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Season 4, episode 19
Series 419
1st release: 04/20/98
2nd release: 08/31/98
1st USA strip release: 11-16-98
2nd USA strip release:
3rd USA strip release:
Production number:
Approximate shooting dates: February 1998
Last update: 01-18-99

SYNOPSIS by Liz Sheppard
COMMENTARY by Kent Simmons

Gina Torres (Nebula)
Kevin Smith (Iphicles)
Peter McCauley (Ajax)

Warren Carl (Kazon)
Antonio Te Maioho (Boraxis/Ajax Right Hand Soldier)
Bruce Allpress (Phidias)
Stig Eldred (Gagman)
Victor Rodgers (Veteran #1)
Liam Vincent (Hurt Fisherman)

Written by Paul Robert Coyle
Directed by John Mahaffie

Hercules: Your war is over. You fought hard for your country and you fought brave.
(Soldiers fighting)
Iolaus: Call them off!
Ajax: This has gone too far and Iphicles must pay.
Iphicles: Just because these men fought in the war, they're not above the law!
Ajax to Iphicles: I sentence you to die.
Iolaus: Iphicles!
Nebula: Nothing like friends in high places.
Iolaus: He's more than a friend. He's Hercules' brother.
Hercules: Any fight with my brother is a fight with me.
Iolaus: What kind of creatures?
Nebula: Sand sharks. The island is infested with them.
Hercules: I hate these guys.
Hercules: Now!! (Iolaus dodges sand shark)

Hercules: If you have a fight with my brother, you have a fight with me.
Nebula: You have friends in high places
Man to Iphicles: I sentence you to die.
Nebula: Sand sharks. The island is infested with them.
Hercules: I hate these guys.

Herc and Iolaus's war buddy Ajax wants to erect a statue to fallen comrades. But the plan runs into violent opposition from King Iphicles, who happens to be Herc's brother.

A bitter King Iphicles' actions against Grecian war veterans puts his and Iolaus's lives in danger when they are forced to battle the carnivorous sandworms.

Hercules must rescue his brother, a king, from a group of disgruntled soldiers who have captured him.

1st release: 04/20/98
An AA average of 4.5
Competition from Syndicated Action Dramas:
(1) X-FILES 7th with 6.3
(2) XENA 11th with 4.8
(3) HERCULES 14th with 4.5
(4) STAR TREK DS9 17th with 4.3
(5) WALKER TR 19th with 4.2

2nd release: 08/31/98
An AA average of 3.6
Competition from Syndicated Action Dramas:
(1) X-FILES 10th with 4.7
(2) XENA 13th with 4.0
(3) HERCULES 19th with 3.6


Synopsis by Liz Sheppard

Hercules and Iolaus run into a hurt man while going to Nebula's boat to Corinth. Herc take the man to a temple and tells Iolaus to go with Nebula and he'll meet with him in Corinth. Iolaus and Nebula see that the veterans from the Trojan War are in Corinth because of a statue being dedicated to the heroes that did come back from the war. Iolaus goes to find his friend, Ajax. A fight breaks out between the vets and the villagers; resulting in a friend of Ajax, Phidias, getting arrested and the stature falling down. Ajax orders his men to stop fighting after he and Iolaus talk. King Iphicles arrives telling them that the fight was under his orders.

Iphicles orders his men to handle anything that happens and that if anybody causes trouble, to arrest them. Ajax and the other vets hate the fact that they've come home to a country that doesn't care about them and that if they're arrested, they are taken to the island of Golgoth, the worst prison in Greece.

Iphicles and Iolaus have a small talk and Iolaus learns that Iphicles' wife, Rena, passed away and that he wasn't there to be with her because of the vets; and he's punishing them for his pain. Iolaus tells Iphicles to talk with Ajax. Instead of talking, Ajax takes matters into his own hands and he kidnaps the king because he ordered that the rest of the vets to leave Corinth right away and the ones already at Golgoth have to stay.

Iolaus think it's his fault that the vets took the king because he told them to stand together. He asks Nebula for help to save Iphicles and Nebula agrees so she can get a reward. She informs him that sand sharks, from the MERCENARY episode, live on the island and the prison is a building with walkways and bridges that don't get near the sand.

The prison of Golgoth is run be a man named Ganion. He sees that Ajax's friend, Phidias, isn't scared of him and beats him up. Ajax and the vets, along with Iphicles, go to the island so they can free the other vets. The vets overthrow the guards and Ajax finds Phidias lying on the ground. Phidias tells him that Ganion did this to him, and Ajax orders him dead, meaning being thrown to the sandy bottom. Ganion tries to get out of it by putting the blame on Iphicles since he works for him, but Iphicles says he never ordered him to torture the prisoners. Ganion gets taken away by sand sharks. A fight breaks out and Iphicles falls onto the sand, breaking his leg. Iolaus goes to save him and Nebula gets a rope to get them out. Hercules shows up to help distract the sand sharks while Iolaus helps the king. Ajax helps, too, being a good friend. After they're safe, Herc says that he wants to see his brother. Iolaus tells Ajax that he's not a soldier anymore and that he should stop this fight. Herc puts a brace on Iphicles' leg and tells him that sending the vets there wasn't the answer to his problem.

