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Season 4, episode 7
Series 407
1st release: 11/10/97
2nd release: 03/30/98
1st USA strip release: 11/03/98
2nd USA strip release: 02/24/99
3rd USA strip release:
Production number:
Approximate shooting dates:
Last update: 02-12-99

SYNOPSIS by Liz Sheppard
COMMENTARY by Nikalaos

Dean O'Gorman (Ruun)
Katrina Browne (Siri)
Tina Cleary (Mayem)

Danielle Cormack (Ephiny)
Marama Jackson (Lucenne)
Danny Lineham (Johe)
(Slave holder)
Reece Rocewyk (Xenan)
(Young Ruun)
(Young Siri)

Written by Robert Bielak
Directed by Gary Jones

Hercules: "Get ready!"
(Hercules catches a sword)
(Hercules fighting Mayem and Siri over large grill)
Mayem: "Die like the dog you are!"
(Mayem kicks Hercules' legs, Herc loses balance and falls through grill, but saved by sword)

Herc befriends a young blind man who was separated from his sister during an Amazon attack when they were children.

Hercules fights members of a renegade Amazon clan to reunite a blind teenager with his sister, who is a member of the female warriors' group.

Hercules must battle Amazons to reunite a blind man with his long-lost sister.

Outlaw Amazons blind a boy and kidnap his sister, making her one of them.

1st release: 11/10/97
An AA average of Unknown
Competition from Syndicated Action Dramas:
(1) X-FILES 8.3
(2) TAR TREK DS9 6.7
(3) XENA 6.3
(4) HERCULES under 6.3

2nd release: 03/30/98
An AA average of 4.5
Competition from Syndicated Action Dramas:
(1) X-FILES 7th with 6.0
(2) STAR TREK DS9 12th with 4.8
(3) XENA 13th with 4.6
(4) HERCULES 15th with 4.5


Synopsis by Liz Sheppard

A young boy is getting a tattoo of a bird on his hand by his father while his younger sister gets one by their mother. They are for identification. Evil Amazons storm into the village and kill all the men and burn the houses. They take the young girls with them. The family runs away but are found by the Amazons. The father tells Rune (the young boy) to look after his sister. His sister is taken away and a red haired Amazon comes by and says "Die like the dog you are" then kills Rune's parents in front of him. She then slices him in the face.

13 years later. Hercules runs into a slave owner and frees his slaves. He finds a young blind man named Rune with a bird on his hand. He wants to find his sister. Herc tells Rune that he'll join him in his journey back to his home town because heard of Amazon trouble there.

In the Amazon village, two Amazons are practicing fighting. Siri defeats Lucenne and a red haired woman named Mayem tells Siri that she could lead them if she worked harder. Siri just wants to win the next battle and hopes that Lucenne doesn't get killed.

At the dock, Herc and Rune run into Ephiny and her centaur son Xenan. Rune smells Xenan and meets his first centaur. He also finds out that Ephiny is an Amazon and tries to kill her. They talk about the outlaw tribe, but Ephiny has never met any.

Lucenne strings Siri bow for her and they talk about Lucenne's inability to hold a sword without it getting it knocked out of her hand. She feels that it isn't in her blood to be an Amazon, but Siri tells her otherwise. Mayem comes by and preaches about the battle.

Rune is mad at Herc for not telling him Ephiny was an Amazon and Herc tells him that not all Amazons were bad. Rune still wants to kill them all, even though if his sister is still alive, she's one of them.

The Amazons attack another village, but Lucenne can't bring herself to kill someone and gets stabbed from behind. Back in their own village, Lucenne wishes to meet her blood family in the other side. She then dies. After her death, Siri preaches about sacrificing their enemies.

