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Season 3, episode 19
Series 319
1st release: 04/21/97
2nd release: 08/25/97
3rd release: 04/06/98
1st USA strip release: 10/20/98
2nd USA strip release: 02/11/99
3rd USA strip release:
Production number:
Approximate shooting dates: February/March 1997
Last update: 01-19-99

SYNOPSIS by Liz Sheppard
COMMENTARY by Kemt Simmons

Bruce Campbell (Autolycus)
Kara Zediker (Serena/Hind)
Kevin Smith (Ares)
Joel Tobeck (Strife)

Paul Norell (Falafel)
Ian Watkin (King Quallus)
David Mackie (Hemnor)
Grant McFarland (Stelkos)
Beth Morrison (Serenas Daughter)
Peter Feeney (The Other Autolycus)

Written by Paul Robert Coyle
Directed by James Whitmore, Jr.

Autolycus trying to get to green stone.
Auto #1: "You?"
Auto #2: "Me?"
Herc: "NO!"
Herc touching the Golden Hind's face.
Ares: "The blood of the Hind can kill a god..."
Strife shoots arrow.
Hind screams and falls to the ground.
Ares: "...It is the Hind who must die."
Herc: "She was my wife!!!"
Herc fighting Ares.
Ares laughing.
Hind hurt on the ground.
Herc: "Serena..."
Ares with hind blood on knife at Herc's neck.
Hind screaming.
Herc kicking Ares: "It's not supposed to happen this way!!"

Autolycus steals a powerful stone which causes Hercules to travel back in time where he meets up with his beloved Serena and the ruthless Ares.

Autoylcus gets a bonus of sorts when he heists a gem that enables him to travel back in time: he gets a fellow traveler-Herc, who has his first encounter with Serena [The Golden Hind].

Hercules fights Ares, to save his future bride from death, while Autoylcus steals the key to time travel.

Hercules the Legendary Journeys uses time travel to squeeze another episode out of the Herc-Serena love story.

The Chronos Stone takes Hercules five years into the past, where he meets Serena the Golden Hind once again.

1st release: 04/21/97
An AA average of 6.0
Competition from Syndicated Action Dramas:
(1) XENA 6th with 6.7
(2) HERCULES 9th with 6.0
(3) STAR TREK DS9 13th with 4.8

2nd release: 08/25/97
An AA average of 4.8
Competition from Syndicated Action Dramas:
(1) XENA 9th with 4.9
(2) HERCULES 10th with 4.8
(3) STAR TREK DS9 21st with 3.5
(4) BAYWATCH 23rd with 3.3

3rd release: 04/06/98
An AA average of lower than 3.9
Competition from Syndicated Action Dramas:
(1) X-FILES 8th with 5.9
(2) STAR TREK DS9 14th with 4.7
(3) XENA 16th with 4.2
(4) WALKER TEXAS RANGER 20th with 3.9


Synopsis by Liz Sheppard

This episode starts with several people looking at a king's treasures. Closing time comes up and the guards make everyone leave, but a guard thinks he saw the hand of a statue of Hermes move, but ignores it and locks up the room. When the doors close, a bunch of flames rise up around a stone-like thing. The statue comes to life and it's Autolycus, coming to steal the stone.

Hercules is hanging out in a town, fixing everything that needs it. It's the place that him and Serena lived in, when she was alive. In the marketplace, Falafel is trying to sell some weird cooking thing, but thugs start picking on Falafel. Herc the Hero defends him and a big pointless fight scene that's in every Herc ep breaks out.

The guard figures out that they don't have a statue of Hermes and he calls for guards and they storm the room just in time to see Autolycus steal the stone. Another big fight scene breaks out.

Then all of a sudden, the fights stop, literally. Herc and Autolycus are the only people who haven't frozen. Hercules realizes that somebody has stopped time. While Herc wanders around, trying to figure out why time has stopped, he sees Autolycus leaving the castle, notices him coming his way, and freezes himself. Autolycus shows up, finds Herc, thinks quite fondly of himself, sneezes, and Herc says bless you. Herc identifies the stone as the Kronus stone, which has the power of time travel. While Herc's busy with thugs that Autolycus unfroze, Autolycus decides to travel back in time when Quallas was alive to steal in front of his face. Herc catches him before he goes, but they both go instead.

They go to the same village, except a few years earlier. But the only prob is that the stone was destroyed by a horse, but Herc tells him to steal it again. Autolycus wants to steal the stone alone, but Herc doesn't want him to go alone. Herc sees some weird lighningy thing going on in a foresty mountainy region and runs off, leaving Autolycus alone. He gets there just in time to see Zeus kill all the Golden Hinds with lightning bolts. My favorite Black Leather Duo is watching the whole thing go down. Strife is very entertained by the light show, but Ares is questioning why it happened. Zeus fears the Hinds because their blood can kill a god. Strife notices Serena and Ares makes her into a little naked woman and tells her to go to his temple. Herc sees Ares. Ares sees Herc. Ares does his -evil laugh-. Gotta love it.

