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“The Road to Calydon”  Episode 03/103


Men’s Voices:  “Ah, refuge.”  “Not bad-- we’re here.”  “It is

Ixion [Ix]:  “Hey!  Where is everybody?!  Come on out where we
can see you!”

Olyean [Oly]:  “No one anywhere-- what is this place?”

Broteas [Bro]:  “It’s a gift from the gods.  That’s what it is.
Listen up, everybody!  This is our reward for travelling so far
and-- suffering so much.  This-- is our new home.”

Woman:  “Look.”

People:  [Cheer]


Man’s Voice:  “Now, wait here-- till I check-- ”

Thief:  “Huh?”


Woman’s Voice:  “Hel-l-l-l-p!”

Man’s Voice:  “Inside!”

Jana:  “Ixion!”

Man’s Voice:  “Was it something we’ve done?!”


Seer [Laughs]:  “Gotcha, didn’t it?!”  [Laughs]

H:  “Don’t sound so happy.”

Seer:  “Ah, can’t help it.  Nights like this stir my very soul.
[Laughs]  This is no ordin’ry storm.  This is _evil_, my friend--
the coming of doom-- the rage of almighty Hera, herself!”

H:  “You sound pretty sure about that.”

Seer:  “Of course, I’m sure.  I see everything!  [Laughs]  And
judging from what I see tonight-- there’s plenty of suffering on
the horizon.”  [Laughs]


Woman’s Voice:  “What did we do?”

Bro:  “Stay calm!  It’ll blow over!”

Jana:  “Ixion, where are you going?!  Don’t go out there!


Jana:  “Ixion!  Ixion!  Ixion!  Ixion!”



Seer:  “You got a name, young fella?”

H:  “I didn’t think I’d have to tell _you_.”

Seer:  “Ha-ha.  Testing me, eh?  Ha-ha.  All right.  Have it your
own way-- Hercules.”

H:  “How did you know?”

Seer:  “Toldja, I see _everything_.  Now, perhaps you’ll believe
me when I tell you we shouldn’t be taking this road.  Nothing but
trouble down there.”

H:  “Then, why do you insist on tagging along?”

Seer:  “Well, personally, I have a taste for trouble.  Besides, I
thought I might come in useful to you because of my gift.  Oh,
watch your step.”

H:  “Don’t suppose your gift let you see that coming.”

Seer:  “No, travelled this way, before-- tripped over that thing
many times, myself.”

H:  “Ooh.”

Seer:  “You’re taller’n I thought.  Come on!  I promise I’ll look
out for you!”


Woman’s Voice:  “-- the fire-- ”

Men’s Voices:  “Look out!”  “There we are!”

Seer:  “Sum’in bad’s gonna happen here!”

H:  “You’re amazing, you know that?”

Seer:  “Thank you.”

Jana:  “Ixion!  Ixion!  Where are you?!  Please come out!  Ixion!

Talos [Tal]:  “Don’t worry, Jana.  I’ll help you.”

Woman:  “Talos?!  You stay away from her!”

Jana:  “Ixion!  Ixion?!”

Seer:  “What in the world’s an Ixion?!”

Man’s Voice:  “Over there!”

Ix:  “Ahhhhh!  Get _away_ from me!”

H [Interrupting]:  “Hey, hey!  Take it easy, kid!  I’m not tryin’
to hurt you.”

Ix:  “You’re not?”

H:  “No-- of course not.  I was just tryin’ to help that lady
over there.”

Jana:  “Ixion-- are you all right?!”

Ix:  “I can take care of myself, Jana.”

Jana:  “What were you doing in there?”

Ix:  “Hiding-- from the storm demons.”   [Screams]

H:  “It’s all right.  It’s all right.  He’s not a demon-- I don’t

Jana:  “Thank you for finding him.”

H:  “Wait, wait.  Tell me-- tell me what happened?”

Jana:  “Uh-- you better hear it from somebody else.”

Oly:  “Strangers.”  

H:  “I just wanna know if there’s something I can do for the
people here-- that’s all.”

Bro:  “I better go see what’s on their minds.”

Jana:  “Look-- I’m not the one in charge.”

Bro:  “Maybe-- I can help you.  The name is Broteas.”


Bro:  “The storm isn’t gonna beat us, if that’s what you’re

H:  “I admire your courage.”

Bro:  “Huh-- we’ve been through worse.”

