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Season 4, episode 15
Series 415
1st release: 02-23-98
2nd release: 08-03-98
1st USA strip release: 11-10-98
2nd USA strip release:
3rd USA strip release:
Production number:
Approximate shooting dates: November 21-29, 1997
Last update: 01-18-99

SYNOPSIS by Liz Sheppard
COMMENTARY by Kent Simmons

Bruce Campbell (Rob Tapert)
Ted Raimi (Alex Kurtzman, a writer)
Kevin Smith (Ares/Jerry Patrick Brown, head writer)
Hudson Leick (Liz Friedman, producer)
Michael Hurst (Paul Robert Coyle, writer)
Robert Trebor (B.S. Hollingfoffer, studio head)

Gina Torres (Beth Hymson, casting director)
Joel Tobeck (Strife/David Scott Pollison, office production assistant)
Lisa Chappell (Melissa Blake, Tapert's assistant)
Paul Glover(Roberto Orci, a writer)
Charles Mesure (Johnny Pinko, an auditioner)
Willy DeWit (Eric Gruendeman, producer)

Written by Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci
Directed by Christopher Graves

Ares mocking: The Legendary Journeys?
(Clips of the weird moments in Herc's life)
Autolyca and Salmonella: Howdy do!
Eric: Cut! I've got some bad news.
(On screen: Hollywood 1998)
Rob Tapert: Kevin Sorbo has disappeared.
(Monkey dressed as Hercules and clapping)
Rob: Chimpules??
Paul Robert Coyle: We're saved!
Liz Friedman: Idiot!
Jerry Patrick Brown: This is pointless.
(Everybody fighting)
Kevin Sorbo: Have your people call my people. We'll do lunch.

Producers and writers panic when, after a severe earthquake, Kevin Sorbo disappears.

After an earthquake hits modern-day L.A., the show's producers are hit with a devastating aftershock: series star Kevin Sorbo is nowhere to be found.

The writers and producers of "Hercules" panic when the star of the show is nowhere to be found following an earthquake in modern day Los Angeles.

1st release: 02-23-98
An AA average of 4.9
Competition from Syndicated Action Dramas:
(1) X-FILES 8th with 7.1
(2) XENA 13th with 5.5
(3) HERCULES 15th with 4.9
(4) WALKER TR 17th with 4.7
(5) STAR TREK DS9 20th with 4.6
(6) NYPD BLUE 3.7

2nd release: 08-03-98
An AA average of 4.9
Competition from Syndicated Action Dramas:
(1) X-FILES 8th with 5.1
(2) HERCULES 10th with 4.9
(3) XENA 13th with 4.5
(4) WALKER TR 16th with 4.0
(5) STAR TREK DS9/BAYWATCH 24th with 3.2


This synopsis is by Liz Sheppard.

Wait...I thought I was watching Yes, Virginia, There is a Hercules? I was wrong, I'm watching ATLANTIS, where Hercules is saving Cassandra while the city is falling apart. Oopsie, Rob Tapert (Autolycus), executive producer, is having a bad dream. He gets a call from Eric Gruendeman, on set producer, who's, well, on the set in New Zealand and tells Rob about the earthquake and some bad news. Liz Friedman (Callisto), producer, is practicing her boxing when she gets a call from Rob. Jerry Patrick Brown (Ares), head writer, is paintball hunting in the woods when he gets a call from Liz. Paul Robert Coyle (Iolaus), writer, is gambling in Vegas when Liz calls him. Everybody meets in the office in Hollywood, when Rob sees some people are missing. He tells his assistant Melissa Blake (Dirce) to call Alex and Bob. Alex Kurtzman (Joxer) and Roberto Orci (I know I've seen him before, but I can't rememeber), writers, are sleeping in the closet and join the meeting. Rob tells them all that Kevin Sorbo is missing.

Rob sends "Davie" David Scott Pollison (Strife), office production assistant, to go to find Kevin. That Joel guy plays the weirdest characters. Jerry gets the idea of basing a story around Ares (up pops JUDGEMENT DAY and END OF THE BEGINNING clips). Rob likes the idea but Liz freaks out and gives the idea of a Callisto episode (SURPRISE clips), which Rob likes as well. Alex brings up the point that Ares and Cally are bad, so what would they do if Herc wasn't around (Ares and Cally playing boulder, sword, parchment...cute..."Dumb blonde!").

