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"The Debt II"  Episode 53/307


[[[[[Narrator:  "Last week, on Xena:"  Messenger:  "The Green
Dragon has
become too
large."  G:  "Is the Green Dragon a person?"  X:  "Yes-- the one
I'm gonna
kill."  G:  "At
least, tell me why?"  X:  "Many years ago, as you know, Caesar
left his
on me.  I
went east to lose myself in vengeance.  I didn't care if I lived
or died.
But she did."  Lao
Ma [LM]:  "Come with me if you wish your freedom."  G:  "You owe
someone so
that you would just throw away these last few years"  X:  "Yes."
G:  "I'm
sorry, Xena-- I
couldn't let you do this."  Ming Tien [MTien]:  "Lock her up."



G:  "I want to see Xena."

MTien:  "That would be impossible."

G:  "Why?"

MTien:  "Our laws say a prisoner charged with a capital offense
receive visitors. 
And I'm a man of the law."

G:  "Your Highness-- you said you would let Xena go."

MTien:  "Gabrielle-- I owe you my life.  Anything in this kingdom
you wish
is yours.  But
if you think banishing Xena-- will keep her from returning to
kill me-- you
don't know her
as well as you think."



Guard:  "Hey, Xena-- I hear you were betrayed by a friend."

X:  "No, not by a friend."

Guard:  "Throw her in!"

X:  [Screams]



Prisoner:  "This one's mine."




G:  "If you had her promise-- then you would let her go-- right?"

MTien:  "It would take more than that."

G:  "Xena would never go back on her promise."

MTien:  "Of course, she would."

G:  "I want to see her."

MTien:  "Out of the question."

G:  "You said that I could have anything in your kingdom."

MTien:  "Except that."

G:  "You don't understand-- I need to talk to her.  I have to
explain to
why I did what
I did.  I'm terrified of what she might be thinking of me."

MTien:  "You betrayed her-- therefore, you're her enemy.  She'll
kill you
now, as soon as
look at you."

G:  "You're wrong.  You don't know her."

MTien:  "I know her.  Tell me-- why did you do it if you love her

G:  "I felt that she was betraying herself-- if she went back to
the way of

MTien:  "Murder is in her blood, Gabrielle-- her soul.  It is
more natural
to her than love."

G:  "Look-- I know what Xena did to you is a terrible thing."

MTien:  "No-- you are wrong.  It wasn't terrible.  It changed my
it a meaning--
and a direction.  She taught me how to rule."



X:  "I'm the scourge that your gods sent to punish your people.
What do
you want?"

Chuang:  "It's Borias-- he's riding this way."

X:  "How many men?"

Chuang:  "He's alone."

X:  "Come on.  Get up!"



MTien:  She understood how to send fear flooding into your very
soul.  And
when that
kind of terror lives deep inside people-- they're yours forever.
My father
understand this.  He was too soft."



[[[[[Ming Tzu  [MTzu]:  "The boy?"  X:  "He's on the third
packhorse out
there, under
some skins."]]]]]

MTien:  "When he ransomed me that night, he held me to him like a
woman-- tears
in his eyes."

G:  "You can't blame your father for being emotional at a time
like that."

MTien:  "He was a fraud-- just like Xena said.  He cared about me
because a king
needs an heir."

G:  "Where is he now?"

MTien:  "Dead-- but we're alive, Gabrielle-- so let's quit living
in the
past and celebrate
your heroic deed.  If it weren't for you, I wouldn't be emperor
of Ch'in. 
would  be
another of Xena's victims.



X:  "What do you want?"

Prisoner:  "Just giving you this shirt."

X:  "I don't want your clothes."

X:  "What-- what are they doing?"

Prisoner 2:  "Clothing you-- it's their way of paying you

X:  "For what?"

Prisoner 2:  "They heard what you did-- or tried to do-- your
attempt at
trying to kill the

X:  "They like that, huh?"