Woman’s Voice [Screams]:  “Ohhh!”

H:  “I think you’re still going through it.”

Bro:  “We’re stubborn.”

Seer:  “Ha!”

Bro:  “And what would _you_ know about it, old man?”

Seer:  “This town’s _cursed_, is what I know!  Ha-ha.”

Bro:  “Nonsense.”

Seer’s Voice:  “I might agree with you if it wasn’t for this-- ”

Seer:  “-- _brilliance_ I have for knowing the truth.  Ha-ha.”

Seer’s Voice:  “And the truth is-- ”

Seer:  “-- there’s a _pox_ on this place-- ha-ha-ha-ha-- a-a
scurrilous malediction!”  [Laughs]

H:  “You’ll have to excuse him.  He gets carried away sometimes.”

Seer:  “Fat lot you know.”  [Laughs]

Bro:  “Are you his keeper?”

H:  “Me?!  No, no-- he can take care of himself.”

Bro:  “Then, who are you?”

H:  “I’m Hercules.”

People:  “Hercules?!  Hercules?”

Man’s Voice:  “He’s Hercules?”


Bro:  “When the fighting came to Telyte, there was no time for
our homes or crops-- it was leave or die.”

H:  “So, you’ve been wandering ever since.”

Woman:  “Not wandering-- looking for a home.”

A Woman’s Voice:  “What are we supposed to do, Hercules?”

H:  “I’ll think of something.  But in the meantime-- you should
eat.  I-- don’t have much but it-- it should hold you over until

Man:  “Thank you.”

Woman:  “Thank you.”

A Man:  “Thank you.”

Bro:  “Food?  There’s someone who needs it more than you.”


Seer:  “Doom-- gloom-- ha-ha-- and despair-- I like it-- ha-ha.
I guess you like it too.”  [Laughs]

[[[[[[Man:  “A gift for you-- from Zeus.”]]]]]]

Seer:  [Laughs]


Bro’s Voice:  “Oh, great goddess, Hera!  We, your humble
servants, have gathered here to make you this sacrifice, in your
name!  Hear us!  Accept this meager offering!”

Bro:  “Please reward those among us that have suffered so long--
with your mercy!  We, your servants, don’t have much to offer
you, but we-- !”

H:  “I gave your people that food to eat, not waste.”

Bro:  “An offering to Hera will bring us much more good fate than
will full stomachs.”

H:  “Hera doesn’t care about anybody, except herself.”

Bro:  “You’re a fool if you believe that.  Now, let me carry out
their wishes!”

H:  “Is this what you want?!  To see good food burned while you
starve?!  That’s what I thought.  Now, go ahead and eat it this
time!  Feed your stomach-- not Hera’s fire.”


Ix:  “Jana!  Food!”

Jana:  “Looks more like trouble to me.”

Ix:  “No, no!  It’s OK!  Hercules stopped the sacrifice!”

Jana:  “He did?  Well, what about Broteas?”

Ix:  “Broteas?!  He couldn’t do anything!”

Jana:  “Don’t say that.  He brought us here.”

Bro:  “It’s nice to know you’re still on my side.”

Jana:  “You’ll have to excuse Ixion.  His mouth runs away with
him sometimes.”

Bro:  “He’s young and excitable.  I used to be the same way.”

Ix:  “You were never like me!”

Bro:  “Ho-ho!  That’s the fighting spirit that’ll get us through
many troubles to come.  Do you believe me?”

Jana:  “Yeah-- always.”

Bro:  “Good-- that’s all I needed to be sure of.”

Jana:  “Uh, do you want your bread back?”

Bro:  “Oh.  No, it’s, uh-- it’s better that you have it.”


Seer:  “You’re wasting your time.”

H:  “Yeah, how could I forget?  The town’s cursed.”

Seer:  “Ah, but it used to be full ’a  life!  _Full_ of people!
Including a beautiful maiden who caught your father’s eye.”

H:  “Zeus fell for a maiden?!  Well, there’s a big surprise.”

Seer:  “Yeah, ha-ha.  He gave her a chalice.  Ah-- forged by
Hephaestus, himself!  Solid gold!  [Chuckles]  Beautiful gift.
Problem was-- Hera found out.”  [Chuckles]

H:  “Did she kill the girl?”

