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aka First of the Three

Season 3, episode 16
Series 316
1st release: 03-02-98
2nd release: 08-10-98
1st strip release: 10-20-98
2nd strip release: 01-22-99
Production number: V0416
Script number: 314
Approximate shooting dates: January 1998
Last update: 11-14-00

COMMENTARY 1 by Beth Gaynor

Karl Urban (Caesar, Julius Caesar)
Matthew Chamberlain (Crassus)
Jeremy Callaghan (Pompey)

Tamati Rice (Vercinix)
Grant Triplow (Brutus)
Katrina Browne (Mendala)
Graham Smith (Boat Captain)
Gavin Rutherford (Centurion)
Riqi Harawira (Guard)
Referred to in dialogue: Emperius, Gardinus

Written by Steven L. Sears
Edited by Robert Field
Directed by John Laing

(A boat sails through the water. Caesar rides on horse back. A woman dressed like royalty is carried through a palace. People applaude. Xena, dressed in red, stands up.)
Caesar: You have one obsession, Xena. That's me.
(Xena crawls with a knife in her mouth. Caesar sits with his back to Xena. Xena raises a knife.)
Caesar: Citizens of Rome, Xena the Warrior Princess
(Xena is hauled into a courtyard by two Roman guards. She is pushed to her knees. Caesar raises a toast to the heavens.)

[Caesar dressed in full Roman garb and on horseback]
[Pompey with a dressed up Xena]
Pompey: Don't assume all of Rome loves Caesar
[Xena being carried through a room on a suddan]
Julius Caesar: You have one obsession Xena ! Thats me !
[Romans prepare to execute Crassus]
[Vercinix dragged through the throne room in a yoke]
[Gabrielle looking very worried while holding the Imperial Ring of Rome]
Julius Caesar: Thats no small request
[Caesar throws wine in the face of Vercinix]
Xena: Whatever it takes
[Xena sneaks behind Caesar with a knife]
Julius Caesar: Citizens of Rome ! What you have been waiting for
[Xena dragged through a courtyard by two Romans]
Julius Caesar: The Death of Xena the Warrior Princess
[Xena fights to Gladiators, who are on horseback]
[Caesar makes a toast while Brutus sits behind him]

Xena and Gab battle the ruthless Caesar to rescue the mighty Gaul warrior, Vercinix.

Efforts to engage in a prisoner exchange involving a Gaul warrior and a member of the Roman hierarchy are hindered by an uncooperative Caesar.

Xena faces Caesar to arrange a prisoner exchange and winds up in the Colosseum.

1st RELEASE: 03-02-98
An AA average of 5.5
Competition from Syndicated Action Dramas:
(1) X-FILES 7th with 6.8
(2) XENA/STAR TREK DS9 12th with 5.5
(3) HERCULES 15th with 5.3
(4) WALKER TEXAS RANGER 18th with 4.7

2nd RELEASE: 08-10-98
An AA average of Unknown
Competition from Syndicated Action Dramas:


This synopsis is by Bluesong.

Do as the Romans do. In this case, attack Gaul. (Be sure to watch the captions at the bottom of the screen during this show.) As the soldiers fight, Vercinix and his wife run off a troop. Vercinix sends his wife and children to the hills. When the Romans return, led by Caesar, Vercinix, who is the leader of the Gaul "barbarians," is captured. Then cut to captured Romans in Syria. One of the Romans is chosen by a Syrian leader to be beheaded. Suddenly there is a war cry and a blanket full of swords falls at the feet of the captured Romans. Fighting ensues, and Xena appears on Argo. She grabs the Roman leader and drags him off. She meets Gabrielle, who tells her they must hurry to reach the ship. Xena tells Crassus, the Roman troop leader, that she intends to trade him for Vercinix. On board the ship, Crassus questions Xena's motives and adds to the doubt in Gabrielle's mind as to Xena's intentions.

Caesar, in his palace, talks to Pompey about Rome and rule and stuff of state. Xena strides in like she owns the place, leaving Caesar somewhat speechless. Xena shows him Crassus' royal ring and says she wants a trade. Caesar wants to see for himself that Crassus is alive, so Gabrielle stays at the palace while Xena escorts his royalness to the ship. Xena and Gabrielle talk about their plan, which is to go ahead and make the exchange in the cell block because Xena does not trust Caesar. Gabrielle is worried that Crassus will die and she will be responsible for it (she needs a chill-pill). Xena tells her what happens to Crassus will be Caesar's responsibility. Crassus is a murderer anyway.

