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aka "The Sappho Episode"

EPISODE NO. In development hell!!!!
Season 6, episode ??
Series ???
1st release:
2nd release:
Production number: V1420??
Script number: 20
Approximate shooting dates:
Last update: 12-30-00


Alexandra Tydings (Aphrodite)


Written by Robert Tapert and Melissa Good
Teleplay by Melissa Good
Directed by Mark Beeseley



12-30-00. Apparently the musical aka Sappho aka whatever you want to call it is still going on and is still being worked on. Of course, things are in such an uproar that what is true today may not necessarily be true tomorrow. There was about a 24 hour period when the musical was put on the backburner again, but the idea survived to be re-invented. The compromises might mean a non-double part for either Renee O'Connor or Lucy Lawless.

12-18-00. This episode homages not only Shakespeare's MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM, but also another homage of the same Shakespeare play that is on stage in New York City.

11-14-00. IT LIVES!!! The old Sappho episode has been resurrected and is being worked as a contemporary musical (like LYRE LYRE, not BITTER SUITE). BUT its fate is not etched in stone. It still might bite the dust again. TPTB are mulling it over in their heads...to Sappho or not to Sappho, that is the question! So, we have drug this old file out of the moth balls. Stay tuned for more SAPPHO news!

11-07-00. The mysterious production schedule episode #20 which was known as only "musical" for a while now appears to be the Sappho episode revived and reworked to be a musical like LYRE LYRE where previously recorded contemporary songs will be used in the story (not original music like BITTE SUITE). And what a story. Yup, Sappho returns. First Sappho appeared as a part of the multiple Lucy Lawless roles arc that started with WARRIOR...PRINCESS (15/115) and followed by WARRIOR...PRINCESS...TRAMP (30/206) and WARRIOR...PRIESTESS...TRAMP (55/309). Then that was tossed on the heap of old ideas and then it was revived again as a musical, but THAT incarnation became LYRE LYRE. But now, in the last year of its existence, XENA is ready to produce the long awaited Sappho episode, but the buzz is that the actress playing double duty will not be Lucy Lawless.

06-17-00. Ariel Penn asked R.J. Stewart a whole slew of questions at the "Feminism and Classics Conference" at the University of Southern California on Friday, May 19, 2000. The entire article can be found at http://extra.newsguy.com/features/heroines/051500.htm.

Penn reported that Stewart said that the legendary Sappho episode evolved into the musical episode LYRE LYRE HEARTS ON FIRE. He wrote: "Someone asked if they would ever do that Sappho episode. He said he had been separated from the show for a while working on Cleopatra 2525 and heard that this concept evolved into doing the Sappho story as a musical which then evolved? into "Lyre, Lyre." So those of you who want that Sappho episode... imagine Sappho doing a toga dance to "Sisters Are Doing It for Themselves" and participating as a co-matchmaker with Xena's mommy. Doesn't that make you happy? I thought so."

01-12-99. On 01-06-99, the Toronto Sun reported, "Out lesbian K.D. Lang has reportedly agreed to do a guest spot on Xena: Warrior Princess, the series about sort-of-out sword-wielding girlfriends. Maybe she'll be the one to open the closet door on that show once and for all ..." Of course this could just be old rumors recirculating. The Sun is not known for being too careful in what it publishes.

12-21-98. In late May 1998, a source not in Renaissance Films, but an outside source who had recent contact with Renaissance Films, told Laura Sue Dean (WHOOSH's News Gossip Rumors columnist) that a "producer" had told her that RenPic had decided NOT to film the Sappho episode after all. Reason being that they couldn't figure out a good way to do it and still keep the SUBTEXT sub....only MAIN.. and they are adamant about keeping it SUB... so, the project has been shelved. At least for now.

12-21-98. In the May 1998 edition of CURVE Magazine, it was stated that k.d. had asked to do a cameo appearance on an upcoming episode of XENA. "It's uncertain whom she'll play, but unfortunately, it won't be Sappho. The episode featuring the ancient Greek babe who started it all has already been filmed. According to Xena star Lucy Lawless, Sappho acquires a constant craving for Gabrielle, who "doesn't quite know how to handle it".

12-21-98. In April of 1998, it was being reported that K.D Lang would make the cameo appearance in "Warrior...Poetess...Tramp", but she would not play Sappho. Seems Lawless will play the Sappho role as originally planned and still apparently has a " hankering" for Gabrielle.

12-21-98. At the Creation Boston Con (03-22-98), Brad carpenter reported that they were shifting season 4's "Warrior...Poetess...Tramp" away from a Xena lookalike show. A well-known musician has expressed interest in being on the show and they seem to be adapting this episode for her. Brad wouldn't even hint at who the person was ("I cant say, I'd be killed!") but they are hoping, it seems, to release a pop single from the show. They want to take the pop culture tie in a step higher.

12-21-98. At a Digital Worlds AoL Chat (02/12/98) with Steven Sears in attendence:

Trellopa: Tyldus--are you writing the Sappho ep?

Tyldus: Trellopa: No, we have that one on the backburner. It won't be one of the first out of the gate for next season. But I know what will..... :)


12-18-00. From Sally Dye.

A Midsummer Night's Dream (the Shakespeare version)

It takes place near Athens -- appropriate for a Xena ep, hm? -- and involves mainly four characters: Hermia, who is supposed to marry Demetrius but really loves Lysander; Demetrius, who is really in love with Hermia's friend, Helena; Helena, who loves Demetrius as well; and Lysander, who is trying to arrange an elopement with Hermia. They all go into the woods, which is a favorite haunt of Oberon and Titania, king and queen of the fairies. Oberon and Titania have quarreled and Oberon gets Puck, a sprite, to get a certain magic flower so he can use it to make Titania fall in love with the first thing she sees. The juice from the magic flower gets used on lots of different people, though. Puck puts it on Lysander, who sees Helena and starts to woo her. Demetrius and Lysander then fight over Helena, and Helena and Hermia fight because Hermia thinks Helena is stealing Lysander from her. Titania gets some of it, too, and falls in love with a bumbling weaver named Bottom, who has been made to have a donkey's head by Puck. Finally Oberon and Puck throw a fog over everyone and release them all from the spell. There's a cute side plot that has to do with Bottom and his friends presenting a play, "Pyramus and Thisbe" at the Duke of Athens' wedding to Hippolyta.

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