Seer:  “Ha-ha, better!  Ha-ha-- she turned her into a dog!
[Laughs]  And then she condemned the whole town-- every
centimeter of it-- and no good has ever come to anyone who has
ever lived here.  [Laughs]  That step-mother of yours!  Ha-ha-ha!
You gotta love her style!”  [Laughs]


Bro:  “A curse?  Huh.  You expect me to believe that?”

H:  “Think back to the storm.  Think back to the condition this
town was in when you got here.”

Bro:  “You’re starting to sound like that crazy old man.”

H:  “Well, that crazy old man is right.  Hera has damned this
place, and you’ve only had a taste of the evil she can do.  Now,
get everyone packing and get them out of here.”

Bro:  “You’re the one who oughtta get outta here.”

H:  “I am trying-- to help you.”

Bro:  “We don’t need you help!  We found a home, and it’s here!”

Seer:  “Maybe Hera’ll turn you all into dogs!  Serve ya right, ya

Bro:  “You’re outta your mind.”

H:  “No.  Listen to him.  He’s predicting your future.”

Bro:  “Look around.  We’re on our last legs.  Where d’ya expect
us to go?”

H:  “Calydon.”

People:  “Calydon?”

Bro:  “I’ve never even heard of it!”

H:  “It’s a charmed city.  It’s protected by Apollo.  There are
no curses there.”

Bro:  “Yeah-- probably not a city, either.  Where’s this place
supposed to be?”

H:  “Just beyond the Stymphalian swamp.”

Bro:  “Haven’t you heard of the winged monster that lives there?
It makes sure no one gets through that swamp alive.”

Seer [Laughs]:  “My kind of place!”  [Laughs]

H:  “I’ll lead you through the swamp.”

Woman’s Voice:  “No way.”

Bro:  “No.  You and the old man go by yourselves.  It’s too
dangerous for my people.  They are _not_ interested.”

H:  “Isn’t that _their_ decision?”

Bro:  “Hmm.  Fine.  All those who want to go to Calydon-- take
your place next to Hercules.  Those that wanna stay and make
their home here-- stand beside me.”

Woman’s Voice:  “I say we cast our lot with Hercules.”

Men’s Voices:  “Join together.”  “Come, go with us.”  “All of
us.”  “Let’s trust Hercules.”

A Woman’s Voice:  “Try Hercules.”

Man’s Voice:  “All together-- ”

Women’s Voices:  “Come-- everyone-- behind Hercules.”  “He can
lead us.”

H:  “So, Broteas-- you coming with us, or not?”



Seer:  “Uh-oh.”

H:  “What now?”

Seer:  “Just a little trouble, is all.”

H:  “We’re leaving trouble behind.  You can’t be seeing more

Seer [Chuckles]:  “It’s a gift.  Ha-ha.”

H:  “Why is it always trouble?  Don’t you ever see anything
that’s good?”

Seer:  “I’m just telling you what’s gonna happen-- something bad.
Ha-- downright rotten.”  [Laughs]

Bro:  “Hercules-- ”

H:  “Decided to come along after all, huh?”

Bro:  “Don’t do these people wrong, Hercules.  I’ll be watching

H:  “Yeah.  I bet you will, Broteas.”


H:  “What’s wrong?”

Seer:  “Nothing’s wrong.  That’s the problem.”

H:  “Hmm-- what about all the gloom and doom you were predicting

Seer [Sighs]:  “Wishful thinking.  I see a clear path and sunny
skies from now on.”

H [Chuckling]:  “That just kills you, doesn’t it?”

Seer:  [Sighs]

H:  “Losing your touch.”

Man’s Voice:  “Must keep going.”


Tal:  “Get the water skins!”

Man’s Voice:  “Rocks!  Hercules, they’re rocks!”

Woman’s Voice:  “Oh, my toe!”

H:  “In the cave!”


Jana:  “The curse can’t follow us, can it, Hercules?”

H:  “Only as far as the gates of Calydon.  You’ll be safe once
we’re inside.”

Oly:  “You better be right about that.”

Woman:  “End of the line!  Trash!”

Jana:  “It’s not for me.  It’s for Ixion.”

Woman:  “Well, he’s as bad as you are!”

Jana:  “Choke on your water.”

H:  “Not thirsty?”

Jana:  “We can drink later.”

Ix:  “Those hags won’t let us drink from that spring.”

H:  “Then drink from this one.  The line starts behind Jana and

Bro:  “He just wants what they all want.”

Jana:  “I don’t think so, Broteas.”


Old Man:  “What the-- ?!  Wh-wh-- ?!”

