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Season 4, episode 14
Series 414
1st release: 02-16-98
2nd release: 07-27-98
3rd release: 12-14-98
1st USA strip release: Pending
Production number: V0320
Approximate shooting dates: December 1997
Last update: 01-18-99

COMMENTARY by Liz Sheppard
COMMENTARY by Kent Simmons

Michael Hurst (Iolaus)
Lucy Lawless (alterno-Xena)
Renee O'Connor (alterno-Gabrielle)
Hudson Lieck (Callisto)
Kevin Smith (Ares)

Kevin Sorbo (Sovereign)
Amy Morrison (Hope)
Kim Michalis (Young Alcmene)
Matthew Chamberlain (Darphus)
Lee-Jane Foreman (Arleia, Clalisto's mother))
Jim Mclarty (Pankos)
Rebecca Kopacka (Young Callisto)
Geoff Clendon (Oronis)
John Dybvig (King Quallus)

Teleplay by Gene O'Neill & Noreen Tobin
Story by Paul Robert Coyle And Gene O'Neill & Noreen Tobin
Directed by Mark Beesley

(Xena in royal outfit)
(Callisto throws fire)
(Gabrielle screams)
Xena with sword: I'm a legend!
Ares getting off throne: Xena!!!

Xena holding septer: Yahh!
Callisto: I've been looking forward for this.
(Hercules and Callisto fighting)
Ares: Who in Tartarus is Hercules?
(Gabrielle thrown on ground)
(Xena in royal outfit)
(Gabrielle screams)
Xena: I'm a legend!
Ares screaming: Xena!
Iolaus: I'm your friend.
Xena: I don't have any friends, neither do you!

Hercules is trapped in the nether world with his evil double, while Iolaus tries to prevent Callisto from killing Alcmene.

As Hercules tries to escape from the Netherworld, Iolaus travels back in time to prevent Callisto from killing Hercules' mother.

Conclusion. Iolaus encounters the evil, unreformed Xena during his journey into the past to stop Callisto from killing the pregnant Alcmene before she can give birth to Herc.

1st RELEASE: 02-16-98
An AA average of 6.3
Competition from Syndicated Action Dramas:
(1) X-FILES 7th with 6.7
(2) HERCULES 11th with 6.3
(3) XENA 14th with 5.8 (60/314 "Forgiven")
(4) STAR TREK DS9 16th with 5.1 (138/614 "One Little Ship")
THE OUTER LIMITS (60 "Stream of Consciousness")
EARTH: FC (15/115 "If You Could Read My Mind")

2nd RELEASE: 07-27-98
An AA average of 4.0
Competition from Syndicated Action Dramas:
(1) X-FILES 8th with 5.1
(2) XENA 14th with 4.1
(3) HERCULES 16th with 4.0
(4) WALKER TEXAS RANGER 18th with 3.9
(5) BAYWATCH 19th with 3.7

3rd release: 12-14-98
An AA average of 3.7
Competition from Syndicated Action Dramas:
(1) X-FILES 12th with 5.0
(2) ER 17th with 4.2
(3) STAR TREK DS9 19th with 4.0
(4) WALKER TEXAS RANGER 21st with 3.8
(5) HERCULES 3.7
(6) XENA 3.5
(7) CROW 3.1
(10) STARGATE 2.5
(11) NIGHTMAN 2.3


This synopsis is by Liz Sheppard.

Last week on Hercules. Yep, Hercules was around last week, but not this week. Callisto throws the fire to young Alcmene, but Iolaus saves her and they run away. He tries to explain to Alcmene about what's going on, but Cally comes by to kill Alcmene, which convinces her to run. He tells her about the Hercmeister in her womb while dodging Cally's fireballs. Iolaus hides Alcmene in a barn and decides to get Cally's Hind's blood. He gets the pendent and covers a knife in the blood, but while in the fight, he loses it and Cally torches the barn with Alcmene inside. Cally goes to Cirra.

All through this scene, Hercules and the Soverign are trapped in Limbo and arguing. Herc is watching all this and Sov is being a big baby and complaining about his room mate. They end up knocking each other out and the next thing Herc sees in the pool is Iolaus talking to Alcmene's grave and vowing he'll find Callisto.