Ajax sends Herc and Nebula to Corinth to get the treasury in order to ensure the king's safety. Ajax later tells the men that Iphicles must die in order to send the right message. Herc already knows this and they plan to sneak into the prison while the guard is down. Nebula shows him a tunnel into the prison to avoid the sand sharks.

Ajax sends Iphicles to the sand but Iolaus goes in to save him because he doesn't respect Ajax anymore. Herc tries to help but Ajax fights with him to stop him. Nebula goes to help Iolaus. Herc takes a big pool thing and kills two of the sand sharks with it. Iolaus and Iphicles are still in trouble and Ajax, realizing that what he was doing was wrong, sacrifices himself for them. Iphicles makes a place up north for the veterans and all is happy. Hercules says good bye to his friend and that his war is over.


This commentary is by Kent Simmons.

After 4 straight weeks of comedy, it was great to see a darker episode again, and a damn good one at that. "War Wounds" was everything I expected and more. I don't mind some comedy episodes but after 4 in a row, a darker episode is needed. Replace the current versions of Armus and Foster with Paul Robert Coyle and you have One hellavua an episode.

The characters where great, the monsters where great, and the episode was wellwritten and well acted by everyon, even the no names and the fisherman. The promo was excellent, from the great music to the scenes and the teaser lines and all else. It gave the impression that Iphicles was going to be the good guy and the veterans the bad guys. The music was done well and the opening scene of the beach set the stage for a good episode. The lines about Nebula let us know that she was in the episode and reminded some of her relationship with Iolaus from "Web of Desire" earlier this season. The idea of the statue, Reannas death, and the angry vertans built up the main portion of the episode fine, and the hurt fisherman gave Hercules something to do, and gave kevin some time off to come in for the load of the episode later on. The Sand Sharks where cool and where perfect foes to bring the veterans and the heros and even Iphicles together. Nebulas new found partnership with the boys was also excellent and the speech by Ajax, following him saving Iphicles from the Sand Shark, even killing himself to do so, made the ending perfect and showed that he ment what he said and was willing to save Iphicles, so he could support Ajax plan and die a heros death like he deserved. The ending with Iphicles hoping the veterns can except the land from the grateful Corinth citizens and a grateful king was perfect and showed that he cared. I think Xena and Gabrielle could learn something from Hercules line to Iphicles "Thats what family is for" as Hercules replied to Iphicles thanking him. Hercules farewell speech ended the episode nicely and gave it a happy/sad ending which made it a excellent episode, worth all the stars.

Gotta feel sad for the King in this one. After losing his wife, and perhaps some of his people, Iphicles needed some one to help, and who better than his brother Hercules and friend Iolaus. Reanna and Iphicles where crowned king and queen during "Wedding of Alcmene" in season 2 and we really did not know much about Iphicles rule and reign untill now. Its obvious that the deal with Reannas death had a lot to do with Iphicles decsion, as well as the fact that he hinted the people where scared about the returning veterans. Even though the war ended during HTLJ's 2nd Season [On XWP's "Beware Greeks Bearing Gifts" or around that time"], the obvious some soliders where hurt or even lost or even perhaps still fighting on a island in the middle of no-where. Iphicles also felt Ajax pain at momments, despite hiding it. During the scene where the men bring out Phideas, and he is beaten to death by Gagman, Iphicles gives a look of sorrow and sadness, and he tells off Gagman for abusing the men like animals. The music and acting by the old and released veterans worked perfect and the scene where Gagman crushes Phideas' hand also makes you hate Phideas. That Stig Eldred guy has the roles of the guy ya just wanna hate always [Titus in XWP's "King Con" and Belus in HTLJ's "March to Freedom"]! In the end Iphicles made the right choice, and it looked as if he was finally able to admit his wifes death was by nature and not by the veterans.

The role of Hercules in this episode was wonderful and brought back the heroic Hercules, instead of the pig role or the friend to animal role from the last 2 new episodes before "My Fair Cupcake". Friend to his brother, friend to Ajax, and hero to Corinth and Greece. Iolaus also had a great role and the scenes between him and Nebula were wonderful. Iolaus did not blush as much as usual when Nebula flashed him on the deck of the ship. That was strange. The Kazon guy was getting intresting but was thrown out after a few minutes. His role was basiclly used to start a fight with the veterans and too spy on the vets and tells Iphicles about there rally against him. Why no Cupid in this episode ? Either it was a bad rumor or plans where scrapped. I guess the rumor about Karl Urban doing an episode in wig was either for "Amazon Nation" or "When in Rome" which was a Xena episode where he played Caesar. Perhaps Cupid shows up in HTLJ's "Reunions" in a few episodes.