Xena goes back to the castle and attends a "formal" presentation of Vercinix. She is dressed in red and looks very regal. Royal finery becomes her, his royalness says. Pompey tells Xena some Romans would not cry if Caesar died. Xena sees Vercinix and tells him she has a plan to save him. She makes a mold of the jail cell key. Gabrielle and Crassus talk in the hold of the ship. Crassus says he was not responsible for the murder of 100 women and children in a town called Gardinia. Gabrielle goes to sleep and Crassus escapes. Xena arrives as he heads up on deck and she socks him back down the stairs. She puts her 'touch' on him and Gabrielle, thinking Xena is killing him, pleads with her. Xena tells her to chill (told you she needs a pill). They tie the guy back up. Xena tells Gabrielle that Caesar has moved up Vercinix's execution. She admits it is possible that Caesar won't stop the execution if they make the exchange and Crassus will die. Gabrielle says she will do what Xena asks with the exchange in the cell block, but she doesn't like it.

Xena returns to the palace. Pompey tells her that Caesar is double-crossing her and is out looking for Gabrielle because he wants to "divide and conquer" using their friendship. Gabrielle takes Crassus to Rome. Crassus accuses Gabrielle of having no morals, but she says she will leave his royal ring with him so the soldiers/guards will know who he is and he won't be executed. She puts a powder in some water and when they enter the city she accuses him of being a drunken husband. She acts drunk as well, and they are both thrown into the cell block where Vercinix is. Xena takes a knife that Pompey leaves on a table and goes after Caesar. She is captured (way too easily). Caesar laughs and tells Xena that "somewhere out there is an irritating blond about to follow a plan that no longer exists." Xena is taken to the cell block. Gabrielle is not surprised to see her; it was part of the plan. The guards come and take Xena to the gladiator arena. Gabrielle and Vercinix make the switch, putting Crassus in Vercinix's cell and dressing Vercinix as a Roman guard. Gabrielle begins to leave the ring with Crassus, but Vercinix tells her Crassus personally ordered the death of his family in Gardinia. He says his niece, who was crucified, told him just before she died.

Xena faces Caesar in the arena, then two men on horseback with weapons come after her. She gets pounded a little; one of them throws a net over her and she is dragged around and around the ring. Gabrielle watches this happen. Xena gets out of the net and sees Gabrielle in the crowd. She knows the switch has been made. Now she's super (normal?) Xena again, and she tosses the soldiers around. She gets one down on the ground and could kill him but she doesn't. Caesar says she should go back to the cell. The man they think is Vercinix is led out to the chopping block. Caesar sees it is Crassus. Crassus does not have his ring. Caesar waves his hand for the execution to take place. Vercinix, dressed as a guard, lets Xena out of the cell. Gabrielle turns to walk away; we hear a mighty splaat!!! as the axe falls on Crassus.

Back aboard the ship, Gabrielle looks at the ring. She is unhappy. Xena talks to her and apologizes for putting her in a bad situation. "How many more times am I going to hurt you?" Xena says. "You are the most dear thing to me in all the world ..." Gabrielle says she is with Xena of her own free will. She tells Xena she loves her. Xena says, "I love you too." Gabrielle drops the ring into the water.


This commentary is by Beth Gaynor.

Deja vu all over again: Xena has a job that takes her up against Caesar. The last time this happened, she managed to forget that Gabrielle existed for a few days, starting a snowball that nearly wiped them both out. This time, can she keep her anger from taking over everything else? Is Gabrielle going to trust Xena to do so? This episode was a psycho-drama: a little bit of crawling around inside the heads of Xena and Gabrielle, and a test of the glue that's been patched over the Rift cracks. So how do our heroes fare?

Report card for the Warrior Princess: Xena very carefully explains her plans to Gabrielle, holding nothing back, even when she knows Gab isn't going to like what's happening. Two steps forward. However, like the situation with Hope, Xena steadfastly asserts that her plan is the only possible solution to the problem. I would have bought that if they were already in the dungeons with Vercinix, but with a full day still ahead of them, it rang false. At least this time, Gabrielle wasn't so out of whack that she could only dig her heels in: she came up with a viable addition to the plan that would save Vercinix and still give Crassus a chance for his life. One step back for Xena, one step forward for Gabrielle (and we're doing the cha-cha).

