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Season 4, episode 11
Series 411
1st release: 01-26-98
2nd release: 07-06-98
1st USA strip release: 11-06-98
2nd USA strip release: 03-01-99
3rd USA strip release:
Production number: --
Approximate shooting dates: November 1997
Last update: 01-16-99

SYNOPSIS by Liz Sheppard
COMMENTARY 1 by Kent Simmons
COMMENTARY 2 by Nikalaos

Chris Conrad (Young Jason)
Jacinda Barret (Medea)
Dean O'Gorman (Young Iolaus)
Ian Bohen (Young Hercules)

Narelle Swenson (Hera/Girl)
Joy Watson (Heras Voice)
Vannesa Gay (Teenage Girl 1)

Story by Robert Bielak
Teleplay by Robert Bielak, Roberto Orci, and Alex Kurtzman
Directed by Charles Siebert

Jason: Argonauts! Attack!!
(Hercules with sword fighting skeletons)
(Young Hercules and Young Iolaus with swords)
Iolaus: You didn't tell me it had two heads!
(Boys fighting two headed firebreathing monster)
(Young Jason strikes a blow to monster)

Jason: We're gonna kill the Gidra.
Hercules: Let's go.
(Hercules, Iolaus, Jason, and Medea running)
(Hercules and Iolaus with swords)
Iolaus: You didn't tell me it has two heads.
Hercules: It breathes fire, too.
(Medea and Jason kissing)
Hercules: Jason!!
(Medea with a knife at Jason's neck)
(Hercules and Iolaus falling on floor)
Hercules: It's going very well.
Iolaus: We're gaining on him.
(Boys fighting Gidra)

Younger versions of Hercules, Iolaus, and Jason set out to slay a monster. Along the way Medea joins them, making for an uneasy---and very hormonal foursome.

Hercules and Iolaus reminisce about their first battle with the fire-breathing Ghidra, the seductive powers of Medea and Hera's meddling tactics.

Hercules, Iolaus, Jason, and Medea team up as teenagers to hunt down a dangerous fire-breathing creature.

1st release: 01-26-98
An AA average of 5.6
Competition from Syndicated Action Dramas:
(1) X-FILES 9th with 6.9
(2) XENA 11th with 6.1
(3) HERCULES 13th with 5.6
(4) WAKER TR 20th with 4.4
(5) STAR TREK DS9 4.0

2nd release: 07-06-98
An AA average of 4.2
Competition from Syndicated Action Dramas:
(1) X-FILES 10th with 5.0
(2) HERCULES/XENA 14th with 4.2
(3) WALKER TR 16th with 4.1


This synopsis is by Liz Sheppard--.

Hercules , Iolaus, and Jason are enjoying themselves by fishing. They place bets on the fishing and Herc wins(btw, Herc got a new haircut. It's...different..). They start talking about Medea.

Back in time: Herc and Iolaus visit king Jason, who's lonely being king. Herc and Jason start arguing about how good of a king is Jason and they settle it by having a chariot race. Herc's winning, but sees a young girl in front of Jason's chariot, so he jumps and saves her. She says her name is Chloe and that her family was killed by a Gidra. Herc with his two buddies decide to kill the Gidra.

While traveling around, Iolaus and Jason pick on Herc because of his virginity. He's saving himself for someone special. Iolaus, a teenager of many skills, senses a naked girl..at least she's naked under her clothes. Two perverts and a virgin plan to investigate, but find Medea holding a knife to Iolaus' neck. She decides to join them in their monster slaying adventure.

Medea and Herc start flirting and talking about bad fathers. Iolaus and Jason stare in awe at the cute couple. They find the usual defenseless village being sacked by thugs and so they decide to take up 2 minutes and 10 seconds(I timed it) for a fight scene. The four get thanked and junk when a screaming woman comes out with her dead child. Herc couldn't help him, but Medea does this healing thing on the kid and he lives.

Medea says she's a witch of some kind and she and Herc flirt some more with the perverts getting disgusted(they wish it was them who were flirting with her). Medea plans to stand up to her step-father, but when they reach the village, it already destroyed by the Gidra.

OK, they're on a boat. Medea tries to score with Herc, but he plans to stay a virgin for a little while longer, ya know they're rare. Once off the boat, the four slipt up, with Medea going with Jason. She flirts and tries to score with Jason(the little tramp), but Herc finds them and freaks out. Jason tries to talk to Herc, but Herc beats him up. Iolaus confesses it's hard to be Herc's friend, but he's a better for knowing him, and other crap.

