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Season 5, episode 16
Series 516
1st release: 02/22/99
2nd release:
Production number: VO721
Approximate shooting dates:
Last update: 04-14-99

SUMMARY by Bluesong
COMMENTARY 1 by Niloofar
COMMENTARY 2 by Melite

Tamara Gorski (Morrigan)
Jeffrey Thomas (Jason)

Simone Kessel (Havisha)
Alison Quigan (Oracle)
Aaron Devitt (Drayus)
Marcell Kalma (Thug #2)
John Pemberton (Thug #3)
Gary Elliott (Gravedigger)
Amanda Rees (Marpessa)
Shena Sanders (Reina)
Vanessa Gay (Priestess)
George Seteeano (Vender)
Des Wallace (Thug #1)

Edited by David Blewitt
Teleplay by Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman
Story by Stephanie C. Meyer
Directed by Garth Maxwell

(Hercules kisses Morrigan.)
(Havisha screams.)
(Havisha throws a dagger, and Morrigan catches it.)
Hercules: Morrigan!
(Hercules fights Havisha.)

(Hercules kisses Morrigan.)
(Havisha screams.)
(Havisha rises up out of a grave.)
Havisha: Why am I alive?!
Havisha: This isn't your fight, stranger.
Hercules: It is now.
Hercules: Morrigan!
Hercules (to Havisha): Stop!
(Havisha swings a sword at Hercules.)
Havisha (to Hercules): Prepare to meet your fate.
(Havisha pulls a dagger on Hercules.)
(Hercules throws Havisha.)

Morrigan joins Hercules on his mission to save the Oracle of Cyprus from predictions of her own death.

Hercules and Morrigan go to Cyprus to prevent the death of an oracle.

Herc and Morrigan recall their romance as they venture to Cyprus to aid an Oracle who has foretold her own death.

1st RELEASE: 02-22-99
An AA average of 3.6
Competition from Syndicated Action Dramas:
(1) X-FILES 13th with 5.4
(2) STAR TREK DS9/ER 19th with 4.1
(3) XENA 23rd with 3.7
(4) HERCULES 25th with 3.6
(5) STARGATE 3.2
(9) THE CROW 2.5
(10) NIGHTMAN 2.2

An AA average of
Competition from Syndicated Action Dramas:

An AA average of
Competition from Syndicated Action Dramas:


Summary by Bluesong

A young woman who met an untimely death rises from her grave. The Oracle at Cypress is upset about this and forcasts her own death because of the rising. Hercules and Jason chat, then decide to set out for Cypress. Morrigan enters the bar where they are, though. Hercules doesn't want much to do with her. Jason insists that Hercules take Morrigan to Cypress.

As they journey along, Morrigan and Hercules remember their last day together, when they went to Cypress to live a whole life in one day. Interspersed with their memories are shots of the dead woman's memories of her life, as well as her actions in the present. She presently is into killing the people who killed her.

Morrigan and Hercules remember having a swell time, and doing the nasty, and then Morrigan proposed to Hercules. But when Hercules woke up, Morrigan had left him a Dear John note and gone back to Ireland.

About this time, the paths of all involved cross as Hercules and Morrigan find the dead woman busily killing the men who killed her and her fiance. They fight, and the dead woman throws a dagger into Morrigan's arm. The dead woman leaves and Hercules patches up Morrigan. While he's fixing her, Morrigan remembers how, while Hercules slept after accepting her marriage proposal, Morrigan went to see the Oracle to see how things would go. The Oracle said Morrigan and her daughter would be happy if she married Hercules, but Hercules wouldn't because Greece would miss him. So she skipped town so Hercules would be happy.

The dead woman goes to find the Oracle, but it seems the dead woman was an Oracle priestess who thought the Oracle said she'd be happy with her husband, not tucked away in her crypt. Hercules and Morrigan arrive in time to nearly fall down a mountain, then they fight the woman, and Hercules does his talking thing. The woman doesn't kill him because she wants to honor the memory of her boyfriend (played by the guy who played Xena's brother in Remember Nothing). The boyfriend then comes back from the dead and takes the dead woman back to her eternal peace.

Hercules and Morrigan agree to go their separate ways, hoping they will meet again.


This commentary is by Niloofar.

Advice: Forget Paris! I mean Cyprus. Can you say, "When Herc Met Morrigan"?

A tortured soul, huh? I'll nominate that as Understatement of the Year.

I thought I'd die laughing when I saw that gravedigger pick up the ring and saw that girl reach up. You can't take it with you? Think again, bucko!

There has been a lot of cool background music lately. The whole 'impending doom' thing was awesome!

Was I the only person who thought "Madeline" when I saw that oracle?

