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“Ares”  Episode H05/105


Gregor [Moans]:  “If you’ve come to kill me-- do it now”

H:  “I’m not your enemy.  Rest easy, soldier.”

Gregor:  “Who are you?”

H:  “I’m Hercules.”

Gregor:  “They say you’re a good man.”

H:  “I try to be.”

Gregor:  “Then grant a man his dying wish?”

H:  “It would be an honor.”

Gregor:  “My name is Gregor.  I have a wife and son-- in Fallia-- Janista-- and Titus.  Give them these-- and my love.  And tell my son-- the art of the warrior is not to kill-- but to fight against the forces of evil.”

H:  “I’ll do that, Gregor-- I promise you.”


Janista:  “Titus!”

Titus:  “I’m right here!”

Janista:  “Good-- I need some more mud.”

Titus:  “I’ve already got it.”

Janista:  “You’re all right.  You know that?”

Titus:  “You’d better say that.  You’re my mother!”

Ximenos:  “Hey, Titus!  I’m going huntin’.  Do you wanna come?”

Titus:  “Can’t.  I’ve gotta help Mom.”

Janista:  “Go on.  It’s all right.  We’re about done here today, anyway.”

Titus:  “Thanks, Mom.”

Janista:  “Oh, see if you can bring home some dinner.”


Ximenos:  “One day, Titus, we’re going to be warriors-- fight with real weapons.”

Titus:  “Yeah-- and we won’t be just hunting rabbits-- we’ll be stalking our enemy-- showing no mercy.”

Ximenos:  “I’m going to be a centaur.”

Titus:  “Yeah?  I’m gonna be a centurion.”

Ximenos:  “I’m gonna be Ares, god of war himself.”

Titus:  “Ha-ha-ha.  Shh.  Ximenos-- look.  Oh-- it’s gone.”

Ximenos:  “I can’t believe I missed.”

Aurelius:  “It wasn’t your fault.  It was your weapons.  They’re not true.”

Titus:  “Are you a soldier?”

Aurelius:  “Ever since the Trojan War?  And you two?”

Xemenos:  “We’re too young.”

Aurelius:  “No one’s too young if you have the warrior spirit.  Let me show you.  Feels good to have something like that in your hands-- doesn’t it?  Gives you a sense of worth-- of power.”


Aurelius:  “But you’ve gotta prove you deserve that power.  I want you to kill each other.”



Aurelius:  “You’ve got him!  Good.  Good!  Now, go for the kill!”

Titus:  “What are you doing?!”

Ximenos:  “Ridding the world of you.”

Titus:  “No, don’t!  We’re friends!”

Ximenos:  “No coward’s a friend of mine.”

Soldier:  “Let him go.  I know who the winner is.”


Woman:  “Hi.”

H:  “Are you Janista?”

Janista:  “I am.”

H:  “I have a message for you.”

Janista:  “It’s about my husband, isn’t it?”

H:  “Yes.  I found him dying on a battlefield near Chaldea.  His final thoughts were of you and your son.  He wanted you to have these.”

Janista:  “Thank you.”

H:  “Aren’t you gonna read it?”

Janista:  “My husband’s been off fighting one war after another for nearly ten years.  I don’t wanna open things up that have already been closed.”

H:  “I understand.”

Janista:  “I know you’ve travelled a long way.  The least I can do is offer you something to eat and a place to rest.”

H:  “I appreciate that.”


Janista:  “Titus?!  Titus, where are you?!  He must-- still be out hunting with Ximenos.  You know-- I haven’t even asked your name.  I hope you don’t think I’m always this rude.”

H [Chuckles]:  “Don’t apologize.  Uh-- I’m Hercules.”

Janista:  “If I had known the son of Zeus was gonna be in my house-- ”

H:  “It looks fine to me.”

Janista:  “Even with only-- half a roof?”

H:  “Uh-- I thought that was something to enjoy the stars by.”

Janista:  “I wish it was.  This place is always falling apart.  Titus and I can barely keep up.  But I guess we’re no worse than the rest of the town.  With all the men gone to war, there’s too many jobs, and not enough people.”