Cirra time. A man gives Evil Xena the Kronos Stone (the pretty crystal that got got destroyed twice in THE END OF THE BEGINNING) for payment instead of destroying Cirra. She beheads him. She had a thing with chopping off heads when she was evil. Xena orders Darphus to kill everyone who stands up to them.

Iolaus goes to Cirra and finds everybody for Evil Xena to come. Callisto finds young Callisto with her mother running; she follows them to her father. Cally tries to tell her parents and her younger self to run away, but they don't listen. Iolaus tries to find Cally and kill her with the knife covered in Hind's blood; but he gets taken to Xena. Xena tries to slice and dice Iolaus, but he blocks her chakram using a shield. He tells her that she knows him by telling her about Solan. Xena orders her men to get the women and children out of Cirra, then to destroy it. Darphus orders them to burn Cirra. Cally finds herself and her mother hiding in a barn. She tries to save them again, but one of Xena's men comes in and Cally kills him, freaking her mother and young Callisto out. In the confusion, Cally kills her father. Her mother tries to kill her and Cally get her on fire. Yong Callisto faints and Cally leaves her in the burning barn so they can both die. Iolaus hears young Callisto screaming in the barn and he saves her and gives her to her uncle. She says she will never cry again.

Iolaus travels to Corinth in the present day. He finds a dinar that has a picture of Xena on it with the caption "Xena, the Conqueror". Gabrielle the prisoner is taken before Xena. Gabby is being punished for speaking against Xena's rules and living in fear. Xena orders her to be crucified and have her legs broken. It happens.

Iolaus goes to find Ares to get help, but Ares doesn't know who he is, who Hercules is, and gets excited whenever the name Xena is mentioned. Iolaus learns he can communicate with Herc and finds out about the Kronos stone on Xena's septer. He plans to get the stone and change time.

Herc makes a "key"(big stick thing) that electricutes Sov when he touches it. Through the key thing and lightning, the portal opens.

Xena is watching two men battle in the town square. Iolaus steals the Kronos stone and travels to the barn before Callisto can torch Alcmene. He gets her out and travels back to present day. Cally greets him and melts the stone(third time that stone was destroyed). He tells her that he saved her, but she tells him that since he saved Alcmene, she never got a chance to go back to Cirra. While they're fighting, Herc comes through the portal and he and Cally fight. He throws her into the partal and the heros walk away. Hope watches them leave.


Commentary by Liz Sheppard.

The Powers That Be must believe that the fans of the shows don't pay attention to the details. There are two different people in the world, those who watch Xena and Herc, and those who jus watch Herk. Those who don't will be so confused they'd want to remove their brain form their head to check if there was anything they didn't know in there. Those who follow the story lines completely would want to strangle TPTB for all the inconsisticies.

Where to start...let's start with Callisto. The biggest problem I have is Cally's family. All throught the earlier season's of Callyvision, she has spoken of her mother and her sister when she was talking about Cirra. Mother and Sister. Never ONCE was a father mentioned. And not only are TPTB throwing in a father in the picture, but they have Cally KILL him?!? And in this ep, Cally's sister was't even in there. I know that Cally killing her parents didn't actually happen, but I can still hate TPTB for changing her family around. Another thing on young Callisto...the chick has blue eyes!! Husdon's eyes are brown! And we were supposed to believe that she is young Callisto. I wasn't convinced until they called her by name. Also, when Evil Xena ruled the world, where were Callisto and Iolaus??? I would of liked to see would of turned out.

Lots of little tidbits next. Evil Xena, right before the burning of Cirra, was wearing her sword on her back. She didn't start doing that until a little ways into the first season of X:WP. She used to wear it at her hip. Ares was wearing his new season outfit with his weird facial hair when he was with Xena right before Cirra, shouldn't he have worn his old outfit? It would of made more sense. How did Iolaus know about Solan? How did Iolaus know how to use the Kronos Stone? How did he communicate with Herc in Limbo? If he could, why couldn't Sov communicate with people in the real world as well? When Callisto was sucked into the portal, where did she go? It showed Sov wakeing up and seeing the portal disappear, but no psycho blonde came out. She had to go somewhere....What was with Hope? She had to have known the actual results of what could happen if Herc was never born: No redemption of Xena-no gantlet-no unchaining of hearts-no sins of pasts-no running into gabby-no trapping of new born goddess Cally in lava pits-no loss of blood innocence-no rape of Gabby-no birth of Hope-no freedom of Cally from lava-no psycho goddess to travel back in time to kill Alcmene-I'm back where I started.

