erica: Have your feelings for bianca changed?
Lena: No. I will always love bianca, but if it's going to work out between us, it has to be because she's ready to love me again.
Erica: And if she isn't?
Lena: Then we were never meant to be.

***** (clip g) [Jackson tells Bianca to go tell Lena that Michael was dead before she tried to poison him]

Bianca: Reggie, locking mom and uncle jack in an elevator together isn't exactly subtle.
Reggie: Well, I didn't say greenlee had to really trap them or anything like that.
Greenlee: Good, because there's no way i'm doing that.
Reggie: But, you know, say you see david heading erica's way. You can kind of steer him in the opposite direction, like in front of a bus, whatever comes --
bianca: Reggie!
Reggie: Ok, all right, all right. Forget the bus. Just find out what his intentions are.
Greenlee: His intentions?
Reggie: Mm-hmm.
Greenlee: And what, have him have erica home by 10:00? This is ridiculous.
Reggie: See, this --
greenlee: No one can control david.
Reggie: So you're just going to give up? Going to quit? Some daughter you are.
Greenlee: Hey, i want jackson to be happy just like everyone else.
Jack: Well, at least the three of you feel that way.
Reggie: J, what's up?
Bianca: Hey, uncle jack.
Greenlee: Hi.
Jack: So, what are my three favorite people doing with their heads together, huh?
Greenlee: I just was telling them how you asked me to stay here whi i recuperate from the accident.
Reggie: You ok, j?
Jack: Actually, I just got some news.
Bianca: About lena?
Jack: No, I heard from the medical examiner.
Greenlee: Do you want some privacy?
Jack: All three of you should hear this. They've narrowed down the time of michael's death.
Bianca: And when is it? When did he die?
Jack: On august 28, sometime between 8:00 P.M. And 4:00 a.M. The next morning.
Greenlee: Oh, my god. Alexander died at 6:35 a.M. In las vegas on the 29th. That means that michael died first and ryan owns everything, including fusion.
Jack: I'm afraid so.
Greenlee: I have to go.
Jack: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Greenlee, wait.
Greenlee: No, no, no. I can'T.
Jack: Then just be careful.
Greenlee: I will.
Jack: All right.
Reggie: I got to go, too.
Jack: No, no, no, no. There's something you and I need to clear up.
Reggie: But bianca has to talk to you about, you know, lena.
Jack: One second. Lena is going to be fine. She's going to be released later on. They've got nothing to hold her on because michael was dead before she put the poison in those capsules.
Bianca: Does lena know?
Jack: No, actually, she doesn't know yet. Do you want to go down and tell her? I'll make sure you can get in and see her.
Bianca: That would be great. Thank you.
Jack: Ok, sweetie.
Reggie: So, what do we have to talk about, huh?
Jack: I think you know.
Reggie: The gun? That's what we have to talk about?
Jack: Just hang on a second.
Bianca: Wait a minute. If that's what this is about, then i'm staying.
Jack: You know something about this gun? Is that what you two have been keeping from me? Or is there something else that i don't know anything about?
Jack: So, what do you know about the gun reggie had?
Bianca: I saw it the night that reggie stayed with me, the night of the hearing.
Reggie: The night you told me to stay with her and protect her, guard her.
Jack: No, reggie, what i told you was to keep an eye on her. I did not tell you to start packing a piece.
Reggie: "Packing a piece"? Jack, you crack me up.
Jack: Yeah, you think this is funny, huh? You think this is something to laugh about, do you?
Reggie: Look, whatever you don't know can't hurt us, all right? It's all good.
Jack: No, what i don't know can hurt you, absolutely. Especially now. Reggie, I love you. You're my son. But I cannot help you unless you tell me what the hell is going on here.
Reggie: Ok, all right. I bought a gun.
Jack: From that punk, slick?
Reggie: Yeah. Look, jack, you already know this. You already told the police.
Jack: Just tell me it was a saturday night special, please.
Reggie: Jack, a .22? Please. I wouldn't waste my money on a little cap gun like that. I bought a, you know --
jack: .38 revolver.
Reggie: Yeah.
Jack: The same caliber that killed michael cambias.
Reggie: I didn't shoot him.
Jack: So why did you buy the gun?
Reggie: You know, I wanted to be prepared, just in case he came after bianca. I wanted to protect her.
Jack: Where's the gun now? Reggie, if i told you to give me that gun so I could have it tested to see if it was recently fired, could you do that?
Reggie: No, I can't, jack.
Jack: And why not?
Reggie: Because I just can't, ok?
Jack: No, that's not good enough.
Reggie: Well, what else do you want from me?
Jack: I want the gun, for starters!
Reggie: I didn't do anything wrong.
Jack: And do you think the police are going to believe you?
Reggie: Well, I really don't care!
Jack: Well, you better start caring because your word alone that you didn't fire that weapon isn't going to go very far --
bianca: All right, well what about my word? Would the police believe me if i told them that reggie never left my side, that he was with me the whole night?


I have the following clips (incompletes are arked "inc"):
amc031111a.mpg (3.9m; 0:23) Erica visits lena in jail
amc031111c.mpg (18.3m; 1:47) Erica asks Lena how she can help her
amc031111e.mpg (15.7m; 1:32) Erica tells Lena she's willing to give her a second chance
amc031111f.mpg (20.6m; 2:01) Erica tells Lena about her mother

I am eliciting volunteers to host the clips throughout the web. If you have 5-100megs of space you can lend to this project, please let me know!

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