Meanwhile, Autolycus is trying to sneak into the castle, when he is tapped on the shoulder by....himself. Here's where the Doublemint commercial starts. Both Autolycii are kind of confused. The older Autolycus explains to the younger one what is going on and they decide to team up, but are caught by Quallas' guards and thrown in jail.

Ares and Herc are hanging out in Ares' temple watching Serena cry and wander around. Herc wants Ares to let her go, but Ares won't do it. He wants to protect his secret weapon. Ares also figures out that Herc is the Herc of the future. He figured it out just by looking at him, too. He must have some sort of cursh on the big blonde guy to be able to notice a new line on his face.

Serena's wandering around when she finds a few guys with one of them wounded. She does her touchy-healy on the guy. The guy touches her and, of course, she hinds out and they try to kill her. Herc the Hero shows up just in time and saves her. He explains to her what is happening to her, and tells her not to serve Ares, but she gets scared and runs away. Serena(still in Hind form), once again, is wandering around. She gets shot by an arrow and falls to the ground, screaming really strangly. Ares shows up and takes the arrow out of her. He just tells her to be more careful and that he can help her. She brings up what Herc told her to do. Ares just cringes and tells her that only he can help her.

Ares is playing with the arrow right in front of Strife, who's just eyeing it. Ares convines Strife that Hercules has to die because he's come back in time to get Hind blood to use on them in the future. Ares, of course, leaves the arrow in the young god's reach.

Herc's wandering around(there's alot of wandering around in this ep) when Strife arms a bow with the arrow and shoots Herc(you had to have known that that boy would of done that). Herc falls to the ground and almost dies, but he doesn't(his show). Serena comes by and does her touchy-healy thing again and Herc lives. She realizes that she can touch him and not hind out. He tells her to think about what she's doing with Ares for a day before she decides anything.

The Kings of Thieves' break out of jail and plan to wait until everyone leaves to steal the stone. Quallas tells everyone that the twins excaped, so before the Autolycii got trapped in there, they Tarzan swing out of the closing doors. By the way, that door is the same door that Callisto trapped Herc in in Surprise. At a campfire, the Autolycii are fighting with each other when Hercules is walking by, hearing them, and thinks that Autolycus is talking to himself. Which he kind of is. They start to fight fight and Herc breaks it up and finds the two Autolycii. The younger one gets rude and the older one punches him out.

Ares is yelling at Strife on what he did and on how he failed. Strife doesn't seem to mind, he just yells back. After they're done arguing, Ares realizes that it's Serena that has to die in order for everything to work out.

Autolycus tied up the younger Autolycus and left to get the stone. He reaches the castle, but the guards are too worried about the other Autolycus to notice that the one that's really there has already got the stone and left.

Herc and Serena are wandering around a field when the Black Leather Duo shows up and Ares stabs Serena with Stife being all happy happy in the background. Ares and Hercules have a big gravity defying fight, showing lots and lots brotherly love to each other. Herc eventually gets the Hind's blood covered knife to Ares' neck, but instead of killing him, he makes Ares give Serena her life back and spare her Hind life. Ares does it, destroying the Hind part. Herc and Serena reunite and the villians leave.

Herc and Serena are in the marketplace where a kid runs into Serena. She freaks, but doesn't hind out. Autolycus runs by and the manly man go back to their own time. Herc takes the stone and destroys it. Autolycus gets mad. Herc runs into a little girl and Serena comes by to get her child. Serena has a whole other life now and what happened between her and Herc never happened. At least he saved her life. Would you consider this to be a happy or sad ending? I don't know.


This commentary is by Kent Simmons.

Perhaps the most talked about episode was "The End of the Begaining" as far as the Hind Storyline goes. Many fans thought the ending was sad and others where confused. To me it was a good ending to what was an intresting and dark part of Hercules life. Serena was killed by Ares and Xena and Hercules used there power and minds to force Ares to admit to his wrong but Hercules still blaimed himself because he thought that if he never married and met Serena, he would never have got her killed and she would be alive still. In this episode we get to finally see that come true. The acting work by Kevin and Kara was pretty good and Kara was a better actor than Sam Jenkins, although Sam Jenkins was nicer looking. The double storyline was good and Autolycus proved he had a good heart

This episode was a chance to the King of Thieves to rewrite his wrong. He somehow was once young and foolish as we see but as a full grown hair losing thief, he was able to steal to stone of time travel and decided to resteal the stone in his youth so he could screw up time and rewrite his wrong. But when he and Herc travel back, Auto meets his younger self and all hel l breaks loose as Auto trys to teach his younger self the rules of life. Bruce Campbell did a wonderful job and this has been the best Autolycus episode so far on Hercules, in my opinion. Bruce always does a good job as the King of Thieves. Its kindof funny that Auto would disguise himselfas the statue of Hermes, the god of thieves and travelers. [King of Thieves traveling through time] The evil King Qualis was also a unusual person as he was very crewl and somehow must of given birth to Nestor, who was the prince of Sernea in HTLJ "Encounter".