H:  “Then let me give you a hand before I go back on the road.”

Janista:  “You know you don’t have to.”

H:  “It’s the least I can do to repay your hospitality-- but I’ll need to find the blacksmith.”


Woman:  “Hello.”

H:  “Hello, ladies.”


H:  “Hello?  Is anyone home?”

Atalanta [Ata]:  “Back here.”

H:  “Hi, I-- um-- uh-- oh, uh-- I need some nails.  I thought I’d find the blacksmith here.”

Ata:  “You did.”

H:  “But you’re-- a woman.”

Ata:  “And you’re a man-- which I could’ve figured out even if you didn’t have your foot in your mouth.”

H:  “Well, it’s, uh-- no offense.  It was-- it was the steam; it got in my eyes.”

Ata:  “They call me Atalanta.  What’s your name?”

H:  “Hercules.”

Ata [Chuckles]:  “Well, you’re big, and you look fit.  But there’s only one way to tell for sure.”


H:  “Is this really necessary?”

Ata:  “No one’s ever been able to beat me, so I figure it would take a guy like Hercules.  So, shut up-- and say, ‘One, two, three.’  Come on, just say it.”

H:  “One, two, three.”

Ata:  “What’s the matter, Herc?  More steam in your eyes?  You just proved you’re as much of a man as you are a god.  So, what brings Hercules to Fallia?  And, more importantly, how long you planning on staying?”

H:  “Uh-- long enough to do some repairs on Janista and Titus’ house.  Oh yeah, um-- I’m gonna need those nails.”

Ata:  “Slipped your mind, did they?  [Chuckles]  Damn that Ximenos!  [He] doesn’t show up for work; doesn’t refill the nail box.”

H:  “Ximenos-- isn’t he friends with Titus?”

Ata:  “Yeah-- he’s kind of like the kid brother I never had.  He does odd jobs for me around here.  He let me down today.”

H:  “Never mind the nails for now.”

Ata:  “You got something else in mind?”

H:  “Yeah-- do you know where I can find those boys?”


Soldier:  “This is my headquarters, Ximenos.  And, this is the army I told you about.”

Ximenos:  “But-- there’s nobody here.”

Soldier:  “That’s where you’re wrong.  Look at them, Ximenos-- all primed to kill.  We may be small in number-- but with Ares’ help, we grow stronger every day.  Soon, we’ll be known throughout the land-- known-- and feared.  Are you ready to join the warriors of Ares, Ximenos?  Are you ready to become our brother?”

Boys:  “Yeah!”

Ximenos:  “I am.”

Soldier:  “Good.”

Boy 1:  “He’s going to do the ritual.”

Boy 2:  “Now, we’ll see if he’s with us.”

Boys:  “Ares!  Ares!  [Continue]  Ares!  Ares!”

Soldier:  “But first, you must burn.”

Boys:  “Yeahhhhhh!”

Ximenos:  “Ahhhhhhhh!”


Boys:  “Yeah.”  “Shhh.”

Ata:  “Ahh!  What’s happening to me?”



Ximenos:  “She did it-- just like you said she would.”

Soldier:  “Now, we have real weapons.  Now, we’re ready to kill!”

Boy’s Voice:  “Let’s show Ares.”

Soldier:  “For Ares!”

Boys:  “For Ares!  For Ares!  For Ares!  For Ares!  For Ares!  For Ares!  For Ares!”


Titus:  “Ximenos!  Where are you?!  Ximenos!”

H:  “Hello, Titus.”

Titus:  “Hey-- how’d know my name?  You’re not from around here.”

H:  “I’ve been looking for you.  I’m Hercules.”

Titus:  “You’re kidding.”

H:  “No-- I’m not.”

Titus:  “Did my Mom send you out to look for me?”

H:  “I came on my own.  She thought you’d come back by yourself.”

Titus:  “I would have.  But my friend’s still missing.”