Melissa puts rat poison in Rob's shake, but he doesn't drink it. Eric gets nervous on the set of the show because the people there are starting to figure out what's going on. Melissa then tries to stab him with a cooking knife. Paul, Alex, Bob, and Jerry are in the bathroom singing to tune to the Hercules theme, very funny. Everybody gets ready for B.S. Hollinsfoffer (Salmoneus), studio head, comes by wondering why everybody is there on a Sunday. He says that through a bump on the head, he gets a vision for the show, a musical (..AND FANCY FREE clips). Davie, with a chick, calls from Paris saying that he can't find Kevin. B.S. finds out Kevin is missing and fires everybody, thanks to Paul. Paul, trying to save his skin, brings up the Soverign trapped in his vortex thing (STRANGER IN A STRANGE WORLD) and says that Herc is trapped in Limbo while everybody tries to stop Sov. Liz tells him that Sov was played bu Kevin. B.S. rehires everyone when they try to leave.

Beth Hymson (Nebula), casting director, shows up with Johnny Pinko (Darnell or Mercer, take your pick), who is trying out for the Hercules roll. He practices with the TWO MEN AND A BABY Herc to Evander speech, but does terrible. Everybody from a mime to an Elvis impersonator tries out. Davie calls from Spain saying Sorbo's not there. Rob gives him a raise for being chased by bulls. Eric calls trying to pretend to be Hercules, getting throwm over a wall by revolting workers. Rob gets Melissa to cut his hair (she tries to kill him again but fails) and she brings up Young Hercules (clips, I assume, from the Young Hercules movie), but that idea fails. B.S. returns saying the show is cancelled unless they think of something by five. Liz wishes they could get rid of all actors, then Rob thinks of the cartoon (Cartoon movie clips), but that fails, too. Alex and Bob have the idea of "Chimpules". Alex and Bob start fighting. Jerry and Liz fight, Rob and Melissa fight, she's still trying to kill him, and Paul begs for forgiviness from B.S., but they fight too. Beth walks in at a bad time. Everybody freezes. Ares and Strife show up and talk about causing the earthquake to keep Hercules busy so the show can be be cancelled; so Ares can watch "Millennium" in peace. Strife misses "Cop Rock". Herc shows up dressed as Kevin Sorbo. He says the world isn't ready to know that Hercules is really alive. Herc unfreezes everyone, and they all are relieved to see him. The news on the TV talk about a mystery man saving everybody in the earthquake. I always knew TPTB are on crack, and this episode proves it.


JUDGMENT DAY: Hercules checks out a dead Serena, while finding the bloody knife and Serenas bloody cut. Strife curses the villager and the villager can tell that Hercules is running away from the village. Strife and Ares watch Hercules flee the village.

THE END OF THE BEGINNING: The fight between Hercules and Ares from the end of the episode. A few seconds where cut out.

YOUNG HERCULES-THE MOVIE: Hercules and Iolaus fight over a magic scepter. Jason prepares Herk and Iolaus to fight each other on a large pole in Chirons academy. Herk flees from the giant snake in Ares Cavern.

ANIMATED HERCULES AND XENA MOVIE: Hercules punches down the titan, while on Bird Gabrielle. They also show Xena and Iolaus riding the Bird Gabrielle.

AND FANCY FREE: Twanky doing some singing and bumping Herk into Althea. Herk and Althea dancing a little. Ocea and Althea fighting in front of the dance palace and Herk coming to Altheas rescue.

STRANGER IN A STRANGE WORLD: Iolaus getting taken into the portal. Iolaus meets God of Love Ares. Sovereign and Evil Aphrodite argue and Sovereign says she should show more off and not be so shy. Hercules nails The Sovereign into the Netherworld. Naughty Xena begs Sovereign to give out an execution to one of his prisoners.

TWO MEN AND A BABY: Nemesis tells Hercules that his child is Evander. Ares and Discord take care of Evander. Hercules promises to take care of Evander and visit him and teach him how to wrestle, throw the discuss, and live a life.

ATLANTIS: The city of Atlantis falls down. Hercules rescues Cassandra. Panthius gets his "Eye of Atlantis" monument fallen on himself.


This commentary is by KSZone.

