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Season 5, episode 10
Series 510
1st release: 01/11/99
2nd release:
Production number: V0713
Approximate shooting dates: August 1998
Last update: 02-11-99

SUMMARY by Bluesong
SYNOPSIS by Kent Simmons
COMMENTARY 2 by Kent Simmons

Michael Hurst (Ioladak or Dahakolaus, you decide!)
Tamara Gorski (Morrigan)
Gina Torres (Nebula)
George Henare (Zarathrustra)
Jeffrey Thomas (Jason)

Donogh Rees (Mnemosyne)
Claire Stansfield (voice of Mnemosyne)
Stephanie Liebert (Antibes)
Danny Lineham (School teacher)
Joseph Greer (Nilos)
Graeme Moran (Professor)
Stephanie Liebert (Antibus)
Matthew Van Den Berg (Warrior)
Murray Dahm (Guard)
Monique Joel (Woman Demon Convert)
Robyn Duncan (Olivian)

Edited by Steve Polivka
Written by Noreen Tobin and Gene O'Neill
Directed by Robert Radler

(Dahak-Iolaus sends Hercules flying with a fireball.)
Man: The power of Greece is upon you!
(Dahak-Iolaus with demon-like red eyes.)
(Hercules raises a sword.)
Hercules: NO!!!
(Dahak-Iolaus reaches for a stone.)

Dahak-Iolaus (to Hercules): I'll take the whole world, soul by soul!
(Dumuzi surrounded by souls; from DESCENT)
(Dahak-Iolaus sends Hercules flying with a fireball.)
(Iolaus' body, still in its shroud, sits upright.)
(The shroud around Iolaus' body begins to unwind.)
Man: The power of Greece is upon you!
(Dahak-Iolaus with demon-like red eyes.)
(Hercules raises a sword.)
Hercules: NO!!!
(Dahak-Iolaus reaches for a stone.)

Hercules, Morrigan and Nebula return to Corinth to discover the people following the cult-like form of Iolaus, who is possessed by Dahak.

Herc, Morrigan and Nebula return to Corinth. Their mission is to separate Iolaus from Dahak's evil spirit so Herc's friend can rest in peace. But to do so could destroy the world. Part 1 of two.

1st RELEASE: 01-11-99
An AA average of 4.0
Competition from Syndicated Action Dramas:
(1) X-FILES 12th with 5.4
(2) ER 13th with 4.8
(3) HERCULES 18th with 4.0
(4) XENA/BAYWATCH 19th with 3.9
(5) Star Trek:DS9 3.8
(6) Stargate SG-1 3.4
(7) Mortal Kombat 3.1
(8) Earth: Final Conflict 3.0
(9) The Crow 2.8
(10) Outer Limits 2.3
(11) Night Man 2.2


Summary by Bluesong

Sumeria -- an image of "Dahak" rising in the body of Iolaus. Hercules, Nebula and Morrigan set sail for Greece. Upon their arrival there, they learn that Dahak has "saved" Greece as the Gods of Olympus fled. He has told the people that Hercules is evil, and the folks believed Dahak (now the "god of light"). Hercules goes to talk to Jason. Nebula and Morrigan fight goons of the "god of light" who are burning books. Hercules confronts Dahak. Hercules goes to see a volcano-like Titan after hearing Dahak say things would be like they were "before the gods" came. The Titan tells Hercules that Dahak is even worse than the Olympian gods, and that Hercules can contain him for a while with a stone of light. Hercules meets an immortal who knew Dahak 1,000 years ago. Nebula goes to a temple and talks to Dahak. Hercules and the immortal discuss the situation and Hercules learns that if he kills Dahak, he damns the innocent soul of Iolaus for eternity, setting off chaos and destruction so that Dahak wins anyway. The goons go after Jason and Morrigan. Nebula beans Morrigan in the head, knocking her unconscious. Dahak captures Morrigan and Jason. Hercules and the immortal seek the stone and decide to perform an exorcism when they get back. Jason escapes from the Dahak's clutches. Hercules gets the stone. Nebula frees Morrigan. Hercules arrives. Everybody fights. The stone captures Dahak. Hercules prepares for the exorcism of the soul of Iolaus.


Synopsis by Kent Simmons.

A man named Zaranthrusta enters Iolaus' tomb in Sumeria. He touches the tomb and realizes that Dahak is alive and well and in Iolaus' body. The man exits.