H:  “Well, maybe we’ll have better luck finding him if we look together.  What do you say?”


Titus:  “The last time I saw Ximenos-- he was headed down into this valley.”

H:  “Well, then-- that’s where we’ll look.”


Titus:  “Ximenos!  You down here?  Ximenos!”

H:  “What is this place?”

Titus:  “I don’t know.  I’ve never been here before.”

H:  “Well-- someone was-- and not too long ago.”

Titus:  “Hercules-- what’s this?!”

H:  “It’s something you and I should probably leave alone.  What do you say we go back home?”

Titus:  “What about Ximenos?”

H:  “Oh, I’m sure he’s home by now.”


H [Clears throat]:  “There’s someone here to see you.”

Janista:  “Titus-- are you all right?”

Titus:  “I’m fine, Mom.  Hercules told me about what happened to Dad.  I was worried about you.”

Janista:  “I’ll be fine.  I just wish you’d known your father.  He was a good man.”

Titus:  “I’m gonna be a good man, too.”

Janista:  “Well, not if you’re always running off.”

Titus:  [Chuckles]

Janista:  “Where’d you find him?”

H:  “In the woods-- he was looking for his friend.”

Janista:  “Ximenos is a wild kid.  I’m sure he’s tough enough to survive.  But you-- you kept Hercules from fixing our roof.”

H [Chuckles]:  “Don’t worry.  I’ll still do it.”

Janista:  “You better.  I had to go down to the blacksmith’s to pick up the nails you forgot about.  Come on; they’re waiting for you.”

H:  “She’s, uh-- very thoughtful.”

Ximenos:  “Titus.”

Titus:  “Ximenos.”

Ximenos:  “Come here.”


Titus:  “I thought something terrible had happened to you out there.”

Ximenos:  “It was great.  The guy we met-- his name’s Aurelius.”

Titus:  “He wanted us to kill each other!”

Ximenos:  “That was just a game.  You’d have found out if you hadn’t run away.”

Titus:  “Are you sure?  It felt like I was fighting for real-- like it wasn’t even me.”

Ximenos:  “That just means you have the warrior in you.  Aurelius said all good soldiers do.  He’s got a whole army-- and they’re just like us, Titus.”

Titus:  “You’re not gonna join, are you?”

Ximenos:  “I already have.  And you can too.  It’ll be great-- just like we always talked about.”

Titus:  “I don’t know, Ximenos.”

Ximenos:  “Uh-uh, Titus-- a soldier doesn’t walk away from his comrades.  When I go back-- you’re going with me.  Come on.”


Women’s Voices:  “He sure is a sight for sore eyes, isn’t he?”  [Laughter]  “I’d almost forgotten what a real man looked like.”  “Why don’t-- why don’t you go and talk to him?”  “Oh-- no-- why don’t you?”  “No-- you go!”  “I don’t think I can!”

Woman:  “Y-y-you must be thirsty, Hercules.  I brought you something to drink.”

H:  “Thanks, but, uh-- I’m fine for now.”

Woman 2:  “But all that work-- you must be starved.”

H:  “Sorry, I, uh-- had a big breakfast.  No thanks-- really.”

Ata:  “Hercules.”

H:  “Ladies-- please-- ”

Ata:  “I need to talk to you.”

Women’s Voices:  “Where’s he going?”  “Ah.”  “Oh.”


Ata:  “I don’t know.  It’s as if something came over me.  I mean, the one minute, I’m shaping plow blades-- and the next minute, I’m hammering out swords.  And I knew what I was doing, but I didn’t know why.  Who knows how long I would’ve kept it up if I hadn’t burnt myself?”

H:  “Where’re all the swords now?”

Ata:  “That’s just it.  I don’t know.”

H:  “Have other strange things been happening around here?”

Ata:  “Not in this village.  But in Styra, three families of farmers have been killed.  And in Lixus, there’s been rumors about roving bands of wild boys.”

H:  “Does Hera have a-- shrine or a temple near here?”

Ata:  “You think Hera’s behind all this?”