The sound effects supervisors are getting out of control. In the tent right before Evil Xena destroys Cirra, she puts a sword to Iolaus' chin. It makes a clicking noise. Does that mean that Iolaus' chin is made of metal? Also, in the first Armageddon, we see a quick view of Iolaus' life when he's traveling through time, right to when his mother was holding him when he was just an infant. In the end of Armageddon part 2, young Alcmene tells Iolaus that there is a 2 year old named Iolaus who is always stealing pastries.

You know what? It's late and I'm tired, I'm done preaching. This was actually a really good ep as long as you don't use your brain.


Commentary by Jeph York.

The scenes from Cirra had several major inconsistencies from what we know of Xenaverse history: the sudden reordering of Callisto's family from mother-sister to mother-father-uncle; Xena's dubious possession of the Kronos Stone; Ares' physical presence at Xena's side, contrary to what she said in "The Reckoning" ("I always wondered what you looked like", to paraphrase); not to mention quite a few minor, inferential mistakes: Xena wearing her sword on her back, Ares in his Season Three outfit, and jewels on Xena's chakram (not present in the Herc Trilogy). This seems to have riled up many Xenites, especially the poor handling of Callisto's family. However, there is a very rational explanation for everything.

What you have to remember about all the past scenes, from the death of Alcmene onward, is that they took place in an *alternate universe*. As soon as Alcmene died, Iolaus began to follow Callisto forward into the present ... of a new and divergent timeline: that of A World Without Hercules. Here, everything is basically the same, but with Herc's disappearance/nonexistance spreading outwards like a ripple as his fame grew in "our" timeline. By the show's current time (about 30/35 years after Herc's birth, give or take), his nonexistance had resulted in Xena conquering the known world. By Cirra (25/30 years, give or take), perhaps his nonexistance had indeed affected the Xenaverse timeline, but in minor, indirect ways.

I mean, let's see: Herc is never born. He never grows into a hero, inspiring the people to defend themselves (Xena and Ares even complain of this at Cirra, that they almost wish a champion would come forward so that crushing people's spirits would be more fun; a distinct clue that this is the Cirra of a World Without Hercules). The now easily-defeatable populace is ruled over by Xena with a tighter fist, and so Ares decides to manifest himself to her earlier than in our universe.

Herc never stops a certain mugging on a certain day, and Callisto's sister loses her life. To support Cally's mother after that loss, her husband and brother remain in Cirra instead of going off to fight at, say, Troy.

Herc never stops a thief from stealing the Kronos Stone from someone else, diverting it from its "natural" fate of the Quallas Collection. It ends up in the hands of the king who begs for his life and kingdom with it, and Xena gets ahold of it.

The list of minor differences can go on and on, even rationalizing away Ares' early costume switch and Xena's weapons differences, if you tried hard enough. So I don't think that we should regard what we just saw in AN2 to be the hard-and-fast canon of the events at Cirra, but instead like a painting rendered in broad strokes: the intent, if not the details. "Our" Cirra, the real Cirra, happened a bit differently, and we haven't yet seen it completely.

While I'm at it, I may as well tackle the whole "if Callisto killed Alcmene, how would blah blah blah Xena's reformation blah blah Brittania blah Dahok and birth of Hope blah how could Callisto go back in time in the first place?" time paradox question so many people are holding their bleeding heads over. So here comes the lecture on temporal mechanics as it relates to the Xenaverse. A lot of the details from this come from the Herc ep. "End of the Beginning", so watch out.

When someone, *anyone*, human or god, putzes about with the timeline, it sticks. The present is altered, always, to some extent, for *everyone*. That's why Zeus forbids time travel, even though it seems all gods have the ability. Even he is not immune to its effects; he *will* *not* *notice* if his present has been altered by acts in the past.