For a moment, I took Xena's attempt to kill Caesar as a HUGE step back... Xena had given in to her vengeance yet again, deviated from the plan, broken her word to Gabrielle, and went for the assassination attempt, in a way that was a mirror of The Debt. (The knife in the teeth and the raised blade were near duplicates of Debt shots - except that Xena had her clothes on this time.) But it seems that Xena's plan the whole time was to end up in prison, too, and fight in the Coliseum to buy Gabrielle and Vercinix time. Wasn't it? Gabrielle didn't seem surprised at Xena's arrival, so I'm placing my bet that Xena had failed her assassination attempt on purpose. THAT must have been a hard game to throw.

Also on the plus side, Xena and Gabrielle seem to have worked past that huge bugaboo of not trusting each other. Gabrielle's very worried about whether Xena will keep her cool (watch how quickly she begs "Don't kill him!" when Xena pinches Crassus), but she keeps the faith. She follows the plan and trusts Xena to stay in control. Likewise, Xena trusts Gabrielle with a huge part to play in freeing Vercinix, and to do it even with the looming crisis over Crassus' death. Xena gets a chance to re-do her abandonment in Britania; Gabrielle gets a chance to re-do her betrayal in Chin. This time, they get it right, and both trusts are rewarded.

Caesar's tactics may be predictable, but he sure knows the right notes to play. His time-honored "divide and conquer" strategy homes in on Xena and Gabrielle's weakest points: Xena's obsession with Caesar and Gabrielle's concern about that obsession (and its effects on her). Fortunately, the old dog won't hunt any more. It doesn't even come close: "I gotta go to the bathroom. Are we done yet?" is a pretty sure sign that she's lost interest in you, JC. And Gabrielle not only doesn't waver, she tosses Crassus around like a rag doll when they're on the road to Rome. That's some serious determination to stick by the quarterback.

What's up with the horse-dragging theme this season? When Crassus and Xena meet up with Gabrielle, I half-expected her to look down at his dangling body and mutter "Hurts, don't it?" Then Xena gets the same treatment in the Coliseum. Maybe a bunch of stunties held a meeting and decided "You know what this show needs? More dragging people behind horses."

Xena historical lesson of the week: Caesar, Pompey, and Crassus did form a ruling triumvirate in Rome, and they really were at each other's throats about as much as shown here. Caesar's victories in Gaul were his major stepping stone over the triumvirate and into a throne all his own, with the help of the death of Crassus in Syria. XWP throws in the Warrior Princess to pluck Crassus out of danger long enough to give us our story.

No line-stealing from the Warrior Princess this week! Xena gets the hands-down coolest lines of the episode.

"There's a sentence in there just dyin' to get out."

"So why do they call you the Warrior Princess?"
"Because 'Caesar' was taken."

Whatever that was that Gabrielle slipped to Crassus, it's amazingly potent. By my count, it keeps him down for at least a day. Have mercy.

I have a theory that this entire episode was created for the sole purpose of getting Xena into the Roman Coliseum. The Coliseum was a neat effect, and Xena versus two gladiators is a great Saturday night lineup. Xena takes it easy on the bad guys for a while and gets her turn at horse-dragging (feel better, Gab?), spots Gabrielle, the gloves come off, and we get our recommended daily allowance of violence as Xena wipes the floor with two armed, mounted gladiators. None too shabby.

"And somewhere out there is an irritating blonde..." Psst. Hey, Caesar. Try looking in the cell behind you. I had to laugh when Caesar tossed Xena in the klink with Gabrielle and Crassus, the two he'd been searching for, eight feet away from his back.

Roll the Gabrielle Death Tote Board up to three. Gabrielle's beliefs about killing are STILL being put to the test. She still tries to view killing in black and white: if it's a death, it's wrong. However, like Xena has been saying, Gabrielle's heart knows what's right. Gab's head just needs to catch up. This time, Gabrielle's heart is willing to kill. A death that could save the lives of untold numbers of innocents is a fair price to pay.

It's a good thing we got that introductory fight for Vercinix, so that we could learn that he's a competent, honorable warrior with a loving family. Other than that, he spends the rest of the episode as a piece of furniture waiting to be rescued and we would have had a tough time having any sympathy at all for the reason Xena and Gabrielle were freeing him.

Every mention of Caesar and Xena's past with him hits both of the women hard - the wounds from Brittania are still fresh. And when Crassus mentions that Xena's "judgement gets a little impaired" around Caesar, he pours on the salt. Watch the winces in both womens' faces.

