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"The Debt, Part I"  Episode 52/306


X:  "Oh.  Gabrielle?"


G:  "Hmm."

X:  "Everything all right?"

G:  "Yeah-- fine.  Just thinking.  Hmm.  Thank you."

X:  "For what?"

G:  "You stuck by me through everything."

X:  "Likewise, I'm sure."

G:  [Giggles]  "I hope I never disappoint you, Xena."

X:  "Impossible."

G:  "I've learned that anything is possible.  There's somebody in
shadows by the poplar

X:  "I know."

Messenger:  "Xena."

X:  "I'm Xena."

Messenger:  "I was sent by the weak one-- who's-- soft as water--

Messenger and X:  "-- hard as the raging flood."


X:  "Eat dirt.  I'm afraid I can't help you friend-- you're
wound's too

Messenger:  "I bring a message to you."

X:  "I'm listening."

Messenger:  "The Green Dragon has become too large-- and must be



G:  "The Green Dragon?"

X:  "I'm going on a long journey."

G:  "You're going on a long journey-- what happened to 'we'?"

X:  "This time's different."



G:  "What's so different about it?"

X:  "I have to travel toward the rising sun for many, many days."

G:  "Xena, that's not a problem for me."

X:  "The land that I'm travelling to is as _different_ to ours as
night is
to day-- the
kingdom of Chin."

G:  "You think that's an argument against my coming?  It sounds

X:  "If you came, you couldn't get in my way."

G:  "Are you saying I'm a nuisance?"

X:  "No-- you just wouldn't like what I'm going there to do."

G:  "OK, let's forget the cryptic part.  Are you going up against

X:  "No."

G:  "Is the Green Dragon a person?"

X:  "Yes."

G:  "Which person?"

X:  "The one I'm gonna kill."




G:  "Maybe there's something that I don't understand-- some
subtlety I'm
Xena-- I'll tell you what it looks like on the surface.  You plan
travelling this long,
grueling trip for the sole purpose of killing someone."

X:  "That pretty much sums it up."

G:  "But, you can't do that!"

X:  "Like I said, maybe it's better you don't come."

G:  "Try and stop me.  At least, tell me why?"

X:  "You will never understand."

G:  "After all we've been through, you can say that?"

X:  "How much for the lot of this?"

Merchant:  "Twenty dinar."

G:  "Twenty dinars?  Do we look like stupid?"

Merchant:  "Oh-- well-- fifteen dinar."

G:  "Give him twelve-- it's more than it's worth."

X:  "Thanks, Gabrielle."

G:  "You're welcome.  I'm glad I could help you get a deal on the
need to
committ a murder.  Xena, what are you doing?"

X:  "Gabrielle, this just something I have to do."

G:  "Then, explain it to me.  Who do you have to kill?  Why?"

X:  "To understand what I have to do, you need to understand what
was left




X:  "Ten years ago, as you know, Caesar left his mark on me."

[[[[[Caesar:  "Break her legs."]]]]]



[[[[[X:  "A new Xena is born tonight-- with a new purpose in



X:  "With shattered legs and crippled soul, I went east-- to lose
myself in
vengeance-- not
against Caesar-- but the entire human race."



Borias [B]:  "No!  We don't slaughter them!"

X:  "I'm telling you, Borias-- the only way to deal with these
scum is
through terror."

B:  "And if we kill them all, who's left to be terrified?  Tell
Ming what
happens to his
soldiers when he sends them against Borias."

X:  "Borias."

B:  "Yeah."

X:  "I want the dead."

B:  "The dead?"

X:  "Yeah, these ones and the ones back on the battlefield.  I'm
gonna put
them to work

B:  "Fine-- do what you will with them.  Yah!"



X:  "This will convince Ming to talk, more than all of Borias'
We sit out here,
in the middle of nowhere, while all the riches of Chin await us."

Chuang:  "Old families of Chin are very powerful."
X:  "We could take them one at a time.  First we hit Ming, and
then we turn
on Lao."

Chuang:  "Borias wants to form an alliance with one family first,
before he

X:  "And while he waits, what's to stop Ming and Lao from forming
alliance with one
another?  Oh, no.  No, they dont wanna cooperate.  I say-- kill
'em all!"



B:  "Sit down."

X:  "Did you see what he was wearing?  Pure silk, and he's just a
I'm telling you,
Borias, these people are ripe for -- "

B:  "Quiet.  My humble yurt is unworthy of your presence, Ming

Ming Tzu [MTzu]:  "Not at all, Borias.  This-- is my son-- Ming
Tien.  As
sole heir to my
kingdom, I'm teaching him to rule.  He's here to learn how to
deal with

B:  "Insults aren't the best way to begin negotiations, Ming

MTzu:  "You misunderstand.  I have the greatest respect for
thieves.  Every
man born to
wealth has a good thief amongst his ancestors, somewhere.
Remember that,
Ming Tien."

