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A HTLJ Related Direct to Video Motion Picture


Direct to Video Movie
Release: 02/17/98
Last update: 01-11-98


Ian Bohen (Young Hercules)
Dean O'Gorman (Young Iolaus)
Chris Conrad (Young Jason)
Johna Stewart (Yvenna)
Kevin Smith (Ares/Pellas)
Meighan Desmond (Discord)
Nathaniel Lees (Cheiron)
Rachel Blakely (Alcmene)
Michael Hurst (the Jeweler)
Taungaroa Emile (Thamus)
Paolo Rotondo (Enya)
Mfundo Morrison (Liardus)
Som Peri (Mikos)
Lionel Waaka (Alcestor)
Nick Kemplen (Attica)
Shane Dawson (Talos)
Marek Sumich (the Knifer/Cradus)
Josh Gilbertson (the Runner)
Anouk Koene (the Siren)
Sam Williams (the Charioteer)
David Mackie (the Artisan)
Cambell Rousselle (Guard at Cornith)
Mike McGee (King Aeson)

Costume Designer: Ngila Dickson
Visual Effects by: Flat Earth
Music by: Joseph LoDuca
Edited by: Steve Polivka, A.C.E.
Production Designer: Robert Gillies
Director of Photography: John Mahaffie
Coordinating Producer: Bernadette Joyce
Produced by: Liz Friedman and Eric Gruendemann
Executive Producer: Sam Raimi
Executive Producer: Robert Tapert
Screenplay by: Andrew Dettmann & Daniel Truly
Story by: Robert Tapert and Andrew Dettman & Daniel Truly
Directed by: T.J. Scott

[Gothic Music Plays the whole time]
From the Creators of Hercules and Xena
[Hills and Mountains]
Before the Wonder
[Smoke going through a oriental type town]
Before the Journey
[Ship Sailing on the sea]
Before the Legend
[Herc and Iolaus walking on top of a sandy hill]
Came the Adventure
[Giant Skull Altar; Village with person on a cross; Young Herc practices with fighting stick; Shot of beach in the dusk of day, and sevral leaving a longboat; Giant Sand Demon from HTLJ Mercenary episode chasing Derk; Young Jason on ship; Young Herc in fur coat in rain; Young Herc leaps into a forested area with a torch; Same shot as before with water around the plants; Hercules raises his fighting stick in Cirons academy; Warrior chops apart a watermelon; Younng Herc worried; Warrior coming from smoke; People leaping from several huts; Hades coming from a opening in the mountains in his chariot with fire behind him; Young Herc entering a hall of spiked pilars moving back and forth; Giant Serpent throwing his tongue at Hercs feet; Jason at young age looking in telescope; Herc hanging on a chariot on a beach; A huge army shot which looks like it came from XWP episode "Giant Killer"; Statue of a god that looks likes Zeus; Centaur walking in barn; Young Girl looking at someone; Yng Herc worried look; Golden Fleece; Yng Herc fights someone on poles like in XWP's Sins of the Past episode; Sea Serpent attacks "Footage from HTLJ's episode Wedding of Alcmene" or Herc movie "Hercules and the Lost Kingdom -- you choose; Giant throws his club down at running villagers; Crab rolls around on a beach; Yng Herc throws two thugs heads together; Herc and Jason shake hands; Woman in bars look worried; Yng Herc puts on blindfold; Skeleton Warriors preparing for a fight; Yng Herc shoots bow and arrow; Harpies flying from a castle; Yng Herc, Yng Iolaus, and others walks past the giant skull altar; Sand Demons collide with each other; Yng Herc in what looks to be an earthquake in the village; Herc swings something at the giants head; Woman Titan or goddess raises her hands up; Herc works out in Cirons academy; Giant lifts up a wagon to throw at Yng Herc; Yng Herc throws a giant piece of wood at something; Big explosion in a village; Hades chariot comes from the smoke; Yng Herc kisses a girl; Pyro surges threw an underground chamber; Yng Herc looks scared as fire charges at him]
Coming February 17, 1998


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01-10-98. The reason so any clips from the Hercules movies show up on the promo is not because they are in the film (there are soooo many of them, that it gives the impression that YOUNG HERCULES is actually a clip show of the Hercules' movies), but that was the only material Universal Home Video had at their disposal when making the promo. Where else can you find trivia like this, except on WHOOSH?

01-10-98. Kevin Smith is featured on the box art, TJ Scott is the director. Bernadette Joyce is the coordinating producer, with Friedman and Grundemann getting producing credits. Story is credited to Tapert along with 2 guys my informant had never heard of. Remember, you read it on WHOOSH! first. Heh heh.

01-10-98. Robert Tapert said in Starlog Magazine #245 (12/97) that he is hoping that YOUNG HERCULES becomes an afternoon strip series with 80 episodes a year.

01-10-98. From KSZoneW@aol.com: Younng Herc comes straight to video on Feb 17, 1998. The promo on "Herc and Xena animated video" lasts 1 minute and did feature comes sceens from HTLJ and XWP but many where from Yng Hercules the movie. It looks like an adventure film with some dark moments from reports. Ares and Discord are in it but Im not sure if its going to be Kevin Smith and Meighan Desmond. Alcmene is supposed to be in it as well as Ciron the centaur trainer of Herc and Iolaus. Jason will be in it and was in several sceens of the promo . It looks as Herc and friends will battle giants, gangs, harpies, and Ares in this pilot for the series. There supposed to have the series air on weekday afternoons, according to several reports on whoosh and elsewhere. Elsewhere in the promo they show a giant skull and they play gothic music making the promo very intense and mysterious. I'm not sure why they showed some HTLJ and XWP footage but its possible some of that footage may air or else they wanted to play tricks. The shows looks exciting and intresting. I would suggest buying it when it comes out and Ill try to write the summary and cast for it a few days after it comes to my local video story and I buy it. Herc will also battle a giant red serpent and have a chariot race with his enemys, from the video footage shown on ET and the promo.

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