Prisoner 2:  "There's not a man here-- that hasn't lost many of
his loved
ones-- at the
hands of that monster."

X:  "Where are you from?"

Prisoner 2:  "From the kingdom of Lao."

X:  "Lao?  Then you know Lao Ma."

Prisoner 2:  "Lao Ma?  Of course.  She's the wife of our king--

X:  "When was the last time you saw her?  What?"



Prisoner 2:  "Like you-- many of us had heard-- of her great
powers-- and
thought she
would use them to escape.  Perhaps-- they were all a lie."

X:  "No.  No-- her powers were real."



LM:  "Would you kill a mosquito with an ax?  This is very

X:  "That's good."

LM:  "It could be a very usable weapon-- if thrown at the right
body part."

X:  "You could kill someone, using a hair brooch." 

LM:  "If necessary.  I don't like to kill, however."

X:  "Everyone has their preferences.  I happen to like a good

LM:  "You're so full of anger and hate."

X:  "Everyone's gotta be full of something."

LM:  "Put up another bottle."

X:  [Startled, then--]  "Teach me to do that."

LM:  "Well-- try it.  [Laughs]  I'm sorry, Xena-- but you're
trying to
attack the bottle with
your will."

X:  "What else is there?"

LM:  "Exactly."

X:  "What?"

LM:  "The entire world is driven by a will-- blind and ruthless.
In order
to transcend the
limitations of that world, you need to stop willing-- stop
desiring-- stop

X:  "How do I do that?"

LM:  "Heaven endures-- and the Earth lasts a long time, because
they do not
live for
themselves.  Therefore, she would live a long time-- should live
others-- serve others."

X:  "I could serve you, if that's what you mean."

LM:  "Of course, you can.  It's easy to serve someone you love.
You feel
will make
them love you more.  It's like a good business investment.
That's not what
I'm talking

X:  "You mean that-- I should serve someone who hates me."

LM:  "More than that-- you need to serve someone you hate-- Ming

X:  "Ming Tzu."

LM:  "Yes-- the man who had you hunted like an animal.  He comes
tomorrow with
his son."

X:  "Serve Ming.  I'd rather die."

LM:  "You've been a dead woman for a long time now, Xena.  I'm
offering you
chance to live."




LM:  "Welcome to my home.  I wish only that it were worthy of
Welcome, Ming Tien.  Dinner awaits, Ming Tzu."



LM:  "So, Borias is still a problem?"

MTzu:  "Yes-- the gold and the horses we gave him for
double-crossing that
whore have
made him too powerful.  Be careful, you idiot!  Borias is very
He's more
dangerous than that witch, Xena.  He's very clever.  She was a
supid thug.
Something the
matter, son?"



MTzu:  "Goodbye, Lao Ma."

X:  "All right, Lao Ma.  I did the whole servant bit, and it

LM:  "You're wrong.  For a few hours, you actually silenced your
a beginning."

X:  "A beginning to what-- huh?  I should've just sliced that

LM:  "To conquer others is to have power; to conquer yourself--
is to know
the way. 
Come with me, Xena."



LM:  "My husband."

X:  "I heard that you keep him in a coma.  I didn't believe it,
but it's

LM:  "Oh, yes.  If he were actually dead, word would get out--
and his
imbecile cousin
would become king.  No, I make sure he stays alive, but in this--
half-conscious state. 
You understand pressure points, don't you?  I make sure he's seen
in a while,
in the garden.  It helps to convince doubters."

X:  "So you rule in his name."

LM:  "The only way a woman could rule in the kingdom of Ch'in.
It's my
to him.  He
was a vicious tyrant.  I'm going to make him the most loved of

X:  "Don't you get sick of him getting the credit for everything
that you

LM:  "Not at all.  As long as good is done."

X:  "You write down all that wisdom stuff-- huh?"

LM:  "Yes-- in his book."

X:  "You give him credit for that, too?"

LM:  "This wisdom comes from Heaven.  What difference does it
make who gets
for it-- Lao Ma or Lao Tzu?"