Medea tries to heal Jason's wounds, but he won't let her. She runs off and meets Hera(in the body of the Chloe kid) in the woods. Medea must split up Jason and Herc so she can get power. Medea goes to help Jason but Hera/Chloe nukes the king and vanishes. Medea heals Jason and they go to help Herc and Iolaus with the Gidra.

Herc and Iolaus meet the Gidra: a two-headed, fire breathing, poison tipped tail, looking a little like an alligator, poorly made excuse for a puppet. Jason and Medea come by with Jason actually helping and Medea standing behind a rock with her knife. Yadda yadda, they kill it, Hera pops in disappointed and make Medea disappear, hence killing her, I guess. Jason and Herc say their thank yous and apologies and junk.

Present day..sort of...: The trio is cooking their fish and saying they all felt Medea's wounds.


This commentary is by KSZoneW-.

Despite the fact this may have been a last minute episode due to Sorbos injury, it was a very good one. Some seem not to like the idea of "Young Hercules" while others don't mind but don't like the Young Hercules episodes of Hercules TLJ. Personally, I had no problem with the episode and the previous one, and am looking forward to the 2 hour movie [pilot for series this fall]. The characters where good and much like Hercules and Iolaus. Jason seem like the oldest one which is good since in HTLJ, he is much older than Herc and Iolaus.

Young Hercules was much like older Hercules, in that he wanted to find the perfect woman before losing his virginity. He was a hero and respected women, even though he was ticked at Medea, when she started to seduce Jason. That is normal with younger people, even if its Hercules. Ian Bohens fighting skills look good and his spinging of the robber and punch him move was just as good as Kevin Sorbos. He had a good show of anger and was the serious one of the group. He was also like his olderself, with his refusal to go farther than a kiss with Medea.

Young Iolaus was the comedian of the group and did a great job. Dean O' Gorman has done an excellent job as Iolaus. His humor and lines about "Perverts hanging out in the woods" was one of his best lines. Its weird and not unusual how the youngsters want to protect Medea from people like themselves. Gorman does a great job. I look forward to his role as Iolaus in the upcoming series. Its also weird how Iolaus has always been the sidekick and feels even more "Not Used" than his does in his grown up role. All 3 seem to not be wellknown in there younger years.

Young Jason was okay. Corbin does a decent job at acting out Jason and seems to be the womanizer of the trio. He's a king and is "best" in his own mind. He does have humor and seems to want to remain friends to Hercules and Iolaus, despite Medeas spell. Jason does fight with a sword more than Hercules and Iolaus, which is how older Jason usually fights in his older days in such HTLJ episodes as =91Once a Hero" and "Not Fade Away". Jason will probally be the guy who holds the team together and sometimes feel more superior over them, since he's older and a king. He seems to be the "good guy to the max" since he wanted to help pass the law in Corinth, where younger citizens and small children needed a curfue.

Medea was the one in trouble. She had fighting parents, much like Xe na in her younger days [Hinted in "The Furies" episode in season 3]. Medea was helping Hera and ended up becoming one of those characters that changes sides because of love and her knowing what was wrong. Medea risked being hurt by Hera, when she saved Jason from death, but ended up sacrificing herself when she healed Jason and led him to help Herc and Iolaus defeat The Gihdra. Hera did take Medea away but Herc won the fight and Medeas heart, will Nemises be mad now after all she also was a teen love of Hercules !? Idea for a "Young Hercules" episode for the actual series. This episode takes place after the movie, because of the mention of Ares and the snake in the cavern, which will apear in the movie due out soon. I persume this was supposed to be a Young Hercules episode but because of Sorbos injury, it was turned into an episode.

The monster was not the best but was pretty nasty and one of those who needed to be killed and was not some nice creature. Gihdra was a two headed aligator with a huge body, and looked like a Oriental type monster, which of course it was. It did not move which upset some but it was pretty cool in a way. The fire it breathed really made Iolaus dirty and I think Flat Earth did an excellent job for the H/X episodes that aired for the week of 1/27/98 since both had some great special effects and cgi. The Gihdra was destroyed by Herc and his friends choking it down, however with monsters, there can always be more than one. I thought the idea of the Gihdra killing everyone and hurting everyone build up a good storyline to have the heros destroy it, and made Hercules and Medeas struggle more intresting, as Herc wanted to tell Medea off for hours, but knew he had to save everyone by killing The Gihdra first.