The relationship between Ares and Serena was created. We get to see how Zeus killed the Hinds and how Ares conned Serena into working for him. Hercules knew that any relationship between Ares and Serena would lead to her death in the future so he uses everything he has to help Serena be her own hind. But it takes Ares stabbing Serena with a knife to kill her and the Hind. Herc does have a chance to finally destroy Ares and maybe the future when he forgets where he is and why he's there and fights Ares. Kevin Sorbo did a incredible superkick which would make Shawn Michaels ticked off ! The fight that Smith and Sorbo acted out was very good and Herc showed his killed instinct and Ares showed his cowardnes when he begged for Herc not to kill him with a knife full of hind blood. Ares allowed Serena to live as a human and took away the hind, however it turns out that when Herc and Auto arrive into the future and there normal time, Serena is now married and has a child. Herc thus completed his mission but it ended in a sad way for him, cause he probally thought that Serena and him would still meet and wed. The sceens between Kara and Kevin where good and it was very good considering Sam and Kevin are a couple and did much better sceens as lovers. The emotion on Hercs face and his sad/happy look was perfect for this episode. Heros heart is also present as Herc rescues a boy from falling in well, which alters history which is something that Herc did not want to do.

The interaction between the two Autos was funny and entertaining. Autolycus must still have some of Xena inside him since he sure as hell was fighting the soldiers like nothing else. The music was great and the whole Auto stroyline was entertaining and worth watching. It did not outshine the Hind/Ares/Herc section of the episode. Both blended together good. The ending where Auto comforts Herc about losing Serena was a nice touch and showed that even cocky and brash Auto has a sensitive side. Strife was a good villan but was not as hated as in the trilogy episodes. Strife caused havoc when he shot Hercules with the arrow and its obvious that Ares worries very much about being stripped of his godhood cause Zeus wont let Hercules die and Strife could of killed Hercules. The folks on the forum who suggested that Strife was a better villan in the first 3 hind episodes are right. This episode is for anyone and is a mixture of dark stuff and some comedy. It gets 4 out of 5 stars. I would suggest to watch "Encounter", "When a Man Loves a Woman", "Judgement Day", and than "End of the Begaining" since it makes understanding the whole storyline easier, for those that have not seen it yet.

Things to Look Out For

  • The village used in EOB was also used in XWP's "Comedy of Eros" which aired during season 2.

  • The sceen where lightning kills the hinds is pretty cool.

  • The hunter that asks Serena to save her brother is played by Grant McFarland, who played Ming Tzu in XWP's "The Debt" and ‘The Debt II".

  • Bruce Campbell does his "Goody Two Shoes" skit from "Army of Darkness" in this episode minus the gunshot.

  • The sceen where Hercules says that he knows time stopped is a perfect shot of a studio backdrop as it looks so obvious that Herc is standing in front of a background. Sometimes its hard to tell.

  • Spiked doors in the Qualis castle where in the dungeon during "Surprise".

  • The forest route where Herc saves Serena from the hunters was used in many episodes including-"Atlantis", "If I Had aHammer", and " A Star to Guide Them".
  • Highlights

  • Hercules superkicking Ares in midair during there fight.

  • Ares taking Hercules down with a headscissors like move during there fight.

  • The Herc/Serena sceens.

  • The interaction between the two Autos.

  • Qualis saying that he needs to stop drinking wine for breakfast, after he see's the two Autos.

  • Auto complaining about Hercules tearing apart the crystal.


    01-19-99. From KSZoneW. In Armaggedon II: Recongnize the Kronus Stone ? It was also used in HTLJ's "End of the Begaining". Quallis was also in that episode but was played by a guy named Ian Watkin, who was much fatter. He drank wine for breakfast in "EOB" so thats probally why he was not as big in this episode.

    01-12-99. When this episode was first being discussed, several on the HTLJ Forum stated that this episode was supposed to be a "Bruce Campbell Episode" and there would be no Kevin Sorbo in it. No one ever found out any more. The reason for Sam Jenkins not playing the Hind was that she was shooting a commercial. Thats why Kara Zedikar played the Hind. Info heard in April/May 1997.

    01-12-99. From Liz Sheppard. I just saw a bit of one of the Evil Dead's. I think it was Army of Darkness, but I'm not sure. I saw a scene that was almost exactly alike to one in the ep. in the movie, Bruce Campbell's character(I didn't see it enough to get his name) has his evil half seperate from his body. Evil Auto was joking Good Auto and singing "Mr. Goody Two Shoes. Mr. Goody Shoes" and Good Auto took a shot gun and blew his brains out. Kind of weird. When I saw that, I nearly spit out my soda, because that's what happens in End of the tales, Beginning. Scene: Young Auto and Old Auto are at a camp. They start fighting. Herc comes by and breaks it up. Young Auto gets grossed out on the fact that he works with Herc in the future.

    Young Auto:"Oh, man, what kind of goody two shoes did I turn into?

    Old Auto:"You watch you're mouth"

    Young Auto:"Oh, why? Is Mr. Goody Two Shoes embarrassed?" (starts singing and dancing)"Mr. Goody Two Shoes. Mr. Goody Two Shoes."

    Old Auto:(punches him out)"I ain't that good"

    Coincidence??? I think not.


    Click here to read a transcript of THE END OF THE BEGINNING.


    Neither the time-space continuum nor any previous storylines were harmed during the production of this motion picture.

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