Hercules guides Nebulas ship back to Greece. Morrigan is fishing, but she has bad luck, because she cannot fish. Morrigan is taught to fish by Hercules. Herc and Morrigan flirt a little and than kiss. Nebula comes aboard the deck and speaks her mind. Morrigan is worried Nebula is still hurt by Dahaks taunting during her dreams and visions. The three arrive in Corinth. The city is joyful and at peace. One woman welcomes the strangers and says the Greek Gods have deserted the land. A savior, the native son and god of the light, has returned home to guide the people of Greece to a new era. A old friend of Alcmene, Olivia, notices Hercules.

The people fear him. They think he has come to destroy them and the gods, due to Dahaks preachings. Iolaus, under Dahaks control, enters carrying a young child. He claims he will save the people from Hercules.

Herc and Dahak argue back and forth. Herc leaves with the gals. Dahak is mad because Hercules hasn't joined him. In the woods, a place that Herc describes as one were he and Iolaus played as kids, the trio discusses matters at hand. Nebula and Morrigan argue. Morrigan thinks they will have to kill Iolaus and Nebula tells Morrigan that it's not Iolaus. Herc is ready to kill Iolaus, since it would mean Dahaks end and Iolaus would die in peace.

Hercules goes to an old friend for help while the gals get some news on this shocking turn of events in Greece. Herc goes to his mothers house to find Jason mad at him. Jason agrees that Hercules deserted. Hercules uses his loyatly and friendliness to convince Jason that he is the same friend he was before. Jason is shocked that Iolaus isn't himself and agrees to help his old buddy and friend Hercules. Herc is impressed with how Jason has kept Alcmene's garden nice. Jason says Iphicles is at sea and doesn't know of the problems in his Kingdom. Jason tells Hercules he will find Iolaus at Dahak's Temple. Hercules heads off.

Morrigan and Nebula battle two Warriors of the Light, to save a teacher and his scrolls from burning. Dahak is burning the works of Ovian, Homer, and Socrates. He wants his own word to be the only word people know. The teacher explains that he escaped Dahaks grasp and returned home to rescue his belongings and scrolls. As he tells the gals were they can find Dahaks stronghold, Dahak uses his powers to choke the man to death and have spiders crawl from his mouth.

Hercules encounters Dahak Iolaus at the temple. They battle, for a momment it seems Iolaus has fought threw Dahak, but it's Dahaks clever mind that nearly gets Herc to kill him with a long sword. Dahak uses fire to plant Hercules against the wall at one point, but it fails. Dahak vanishes after telling Hercules that he wants to return the world to the way before the gods. The three meet up in the woods. Morrigan and Nebula head to Jasons while Hercules goes to a nearby lavapit, were the titan Mnemosyene lives. Titans lived before the gods. The fire titan isn't happy to meet the son of the god who trapped her there. She agrees to help since Dahak battled the titans at the beginning and the Titans were so weak from fighting Dahak that they lost easily to Zeus. The fire titan tells Herc to the Stone of Creation is the key to defeating Dahak.

Herc meets Zarathrustra in the woods. The older man and Hercules discuss the plans to battle Dahak. Zar has been around 1000 years, cursed to be immortal by Dahak for not joining Dahak. Zar shows Hercules that Dahak has gotten power by the deaths of the Sumeria Gods and the Celtic Druids. By killing Iolaus, his soul will be damned aling with Dahak. Hercules learns by killing Dahak he will loose the worlds balance of light and darkness and all would be good. Herc cannot kill an innocent soul, which Dahak holds in Iolaus, because Herc is part of that balance that keeps the world safe. Hercules must trap Dahak in his private realm. Hercules decides an exorcism will be performed. This event will seperate Dahak from Iolaus for ever, trapping Dahak in his world and allowing Iolaus' soul to rest in peace forever.

Meanwhile at the temple- Dahak gets to Nebula and gets her to join his cult. Nebula and a few warriors capture Morrigan and Jason, Morrigan getting knocked out badly by Nebula. Jason and Morrigan arrive in the jail area of the stronghold. Dahak comes to them and isn't impressed with Jasons spunky attitude. Nebula and the guards take Morrigan away somewhere.

Hercules and Zar find the cavern in which the stone is kept. The stone of creation will light up when sun comes up and will chain Dahak so Iolaus and him can be seperated via exorcism. Zar isn't sure this ia good idea since he saw one performed long ago and it was a horrific terrorfying event.

Hercules leaps across a abyss, with long wooden posts as steps, and grabs the stone. He must pole vault back as the cavern colapses, while saving Zar from falling to his immortal nondeath. The two succeed and head to the temple. Jason fakes his hanging in the stornghold jail and breaks free from the guards. Herc, Jason, and Zar meet up at Jasons house.