I have a big problem with all these destiny eps lately. Neither Herc nor Xena believes in it, but they make it sound like it exists.

When I saw the dart scene, I really wanted Herc to foil the throw. I've said it before and I'll say it again: I hate the Herc-can-do-anything deal. It is so annoying!

That was one big sandwich, even for a hero. 5lbs?

I really am waiting for some new clips, 'cause, frankly, I am sick of the ones they keep showing with Morrigan. Surely there are a few good ones other than those.

Don't you dig Morrigan's new outfit? Okay, its not quite *new*, but the color looks great with her hair.

I think that crazy gal is more messed up than Callisto....nah.

Is it just my TV, or were those flashbacks messed up? It looked like they had a "Pin-the-Color-on-the-Picture" party...okay color here, here, and here. No, not there! We want the 'erratic' look.

Advice to dead girl: if you wanna be a bad*ss warrior girl, get some armor, or at least leather.

That wonderful time they had in Cyprus? Funny, I didn't see Hec smiling much.

The dead girl, even with the outfit, is still a decent villain. How did she learn how to fight, though? She seemed fairly helpless earlier.

Wait a sec....Herc could win a fight with an immortal Callisto (who was already a great fighter) after holding a heavy wall for ten minutes, yet this girl, who had no fighting abilities before she died, nearly beat both Herc and Morrigan, both half-gods.

No wonder the dead gal got in so easily...only one guard, talk about a cheap security systems.

Oh, there are the rest of the guards. Inside. Thanks for clarifying that.

I am seriously annoyed with what they are doing with Morrigan's fighting abilities...this is the girl who beat up Herc! At least take away those careless movements.

Okay: dead girl came back because she wanted revenge? Wouldn't there be a bunch of people walking around killing people if that were the case?

Don't worry Herc! You'll see Morrigan next week! Oh, wait, thats a rerun. My bad.


This commentary is by Melite.

This is a great ep, but between the flashbacks, present day and two different plots, my head was spinning. ;P

Present: The scruffy little dog was cute, the cemetery and long fingernails made for a good creepy visual beginning. Always good to see Jason, (he's HerK's only family now) his and HerK's banter reminded me of our beloved Golden Hunter. I loved HerK's "Oh please", and "You know I have to defend myself. LOL What a smarty pants! ;) I just knew HerK was gonna split the bulls eye dart in half but not facing the other way! ;)

This ep is different in that there are alot of flashbacks. Not like the normal ones where the flashback doesn't have anything to do with the current ep. We knew what was happening but not why. At first viewing, I really didn't care for Havetia or her story, but second viewing it does tie in with HerK and Morrigan and HerK's past. Did y'all recognize Havetia? That cracked me up where she comes up out of the grave without a spot of dirt on her. ;) I thought they did a good makeup job and that she did a great job as a vengeful psycho, it was several scenes before I recognized her.

Present: We know from HerK and Jason's talk that 'something' happened between HerK and Morrigan but not what. They just leave us hanging! Then Morrigan appears at the tavern just as they are leaving to go help an Oracle. Her outfit is new, made out of black and blue tartan, and I really like it. Something really bad must've happened cuz HerK is **ticked**! He's never acted this way with a woman he's loved. Jason backs out so they can have some time alone together. Jason was funny with "sad bachelors club". Awww poor guys. ;) HerK was tense and obviously didn't want to travel with her. (what happened? just string us along why doncha?)

Flashback: (the flashbacks are really kool, it's like black & white with certain things highlighted, so that you can tell it's not present day) HerK and Morrigan are walking down the same road that they had traveled last fall...so we can assume about six months later? Hey, they should've been doing that for all the shows, so we weren't confused about the time line. ;) Anyway...in the flashback it seems she'd already gone back to Eire for awhile and had returned, cuz she couldn't stand being away from him. He says he feels the same way. She wants to experience a lifetimes worth of happiness in one day and they flip a coin and head towards Cyprus...which just happens to be the where the Oracle is...

Flashback: HerK and Morrigan get to Cyprus, site see a bit, she puts a hat on him, which is so silly but cute at the same time. ;) With the Oracle there, it's become a tourist town and Morrigan asks if he wants to know their future. Our romantic HerK would rather experience the joy of what life has to offer, as it happens. HerK says "You wanted to live a lifetime in a day, lets not waste our only chance to try". I don't think we've ever seen him so bold! Can you imagine a lifetime of passion in one day with HerK?!!! Mercy!!! What was that Twanky said about 'sore thighs'? They kiss, not real passionate but it's got the Sorbo 'hands on the face trait'. ;) Then he turns his head and says, so silky, sultry and sexy, "Follow me" (translation: Let's go make sweet love, baby) YYOOWWZZAA!!! Ya don't think he's alittle hor...uh...lustful, do ya? ;P So far in this relationship, it's been Morrigan that's done the pursuing. Finally, HerK gets off his lazy tush (as cute as it is) and makes a move! (about dang time!!!) During this scene it seemed like it was really Kevin talking. It seems like more and more that Kevin becomes HerK and that HerK becomes Kevin. Ya know what I mean? ;) Well, I have YVTIAH to back me up. ;P LOL

