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Season 4, episode 18
Series 418
1st release: 04/13/98
2nd release: 08/24/98
1st USA strip release: 11-13-98
2nd USA strip release:
Production number:
Approximate shooting dates: January 1998
Last update: 10-31-98


Michael Hurst (Iolaus)
Bruce Campbell (Autolycus)
Lacey Kohl (Cupcake)
Mark Rafferty (Alexandros)

Patrick Smith (King Georgas)
Huntly Eliott (Vitron)
Angela Shirley (Hippolyta)
Chic Littlewood (Attendant)
Bruce Daves-Goff (Carpathian Man)
Antony Martin (Antiac Man)
Campbell Rousselle (Carpathian Villager)
Jason Te Kare (Flectus)
Wade Jackson (Darsus)

Written by Gene O'Neil and Noreen Tobin
Directed by Rick Jacobson

(Hercules throws log, log hits 5 guys, who go flying)
Hercules: Now who started this?!
(Cupcake kisses Autolycus)
(Cupcake is dipped, Autolycus and Iolaus watch)
Autolycus: That's my cue.

Autolycus woos a showgirl so he can use her to steal a prince's priceless sapphire. First, though, he must turn her into a "princess." Complicating matters is that the prince is on the verge of declaring war on a good king who's friendly with Herc and Iolaus.

Showgirl Cupcake poses as a princess so Autolycus can steal a sapphire.

Autolycus uses the voluptuous and naive Cupcake to distract Prince Alexandros so he can steal the ruler's famous sapphire as Antioch and Carpathia ready for war.

Autolycus' plan to steal a priceless gem backfires when his attractive accomplice is mistaken for a princess betrothed to the jewel's rightful owner.

1st RELEASE: 04/13/98
An AA average of 4.5
Competition from Syndicated Action Dramas:
(1) X-FILES 7th with 6.0
(2) XENA 11th with 5.3
(3) STAR TREK DS9 12th with 4.8
(4) HERCULES 15th with 4.5
2nd RELEASE: 08/24/98
An AA average of ???
Competition from Syndicated Action Dramas:
(1) X-FILES 13th with 4.9
(2) XENA 14th with 4.0
(3) WALKER TR 17th with 3.8
(4) STAR TREK DS9 20th with 3.5
(5) HERCULES not in the top 25.


Synopsis by Liz Sheppard

Autolycus is at it again, stealing from a wag on full of goodies but only finds an invitation to a royal ball in Antioch for a princess. Auto needs a princess in order to get the princes' expensive sapphire so he finds his ever loving sweet tooth showgirl, Cupcake. He tells her that it's so she can meet the prince and fall in love, but she doesn't want to. Eventually she agrees and Auto tries to teach her to act a like a lady.

Hercules and Iolaus talk to King Georgas of Carpathia and the war against Antioch, but the king doesn't want the war to happen. A Carpathian and a man in Perthia start fighting and the punk sets the Carpathian bakery on fire. A fight scene breaks out and Herc and Iolaus break it up. Herc convinces the town to keep a truce and fix the bakery.

Cupcake studies scrolls so she has something to talk about with the prince, but Auto tells her not to say anything because of her voice. She gets mad and declares that she hates him, then realized she's got that ditzy blond thing with her voice fixed (no offence to ditzy blonds). They think of a name for her.

Prince Alexandros gets a message from Vitron that the Carpathians have started a war when Iolaus of Corinth arrives and tells him that there is peace in town. Princess Hermia of Carpathia (Cupcake) and the king of...er... the king's advisor arrives and gets arrested. Iolaus plays along and tells Alexandros that King Georgas wouldn't have sent his daughter unless there was a truce involved. Sparks fly between Alexandros and Cupcake.

The punk that started the fire with the baker y tries to light it again but Herc stops him. He says King Georgas is paying him tho start the war.

Iolaus has a talk with Cupcake about Auto's little hobby, but she doesn't believe him. During the ball the beautiful princess Hermia arrives late but still woos the prince, along with Auto. A woman recognizes Cupcake but can't remember her name. Alexandros dances with Cupcake while the woman remembers her name and tells the band to play another song. Cupcake sings like a showgirl but Alexandros is still impressed. Auto sees that Alexandros and Cupcake are falling in love so he does what any normal man would do--gets drunk. Iolaus tells him that if he wants Cupcake, he has to tell her the truth.

Herc takes the punk to "King Georgas" and he says that the king is the one who told him to start the war personally.The real king Georgas shows up and demands to know who told the punk who started it.

Vitron is worried that if there is no war, the prince won't die in it and peace is made between the kingdoms if Alexandros marries Hermia.

Auto tells Cupcake that he's the king of thieves and she leaves. Cupcake tries to tell Alexandros the truth too, but keeps getting interrupted. Carpathian warriors start fighting with them and Alexandros thinks Hermia betrayed him. Vitron comes in and orders the warriors to tell them. Alexandros almost gets killed but Auto saves him. Herc shows up to play with the fight too. Vitron tries to run away, but Herc catches him. King Georgas shows up and says that Cupcake isn't his daughter. Auto explains the situation to the prince.

Alexandros goes after Cupcake and asks her to marry him. Cupcake visits Auto to thank him. After she leaves, he says that he loves her. Auto tells Herc and Iolaus that he's leaving before the official announcement of the wedding and with one shiny memory. Herc and Iolaus see that he stole the sapphire and they go after him.


This commentary is by KSZoneW--.