The only people who will know that the timestream has been mucked with are those who were out of the natural timestream when it happened. That's why Herc and the Sovereign still lived when Alcmene died, and that's why Herc and Autolycus are the only two on earth who remember Serena being dead (see "EotB"). And when the time travellers return from the past, they will return to the *altered*, new, present, with full memories of the old one. It happened to Iolaus in AN2, and it happened to Herc in EotB. The only difference is, Herc decided he liked the new timeline better, and so he 'kept' it.

In the timeline as it stands now, Ares stabbed Serena years ago, forcing her to become completely human. Nobody, not even Zeus, remembers the old timeline where she stayed a Hind for years more, eventually married Hercules, and was killed by Strife. The only two who remember differently are Hercules and Autolycus, because they were out of sync with time when the alteration was made. Same with Dahok: after the alteration to the timeline he would have either enjoyed a world without his greatest enemy, Xena (and never known things were ever any different), or, seeing as he seems to be relatively out of sync with our world, he would have watched as the world transformed into someplace he would like a whole lot more. (Besides, altering the timeline was Dahok's last-ditch backup plan, implemented because breaking Xena's spirit the old-fashioned way didn't work. Extreme, yes, but not his original idea.)

AS for the paradox of Hope never existing to begin the change, it's moot. The Kronos Stone was destroyed twice in "EotB", the second time before it was ever used to change the timeline in the first place, and that didn't seem to matter. The new timeline 'stuck' even though the time-travelling instrument from the old timeline had been destroyed/negated. Same with AN2; the fact that Hope never existed would not change the fact that Callisto created a new timeline.

Of course, all this crud about temporal mechanics brings up other, weirder questions, such as when you create a new timeline don't you also create a new present-version of yourself, and what happens to them when you return to the present, and now that Herc changed (and kept) the timeline in EotB so that Serena lived but was never his wife, does that mean that "Judgment Day" never happened? There's also that morass of a rule from "EotB" that people in the past will eventually forget the presence of the time traveller in their midst, but I won't get into that. All I can say is that I'm glad that, at least so far, TPTB are consistent with their time-travel rules. (This ain't "Star Trek", after all.)


This commentary is by KSZoneW.

This episode was once again a tremendous effort shown and goes along with XWP's "Debt" episodes as the best stuff in a long time. As of late, HTLJ has has some very good episodes in "If I Had a Hammer, Herk on Trial, Medea Culpa, Prodigal Sister, and the Armageddon Two Parter". The whole crossover storyline with Dahak and Hope has also worked well and it looks as Dahak is going to be the new villan, which brings out a whole new angle and legend. New foes, new lands, new villans, and new laws ! Plus it makes emotional scenes and more. Can you imagine Zeus and Herk being nice to each other and Hera having to side with Herk, if Dahak plans a big old takeover ? Now unto the episode itself...

Xena was the highlight and Lucy still knows who to play Evil well. It looks as since Herk never helped Xena, she became much like Julius Caesar and had a similar throneroom to Ming Tiens. Xena was very ruthless and brutal to her victims and opponents. She went from not killing the women and children to breaking there legs and hanging them on crosses. The aftermath of Hercules not being born was that Xena would go unto be evil and rule the world, thus making her not have a shot at goodness, and instead of rethinking Lao Ma's methods and heading to Rome to attempt to defeat Caesar, to save the innocents, she probally killed Ma and than Caesar, who may of been alive and may have governed Rome for her. Its obvious that Xena followed her mentors and trainers, because there was no Hercules. Gabrielle likewise became a leader, since no heroes where around. Gabrielle took a stand as she always did. She was hurt by Xena, who did not even know Gabrielle or think about knowing her. Ares also seemed very excited and probally shared many nights with Xena, and possibly created soldiers for Xenas army of evil. The acting by Lucy was welldone and the whole scene with Iolaus and Xena was great. Darphus was the same old.person and ended up burning the village, without clearing out the women and children, although one soldier tried to save Young Callisto and her mother. The outfits that Xena's men wore where also much like Oriental Warrior Outfits.

Callisto was perfect in this episode. She was evil again and enjoyed hurting and havocing. The whole scene in Cira was spectacular and award winning. Hudson did the best emotion job of the show with her mourning over her familys death, and that she did it herself. She was very angry at Iolaus, for not going into Cira to resave her. Would Callisto have been good, despite the fact that she didn't cry, when Xena became "God" ? Intresting thing to work with but they only got a few more episodes left with Callisto, than again... Never mind that right now. Michael Hurst and Hudson also work well as the whole fight and chase with Callisto and Iolaus was intense and even better was the small brawl between Callisto and Hercules. I hope they keep Callisto !

