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General News and Rumors

Here is a list of rumors about what to expect.

As the rumors come and go, I will just add a line on top so that the most current is always on top. I will keep the old ones as long as I can just so the history buffs can have fun tracing rumors! Now let us awash ourselves in rumors....

06-18-06. Kym Taborn, editor-in-chief or Whoosh.org will be attending an Diego's Comic Con July 19-23, 2006 and the Xena Con January 12-14, 2007. Click here to send her an e-mail if you want to meet up.

06-12-06. Joel Tobeck has a small role in the movie Stealth with Josh Lucas, Jessica Biel, and Jamie Fox. It is available on DVD. The movie can cause comas and bleeding from orafices, so make sure you watch it with a friend and the phone's charged up for a 911 call.

06-10-06. From http://www.scoop.co.nz/stories/CU0605/S00251.htm: Award winning actor DANIELLE CORMACK takes to the stage this August to play literary icon Katherine Mansfield in a one-woman play celebrating the life of New Zealand's most famed writer.... Using Mansfield's own words, taken from her letters, journals and stories, Cormack journey's through the writer's precocious template for living as an 18 year old to her premature death at 34. We share Mansfield's frustration with the parochialism of early New Zealand, the anxiety and elation of her first years in London, the death of her brother and the frustrations of her marriage, the onset of tuberculosis, and above all, her passion for writing, which was to be the sustaining force of her life....

THE CASE OF KATHERINE MANSFIELD plays at The Herald Theatre. AUGUST 22 - SEPTEMBER 16 2006. Monday and Tuesday at 7pm. Wednesday through Saturday at 8pm. Bookings from TICKETEK. 09 307 5000 or http://www.ticketek.co.nz

06-05-06. See a copy of the D'anna Biers (Lucy Lawless) card from the Battlestar Galactica Card Game: Go to and scroll down here at http://www.wizkidsgames.com/battlestar/article.asp?a=40872

05-30-06. Jennifer Sky (Amarice) has joined with others to open a fashion design house called Vanitas of California (http://www.vanitasofcalifornia.com/) p>05-13-05. Lawless and O'Connor talk about Xena: Warrior Princess: http://seattlepi.nwsource.com/tv/223831_tv12.html

04-21-05. Xena: Warrior Princess ranked number 5 in "The 5 Most Influential SciFi Shows of the 90s"(We won't break it to them that XWP was a fantasy show not science fiction).

04-08-05. Whoosh.org publisher, Kym Taborn, particpated in the Best of Xena DVD by producing the Aphrodite and Hong Kong Film Connections (with Laura Irvine) features.


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