The love scene. Oh Holy Zeus!!! I don't know how many times I've watched it, the more I do the more I see. The bedroom is very homey and comfortable looking, the beautiful bed has soft thin silky drapes and sweet soft pan flute(I think) music is playing. The black and blue tones were just the right touch, making the room soft and romantic. I loved and hated this scene. While overlapping the close ups with the distant shots, made for a great visual effect it was hard to see anything clearly!!! And sometimes there were three overlapping shots! Talk about confusing! This is the most reveling love scene we've seen with HerK. In the distance shots we get to see the position of their bodies and legs. [[[THUD]]] The tones of their bodies are black & white sort of and the one part where he was looking up at her, the only color you can see are those baby blues. It's breathtaking!!! I loved the end where they smile at each other and he moves forward with his mouth open. It's so sweet, they smile and he gets a twinkle in his eye and moves towards her.

Afterwards, she asks him to marry her and make a life with her and Brigid in Eire. He's done his duty to Greece and doesn't owe them anything. HerK looks like he's hesitant, not feeling all that she's feeling and surprisingly he says yes. Next morning he's sleeping peacefully, (well gee, how long has it been since Serena?) ;P beautiful sweet look on his face, chest exposed, stretches and yawns, runs his hand over his chest as he wakes up, looks around sleepily, and finds...finds...finds...OH DEAR ZEUS!!!...A Dear John letter!!!!!!! She left *him*? Is she a fool or what? Yegods, that is so not kool!!! It was *she* who asked him to marry *her*, and then *she* up and leaves him?

Present: In between all the flashbacks and present day with HerK and Morrigan, Havetia has been killing all the goons that killed her and Drayus, and going even more berserk. HerK and Morrigan find her after she'd torched some of the men, they fight and Morrigan gets a knife in the shoulder. Fooey!!! It should've been HerK!!! I want booboo's!!! While HerK is tending her wound, they talk about why she left. His loved ones had always been taken from him, this was the first time someone had ever left him. He'd wondered everyday what it was about him that made her change his mind. That broke my heart, I felt so sorry for him. He was right when he said, "It should've been *our* decision".

Flashback: She explains that she was worried about doing the right thing, so she goes to ask the Oracle. She'd be happy but HerK wouldn't. Greece would need him but he'd stay cuz of his commitment to their marriage. So she left. She hadn't been a fool, she loved him enough to sacrifice her happiness for his. The ultimate sacrifice.

Present: I love the music and scenery as they chased Havetia up the mountainside. I didn't like it, when HerK didn't cover Morrigan with his body for protection during the avalanche. Then she goes and falls off the ledge just like Deianeira did. Oh darn, no stepping on his head. ;D After tossing the Oracle around Havetia fights with HerK, but he tells her the more she kills the more it'll block out her memory of Drayus. HerK knew how she felt, he'd tried to get revenge after Hera killed his family. He knew that the longer he kept rage and anger in his heart, it would slowly take over. Havetia repents and Drayus comes in spirit form to take her away. Her ring is left behind and HerK picks it up. Did y'all notice that he had a ring on his middle finger? Where'd that come from? HerK's never worn jewelry before. Could that have been the doubles hand? LOL That close up shot is the only time I noticed a ring. Very strange...;)

Present: Back in the town square she admits she came back to explain her actions but also wanted another chance. He loves her, cuz she chose his happiness over hers, but they're needed by their own countries. They decide to start with a clean state. He tosses the ring and says, "It's time for *us* to get on with our lives". But what does that really mean? Living on two different continents, there's no possible way for them to have a relationship. Seeing each other a few times a year is just not gonna work. (gee, did that sound like Kevin's life or what?) I loved when HerK asked her to dance and says, "I'd hate to think my dancing scared you away". Awww, how sweet. ;) She was definitely too short for him to really dance with. LOL And didn't ya just die when he dipped her? ;P~~~

Wow, actually the more I see this ep the more I love it. I've never thought that Morrigan was the right woman for HerK but for a casual affair she was no different than Xena. She was good enough for the part. After this ep, I've realized I've been too hard on Morrigan cuz I always compare them all to Deianeira. There never will be another to take the place of or equal Deianeira. Since every woman is different, HerK is naturally going to act differently with them. I've just been stubborn. At first I thought their was *no* attraction between them but I was looking for the same that was between him and Deianeira. So, watching it again with a different frame of mind, I can see *some* passion between them. Comparing the Xena love scene with this one, they both are steamy but I think this one is more romantic. Xena was more of a romp in the hay, while this had more love. I've been window shopping thru catalogs for several years now, trying to decide what kind of bed frame I want. I'd already decided on the canopy type bed in this ep, but I couldn't decide on what kind of drapes I wanted. I know now. ;)


By Xorys.