B:  "Have a seat."

MTzu:  "Thank you-- but I would rather stand.  I won't be staying
Your offer
sounds simple enough.  You raid Lao's region, and I remain

B:  "And in return, you receive one-third of our loot."

MTzu:  "One-half."

X:  "No deal."

MTzu:  "This woman is in charge?!"

B:  "No, she's not.  But your offer-- "

MTzu:  "It is not an offer.  It is a statement of fact.  If you
want my
cooperation, you will
give me half of everything you steal."

B:  "Half, huh?"

X:  "You're not gonna pay this pig half."

MTzu:  "I'm sorry to have wasted your time, Borias-- but clearly,
friend is not
interested in doing business."

B:  "Wait a minute, don't listen to her.  Ming Tzu!"

X:  "Hmm."

B:  "He's gone, huh?"

X:  "Because I called him a name?  Then he's too soft."

B:  "Ah, you don't understand these people.  No matter what-- you
have to
always let
them save face."

X:  "Saving his ugly mug wasn't exactly what I had in mind.  And,
what kind of a
deal was that, huh?  We do all the dirty work, and he gets half."

B:  "You're a fool.  Whatever deal I made with him, I will then
go to Lao,
and make a
better one."

X:  "What do we need either one of them for?  When Ming sent his
after us we
chopped 'em up pretty good."

B:  "We held our own.  But what if Ming and Lao-- were to ally
against us?"

X:  "Oh-- then I'd say-- "



G:  "Kill 'em all."

X:  "Yeah-- that's what I said."

G:  "That was obviously your answer to everything in those days,
Xena.  I
can't believe
it's the same Borias who later helped the Centaurs."

X:  "We were quite a pair in those days."

G:  "And to think that two people like that made a beautiful
child like

X:  "Hmm."

G:  "Huh."

X:  "You ain't heard nothin' yet."

G:  "I don't think I want to hear any more about this tale of--
war, greed,

X:  "Hate?  It's not about hate.  It's about love."



Chuang:  "Lao approaches!"

X:  "Let him wait!"

B:  "Come on, Xena.  We can do this anytime." 

X:  "Don't be so sure."

B:  "Ah-- I don't want you messing things up.  Yah!"

X:  "Run to your master-- puppy."



B:  "Borias extends the sincerest welcome to the head of the
house of Lao."

Lao Ma  [LM]:  "I'm Lao Ma-- wife of the great Lao.  Please
forgive my
husband for--
sending his insignificant wife-- to handle such-- difficult
affairs of
state.  But he's very ill."

B:  "I'm sorry to hear that.  You're very welcome, of course."

LM:  "I know you're a great warrior, Borias-- but I've also heard
you're a man of

X:  [Snickers]

LM:  "You must be Xena."

X:  "Oh, you've heard of me."

LM:  "Oh yes-- they say you're a dangerous woman."

X:  "Well they're right."

B:  "You have nothing to fear, Lao Ma.  We will negotiate with
honor-- and
with fairness. 
I hope we will find common ground on which to stand."



X:  "That's my piece of meat you're reaching for."

LM:  "You're wrong.  I don't eat meat."



B:  "I apologize for this-- simple dwelling."

LM:  "It's an honor for me to accept whatever hospitality you can

B:  "What we talked about tonight-- will benefit us both."

LM:  "Yes-- it's an agreement that will make my husband most




G:  "You wanted to kill that poor, innocent woman-- out of

X:  "Jealousy-- over Borias?  You gotta be kidding.  No, Borias
and I were
just using each

G:  "Then why?"

X:  "I wanted to kill Lao Ma because-- I knew in my heart that
she'd be a
influence on him-- and I liked him wild-- like I was-- an animal,
from one moment to
the next-- driven by desire alone."

G:  "Did you kill her?"



X:  "I don't know if you people pray to the gods-- but if you
don't, now'd
be a great time
to start."




B:  "What happened?"

LM:  "I'm sorry, Borias.  I'll be leaving immediately.  I don't
think an
alliance is
appropriate, now.  [Whispers to Xena.]

B:  "It's over, Xena.  You have until sunrise to get out of this
After that-- I'll kill
you on sight."



G:  "Xena, when she whispered in your ear, what did she say?"

X:  "She said, 'Fill yourself with desire and see only illusion.
yourself of desire and
understand the great mystery of things.'"

G:  "That's good.  I take it that you didn't listen to her."

X:  "No.  No, not then-- not for a long time.  I decided to--
what Borias had
only dreamed of-- to get rich with the help of one of the houses
of Chin. 
decided to
make Ming Tzu _my_ creature."

G:  "How were you going to do that?"

X:  "By appealing to his sense of family values.  Come on."



X:  "I've just cut off the flow of blood to your brain. You'll be
dead in a

Guard:  "What do you want to know?"

X:  "Nothin'-- I'm just letting you know how long you got left,
so you can
enjoy it.  Come
on.  Yeah." 