X:  "Yeah, nothing seems to phase you-- except that boy I
Everytime he
ignores you, that cuts deep."

LM:  "I know, it's foolish of me.  Just because we give birth to
doesn't mean we
own them."

X:  "He's your son?"



G:  "Say it!  Say it!  Xena, promise them that you will never
attempt to
kill Ming Tien
again.  Promise him!  Xena-- if you promise them, they will
banish you.
Please-- we can
ride away from this."



[Lao Ma heals Xena]

LM:  "Come to me, Xena-- now."



MTien:  "So, you have nothing to say in your defense, Xena."

G:  "Xena-- "

MTien:  "So be it.  Tomorrow at dawn, you'll experience this life
for the
last time.  The
sentence-- is death."




MTien:  "Don't feel like you failed.  I would've executed her no
she said.  It's
amazing, really.  She did all of this-- out of some fool
gratitude to Lao
Ma-- for saving her
life.  I suppose even wild beasts have a sense of loyalty,

G:  "Can I see her?"

MTien:  "Oh, yes.  Now that she's condemned-- you can visit her.
I'm not a
monster, you



Guard's Voice:  "Move it along!"

G:  "Can we talk?  Of course not.  I betrayed you.  The pathetic
thing is--
I thought I was
saving you.  My reverence for life kept a brutal tyrant in power,
and led
my best
friend's execution.  I know you hate me Xena-- no more than I
hate myself."

X:  "Scratch my nose, will you?"

G:  [Cries]

X:  "Come on.  I know you only did what you thought was right.  I
was angry
with you,
but I didn't hate you.  I never could."

G:  "I think I understand why you thought you had to kill Ming
Tien.  It
Lao Ma's
last request-- and she saved your life."

X:  "Not just my life.  She saved my soul-- my spirit, my entire



X:  [Yells, then attacks Borias.]

LM:  "Xena, stop.  Control yourself.  He's here, because I sent
for him."

[More fighting]

LM:  "Stop Xena, just stop.  Stop willing; stop desiring; stop



X:  "That was the moment.  I could've done it right there.  I
just-- let go and
buried all my hatred forever.  That was my chance."



[X fights Borias]

X:  "You always were a leg man."

LM:  "All right.  We'll do this a different way."



X:  "What's he doing here?"

LM:  "We're going to have peace in this land, and the two of you
are going
to help bring
it about."

X:  "You've gotta be kidding!"

LM:  "Tomorrow, Ming Tzu comes here to talk with Borias and me.
going to
include him in a three-way alliance."

X:  "If you think that I am playing servant-girl to these two,
then you've
got another
thing-- "

LM:  [Interrupts Xena]  "Quiet, Xena.  I plan to inform Ming Tzu
of your
presence.  He
has to accept that.  You're going to help me run the kingdom of
be my
Warrior Princess.  Tomorrow, you'll ask for Ming's forgiveness.
you're going to
learn how to deal with Borias.  Xena's capable of profound
loyalty, Borias.
She just
doesn't know it yet.  I'm gonna leave the two of you alone.  It
serves both
your interests
to get along.  If you kill each other-- so be it."



G's Voice:  "So you and Borias made up."

X Voice:  "Oh, yeah, we made up.  I also asked Ming Tzu for his



MTzu:  "You expect me to forgive the woman that kidnapped my son.
permit me to
point out the detail that perhaps you missed.  Xena belongs to
me.  She's

LM:  "Ming Tzu-- I know a man of your wisdom wouldn't endanger an
by holding a grudge."

MTzu:  "To have the treaty, I must forgive her?  Then I apologize
wasting your time. 
Ming Tien-- let us go."

X:  "Lao Ma, if I may make a suggestion.  Ming Tzu is a man of
courage.  I say you
should put me up as the stakes in a game of chance-- and see who

MTzu:  "Excuse me-- but I do not have to play such a game.  You
belong to
me, now!"