Who was who in We'll Always Have Cyprus?

Tamara Gorski, who played Morrigan, was in the 1997 movie Murder at 1600 (but just as a woman in a bar). She also played a woman in a bar in the 1995 movie To Die For. On a different note, she appeared as Jenny Nielson in the movies The Lost World and Return To The Lost World (not the Jurassic park sequel...) She was featured in the TV series Psi Factor: Chronicles Of The Paranormal as Dr. Alexandra Corliss, and she appeared in the TV movie of Danielle Steel's A Perfect Stranger as Sarah. She has also appeared on eps of Forever Knight (playing "Claire Gibson" in episode: "Black Buddha"), Highlander (playing "Peggy McCall" in episode: "Vendetta"), My Secret Identity (in episode: "Trading Places"), and Dracula: The Series (playing "Alexa Singleton" in episodes: "My Girlfriend is Back" and "Sophie, Queen of the Night"). Despite her Irish personna on HTLJ, Tamara is in fact another example of the Canadian conspiracy to take over the entertainment industry, born in sunny Winnipeg, Manitoba. I hear rumours that she's signed up to star in a new series, but I'm afraid I don't have any details of a title at the moment.

We're very used to seeing Jeffrey Thomas as Jason now - but he first appeared on HTLJ as Bellicus in the ep Gladiator. However I didn't realise myself until it was pointed out to me (by Danielle Walther) that he first appeared in the Xenaverse in the XWP ep Chariots Of War... he's credited as Jeff Thomas, and he plays Cycnus, the evil warlord... just shows what a few fake scars, a wig, and some character acting can do!

Simone Kessell, who played the super-zombie, Havetia, was quite a regular in the very early days of Herc's adventures, but we haven't seen her for a long while. She played Jana in *Hercules and the Amazon Women, "Girl/Hag" in Hercules and the Circle of Fire, a "Worshipper" in Hercules in the Underworld, and Rena in What's in A Name? and The Wedding of Alcmene (seems like she specialises a bit in roles that call for appearing sweet and turning nasty). She also appeared on the series High Tide, playing a Young Tennis Star in the episode: "Match Point".

Aaron Devitt, who played Havetia's rather sickly sweet lover Drayus, probably looked familiar to you if you're a Xena fan - he played Lyceus, Xena's younger brother in the ep Remember Nothing.

Marcel Kalma, who played the second thug, has previously appeared as Hargus in War Brides, and as Sadus in the XWP ep Ten Little Warlords. And John Pemberton, who played the third thug, has never appeared on HTLJ, but was seen as the Arresting Guard in the XWP ep The Black Wolf. Their head honcho, the first thug, was played by Des Wallace, about whom I could find nothing.

The Gravedigger in the teaser was played by Gary Elliott, who seems to make something of a speciality of rustics - he previously played the Shepherd in Genies and Grecians and Geeks, Oh My, and Peasant #1 in Stranger And Stranger.

Amanda Rees, who played Marpessa (one of the priestesses), was seen as Mina in The Sword of Veracity.

For the rest of the cast, Alison Quigan as the Oracle, Shena Sanders as Raina, Vanessa Guy as a Priestess, and George Setefano as Valtel, I couldn't turn up anything. (And I can't actually figure out who 'Valtel' was...?)

The teleplay for the ep was written by the team of Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman, who immortalised themselves as geeks when they put themselves as characters into the ep Yes Virginia, There is A Hercules. They also wrote the eps A Rock and a Hard Place, Atlantis, ...And Fancy Free, Medea Culpa (teleplay), Men in Pink, Porkules, Twilight (with Gene O'Neill & Noreen Tobin), Reunions, Faith, Resurrection, and For Those of You Just Joining Us.

The story for this ep was created by Stephanie C. Meyer, who is new to us.

The ep's director was Garth Maxwell, who previously directed Gladiator, All That Glitters, and The Sword of Veracity. He also directed the X:WP eps Mortal Beloved, The Execution, Lost Mariner, Forgiven, Past Imperfect, and Devi.


The Oracle affectionately known as "Mrs. Potato Head" was not harmed during the production of this motion picture.

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