The land seemed much like in HTLJ and XWP with a mention of Arcadia, where Xena stayed shortly before she turned good. The people dressed the same. The beach sceen where Herc and Jason have a chariot race was intresting and showed that the chariot races was a popular thing for youngsters back than, instead of a fight. Why did the "All New" graphic have some red/brown color in it" instead of the usual light golden color ? I find that weird. I really do comentate on the entire episode.

This episode was pretty much a regular episode, meaning it was not light or dark. It was not light because it did have a intense storyline and some teen/early adult like language and talk. A lot of sex talk in the first 15-20 minutes of the episode. The kissing sceen on the boat, between Herc and Medea became a small liplock sceen. The ending fight was pretty instense as well as Young Hercules almost knocking Medea out. It was more dark than light. It had a happy ending but the rising action was more mysterious and dark at times. I would say this episode had a little of everything. It was a fun episode and fit perfect to air the same week as XWP's "Maternal Instincts". Both delt with children and where intense. "Medea Culpa" gets 5 out of 5 stars. I hope they stick to HTLJ episodes and don't show anymore Yng Hercules episode, untill the series, the YH flashbacks are good but take away ideas for the series and may cause bad ratings and less intrest in the YH series and movie. This one is for ages 10 and up. I would have to say this was of the better episodes this season. All 3 New episodes "Hammer, Trial, and Culpa" where good. Next weeks "Men in Pink" is also good and will be a comedy break before a two week episode with a dark theme and a lot of action and intensity. Both XWP and HTLJ have musical eps for the next week. XWP has "Bitter Suite" and HTLJ's "MiP" is filled with some musical stuff and some dancing.


This commentary is by Nikalaos.

Ok, overall, I'd have to say this was a pretty cool episode, from the lanky beauty Medea to the alligator/scorpion/dragon Ghidra thing. And what about Hera in the shape of the little girl? I think that chick could give Hope a run for her money. What was this week, children trick the big-kids? We got naughty Hopie and Cal offing some dear old buds of Xena, and then Hera takes the form of a child to get Herc's attention. Fun, fun, fun!

Now, I'm no expert on acting, but I happen to think the guys and gal did pretty darn good in this ep - the character roles did resemble younger, more immature, hornier versions of the future people, and some of the little quirks made it realistic. For instance, Jason is obviously older than both Herc and Iolaus (he married Alcmene, duh!) and it felt a little weird when the actors all looked about the same age - upper teens or so. But then Herc mentioned that he may be younger than Jason, but he wasn't stupid after their little brawl, and that set my mind at ease. If they're gonna ignore the story Jason told in "Once a Hero", at least they kept his age right.

Medea was an interesting character, one of those Lao-Ma types, hard and cool on the outside, yet has a soft spot somewhere. You can tell she could be a bad chick the way she flirts with Hercules, seeming only interested in getting to know him. The jealousy bt that erupted because of her was fun, and it really explored Hercules' cluelessness about being "better" than everyone. I like the little conversation Iolaus has with him.

Back to the little quirks that help convince us these guys *are* actually Hercules, Iolaus, and Jason: When Iolaus gets scorched by the Ghidra, his face all sooty, in some poses he really does look like Michael Hurst from seasons back when he was struck by lightning. Ian Huges is convincing as a young Hercules - same modest temperment, but still not mature enough to know how he affects people. When Medea snaps at him about being "just the guy to remove" the chip on her shoulder, he mutters, dissatisfied, "Only trying to make conversation." And you can really imagine Kev saying it. And look for the pain in his eyes when the hottie Medea vanishes at the end - very convincing and very much like the adult Herc. I could only pick out one major inconsistency, and that was that young Jason has blue eyes and the adult has brown. Hmm . . . the HercStaff didn't have anymore contacts?

Other fun little things were Iolaus' conversation with Jason down below on the boat. The "Mr. Virtuous is losing his virtuosity . . ." made my mind flash back to "Warrior . . . priestess . . . Tramp". LOL. It's so funny how Medea seems so cool and confident and Herc is sort of a puppy dog. When she strts crying after discovering the murder of her family, she says, "Now I'm crying . . ." and he responds, "You don't have to be tough around me." all while trying to figure out where his hand goes if he wants to comfort her, timidly brushing back her hair awkwardly, etc.