Monster:  “Pilgrims!”

Old Man:  “I-I-I sawr [sic] ‘em.  Ah, yes, I sawr [sic] ‘em.”

Monster:  “How long?!”

Old Man:  “An hour-- maybe two.  Uh-- n-near the Minoan caves.
I-i-it’s not far.  I-i-it’s not far-- ”


Man’s Voice:  “It’s cooler here.”

Seer [Laughs]:  “More gloom and doom!”  [Laughs]

H:  “You know, enough, already.  You know, half the day, you’ve
predicted two earthquakes, a line attack-- an outbreak of
Allurian fever, and you’ve got three people convinced they’re

Seer:  “Well, four-- that redheaded woman-- over there.”

H:  “Two of them are men.  The only thing you didn’t see was that
rock storm.”

Seer:  “Ha-- nobody’s perfect!”

H:  “I don’t want to see this crowd beat you to a pulp-- that’s

Seer:  “Ha.  Y-- you really worried about me?”

H:  “No.  If anyone’s gonna beat you to a pulp, I want it to be

Woman’s Voice:  “The road is trembling!”  [Screams]

Men’s Voices:  “What’s happening?!”  “What’s that?!”

Seer:  “Told you so!  Told you so!  You should ’a listened to me,
but you didn’t!  You should ’a known better!”

Man:  “No!”

H:  “Hmm-- ugly-- dress funny-- smell bad.  You must work for


Jana:  “Here!  Take it!  Don’t hurt him!”

Woman’s Voice:  “Run, Hercules!”

Monster [Yells]:  “This isn’t over!  Hera won’t stop until she
has what’s hers!  Ah!  Ah!”

H:  “What’s hers?  

Monster:  “Ahhhhh!”

H:  “What is it?!  What?!”



Tal:  “They vanished!  Where’d they go?!”

Bro:  “Probably to Calydon.”

H:  “Nobody’s keeping you here, Broteas.  All right-- I want to
know everything.”

Seer:  “Wh-what’s the matter?  Don’t you like surprises?!
[Chuckles]  OK!  OK!  [Choking]  OK!  Remember the chalice.  It
was stolen from the temple the night of the storm.”

H:  “Why didn’t you tell me that?!”

Seer:  “Huh?”

Bro:  “Because he’s a fool!  And so are you for trusting him.
[Chuckles]  The mighty Hercules.  Huh?  You could’ve gotten us
all killed by those bandits!”

H:  “They were more than bandits.  Hera sent them.”

Seer:  “Yeah-- for the stolen chalice!”  [Chuckles]

Bro:  “There are no thieves here.”

Seer:  “Oh, yes there are.  Yes, there are!  OK, which one of you
_was_ it?!  You can tell _me_!  Huh?!  Who got greedy and brought
Hera’s curse with him?!”

Woman:  “Well, don’t look at me.  I didn’t take it!”

Bro:  “Prove it!”

Tal:  “Olyean was a prisoner in the Azanean salt mines!”

Oly:  “It wasn’t for stealing.  It was for killing!”

Woman:  “Hey!”

Bro:  “That’s enough!  Stop it!  You’re letting these outsiders
tear us apart!  Look-- what are you tryin’ to do?!  These are
good people!”

H:  “That’s why I’m trying to keep them alive.”

Seer:  “Huh!  Good luck.”

H:  “Your chances of living don’t get any better by standing

Bro:  “Yeah-- it’s about _time_ you made sense.  Come on, let’s
get outta here!  Let’s get as far away as we can before dark!”

H:  “You and I are gonna talk later.”


Seer:  “Did you root out the _thief_, yet?”

H:  “You should know that.  You’re the seer.”

Seer:  “Ahh-- that bad, huh?”

H:  “Yeah.  I’ve got this feeling it’s Broteas.”

Seer:  “I thought _I_ was the one who operated on feelings.”

H:  “Then operate.”

Seer:  “You mean it?  You’re ready to concede to my--
predictatory powers?”

H:  “That’s-- what I’m here for.”

Seer:  “Ah-- hm-mmm.  Ahh.  Ahhhh.  Mm-mm-mm.  Yeah-- it’s
definitely Broteas-- or-- it could be Olyean.  Then-- there’s
always Ephedon and-- that fellow, Talos, is decidedly shifty.
[Sighs]  Rib for you?”


Bro:  “I say it’s time to get rid of our problem.”