A the strongholds temple. a chorus is singing Dahaks word while Dahak preaches his messages. Nebula is schedule to execute Morrigan for not joining, but cuts her free and proves she just acted so everyone could find there way into Dahaks stronghold. Herc and the guys arrive, forming a huge battle. As the heros clear out the zombiefied people, Herc and Dahak struggle in battle to posses the stone of creation.

Light comes and Herc grips the stone tightly, than places it in a large cane. The light ties Dahak to the altar. As he trys to break free, Morrigan and Jason and Zar and Nebula and Hercules sit and wait to perform a miracle.

"Let the exorcism begin," spoke Hercules in a determined and sincere voice.

It shall begin next time...To Be Continued Next Episode.


This commentary is by Xorys.

I'm so turned off by all this Dahak drivel, that there's probably not much point in my even commenting much on this ep... I'm just totally out of sympathy with whole thing. I'm only glad that they're keeping the darned nonsense on HTLJ, which at least preserves XWP from it.

To recap one more time, why do I hate Dahak so much? Because it turns the whole thing into some hokey, pseudo-religious struggle against absolute evil, accompanied by bad horror-movie trappings - which is the absolute antithesis of why I started watching the show in the first place... i.e. humour and sensible humanism!

I suppose Michael Hurst was ok as "the possessed", though frankly, I think he should have left it to Linda Blair!

A couple of little technical points:

I see they've added another arrow to their quiver so far as boat scenes are concerned... The scenes on the ship going from Sumeria to Greece were *not* shot using the famous RenPics boat - they were shot on a static set, with the motion and the sea added afterwards as a (not particularly good) cgi effect... or at least, that's certainly the way it looked to me!

And they actually showed us a map! Which was interesting (given various "alternate universe" theories of the show that have been mooted) in that it did conform essentially to real-world geography, although "Greece" was written right across Macedonia and parts of Bulgaria (& "Sumeria" looked a bit oddly placed, too).

I was interested to note that the teacher said that the writings of "Socrates, Homer and Ovid" meant more to him than gold. An interesting choice of authors... no writings of Socrates survive, if indeed, he ever made any - we know of him mostly from the writings of Plato; Homer almost certainly never wrote anything, since he was part of a pre-literate tradition; Ovid lived a generation or two after Julius Caesar, in Rome and subsequently in exile in Tomi, near the mouth of the Danube - of his writings, some survive and some are lost... but it's hard to see what they'd be doing in ancient Greece (unless you subscribe to Terry Pratchett's theory of "L. space")


This commentary is by Xorys.

I waited since November to watch this episode. I didn't mind the wait and to be honest, It was worth waiting to see the first-half of the conclusion to this seasons first major storyline. This episode was one of the darkest ones, and at the same time was one of the sadder ones, being that we all know what happens in "Redemption" and the ending may hurt or turn away many viewers of HTLJ. I won't quit watching but the "Save Iolaus Forum" says that over 500 people will or may quit watching.

To refresh everyone on this season let me summarize it all for you quickly: Hercules defeated Hera at the end of last season, decided to ask Zeus not to protect him, and reunited with his true family in Iolaus. Gilgamesh of Sumeria needed a hero to help bring the gods back to Sumeria. Iolaus and Herc go along with Gilg's emissarys to Sumeria via Nebula's vessel. Nebula is Gilgamesh's sister and has probs with going home. Alls fine once she is reunited with her brother. Herc and Gilg head to the pyramid to retrive the chalice of nectar, the food of the gods, which according to the myths will bring the gods back to help the people. Gilgamesh drinks the nectar and tells Herc that he is helping Dahak. Dahak needs the sacrifice of a warriors heart to finally make his entrance tot he world. As Neb and Iolaus discover there love for each other, Gilgamesh returns to the palace to sacrifice Nebula. Herc stops him but in the process Iolaus gets killed trying to save Nebula from Dahaks dagger. Gilgamesh is killed by Hercules. Herc moarns Iolaus' death and doesn't know were to turn. He saves the souls of many by destroying the sumerian underworld hod Dimuzi, but cannot get Iolaus back. He decides to sail off to disapear while Nebula stays in Sumeria to rule. A storm takes Hercules to Ireland, Eire to be exact, were he decides to be a hero no more. Morrigan, the demi god assassin is trying to get the Celts to follow the ruthless god Kernnunnos and not the peace loving Druids. Mabon, the Druid leader, helps Hercules find himself. After seeing Iolaus' image ina cavern and finally knowing that no matter what, Iolaus will always be in his heart, Herc helps defeat Morrigan. Morrigan kills one druid though and thus takes his place as guardian of justice. Herc will now have too help reform her.