The few seconds we saw of Hope where very intresting. Its pretty obvious that they are not going to write off the Dahak storyline yet and will have it continue on Xena and Hercules. Thats good news for both shows and there fans and the ratings. Who knows what will happen next and WHERE will it happen ? Great job by the executive producers. Im proud of them for what there doing. I think the whole time travel idea proved Xenas point of Hope being a thing in the form of a human. Think about it, an evil demon is turned into a seed by Dahaks magic and thus it goes into Gabrielle, who delivers it and when Hope grows older and comes back, after death and being burnt by fire, she sends Callisto into time, knowing that she will probally turn history around and prevent Xena from burning Cira, and Gabrielle from ever meeting Xena. Thus, Dahak still lives as evil and he is able to use the evil Xena as his warrior and than bring Hope in as some other kind of demon of creature, maybe even a baby. Either way, Hercules is dead and Xenas evil for good.

The relationship between Iolaus and Hercules was at top high in this one. Iolaus was willing to do everything and anything to make sure his best friend would be born and be safe. I thought the interaction between Alcmene and Iolaus was wonderful. Iolaus really considered Hercules his brother and someone he would die for, and do anything to save. He risked getting killed by Xena, and never being able to alter time, so he could go back and stop Callisto. He refused to tell Callisto where Alcmene was hid, and would have died keeping the secret. It did not work since goddess and gods know those things. Michael Hurst did a great job with the emotional scenes and added a few jokes and comical momments in to give a few laughs. Mostly during the scene with Alcmene. How did Iolaus know about Solon ? Its pretty obvious that word got out quick and that since this episode and part one took place in the days following "Maternal Instincts" Iolaus and Hercules probally had a good idea on what took place and may have been responsible for Illusia, since "TBS" took place a couple of weeks after Maternal, according to what was said by Joxer and Ephiny in the first 5 minutes of that episode. Perhaps they went to the amazontown and got Hades to tell Solon the truth, and thus Solon was able to create Illusia for xena and Gabrielle. Just a thought but a very possible idea to build up and for the writers to consider, since they never really mention anything 100% except for Gabrielle saying that Solon was why they where in Illusia. Perhaps Dahak also rules another universe, perhaps he owns the Netherworld [Limbo] and thus could not die, along with Hope and his other creations. Consider that as a backup plan if the one I mention above was or could not happen.

The aftermath is also very intresting. Consider that Callisto is now in Netherworld and Hope is still alive in the actual world. With Callisto and Sovereign together in the Netherworld, its obvious we may see a crossover with Sovereign on Xena or maybe something more in the other HTLJ episode featuring Callisto in season 4. With Hercules not knowing who Hope is yet and Iolaus not sure as well, and Ares looking shocked, a battle between the gods and others will happen soon. Hopes plan is being rebuilt and it looks as now Xena and Hercules may team up to go against Dahaks army and even Callisto. That would be an intense war and great idea, considering that both partys are involved and both TV shows have covered major parts of the storyline. But the biggest part would be the victims. Who would Dahak kill to intise Hercules to possibly have to team with Hera and Zeus ? Would it take Jason and Alcmene ? His brother Ipicles ? Nebula or Cassandra ? A centaur he was good friends with ? Someone in the Underworld such as one of his kids or Dieneria, who would somehow be destroyed again by Dahak ? Would Gabrielle understand that destroying Hope is neccessary now ? The answers should lie ahead and the possible solutions and endings are endless. What will happen ? My commentary for "Armageddon Now I" suggested that Ares may have been behind Dahak and Hope. Thats still a chance but it seems less likely to me after this week.