Herc and Rune reach the place where his parents were killed and he has flashbacks. They go to a tavern where people talk about an earlier Amazon attack. They think that they will strike where they are next. The Amazons come and a fight breaks out. Siri goes up against Rune. She's about to kill him, but Herc stops her and he notices a bird tattooed on her hand. Mayem hisses at Herc and all the Amazons run away. Herc tells Rune about the tattoo. Since Rune promised his father that he'd take care of his sister, he decides to keep his promise. He says that he'll "take care of her", while sharpening a sword.

Mayem tells Siri that if is she kills Hercules, then she could grow in power. Siri meets up with Herc, who catches her arrows. He tells her about Rune and that her parents were killed by Amazons. She agrees to talk to Rune alone. Mayem talks to Siri about when she found her crying from being abandoned by her parents.

Rune and Herc meet up with Siri in the woods, along with a dozen other Amazons who capture the guys. Mayem comes by and punches Herc in the stomach beacuse she doesn't like the treaty to get back their land legally. She'd rather kill them and take the land by force than do it legally.

Siri has Rune by the hair and they talk about what's happened to her. She claims the nation gave her strength, and he's just glad their parents are dead so they can't see that she has become. She wants to kill him, but can't. She then questions Mayem about how she came to the nation, but Mayem gets mad. They plan for Herc's battle to be the fire stake, which is this big grill thing.

Herc fights Mayem and Siri on the grill thing. Mayem says the wonderful line "Die like the dog you are" and Rune realizes that she killed his parents. She loses her balance and falls into the fire. Rune breaks free and attacks Siri but Herc stops them. Rune takes her to the place their parents died. She remembers the day and the siblings hold hands while Herc walks away.


Commentary by Nikalaos

The guy who plays Rune also played young Iolaus only some four or so episodes earlier in "Regrets, I've had a Few"

Is that tattoo supposed to be a bird? Just wondering.

How did Rune get blind? Was it Mayem? But that doesn't make sense. She swung a sword at him, yet we don't see scars on his face or eye area. I"m clueless and most likely wrong on this one, someone give me a clue.

What's with Ephiny's hair?! Did she grow the bottom half long and lose the braid or what? Let's just hope that underneath the extension, what looks like real hair, IS, in fact, real hair. I liked the little braid thing, personally. And I guess it's a good thing she didn't mention she's QUEEN of the Amazons - at least while her and Herc's buddy GABBY isn't around.

Xenan/Xenon however you spell his name sure is a fast grower. I'm not sure, but did he have cloven hoofs? I don't think centaurs have cloven hoofs.

That Mayem lady is freaky - like some mix of Callisto and cat woman. Bad dye job, but it looks cool anyway.

YAXI - The Amazon swords don't have that fancy little bird design on the hilts. Or is it because they're renegade Amazons?

Is it just me, or does Siri remind you of a gentler, friendlier, more malleable-minded VELASCA? Her eye color is the same . . . but her hair is something else.

And if Mayem was all burned up in the little duel, how did they get her body to burn up in the pyre? Or was that Lucenne? The dialoge sure pointed at Mayem. And that music? It was from XENA - last heard in "The Quest", I think.

On a nitpicker's note (I think I'm so clever now): I think what the writers wanted to do with the whole blonde Lucenne thing was to make us think Lucenne was Rune's sister. BUT, in flashbacks, his sister has BLUE EYES. And Lucenne has pretty HAZELISH-BROWN eyes. And when she carks it, it leaves us guessing poor blind boy's gonna end up finding his sis is pushin up daisies! BUT (I think I'm so smart for figuring this out because I was never quite the perfected nitpicking obsessed fan) I figured out that the blonde girl was just a red-herring sorta melodramatic twist of fate to make Siri think a little bit. (sigh) I'm getting good at this stuff


Danielle Cormack makes a cameo in this episode as Ephiny and she brings her centauir son, Xenan, along for the ride.


Click here to read a transcript of PRODIGAL SISTER.


The Amazon Hokey-Pokey was not harmed during the production of this motion picture. In fact, this catchy number is now being performed in dance clubs around the country.

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