Ephedon [Eph]:  “But we need Hercules to lead us through the
swamp.  We can’t make it on our own.”

Bro:  “Oh-- he’ll lead us in.  But will he lead us out?”

Tal:  “Well, how else do we get to Calydon and lose this curse?”

Bro:  “Maybe the curse isn’t ours.  Maybe it’s his.  Look-- the
storm hit just before Hercules arrived.  Then the food went bad--
rocks falling from the sky-- and then the attack today.”

Oly:  “Yeah-- and everyone knows how much Hera hates him.”

Tal:  “What do we do?”

Bro:  “Whose side are you on?  His-- or mine?”

Oly:  “Yours.”

Tal:  “Yours.”

Eph:  “Yours.”

Bro:  “Then I’ll let you know when the time comes.  Now go,
before he gets suspicious.”


H:  “Oh, I’m sorry.  I didn’t mean to interrupt.”

Jana:  “I was just leaving.”

H:  “Oh, you don’t have to-- rush off on my account.”

Jana:  “Are you sure?  If the others see us, it might ruin your

H:  “I don’t put much stock in reputations-- yours or mine.”

Jana:  “You mean, you don’t kill ten monsters every day?”

H:  “Nah.  Only one or two-- small ones.”

Jana:  “Well-- I’m afraid my reputation’s true.  That’s what
happens when an orphan grows up in a brothel.  It’s the only life
I ever knew.”

H:  “Didn’t stop you from raising your-- son right.”

Jana:  “Oh-- Ixion’s not my son.  He’s just-- like me-- no
family-- no one to love him.  So-- I look after him.  But
sometimes I feel like he’s looking after me.”

H:  “A little of both, I’d say.”

Jana:  “What do you think our chances are?  I’m not worried about
me, but, Ixion deserves to get to Calydon.”

H:  “Oh.  He’ll make it.  You will, too.”

Jana:  “Even if you don’t find the chalice?”

H:  “The chalice is my worry.  You get some sleep.  By tomorrow--
you and Ixion will be in your new home.”

Jana [Gasps, then Screams]:  “Let go ’a me!”

Bro:  “What were you doin’?!”

Jana:  “Nothing!  I wasn’t doing anything!”

Bro [Interrupting]:  “You’re a liar!”

Ix:  “Get your hands off her!”

Bro:  “Get out of here!”

H:  “Ixion!  Don’t!”

Ix:  “But he’s hurting Jana!”

H:  “No!  You let me take care of it.  Turn her loose.”

Bro:  “Let’s hear her explain what she was doing, going through
my things.”

Jana:  “I was looking for the chalice.”

H:  “Did you take it?”

Bro:  “I’m no thief.”

Jana:  “Check his bag!”

H:  “How about it, Broteas?”

Bro:  “I don’t have to show you anything.  But if it’ll prove my
point-- .  Satisfied?”

Seer:  “I sense trouble.”

Bro:  “When we reach the next shrine to Hera-- we’re gonna purify
this lying, thieving, little tramp by fire.”

H:  “You’re not sacrificing anybody.”

Bro:  “You don’t decide that.”

H:  “As a matter of fact-- I do.  Any arguments?  Good.  Now, try
to get some sleep.  You’ll need it when we cross the swamp


H:  “Be careful, everyone.  Watch where you walk.  The
Stymphalian swamps are full of danger.  There’s sand pits

Woman [Screams]:  “Help me!  Save me!  Ohhh!  Ahh!”

H:  “You OK?”

Woman:  “Yes-- thank you.”

H:  “No harm done.  Just-- watch your step, everybody.”

Men’s Voices:  “This way.”  “Careful.”

Eph:  “What’s that noise?  What is it?”

Seer:  “You don’t wanna know!”

H:  “Everybody!  To the trees!  Run!  Get in here!  Hurry up!”

Bro:  “Get your hands off!”

Jana:  “Ixion!”



H:  “You all right?!  Stay here!”

Bro:  “Hercules is gonna get us all killed!”

Tal:  “Then take us to Calydon, yourself!”

Bro:  “Forget Calydon!  This bird’s a sign from the gods, telling
us to stay away!  Let’s get _out_ of here!”

Eph:  “It’s coming back!”

Bro:  “Move!  Get out of my way!  Move!”

Men’s Voices:  “Look!”  “Look, Broteas has the chalice!”

