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Season 5, episode 15
Series 515
1st release: 02/15/99
2nd release:
Production number: VO715
Approximate shooting dates:
Last update: 02-18-99

SUMMARY by Bluesong

Michael Hurst (Widow Twanky)
Althea (Willa O'Neill)

Jay Saussey
Stuart Devenie
Brett Stewart

Written by
Directed by Michael Hurst

Hercules enlists the aid of the Widow Twanky to help his former dancing partner Althea put on a fabulous fashion show.

Hercules and Iolus (the Jester) are arrested by the "Fashion Police" for wearing leather.

Evil designer Onea and the fashion police connive to keep Herc's former dance partner, Althea, from staging a show.

Michael Hurst returns to "Hercules: The Legendary Journeys" as the Widow Twanky.

In the big city of Trendopolis, Herc and the Widow Twanky help Althea put on a fashion show. But first, they must fend off the fashion police.


Summary by Bluesong

Althea, the wanna-be dancer from an earlier Hercules episode, now wants to be a fashion designer. Weena is still her nemisis, too. She's become a more successful fashion designer, and with the help of the Fashion Police of Greece has set up her own little fashion depot. Hercules runs into Althea, who hasn't written home to Rumba for a while, and learns that she can't break into the business because of Weena's monopoly. Hercules wants to help Althea put on her own fashion show. Hercules decides to ask the Widow Twanky for help, but learns that she's fallen to the lowly level of dancing in a seedy hotel for a dinar a dance. Weena, upon the advise of the evil fashion critic, pretends to be friends with Althea. The fashion police steal Althea's designs and set her house on fire. Althea runs into her house, screaming "my designs!" and gets trapped. Hercules saves Althea. Althea goes to Weena for comfort and learns that she had a part in the fire. She goes back to Hercules and his plans for the fashion show. Widow Twanky decides to help them out. The bad fashion police set the fashion runway Hercules built on fire. Hercules moves the fashion show to the seedy hotel. They put on the fashion show. The bad fashion police come. There is a fight. The fashion show is a success.


Synopsis by Hawk.

A friend of Hercules is a struggling fashion designer. She's up against a rival designer named Onea and his protégé Weena, who is one of the snobbish, conniving, backstabbing people you ever wanted to meet. Both have a sort of monopoly on the fashion industry in this town and they know it. Weena commits the unspeakable horror of being rude to Althea and not letting her show her designs in her fashion show…right when Hercules shows up. So Hercules and Althea decide to throw their own little fashion show.

Things don't go too well for them however, so Hercules decides to call in a favor from the Widow Twanky (played by Michael Hurst). Unfortunately Twanky has fallen on hard times since Hercules last saw her. She's lost her business and somehow its all Onea's fault because he gave her a bad review. So Hercules doesn't have to work too hard to get Twanky's help since she hates Onea so much.

They begin to set up an outdoor stage complete with props and take a real long time showing Hercules pour water all over himself. (Gee…now why doesn't Gabrielle do that? C'mon Tapert! Fair is fair)! LOL! Anyway, Onea sicks his Fashion Police on Hercules and the gang, first arresting him for the worst of crimes. He wore leather on a certain day or time of year or something. Hercules gets to threaten Onea and then goes back to working on the stage. Some goon throws a moltave cocktail on the stage and sets it afire. At the same time they burn Althea's house and steal her designs. Hercules runs in and saves Althea, but they realize that their stage is ruined. So they move everything inside and start putting up another stage.

The show goes on and some of Twanky's former "dance girls" help her model the outfits. Folks, I don't know the first thing about fashion, but these are the most horrible looking things I've ever seen! Things are going well for them until Onea and Weena show up with the their goons. Onea stops the show screaming that the fashions are horrible (and I have to agree). His goons move in to close the show down and Hercules dons one of the outfits Althea designed, walks out on the runway and beats the tar out of the Fashion police while making it all look like it was part of the show. Weena is foiled again and I can just see her walking away with Muttly saying "Drat, Double-Drat".

So then everyone is happy.


From AdoresXena. The title is a takeoff on "Paris is Burning," which was a documentary on drag queen pageants. It's sort of a sly inside joke that fits in well with Widow Twanky.

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