Great episode. I cannot bash anything in it or about it. It leaves many future things open to happen and creates more intrest in both shows, than ever before. Those who say the storyline is done, didn't everyone say that after Bitter Suite ? Its not over. It may die down for a few episodes and buildup much later or earlier next season or maybe in the season finales for this season. The episode gets 5 out of 5 stars. Its an episode for anyone. Parents may warn there kids that theres some intense scenes and may not enjoy having there kids watch Callisto burn her own parents, but if they know its fantasy and fake, theres nothing wrong. It was a dark episode with the action and adventure twist. Some fans call it a ripoff of sevral "Star Trek" episodes but its a pretty original script and intresting twist. It was a perfect episode to air during sweeps. They really did not do anything to further the "Sovereign/Herk" struggle but its better that they cannot get along, and need to keep it that way for now. Sovereign is a perfect person to help Dahak, and may be one of his already ! Great episode and intresting. The whole thing was great, and was a lot of work and to me DID equal the quality and intensity of XWP's "Debt I and II" episodes, which where Xenas big two-parter this season. Infact, this whole season has brought many things into one storyline, its very possible that everything from "The Deliverer" and on may be connected, as it already looks that way. Minus a few comedy episodes, everything fits in somewhere. Where ? The question remains to be fully answered, but Im gonna wait and see and keep on watching, Hercules and Xena. BATTLE ON AND READ ON FAN S OF HERCULES AND XENA !


12-28-98. As reported by Beth Gaynor about the Cherry Hill, NJ Con (08/98). Another "never made it to the screen" scene: in Armageddon Now, the Hercules episode that included the alternate history of what would have happened if Hercules had never been born. Apparently, if you listen closely to the scene when Xena the Conqueror has Iolaus in her tent, as the scene has closed and Iolaus has left, you can just catch Xena telling Ares, "Let's play." The photos Sharon found include shots of that "play". These were NOT for the weak of heart; Xena sitting in front, leaning against the reclining Ares... whose bare legs were on one side of Xena, bare chest on the other. If I wasn't awake before seeing those shots, I sure was after.

12-28-98. At the Phoenix Con (05/31/98), Sharon Delaney mentioned that Paul Robert Coyle did not include Callisto's sister in ARMAGEDDON PART 2 (H73/414) because he forgot she had a sister, and no one else remembered either; he was rushed to write a HERC-light episode and did not have time to go back and view the previous episodes. Also, Xena, the Conqueror was named after Kull, the Conqueror.

06-06-98. From Dana. The actress who played young Callisto in HTLJ: Armageddon Now II is the same as the Maiden in XWP's Remember Nothing.

02-01-98. At Burbank II Con (01-18-98), Liz Friedman (HTLJ, producer) and R.J. Stewart mentioned that Paul Robert Coyle wrote part one and was joined by someone named Tobin for the second part. Tobin also did the teleplayfor part 2. The director was Mark Beesley, who directed Necessary Evil.

02-01-98. At Burbank II Con (01-17-98), Robert Tapert (XWP/HTLJ, Executive Producer) mentioned that there was a Hercules episode coming up with Hudson Leick and that it would feature Callisto and offer her a chance at redemption. This episode is none other than ARMAGEDDON, Part 1 and 2.

02-01-98. At Burbank II Con (01-17-98), Gary Gerani (Topps) talked about the TOPPS Xena magazine. The Xena magazine was meant to be a one-shot, but with the demand, it's going to be a quarterly magazine. Issue #2 should be out mid-January. Callisto is the featured character and it includes an interview with Hudson Leick. It also includes an interview with Paul Robert Coyle about the making of Armageddon I and II. .

02-01-98. At Burbank II Con (01-17-98), Brad Carpenter (out-going Director of Merchandizing at Reniassance Pictures) showed a few slides from Armageddon I and II. Callisto was wearing a necklace of Hind's Blood and Xena is in Queenly regalia. Gabrielle, as usual, looked kind of out of it (the woman NEEDS prozac, I tell you!). On Sunday (01-18-98), Brad mentioned that Kevin Smith will be in Armageddon I and II and that it is a cross-over episode between Hercules and Xena.

01-08-98. Callisto visits the Herkmeister for not one, but TWO shows. A two parter called, Armageddon. Apparently Armageddon is Callisto's DESTINY/DEBT, for it goes back to the time Xena raided Cirra and visits Her Evilness in the making.


12-28-98. From Mimi Klaiman . I watched an episode of Hercules (HTLJ) in which Iolaus was projected into the past and was trying to save unborn Hercules by protecting his pregnant mother from Callisto. Callisto was shown encountering her own adolescent self. The mature Callisto had brown eyes while the adolescent Callisto was played by a blue-eyed actress. Was there supposed to be an ancient medicine that could change eye color over an individual's lifetime? Just wondering.