Caesar, Julius Caesar comes to Eire. Herc leads the Celts against him while helping reform Morrigan and than reuniting her with Brigid, her daughter. He sees good in Morrigan as the druids do. Herc sends Caesar back to Rome a loser and defeats Kernunnos, reuniting mother with daughter. Herc than has a fatal dream, sending him to Norseland, were he meets a god that doesn't use his powers to plague mankind. Balder, cares for people and Herc happily agrees to help him. Herc must save the Norse Gods from a deadly pophecy, and one god, Loki, is the blacksheep of the family. He is being assissted by Dahak, now refered to as The Darkness. Herc finally saves the Gods and has new respect for the gods of some lands, seeing that not all are bad. He heads back to Eire.

Another vision, and the death of the druids, send Hercules to Sumeria. Morrigan tags along. Iolaus is alive, but its really Dahak in his body. Dahak battles Herc as Nebula and Morrigan retreat for there lives. Dahak heads for Greece in the body of Iolaus. Herc, Morrigan, and Nebula head to Greece to stop Dahak or die trying.

Indeed the journey to this episode has been long and perhaps the most intense first part of a HTLJ season ever, and maybe forever. "Let There Be Light" continued the saga in a good way, now leading to a climatic battle for Iolaus' soul. This episode begins perfectly with Zarathustra following in Hercs footsteps, discovering that his enemy Dahak has returned. Herc gets his clothes back for his homecoming, but he and his gal pals learn that Greece has changed. The gods have vanished and Dahak has brought his light [darkness] to the Grecian Land. The people fear the hero Hercules. They have been tricked into thinking there hero is evil, something that could be easily seen as Herc had killed Hera months before and has vanished right after, while the gods vanished, and at the same time Hercules never got along with the gods. Things has fallen and been ruined. Even Jason, a friend of Herc since teenage years, had distrust in his best friend. Dahaks hold on the people was strong but Jasons heart guided him to believe Hercules was his friend still and also the same person he was before.

The special effects were good. The fire titan was a nice touch, as was the involvement she mention of Dahak in the beginning. I sense The Titans may be part of the next major storyline. The hatered she has for Zeus was understandable. Hercules seems to be much more unangry to admit Zeus is his father, after season lasts finale episode. That fact was sortof proven during the scene between Mnemosyene and Hercules. Zarathustra was also a good character. Very bibical sounding name. The scene in the cavern where the stone was kept was one of the best scenes. This one little struggle decided the beginning of the fate of the entire world.

I liked the scene between Zar and Herc in the woods. It was well done and scripted to begin with. The movements, words, and faces of the characters showed the inner emotions they had. The calm soft music made the scene click together perfectly. I also liked the way they inserted some Grecian Music into the scene were Hercules races to the Titans Lavaland. I like the way they have adjusted to the different lands and places with scenery and music.

Nebula is FINNNNEEE! Gina Torres looks better every time. It was cool too see a more evil and dirty Nebula in this ep, even if she was just acting it out to get all into the temple and the plan set up. Morrigan was nice and did a good job. The scenes between the gals where nicely done. Gina has a sexy and sinister evil smirk and smile. One of the best lines of the episode has to go to Jason though.

"Anybody who claims to know everything doesn't know a damn thing!"

The best performance in this episode has to go to Michael Hurst. Hurst played Dahak perfectly. The white vestment and scarf fit a servent of Dahak well. The gospel chorus thing was okay but the episode could have done without it. I must say Hurst was the perfect person to play the role of someones body possessed by a demon. The scene between Hercules and Dahak were classics. The intesity and hatred that Herc had for Dahak was seen in the temple scene. Herc does smarten up though. He senses that Dahak wants Hercules to kill him. Herc knows better and doesn't. The last few mins were perhaps the most intense last few minutes of a HTLJ, except for the rest of the Dahak arc. I can hardley wait for "Redemption" to air.

The title fits the episode perfectly. Nuff said. This Morrigan/Herc things seems to be also getting more intresting.

I give this episode 4 out of 5 stars. The gospel chorus was a nice touch, but in a way it made the episode less intense at parts. I loved the scene were Dahakolaus asks the people to join him and they mob him, and his lets out his joyful sinister laugh. Great scene. The whole ep was great although the chorus makes me give it less than I really want to give it.

Things to Look Out For

  • The tomb in this episode, were Iolaus was, is way different from the one in "Darkness Rising." This one is bigger and has a taller ceiling. It's more like a temple.

  • The pillars in the Cavern of Creation were also seen in Dimuzis Throne Room in "Descent."