Bring Nebula back and thats an order Universal ! Her character works in comedys and in dark episodes and we have yet to see those comedy episodes with her. She is the bad but good character. Bad attitude, with that sexy and cool look and the good attitude. In other words, she looks good, acts good, and knows how to get things done. She proven to be a valuable asset to Hercules and Iolaus, especially in this episode. Gina Torres does a great job as Nebula and they need to bring her back at least once next season on Hercules than for one Xena episode. Perhaps Cleopatra needs help in Egypt, and Nebula sails Gabrielle and Xena, as a favor to Hercules, and joins them in the battle. They should hire me to head the writing staff of both shows. I don't dislike the current episodes, but I have some cool ideas that would probally make some intresting episodes. Anyway back to the episode itself.

The setting was also great for the episode and provided a darker and more mysterious look. The island of Golgoth was perfect for the sharks and the prison looked perfect, and I must again state that the music was perfect for this episode.The emotional speeches where done well by Sorbo, Hurst, and Smith, and Ajax was a good character. I enjoyed the suspense [Didn't read spoilers for this episode]of waiting to see if Ajax would turn out good or become evil because of Iphicles, which would have gaven a possible storyline for season 5. I liked this episode and its a good one for everyone to watch. Some good morals at points and a strong dark episode with a bit of comedy and a lot of action and some drama and lots of emotion. It gets 5 out of 5 stars from me and I was not expecting to give out that rating based on what I heard when I learned about this episode. I thought it was going to be a HTLJ's Trojan War Documentry, with all the characters telling some want to be warriors about there experiances at war. That would have been good but not as good as what took place. Great episode, BATTLE ON HERC AND XENA FANS !


  • The showerlike scene between Nebula and Iolaus.

  • The speech by Herc in the end.

  • The effects with the sandsharks.

  • The music really fit the story well.

  • The fight between Hercules and the Sharks was well done.

  • The scene where Iolaus, Iphicles, and Nebula are jumping around to call in the Sand Sharks.

  • The scene where Gagman puts his foot on Phideas' hand and crushes it is very extreme and you can just feel the pain !

  • The emotion shown between Ajax and Iphicles through the episode.

  • Nebula responding that she does that job the best, when Hercules thanks her for watching his back.

  • Iolaus questioning Nebula about his favor he owes her on the ship.

  • The opening scene.

  • This episode had one of the best Teasers/Promos of all HTLJ episodes this season and maybe for the seasons so far.

  • Iolaus telling Iphicles to move his royal butt out of the sand sharks way.

  • The Sand Shark leaping out of the sand and over the bridge.
  • Things

  • The music played as the episode starts was used to start many of the first season episodes and some of the earlier second season episodes.

  • Nebulas ship was the ship used in XWP's "Deliverer, Debt I, Lost Mariner, Ulysses" and in HTLJ's "Web of Desire" and "Prodigal Sister".

  • The music played as the statue is being put up was used during Robert Trebors explaination of Hercule to the French Highwaymen [Herc and Iolaus]. The episode was "Les Contemtibles"

  • The town of Corinth was the same town used for the town in "Porkules". It must be a new set.

  • The stairway which Iphicles walked up after talking to Iolaus was seen in HTLJ's "My Fair Cupcake" sevral times.

  • The windows in Iphicles castle where seen in XWP's "Debt II" and "Deliverer". They were also seen in HTLJ's "My Fair Cupcake" in the episode before this one.

  • The music played as the prisoners are released from the jail was used during The Execution of Crassus in XWP's "When in Rome...".

  • The sand sharks were new ones and not the same ones used in HTLJ's "Mercenary".

  • Those candle holders appear in a lot of episodes.

  • The music used as Hercules finished his speech on the beach was used during the end of HTLJ's "Mercenary".

  • The cage was also used in "Hercules on Trial" although they put some cobwebs on it in that episode.

  • Iphicles leather pants where also worn by Ares Smith during his first Ares costume.

  • They used a clip of Hercules and Dirk fighting the Sand Sharks from "Mercenary" in the promo.


    04-29-98. The Cupid rumor was WRONG!!!!

    04-19-98. There is a rumor that Cupid (Karl Urban) may be in this episode.


    Click here to read a transcript of WAR WOUNDS .


    Any resemblance between King Iphicles, Hercules' half-brother, and Ares, God of War, Hercules' other half-brother is purely unavoidable.

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