Bro:  “You don’t understand!  I did it for all of us!  I-- I
thought the chalice would bring us happiness.”

H:  “Here!  Over here!  Come and get me!  Hey!  Over here!  No!
I’m the one you want!  Over here!”

Jana’s Voice [Screams]:  “Hercules, hel-l-l-p!  We’re in a

H:  “Hang on!  I’ll getcha out!”

Ix:  “Jana!  I’m scared!”

Jana:  “Hold tight.  Don’t let go of me.”

Ix:  “What?”

Jana:  “Hercule-e-e-es!  Hurry!”

H:  “Here!  Grab hold!  Hurry!  I don’t know how long I can hold
onto this thing!”


Man’s Voice:  “Broteas has the chalice!”

Woman’s Voice:  “He’s got the chalice!”

Tal:  “You brought the curse down on us.”

Man’s Voice:  “It was him all along!”

Tal:  “People died!”

Bro:  “I didn’t know the chalice was cursed!”

Man’s Voice:  “He brought the curse on us!”

Bro:  “I wanted to sell it!  Make enough money for us to build
our own city!”

Eph:  “You’re lying.  We’d still be in that ghost town if you had
your own way.  And you’d be off living like a king.”

Oly:  “You believe in sacrifice, don’t you, Broteas?  Now, we’ll
sacrifice you!”

Eph:  Yeah, kill him!”

Different People:  “Kill him!  Kill him!  Kill him!  Kill him!
Kill him!  Kill him!  Kill him!  Kill him!  Kill him!”

H:  “No!  No sacrifices!”

Oly:  “But he’s a greedy pig!  He deserves to die!”

Man’s Voice:  “Yeah.”

H:  “No, let him live like an idiot.  It’s worse than have him
dying like a dog.  May I?”

Bro:  “What are you gonna do?!”

H:  “You want your chalice, Broteas?  Then chase it.”

Bro:  “Hey!  Noooooooooo!  Noooooo!”

Seer:  “I see-- wet feet on an endless journey.  He deserves it--
ha-ha.  Greed’ll getcha!  Greed-- ’ll getcha!”  [Laughs]

H:  “Come on.  Let’s go to Calydon.”

Men’s Voices:  “This way!”  “Onward!”


Seer:  “How’s it look?”

H:  “Exactly the way it should.”

Woman’s Voice:  “It’s _beautiful_.”

H:  “How does their future look?”

Seer:  “Exactly the way it _should_-- no more curses.”

H:  “I’ll bet that breaks your heart.”

Seer:  “Ha-ha-ha.  People are still gonna suffer!  I-- see a
sandstorm approaching Thrace!  No-o!  No!  It’s not sand!  I-it’s
locusts!”  [Laughs]

H:  “This is where life starts all over for you.  New people--
fresh chances-- ”

Jana:  “I’m ready for it.”

Ix:  “Come on!  We’ll be the first ones there!”

H:  “No-o-- you can, Ixion-- you and Jana.  This is the end of
your journey-- but it’s not the end of mine.”

Jana:  “Oh, I wish it was.”

H:  “Aw, I’m afraid I have too many places to go, still.”

Seer:  “Sober mates are good [?].”

H:  “Well, I’ll try to make them better.  You take care of her.
I’m counting on you.”

Ix:  “I won’t let you down.”

Jana:  “Well-- if you decide to return-- ”

Woman:  “Wait.  Come, Jana.  Let’s go to our new home.”


H:  “You should have given Calydon a chance.”

Seer:  “Oh-- more fun with you-- more danger!  Ha-ha.”

H:  “Thanks for the compliment, I think.”

Seer:  “You’re welcome.  Wait.  I sense something.  Something
hairy-- with a tail!  A-and-and breath so bad-- it can wilt

H:  “Not another monster.  Oh, no.”

Seer:  “What is it?  Not another one of those fire-breathing
things-- ten times worse than the swamp bird!”

H:  “You better have another vision.  It’s the dog from Parthus.”

Seer [Laughs]:  “Not the one who was a woman?!  [Laughs]  Here,
girl!  Here!  Here!  Here!  Here!  Come!  Come!  Come!  Come!
Come!  Ha-ha.  You’re off the hook, Hercules.”

H:  “I know.  You just got a new travelling companion.”

Seer:  “How’d you figure that out?”

H:  “Easy.  She’s cursed-- and I’m not.”

Seer:  “Nobody’s perfect.”  [Laughs]


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