These must be the most unobservant prison guards on the face of the earth. After a couple of days of guarding him in his cell and showing him off at a party, nobody notices that Vercinix is suddenly close-shaven, blonde, and fair-skinned?


This commentary is by KSZoneW.

This had to be one of my favorite episodes to watch and was one of the better ones made. They combined a nice adventure, brutal war, inner problems, and a ruthless villan to make a very good episodes. While most action shows have reruns and encores, "Xena" gave us a brand new episode with lots of action and drama. I salute Universal for a great job on this one.

The first thing I am going to comment on is the problems with Gabrielle and death. I was a little upset by Gabrielle's constant worries. Gabrielle seems to worry everytime someone might die. Gabrielle wanted Xena to allow a mass murderer like Cassus to live, yet she feels like killing a helpless Joxer every week, or untill recently ?! I know Joxer may be a pain at times but Crassus was no pain and someone who was going to keep killing and killing. I understand Gabrielle's attitude and her feelings not to kill and hurt, but in this case Im pretty upset with Gabrielle and her constant complaining. One thing that I hoped the rift would give Gabrielle was an understanding that sometimes Xena might have to kill someone for the greater good or the better. In this case, xena didn't want to kill Crassus but he might have died if the trade or plan did not go through. Caesar was truely a "King Con" as he conned Xena into a plan and than made a conquer by capturing everyone. However thats where his plan went down a little. In all, I understand that Gabrielle feels bad after loosing her blood innocence, but she needs to chill a little. If Xena killed Caesar or even Crassus, would she become a warlord again ? I really doubt it. I think Xena would of destroyed Caesar, given a chance, but after watching Pompey and Caesar argue, she probally figures that someone will destroy Caesar in his own world. I also think that Gabrielle's constant crying and moaning about killing will make her release "The Killer Within" and perhaps she will go to far with her monster dark side. Its there and I think shes gonna snap on xena sometime, when Xena does nothing wrong. I don't blame Xena for not worrying about Cassus, and Gabrielle was fooled by him and his supposed nice side. Gabrielle is too soft in my opinion. I dont think she needs to be wild and bloodthirsty, but a little more aggressive and maybe understanding of more than her own little world would be nice. She has matured a lot and now needs to accept the fact that its not her fault that Crassus was killed. It was Caesars and only his. Gabrielle did the right thing by not giving Crassus the ring back. Vercinix was right there and after telling Gabrielle to story about how Cassus placed his family on crosses, I think Gabrielle finally matured more and wanted Crassus to die. Therefore perhaps she did mature more in this episode. To explains Gabrielle walking away from the execution, I think she did it because she did not want to loose her lunch, and perhaps watching someones bloody head fall off is not her entertainment. She seems to like "Theather" and "Storys". Ancient Greek Hip-Hop by Bacchus and his Baci ? That must be Gabrielle's favorite dance music !

It was nice to finally see a Caesar episode where Julius Caesar as the main character and person in the episode. Karl Urban plays the part great, and Im glad to hear that Julius returns next season, hopefully for a Hercules episode as well. That would be a very good idea to consider, if anyone from HTLJ's Production Staff comes here to read these commentarys. Caesar is pretty much a cocky and arrogant crook, who owns a country and makes the deals. The fact that most people don't speak against him is because he would kill them at hearing what they said. Pompey hinted Caesars end when he kept trying to convince Xena to murder him, which Xena was torn between doing and not doing. The fact that Crassus was killed by Caesar was not shocking at all. I was not surprised that Caesar killed his own friend and warrior. The Romans wanted the death of Vercinix, but since Crassus was there, without ring, Caesar knew the crowd would be angry if they did not witness a killing. Julius Caesar and his fear of losing was he conquered is what killed Crassus and not Gabrielle decsion or judgement. Caesar also felt he could once again play Xena for a fool but it didn't work and Xena knew better than to fall for Caesars love scheme, in which Caesar would have killed Xena.

The City of Rome and the Coliseum where marvels and wonderful additions to the episode. The outside of Caesars Palace looked cool and the Coliseum was very well done and looked great. The fight between Xena and the Gladiators brought back memorys about the stuff I read in histroy class during Junior High. The music fit the scenes and the crowd noise really made it seem like I was watching footage from an old fight in Ancient Rome. From Caesars evil laughs and the giant spiked ball nailing Xena, it was a great addition to the episode. One thing, when is Caesar going to actually fight Xena in a duel to the death ? Hopefully soon cause its been a long time coming.