[X kidnaps MTien]



X:  "Xena wins again."

B:  "You're insane!"

X:  "And you're scared.  Why is that?"

B:  "You got Ming and Lao breathing down my neck.  They think I
something to do
with this."

X:  "Ming and Lao together?"

B:  "Nothing brings royal houses together faster than

X:  "Well, if I'm dealing with the both of them, I'm doubling my

B:  "Where's the child?!"

X:  "Hey Chuang, he thinks I'm gonna tell him.  What I _will_ do,
is _cut_ you
in on the deal, if you set up the exchange.  We meet in your yurt
on the
plains, north of the
Great Wall.  Ming brings me fifty of his best horses-- and 25--
no, fifty
bags of gold-- and
I give him his boy.  For your part, you get-- five per cent.  Oh,
and, uh--
that's not an
offer-- that's a statement of fact."



X:  "Check the gold."

B:  "You saw the horses?"

X:  "Oh, yeah-- nice."

MTzu:  "The boy."

X:  "You got a smart kid.  Of course, he got a whole lot smarter
when he
with me. 
He's on the third packhorse out there, under some skins.  Well,
that was a
thing of



B:  "As promised."

MTzu:  "Good-- you take the gold and horses.  I get the woman."

B:  "You're going to die, Xena.  And that's a statement of fact."



G:  "You kidnapped that child?  And you would have killed him if
you didn't
get what you

X:  "Yes."

G:  "I can't go there with you, Xena-- and I don't mean the
kingdom of

X:  "I know what you mean."

G:  "You're going through with this, aren't you?"

X:  "Yes!"

G:  "Well, I'm turning back!  Who's the Green Dragon?  It's not
he's already
dead.  The other guy who betrayed you-- what's his name?

X:  "Chuang?  No, I killed him a long time ago."

G:  "Me?  I'm sorry, Xena-- but I can't help you commit murder."

X:  "Gabrielle, I am catching a ship here that will carry me
close to the
kingdom of Chin. 
If there was ever a time to turn back, it's now.  I understand."

G:  "You owe someone so much, that you would just throw away
these last few

X:  "Yes."




MTzu:  "Welcome Lao Ma.  I hope you don't mind us hunting so
close to Lao
But the terrain here is perfect."

LM:  "Perfect, for what?"

MTzu:  "Her-- the woman who succeeded in doing what a hundred
could not
do make an alliance between our two kingdoms."

LM:  "You plan to hunt her?"

MTzu:  "Yes.  We're going to enjoy this, aren't we, Ming Tien?"

LM:  "Well, please do not hesitate to use Lao land for your
pleasure.  I
brought something
for you, Ming Tien.  I made it, myself.  A beaten, half-dead
doesn't sound very
sporting, Ming Tzu."

MTzu:  "No-- but it will be entertaining."

LM:  "I must go.  Enjoy your entertainment."

MTzu:  "You could have at least looked at her gift.  Let me see.
Ah-- she
knows my
nickname for you.  Show it to him."



MTzu:  "She has to die, Ming Tien.  She is your enemy."



LM:  "Come with me if you wish your freedom.  Hurry-- he'll be
back on the
scent, soon."

X:  "Why are you doing this?"

LM:  "I have been blessed-- or cursed-- with the ability to see
into the
souls of others.   
You don't know it yet, Xena, but you're a remarkable woman--
capable of
Come quick.  We'll take refuge in my home."




MTzu:  "Lao Ma-- My hounds have followed Xena's trail here."

LM:  "They're probably just hungry."

MTzu:  "Search the room."

LM:  "Now-- if you'll respect my privacy."

MTzu:  "You had better not be hiding her."

LM:  "My Lord-- I would never hide what is yours."

MTzu:  "When I arranged your marriage to Lao, I expected you to
show more
towards me."

LM:  "I was a courtesan-- and you sold me.  You expect loyalty?"

MTzu:  "What a strange woman, Lao Ma-- soft, and hard at the same

LM:  "Like water.  Nothing is soft as water-- yet, who can
withstand the
raging flood?"



[[[[[G:  Are you going up against a dragon?"  X:  "No."  G:  "Is
the Green
Dragon a
person?"  X:  "Yes."  G:  "Which person?"  X:  "The one I'm gonna



[[[[[G:  "You owe someone so much-- that you would just throw
away these
last few
years."  X:  "Wake up!"  Callisto:  "Help me!  Help me!
[Screams]"  X:
"You understand
hatred, but you have never given into it."  X:  "Take the
village!"  G:
"There's only one
way to end this cycle of hatred, and it's through love."  X:
"We're gonna
kill 'em all!"  G: 
"You owe someone so much-- that you would just throw away these
last few



G:  "I'm sorry Xena-- I couldn't let you do this."

MTien:  "Lao Ma said you'd return one day.  Lock her up."

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