Perhaps the best idea for a clip show came with "YVTAH" which too me was an incredible attempt at a comedy episode and a interesting look at HTLJ. From the great cast to the idea of spin-off shows and ideas for future shows, "Yes" delivered a good episode to the fans. They used the actual incident of Sorbo not showing and made a script out of it, and also combined an earthquake in that and some "Xena Scrolls" type stuff.

First I'm going to review the co-stars and cast for this one. I can't stop saying how good Bruce Campbell was as Robert Tapert. I did think that the orange hair looked a little weird. I thought his obsession with fishing was well done since the real Tapert loves to fish as well. The interaction between Tapert and his crew was also well, and his mention about kids wearing rubber pants was a good moments thought to save his behind from being fired by the studio head. I thought Hudson Leick played a great Liz Friedman. I never have seen Friedman before but Hudson looks good and thus the character she played look good. Liz is defiantly the bada$$ girl of the team and does not like her boss, which is common and well written, plus isn't she next in line for head producer is Tapert dies?? Interesting plot they had going. Kurtzman and Orci definitely had a nice babysitter in High School, if Liz sat for them. Kevin Smith was way too cool as Jerry Patrick Brown. His army attitude and bada$$ attitude was crucial. He had some of the best lines in the episode and his "Soldier 4 Life" attitude made the episode worth rewatching, if not to watch to whole thing than just to watch his parts. Hurst did a good job as the drunk Paul Robert Coyle. I loved the line he said in the Las Vegas Casino about "Submarine Game and Liz". I am still laughing at it now. Its great to see Robert Trebor and his role was well done and played. His character was cool and its kind of weird how he carried around a golf club, kind of like Kevin Sorbo likes golf, perhaps him and B.S. go golfing. Is there a real Studio Head named Hollinsfofer or was the person made up? If someone knows than please share the lowdown. Lisa Chappell looked good and acted well as Melissa Blake, the secretary. Melissa was made out to be a little paid girl that had a good record but was stuck with a lousy job. Gina Torres was my pick for "Best Looking Female Staff Member". Gina does the role of playing an attractive person very well and I would love to be her weedwacker. Her role as the casting director was well done. All the other writers where well picked and the other characters on the set where also picked well. Anyone noticed Argo walking across the set at the beginning?

There where more funny lines than I could count during this episode. Perhaps too many. That's really all I can comment on for this episode. I say to check this episode out. Good stuff in it. I give it 5out of 5 stars and that's pretty darn good for a clip show. My pick for best impersonation goes to Robert Trebor, Bruce Campbell, and Hudson Leick. Gina Torres makes the list as well as Michael Hurst. Worst impersonation goes to probably the onset director and cameraman. One other funny moment I forget to include elsewhere was the one where the lunch bell rings and everyone leaves, leaving that one stuntguy in flames. Until next time, take care of yourself and each other.


01-18-99. Producer Eric Gruendeman deliberately cast the guy who played him in YES VIRGINIA.

01-18-99. The following is a transcript from the Hollywood Spotlight chat on 12/09/98 with Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci:

Storm1 asks "how did you come up with the Porcileine Men's Chorus scene in Yes, Virginia?"

Alex/Bob says "Oh."
Alex/Bob {action} laugh"
Alex/Bob says "B: that's where Alex and I come up with our best ideas! Just like that. We couldn't decide what to do for the next scene and we thought, hey ! let's put this in. And, now of course, everytime I'm in there, I whistle the Hercules theme."

01-18-99. Transcript selection from Hudson Leick's on-line chat on TVGen, 05-11-98.

TVGOer presents the speaker with question #1204 from Meggara: Hudson i love your work! in the episode "Yes, Virginia there is a hercules" did you really drink an egg, and if so was it gross!

TVG_Star says, "Yes I did drink it. I haven't even seen that episode yet. And it was - they gave me two eggs at first - and I will not describe what exactly reminded me of - but it was foul."

TVG_Star says, "And I couldn't get it all down. So they changed to one egg and I am a trooper, because I got it down."

04-20-98. The Spectre of SINBAD rears its head! First in XWP's BEEN THERE DONE THAT, SINBAD gets a reference, but here in the Hercaverse, SINBAD gets one too! Liz says after hearing the news she is fired, "I wonder if Sinbad is hiring."

04-20-98. In YES VIRGINIA, Ares was credited with causing an earthquake in California. In an interview with WHOOSH! last summer, Kevin Smith joked that someone recognized him as Ares and blamed him for the earthquake. Could the pages of WHOOSH! have helped with the episode?