B:  "I have a claim on Xena.  I discovered her-- so to speak."

LM:  "And I was fortunate enough to save her."

X:  "And I should say, I belong to myself.  It should be an



MTzu:  "This is ridiculous!  Gambling over this worthless whore.
Why don't
we throw
something of value into the pot?"

X:  "All right.  Let's say the winner gets me-- and a body part
from each
the losers."

MTzu:  "What do you mean?"

X:  "A body part.  Minimum bet is a hand."

B:  "I'm in."

LM:  "I don't want anyone's body part."

X:  "Then I'm sure we all pray that you win.  What about you,
Ming Tzu? 
got the
jewels for this one?"

MTzu:  "Fine-- all in one throw."

X:  "I win.  Pay up."

LM:  "This is ridiculous."

X:  "I want a piece of him."

MTzu:  "You're crazy!"

B:  "Then you're not gonna pay up?"

MTzu:  "Are you?"

B:  "Yes-- I give you my heart."

X:  "I accept.  I'll settle for that from you too, Ming Tzu--
your heart."

MTzu:  "This is nonsense!  I'm getting out of here!  Ming Tien!
leaving this

X:  "Not till I collect my winnings."

LM:  "Xena!"

X:  "Now for the kid."

LM:  "What are you doing?"

X:  "Now, we can wipe out the entire line.  Then it'll just be
the house of
Lao.  We can
rule the whole kingdom of Ch'in together.  You can do all your
noble stuff,
and Borias
and I'll keep the peace.  We'll have some laughs along the way."



X:  "She had such dreams of peace for her land-- and for my soul.
I ruined
them all.  It
was years before I understood finally what she wanted from me.
Not long
before I met
you, I was at the end of my rope.  I-- was ready to give up.  And
then I
thought of her and
what she taught me, and-- and I was reborn.  That's the debt."

Guard:  "It's time."




LM:  "The entire world is driven by a will-- blind and ruthless.
In order
to transcend the
limitations of that world-- you need to stop willing.  Stop
desiring.  Stop
hating.  To
conquer others is to have power; to conquer yourself is to know
the way."

MTien:  "Stop her!"

[X defeats MTien]

G:  "Come on!  Let's go!"

MTien:  [Yells]

G:  "Be careful.  Let's go."

MTien:  "Xena!  I have something to tell you."

X:  "Gabrielle, make sure everyone gets clear of the building.
collapse at any

G:  "Are you-- ?"

X:  "I'm fine.  Don't worry, as far as I'm concerned, this is all

MTien:  "You made me, Xena.  You taught me to be the monster I

X:  "I know.  It's part of the reason I'm here.  I've learned to
clean up
after myself.  Is
that all?"

MTien:  "One other thing.  You probably heard that I had Lao Ma

X:  "Yes."

MTien:  "But, I just wanted you to know-- it's not true."

X:  "Really?"

MTien:  "No.  I did it myself."

X:  "I have something to tell you, Ming Tien."

MTien:  "What's that?"

X:  "Lao Ma was your mother."

MTien:  "I knew that the whole time!"

X:  [Mouths the word]  "What?"

MTien:  "That was why _I_ did the execution.  I knew she wouldn't
use her
powers to
hurt-- her little boy.  I think this belongs to you.  Her last
request was
that it was returned
to you.  It turns out that she was just a sentimental fool.
Remember this?
Mother's book
of wisdom?  It failed her in the end.  That philosophical sense
of peace
fell apart!  She
cried like a baby.  She even cried on after I had torn her heart
from her



X:  "You're powerless now.  You've lost face in front of your
people.  They
won't follow
you, anymore.  You were right.  I didn't have to resolve this
with murder.
I finally
understood Lao Ma's message-- and I made him small again."

G:  "Xena-- your not killing him made you exactly what Lao Ma
wanted you to

X:  "A memento of Lao Ma."

G:  "We'll take good care of this.  I love you, Xena."

X:  "Love you too, Gabrielle."

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