The characters where unique and intresting. Im surprised that no one mention Brutus being in this episode. Grant Triplow costars as Brutus once again. Brutus was Caesars main man and did seem to have no intrest in taking out Caesar. Perhaps Pompey will help Brutus in the future. Pompey was also an intresting character. Jeremy did a great job as the cocky and upcoming ruler Pompey. Pompey did seem to look like a very young Julius Caesar and convinced me that he will somehow lead the revolt against Caesar. Crassus was a evil man with every intention to kill and escape. I don't feel bad for the guy. If he did was he did, he may be even more sinister and bloodthirsty than Caesar or even Callisto. Crucify Women and Children? Thats BAD AND EVIL. Vercinix would be a good character to have in a future episode. He was a family man with a heroic spirit. His character was not really showed or worked on since the only role he played by to escape from the prison, with the help of Gabrielle and Xena.

I really liked this episode. It was a great episode and really had some good action, adventure, drama, and writing. It was intense and fast moving. Everything was fastmoving and everyone did a great job as what they played. I give the episode 5 out of 5 stars. Its for anybody to watch. Little kids will like the action and Caesars music. Teens will like watching the fighting and guys will like watching Lucy Lawless in that red dress, which looks like the completed version of what she wore in Destiny, when meeting Caesar and having dinner with him. Older fans and adults will like everything. Subtext fans will love the last few minutes. Very good episode. The only problem I had was Gabrielle's complaining. Its getting a little too old now.


This is by Dana.

For those who don't know the tale of Vercinix...

First off, his name was (according to some) Vercingetorix (loosely translated, King of the World). He was the 'leader' of the Gallic tribes in their war against Caesar's invasion and was taken, upon their loss, to Rome as a prize. Boy, is that a shortened version of the Gallic war or what? ;)

It should be interesting to see what spin they put on this story. I studied Latin (and thus, Roman culture) all though high school, and I read about Celtic culture now (and I'm teaching myself Old Irish, but I digress). One thing to note is the pronunciation. I know that things in the Xenaverse are far from accurate, but the proper way to say Julius Gaius Caesar's name is: I-oo-li-us Guy-us Kay-sar. Latin doesn't have a J, and almost all the consonants are pronunced hard. M'lila said his name correctly in Destiny.

Maybe I'll just put a sock in it now before I start blathering, but I really think that it will be great to see what they do with this story, and how they rescue Vercinix. If they do...in our 'verse, he wasn't rescued. Actually, after his imprisonment of several years, he was dragged/paraded through the streets of Rome and then executed. Reminds me of the gauntlet a little bit, no? Hmmmm....

To anyone who wants to read this story in a non-academic manner, I highly recommend "Druids" by Morgan Llywelyn. Excellent book, excellent author.


12-16-98. According to writer Steven L. Sears in an AoL chat circa June 1998, WHEN IN ROME... was originally named FIRST OF THE THREE.

12-16-98. From Beth Gaynor's Cherry Hill Con (09/98) report regarding Karl Urban's (Caesar, Cupid, Mael) talk: "So what's the difference between Cupid and Caesar? Karl talked about how everything Caesar does is subtle and calculated, while Cupid lives the in-the-now life of a 17-year-old. He even demonstrated the difference between them, showing the precise attention stance and measured turn of Caesar versus the arms flailing, legs wide attitude of Cupid...Caesar's a much easier physical role, too. Karl praised the "built-in chest" that Roman armor gives him instead of the extra gym workouts he has to put in to play Cupid."

03-01-98. From Henry Lee. Regarding the upcoming XWP ep "When In Rome", I am reminded of the French comic series "Asterix and Obelix." Vercinix reminds me of the warrior Vercingetorix (sp?) and the "famous battle" at Alesia - now, I'm not exactly sure of the name of the actual battle - but it's one that Chief Vitalstatistix is **NOT** fond of remembering. All those hours scanning all those issues of Asterix and Obelix ...

01-05-98. Karl Urban at the Plano (Dallas) Texas Xena Creation Con on 01-03-98 stated that he had filmed another Caesar episode of XWP, WHEN IN ROME, and informed the audience that the episode did not tie in with the events in THE DELIVERER. So it looks like another big fat loose end in the Xenaverse.


Highlights by Beth Gaynor.