This episode was going to be horrible I thought, and luckily I was wrong. It was not that great but was not that bad either. Average is the name for it. It showed the more emotional side of The Ole King of Thieves and had some comedy mixed with some action. After two Autolycus/Iolaus episodes with "Porkules and One Fowl Day", "My Fair Cupcake" delivers the new relationship for Auto and Iolaus' relationship. They still argue but start to get along better and can talk without having smart comments every five seconds. Herklite was the role for Hercules, but Sorbo was got married so he deserved some time of for a honeymoon.

The emotional side of Autolycus was something diffrent in this episode. Its kindof sad in a way that Autolycus didn't end up getting the girl he liked, and that liked him. The character would have probally changed a little should have Cupcake and Auto gone steady, but we also may have gotten Autolycus a sidekick. The queen of thieves ? She distracts while he steals, or vise versa. That would be a cool duo. If this episodes does anything than it ends the Autolycus/Cupcake storyline, which is good since inless they did the sidekick role for Cupcake, I dont think they could have continued it. Its like the Iolaus/Niobi storyline, which could go farther but they ignored it this season.

The other characters where not that intresting. Alexandros was your typical goodguy and that witchy Hipploytia was a real you know what. The idea of Alexandros loving Cupcake, despite that she was a showgirl and common woman was a good message sent out. It shows that every-one can find that person, and some relationships may even look impossible, while they are possible. The war of the two kingdoms storyline gets old after a while but its that good old one for a comedy episode, which is good since it does not take away the main point of this episode which was Autolycus and Cupcakes relationship, and the feelings between Alexandros and Cupcake. The war of the kingdoms meshed everything together and made a decent episode out of something that was not that impressive when first mention. Next weeks episode looks good and the upcoming two episodes with the Yng Herc flashbacks and Hercs chance at becoming a god fulltime look intresting [Top God and Twilight] and "Reunions" lies a mystery and hopefully it will be that one last HTLJ Callisto episode, which was filmed after "Sacrifice I" in March. Im looking forward to all 4 New episodes and all 4 New Xena episodes as well. "My fair Cupcake" is for anyone and gets 3 out of 5 stars because it was a little watered down for the first new episode of the final five New Episodes. They should of aired "War Wounds" first and than took a break with a comedy before three darker episodes aired. Battle on Fans of Hercules and Xena...


01-31-99. From House. Just thought I'd give you a heads up that Lacey Kohl, aka Cupcake is currently playing the Tiffany theatre in LA )as of 01-31-99) in the role of (drumroll) Janet Weiss! Yes, it seems this girl cannot stay away from men who crossdress, but rather than Bruce Campbell it is Bruce's fellow horror star David "Scream" Arquette camping it up as Dr. Frankenfurter. I caught this latest version of The Rocky Horror Show last weekend, and it was pretty good. I'm not certain how long it will run, but it will be a few more weekends at least.

04/17/98. The Bruce Campbell website mentioned 02-15-98 that Bruce was working on a new episode of 'Hercules' called "My Fair Cupcake". It said that the episode was a follow up to "Men In Pink" in that Autolycus is reunited with the "bombshell", Cupcake. On 02-19-98, the website changed the Cupcake description by stating that "Curvy kitten, 'Cupcake' and Auto renite and the smoldering begins!" Curvy kitten, eh? I guess that's a promotion from "bombshell". Sounds like a real winner. Heh heh.


These things are by KSZoneW.

The amulet that Alexandros wore was also used for the Hind Blood Amulet in "Armageddon Now and Armageddon Now Part 2".

The Throne Room struck a similar look to Ming Ti-ens throne room in "The Debt II" on XWP.

The carriage was seen in HTLJ's "Les Contemtibles" and "Long Live the King". It was also seen in XWP's "The Furies" on the outside of the Asylum.

The fountain was also seen in HTLJ's "Surprise" and XWP's "Been There, Done That".

The dragon statue in the Dancing Hall was seen in XWP's "The Debt".

The giant wheel from "The Debt" was seen in Georgas' throne room. Infact they has the same setup in HTLJ's "Men in Pink" for Gekkus' throneroom as they did in this episode for Georgas' throne room.

Iolaus wore one of the outfits that King Orestes [Also played by Michael Hurst] wore in HTLJ's "King for a Day" and "Long Live the King".

Weird but the rooster crew and mention of Hermia reminded me of XWP's "Been There, Done That" with Hermia and the rooster crowing.

The harp from HTLJ's "Beanstalks and Bad Eggs" was seen in the dance hall.

Ares throne from HTLJ's "Armageddon Now" was seen in Georgas' throne room. It was also seen in HTLJ's "Porkules" but has a skull on top of it in that episode.

The windows in the Dance Hall where also seen in XWP's "The Debt II" and "The Deliverer"

The big pot outside the hall was also used in HTLJ's "Two Men and a Baby".

The doors of the village where also seen in the Young Hercules movie, as the doors to Corinth.

The bed in Autolycus room was also seen in XWP's "The Debt" and HTLJ's "Surprise".

Mark Rafferty also played the crooked Aceton in HTLJ's "War Bride" last season.


These highlights are by KSZoneW.

Autolycus and Iolaus in the hallway, when They make comments back and forth, and Auto tells Iolaus that he needs to look up his nose.

Auto and Iolaus moving down to see Cupcakes chest, as she dances with Alexandros.

Cupcake's dance.

Cupcake and Auto practicing their royal role in the carriage.


Click here to read a transcript of MY FAIR CUPCAKE.


No bakeries were harmed during the production of this motion picture, although many pastries were burned to a crisp.


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