And my favorite line in the show:

JASON: I thought you said she was naked.
IOLAUS: She *is* naked - under her clothes.


02-17-98. KSZoneW-. Jacinda Barrett, who played Medea, recently guest started as the evil magican Selene on an episode of "Nightman" entitled "Do You Believe in Magic ?". She also has done work on MTV. The episode of "Nightman" aired the same week as Medea Culpas debut airing.

02-17-98. KSZoneW-. Mention in this episode was the footage we saw on ET in November. The footage was Young Hercules fighting a giant red snake. Young Herc mention that he fought a snake in Ares cavern which means we should see the entire fight and the footage from ET in the "Young Hercules" movie which is available February 17, 1998.

02-17-98. KSZoneW-. The dock used in this episode was also used in HTLJ's "Prodigal Sister", XWP's "Gabrielles Hope", and HTLJ's "Les Contemtibles" where it was redecorated a little.

02-17-98. KSZoneW-. The ship used in this episode looked very similar to Xenas pirate ship in "Destiny" last season.

02-17-98. KSZoneW-. The beach where the chariot race took place is the same area used during the break of sevral Xena episodes, where they say "Xena WP will be right back" and Xena rides Argo.

02-17-98. KSZoneW-. The place where Medea was bathing was also used in HTLJ's "Two Men and a Baby" and HTLJ's "Pride Comes Before a Brawl". It was also seen in a few Xena episodes, including "Dreamworker" and "Cradle of Hope" during season 1.

02-17-98. KSZoneW-. Fish seem to be very important in the 1997/1998 season since a Xena episode "Quill is Mightier" has Xena using fish in battle instead of swords, and a episode called "Fish Shticks" will air in April or May 1998. I heard several people talk about Robert Tapert liking fishing, maybe thats why. We get to see the older heroes fish at the begining and eat fish at the end.

02-17-98. KSZoneW-. Charles Siebert directed this episode and it was written by Robert Bielak, who is the Steven L. Sears of Hercules.

02-17-98. KSZoneW-. In the episodes filmed after the hiatis, after the episode fades to black at the end, Tapert and Raimi are listed as executive producers. It was also seen in XWP's "Quill" and appears in all the new episodes. Its one of those new things.

02-17-98. KSZoneW-. Highlights:

The conversations between Hercules, Iolaus, and Jason in their youth.
Iolaus and Hercules trying to figure out to fight the Gihdra. >br> Iolaus saying "We Bad" after killing the Gihdra. >br> The interaction between Medea and Hercules. >br> The Fishing sceen between the older heros at the episodes start. >br> Chariot race between Yng H and Yng J. >br> -Iolaus and Jason always being let out of Medea and Hercs conversations. >br> Jason calling Herc his chef and Iolaus his clown/jester. I could just see Young Hercules cooking! >br> The small struggle between Jason and Hercules. >br> Older Herc telling Jason that he forgave him just a few days before for the incident that took place in their youth.

01-25-98. From KSZoneW@aol.com. This will be a Young Hercules episode in which Young Herc, Jason, and Iolaus meet the witch Medea and a giant fire breathing serpent. According to several people on the netforum for HTLJ, Medea Culpa means "Medeas Fault" which must mean something is Medea's fault. Kevin Sorbo will play Hercules in parts of this episode. This will NOT be the one where Herc fights the Hindus as I thought. It was said in tvguide.com late last fall that in season 4 we would see Hercules fight a Hindu Deity, a god or goddess or a divine person. That episode should air in April or May and the name in unknown to me at this time. Im sorry for the false report that Culpa would be about the Hindu demons/gods but several people hinted that Culpa had something to do with Hinduism.

01-08-98. From Kym. In the tales of the Japanese monster flicks, Ghidrah is a three-headed monster from outer space who likes to attack Japan. Any resemblance? YOU DECIDE.

01-08-98. Nick Nayko offers up that "Mea Culpa" means in Latin means "My fault" or "I apologize." This is a HerculesStaff joke in offering the 2nd clip show from YOUNG HERCULES in one season.

01-08-98. KSZoneW@aol.com overheard in a summer chat that this episode Herk fights Hindu Demons. Yup, you read that right.


Click here to read a transcript of MEDEA CULPA.


No two-headed, fire breathing, regurgiating [regenerating] Gidra were harmed during the production of this motion picture.

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