Great moment on the ship at the end as the ladies have a heart-to-heart. Crassus's ring tumbles out of Gab's hand the moment Xena says she loves her and touches her arm. The action matches what Gab has said: she's willing to pay the price of taking lives in order to stay with Xena. Let's just hope that she can drop the angst as easily as she dropped that ring.

Gabrielle does a great drunk act! Listen for "No, no, you've got the wrong blonde!"

Once again, Gabrielle doesn't hide from tough choices. She not only decides to let Crassus be killed, she makes sure he knows she's done it. Whew, that girl's got guts. Nicely tense moment when Crassus is killed: the expression on Gab's face as she watches him be taken to the block, the sudden stop to Crassus's protests hitting Gabrielle right between the shoulder blades, and Xena's face darkening with deep worry that carries on into the next scene.


These things are by Beth Gaynor.

Check out the fountain at the party for the display of Vercinix: it's full of wine. We now know who to thank for the frat party tradition of hairy buffalos in the bathtub.

How'd Argo get to Rome? They take a ship from Syria to Italy, and Argo shows up as they're walking outside of the city. Did they pack the poor girl in the cargo hold, or did they try to take her as carry-on luggage?

When Xena's forced to kneel in the Coliseum, the soldier on her left loses his grip on her arm. Xena, being a polite prisoner, holds her arm out until he takes it again.


11-14-00. From Jeannine. The music that plays when Xena drags Crassus is the same music that played when Xena drags Gabrielle in Bitter Sweet. It is called "Horrible Drag" and is the second track on the Bitter Sweet CD. Third season must of required alot of recycling.

12-16-98. From Bret Rudnick. When Xena shows the Crassus' ring to Caesar, she presents it on her middle finger. A rude gesture, perhaps?

12-16-98. From Bret Rudnick. Speaking of Crassus, when Xena puts the pinch on him, the one where "You'll be dead in 30 seconds", 42 seconds elapse between the first pinch and the releasing pinch.

12-16-98. From Bret Rudnick. Both Gabby's BGSB and Xena's top are used to transport things in this episode. Gabby drops Crassus' ring down her top, and Xena drops the soft clay impression of the cell key down hers (wonder how it held up being folded and exposed to all that heat).

12-16-98. From Bret Rudnick. And, of course, we have the continuing third season trend of Gabrielle being naked and/or having to say "I love you Xena" in every episode after a certain point (which is wearing a little thin).

12-16-98. From KSZoneW. Katrina Browne also played the amazon Siri in HTLJ's "Prodigal Sister" episode during season 4. Browne played Mendalla, the wife of Vercinix.

12-16-98. From KSZoneW. The ship used in this episode was the same one used in XWP's "Destiny". The music played during the touchy scenes between Vercinix and his wife was the music used when Xena was telling Gabrielle about Banshees in "Gabrielle's Hope". It was done with bagpipes. The music used after the opening credits, where the ship sets off, sounded like Lucy Lawless singing. Either that or it was a clip from M'Lilia's song in "Destiny" last season. Xena does the old "Autoylcus key trick" when she puts some clay on the prison key and has one made to free Vercinix and Gabrielle. Caesars chair from "The Deliverer" was the one that he was sitting in during his first talk with Pompey. It looks as if thats Romes official design of a chair. The coat that Crassus wore when Gabrielle was taking him into Rome was the same worn by Khrafstar in "The Deliverer" and Gabrielle wore that coat that she wore in this episode during "The Dirty Half Dozen". The balance in Caesars chamber was also seen in the money room during HTLJ's "Men in Pink" and Xena's red dress looked like the "Full Version" of her skimpy dress in "Destiny" last season.

12-16-98. From KSZoneW. Highlights: The Entire Gladiator fight was spectacular and a wonderful job was done on the music and the crowd noises. The entire scene where The Romans chop of Crassus' head was intense and would have been shocking, had I not read a spoiler before hand. Caesar acting like a real evil jerk during the fight in the Coliseum.

From Nike. At Caesar's party, the purple dress worn by the serving girl is the same dress that was worn by one of the contestants in the episode "Here She Comes...Miss Amphipolis".

From Nike. At this time in Roman history, all male members of the aristocracy would wear proper togas (or possibly military uniform) in public. Caesar of all people should be wearing a proper toga at his party and at the Forum, not that tunic and cape thing he had on.


Click here to read a transcript of WHEN IN ROME... .


Caesar's Palace was not harmed during the production of this motion picture. However, Crassus and the gladiators went down for the count.


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