  • The scenes of the outside of Dahaks Temple [The first one and not the one the service was at] were used in HTLJ's "Lost Kingdom." You can even see the mark of queen Umpholie on the door if you look closely. -Jasons house was used in "Top God", "Twilight," and "reunions" last season. It was also used in XWP's "Family Affair" during season four. The windall mill didn't appear in the HTLJ's episodes, except for this one, were the same setup as in XWP's "family Affair." The garden was added for "Light" episode though.

  • Corinth set was used for several episodes.

  • The woman that greated Herc and the gals in Corinth was seen in "Reunions" as the lady that Zeus had intrest in. I think it may be the same character she played in that episode that was used in this episode.

  • Recall that scene of th epeople looking to the sky for the gods during the scene were the woman tells Herc about whats taken place in Greece? It was used during HTLJ's first season episode "The Road to Calydon."

  • Herc's got his usual outfit back. The one with the yellow shirt and waffel brown paints. Either he's got more as presents or else Mabon's a darn good sower.
  • Highlights

  • The performance of Michael Hurst as Dahak.

  • The interaction between Herc and Zarathustra.

  • The special effects with the Fire Titan.

  • The scene between Herc and Morrigan on the ship.

  • Zarathustra enters the stronghold and screams out "The power of Greece is upon you!"

  • Jason tells Dahak off in the cell.

  • Jasons hanging trick.

  • The look on Morrigans face as she starts to move around while fighting the soldiers of the light outside the school house.

  • The smile on Nebulas face after she knocks Morrigan out.

  • Dahak and the chorus.

  • Dahak preaching.

  • Morrigan gives a swagger after Nebula comments on her impressive fighting style.

  • The little showdowns between Morrigan and Nebula.


    By Xorys.

    Who was who in the HTLJ ep Let There Be Light?

    George Henare, who play Zarathustra, has previously been seen on XWP as Hidsim in Lost Mariner. He was also in Rapa Nui, the (rather dreadful) epic about young lovers on ancient Easter Island, and in the (vastly better) Once Were Warriors, a NZ film focussing on the Maori people - both these are available on video... but if you rent Rapa Nui, don't say I didn't warn you! George also did an episode of the Ray Bradbury Theatre (like many Xenaverse actors, including Lucy), appearing in Here There Be Tygers.

    If you recognised Donogh Rees, who played Mnemosyne, you were doing pretty well, considering her character only actually appeared as a cgi creation... she played the dreadfully tragic (and *very* strangely accented) Frigga, in the recent ep Somewhere Over Rainbow Bridge. She was also in Sinking of the Rainbow Warrior, along with Lucy, and several other folks who've shown up in the Xenaverse - she played the Lab Supervisor.

    Danny Lineham, who played the School Teacher, is quite a familiar face on HTLJ... he played Drinker #2 in The Warrior Princess, Lycus in The Sword Of Veracity, and Johe in Prodigal Sister. He also showed up as Grathios in the XWP ep The Reckoning. Danny was also seen (in a minor role) in the movie The Frighteners, which starred Michael J. Fox.

    Joseph Greer, who played Nilos (sp?), was in Hercules and the Circle of Fire, as Peleus, and also in the ep All That Glitters, as Romanus. And Graeme Moran, who was credited as the Professor, played Villager #1 in A Rock And A Hard Place (but if the School Teacher was the guy trying to stop the books from being burned, who was the "Professor"?) Stephanie Liebert, who played Antibius, appeared as a Young Woman in Reunions.

    The ep was written by Noreen Tobin & Gene O'Neill, who previously wrote Love Takes A Holiday, When A Man Loves A Woman, Armageddon Now, Part 2 (with Paul Robert Coyle), My Fair Cupcake, Twilight (with Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci), and Render Unto Caesar. They also wrote the XWP ep One Against An Army.

    The ep was directed by Robert Radler, who is a newcomer to the Xenaverse.


    12-15-98. I don't know about you, but I apparently cannot get enough of NE-BU-LA. Click below for some shots of NE-BU-LA in what I think is LET THERE BE LIGHT, but I could be wrong.

    Click here to see NE-BU-LA along with her pals Morrigan and Herk and some other dude watch Iolaus go through a Dahaktomy.

    Click here to see NE-BU-LA and Iolaus in a touching moment.

    Click here to see NE-BU-LA and her Mod Squad.

    All I can say, is GET THIS WOMAN A SHOW OF HER OWN. NOW!!!!


    Here's a non-Nebula graphic from the Official Hercules Site:

    Click here to see Hercules.

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