These things are by KSZoneW.

12-28-98. From Cupcake: The amulet that Alexandros wore was also used for the Hind Blood Amulet in "Armageddon Now and Armageddon Now Part 2".

The music used during "Evil Xenas" intro was also used during XWP's "The Debt and the Debt II" many times. It had a "Gothic Oriental" theme to it

We see background footage from HTLJ's "Gauntlet" episode. Thats when Iolaus arrives in Corinth and looks out the door, only to see millions of guys hung on crosses.

The music used when Iolaus arrives in Corinth [Xena's Corinth] was used in "Mercenary" and "Atlantis" in the scene where Hercules awoke on the is lands. It was also used in "Lady and the Dragon" and "Web of Desire". All are HTLJ episodes.

Recongnize the Kronus Stone ? It was also used in HTLJ's "End of the Begaining". Quallis was also in that episode but was played by a guy named Ian Watkin, who was much fatter. He drank wine for breakfast in "EOB" so thats probally why he was not as big in this episode.

The music used during the fight between Callisto and Hercules was also used in "Surprise" and many of the first season episodes and HTLJ movies. It was from the First Hercules Theme Music CD. They only use it once in a great while, even though its one of there BEST theme's. They may have used it on a past Xena episode as well, during season 1.

The music during Hope's small apperance at the shows end and the "Executive Producers" little mention was clipped from the Dahak sacrifice scene in XWP's "The Deliverer".

The background for Xenas throne in Corinth was also used in "Armageddon Now" for the town where Hercules met the Sovereign in.

Great footaction by Hudson and Sorbo during the fight. Great job by the editing department and the special effects people.

The Ares temple in this episode was the same one used in part one.

Those lightning flashes where also used during the birth of Hope in "Gabrielles Hope" which was a Xena episode in season 3. They have used that scene in sevral other episodes as well.

The countryside used in this episode was also used for many scenes in the Hercules/Xena trilogy episodes during season 1 of Hercules.

They play a small clip of the music that they used in "Maternal Instincts" when Solon asked Xena why everyone he loves ends up dying. The scene in AM2 was where Iolaus told the evil Xena he knew about Solon, and Xena said no one was supposed to know about Solon.

There where many clips shown from past Xena episodes, during the little time travel scenes of Iolaus. Clips where shown from "Deliverer", "Ties that Bind", "Callisto", "Destiny", "The Price", and many others. I shall get more later, hopefully.

During Evil Xena's thronetime in Corinth, the soldiers wear Oriental like clothing. The same outfits where worn by the soldiers and Ming Tien in "The Debt II" episode.


These highlights are by KSZoneW.

The emotional scenes between Young Alcmene and Iolaus.

Xena being a "Queen". Thats the "Queen of the Universe or Two".

Hercules saying "Surprise" as he jumped through the portal and arrived in the present time.

The Sovereigns lines. Mostly the last ones where he says he's very dissapointed and hates Hercules, who he refers to as "him".

Hudson did a great job with the "surprised and shocked" look, in the scene where Callisto killed her parents with the knife and fireball. She was even better where she laid her youngerself on the barn floor and cried over her, and also planned to make her burn, so Callisto would be no more.

The mention by Hercules of "Another evil force helping Callisto" stuff hopefully will lead to more crossover episodes and more of the Dahak storyline. I suspect it will continue through season 4 of Xena and season 5 of Hercules.

Ares and his enjoyment of watching Xena be evil.

Hercules pounding the knife into the cement steps. It was one of those heroic highlights and the music fit perfectly for the scene. Good job by Lo Duca and whoever else helped out.

The footaction between Hercules and Callisto [Hudson and Kevin].

The music during the "Promo" really built up the episode.

Congrats to whoever decided to have the "Flashback from Last Week" thing. It helps buildup the conclusion and is good for those that missed last of don't remember. They should do that with all "More than One Part Episodes". It takes up a few seconds but builds up intrest, even if you have seen the episode and rewatched it on tape a few times.


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Although Alcmene's barn was blown to smithereens, remarkably she and Iolaus were not harmed during the production of this motion picture.


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