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Season 5, episode ?
Series 5??
1st release: ??
2nd release:
Production number:
Approximate shooting dates: November 1999
Last update: 02-02-00



02-02-00. This has merged into the CGI intensive episode which was shot on the CLEOPATRA 2525 set in November 1999. It concerns Xena being teleported somehow into the future or perhaps even CLEOPATRA 2525's future. Might be a croos-over, or might just be using their sets. Be sure to expect the terminatoresque Betrayer robots and maybe even some Baileys. This is not going to be an uber, though. Just a time travel or body possession thing.

11-14-99. Either its a cross-over show or just borrowing the sets, but XWP this past week has been filming on the CLEO 2525 set. This might be the heavy special effects episode for XENA which was leaked out over the summer (the robots/cgi/animated episode which Ted Raimi also alluded to in an on-line chat). If it is, they sure took their time to film it! The set, by the way, from CLEO they are using is an old, run-down factory. This might also mean that the episode EVERYTHING OLD IS NEW AGAIN has been resuscitated. That was the STAR TREK "City on the Edge of Forever" homage which had Xena and Gabrielle catapulted in the future to 1990's New York or Los Angeles. They might be catapulted to 2525. Who knows in this show?

10-07-99. Like WARRIOR...POETESS...TRAMP, EVERYTHING NEW IS OLD AGAIN refuses to die. Rumors are that it is being looked at to be reworked for late in the 5th season or early in the 6th season.

09-07-99. Some rumors that EVERYTHING NEW IS OLD AGAIN has been dumped. It was reported by several sources that Steve Sears at DragonCon over 1999 Labor Day Weekend said that this episode would not be made because it would take too long to produce and be too expensive too shoot since TPTB blew their wad on the season opener. This is the episode where Xena chases someone (originally Callisto but now Alti) into present day LA, where she meets up with the immortal Cecrops, who runs a flower shop and teaches her English, and Xena has a romance with a present day man, among other things.

07-22-99. An episode in development is titled EVERYTHING NEW IS OLD AGAIN. It is where Xena and Gabrielle are sent into the 1990's Los Angeles or New York. They are after Alti who is in the future looking for an artifact. While in the future, Alti changes the past (hmmm, that Alti seems to do everything baclwards). Alti hooks up with a crimelord and takes over his operation. Artemis (yup, that's right, the goddess) sends Xena and Gabrielle to the future to battle her. This is Xena and Gabrielle, not reincarnations. This is an homage to the Classic STAR TREK episode CITY ON THE EDGE OF FOREVER, which means Xena meets a love interest, a classic red shirt guy from the 20th century who has DOOMED written all over his face and other body parts. Gabrielle gets carsick. Hen-yuck hen-yuck. Lots of gun fights and car chases. You know what this means gang...let's say it all together ... A CANON NOIR UBER. It's stuff like this that makes me want to wake up in the morning.

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