02-22-98. Hercules is alive and well and living in LA under the secret identity of Kevin Sorbo? Uh-huh. Yeah, right. Now tell us about that bridge in New York you have for sale!

01-06-98. At the Burbank II Con (01-17-98) Liz Friedman was asked how she liked Hudson's Leick performance of her namesake. "Very on", Friedman said. She went on to say that she did not fidget, and at that, R. J. cracked up. Friedman mentioned that she started as an intern for Sam Raimi, then became his assistant, then was an assistant for TV, then worked on Darkman II. [She is also a producer for AMAZON HIGH].

01-06-98. YES is HTLJ's 4th season clip show.

01-04-98. Seen on the BCCentral website on 12-01-97: they list the Hercules 'Rob Tapert' episode as "Yes, Virginia, There Is A Hercules". They also have a picture of Bruce as 'Autolycus' and a picture of Bruce as 'Rob Tapert' with the REAL Rob Tapert. (From Heath Opper HEO96001@UCONNVM.UCONN.EDU).

01-04-98. Seen on the BCCentral website on 11-30-97: It listed the air date of 'Yes Virginia, There Is A Hercules' for the week of 2/23/98. The website also stated that Campbell was fniished working on that episode. (From Heath Opper HEO96001@UCONNVM.UCONN.EDU).

01-04-98. Seen on the BCCentral website on 11-18-97: This episode features an All-Star Cast of Regulars as the production staff tries to keep the show going when Kevin Sorbo is missing. (From Heath Opper HEO96001@UCONNVM.UCONN.EDU).


From KSZone.

Michael Hurst playing a drunken writer. He was great.

B.S. saying, "Where the %%%% do they get these people" when referring to Kurtzman and Orci.

Gina Torres and her role as the attractive casting director.

Kevin Smiths role as "Jerry Patrick Brown" His military lines and attitude where worth watching to show itself.

The Studio Heads entrance.

Melissa trying to chop Tapert's head off with the ginzu knife. The scene where she shaved off part of Tapert's head was also funny and good.

Taperts line "I'm a producer, I don't feel anything".

Argo walking across the New Zealand set.

Davie getting chased by the bulls in Spain. Joel Tobeck gets the weirdest roles in the show.

Jerry giving Liz about 5 piledrivers into the office floor.

The complete change in the production team as Sorbo enters.

The hunting scene with Jerry and his buddies.

Liz saying "Look what happened to them" as B.S. says weekends are for communists.

Liz wondering if "Sinbad" is hiring, when BS fires her.

The lunch bell thing.


From KSZone.

Many props where found in the Production Team Office. The head of Bacchus, a baby harpie from "Beanstalks and Bad Eggs", The casket from "Blind Faith", The Boars head from several past episodes, and the metal Hercules statue from "If I Had a Hammer".

Many things on the set as well. They have a centaur walking around. The giant skull seen in the Exion Caves in "Maternal Instincts" was in the background. That skull was also seen in "Young Hercules-The Movie", "Bitter Suite", "Xena Scrolls", and "Mummy Dearest".

The Crystal Ball from "And Fancy Free" was also seen in the office area during the big brawl.

The Minotaurs head was seen in the Meeting Room behind Taperts seat.

The head of the giant snake from "Young Hercules" and "King of Thieves" was seen in the Meeting Room as well.

The bunny outfits from "Men in Pink" where also seen during the parts from New Zealand. The women in the silver warrior outfits where supposed to = be Heras archers. The same suits where worn by Heras archers in "Mother of all Monsters" and "Monster Child in Promised Land".

The Sea Serpent head from "Hercules and the Lost Kingdom" was also on the set.

Argo was being pulled across the HTLJ set during the first scene down at the New Zealand set!

The actress who played the new anchor "Mary Contrary" also played Alcmene in HTLJ's 1st season episodes. Her name is Liz Hawthorne.


From Stefanie. When Hollinsfoffer mentions getting a bump on his head, he says he "was hit on the head by a chandelier, which gave [him] an idea" for a musical. The chandelier is the classic reference to the musical Phantom of the Opera - every critic loves to jump on that one like it's the star of the show.


Click here to read a transcript of YES VIRGINIA THERE IS A HERCULES.


Any resemblance between the Hercules cast and the Renaissance staff is purely intentional.

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