H:  “Well-- there’s only one way to find out.”


H:  “No guards, Hera.  You must be slipping.  Looks like nobody’s been in your temple for some time, Hera.  You’re not real popular anymore, I guess.  But it looks like _somebody_ made a sacrifice here.  Ah, the sign of war-- but why in Hera’s temple?  Ares.”


Boys’ Voices:  “Ares!  [Fourteen times total throughout]”

Ares’ Voice [Laughs]:  “Hercules.”


Aurelius:  “Come on!”


Boy:  “Did you see the look on that guy’s face when I cut him?!”

Boy 2:  “He thought he was gonna die.”

Boy 3:  “Yeah.”

Aurelius:  “Quiet!  Pay attention!  You did a good job today!  The great god Ares would be proud.  But that was just the beginning.  There is far greater glory ahead of us!”

Ximenos:  “Aurelius!”

Aurelius:  “You’re late, Ximenos.  A true warrior doesn’t miss a battle.”

Ximenos:  “You fought somebody?”

Aurelius:  “They were no match for us.  Just ask your brothers-in-arms-- unless you’d rather hang back with the women and children with your friend, here.”

Ximenos:  “Titus isn’t hanging back.  He wants to join us.  I talked him into it.”

Aurelius:  “You did?  Is he telling the truth, Titus?  Do you really wanna be a warrior of Ares?  Do you have the spine for it?”

Ximenos:  “Say, ‘Yes.’”

Boy:  “Come on-- don’t be a coward.”

Aurelius:  “You want to be a servant of Ares-- don’t you?”

Titus:  “I can’t-- I’ve gotta get back and help Hercules fix the roof.  I’m sorry, Ximenos.”

A Boy’s Voice:  “Coward!”

Aurelius:  “Hercules-- Mighty Ares, god of war-- make yourself present.”

Ares’ Voice:  [Laughs]

Aurelius:  “Hercules is in town.”

Ares’ Voice:  “Hercules-- my half-brother.  So, that’s why you’ve crawled to me in fear.”

Aurelius:  “I just came to you for guidance-- that’s all.  Who better to map a strategy against Hercules than the god of war himself?

Ares’ Voice:  “Use the boy.”


H:  “Janista!  You were gonna read it sooner or later.”

Janista:  “I guess part of me was still hoping that-- he’d walk through the door someday.”

H:  “Come here.  It’s all right.  It’s all right.  I know what you’re feeling.”


Aurelius:  “Hello, Titus.”

Titus:  “What are you doing here?”

Aurelius:  “I came to apologize.  Must have seemed pretty strange out there today.  But every man in my army wants to be your friend, Titus.  So do I.”

Titus:  “I don’t think so.”

Aurelius:  “Listen to me, Titus!  I have something very important to tell you.”

Titus:  “What?”

Aurelius:  “There’s a stranger in the village.”

Titus:  “It’s Hercules.  He came to tell us my dad got killed in the war.”

Aurelius:  “It wasn’t the war that killed your father, Titus.  It was Hercules.  And now he’s here to take advantage of your mother.”


Titus:  “Hercules, come quick!”

H:  “Titus, where have you been?!”

Titus:  “Come on!  I’ve gotta show you something!”

H:  “What’s wrong?”

Titus:  “Those swords that got stolen from Atalanta?  I know who’s got them.  It’s a gang of kids.  They’re hurting people, Hercules!”

H:  “W- wait a minute, wait.  How would you know about the stolen swords?  Where’d this come from?”


H:  “Titus!  Where are you?!  Come back here!”


H:  “You’re just a kid.”

Aurelius:  “Now!”



Janista:  “Atalanta, have you seen Titus or Hercules?”

Ata:  “No, I haven’t seen Titus.  If I knew where Hercules was, I sure wouldn’t be out here.”

Janista:  “Oh, I thought you might have.”

Ata:  “No, I haven’t seen him since this morning when I showed him something in the forge.”

Janista:  “Oh, no!  Please be alive.”

Ata:  “Look!  He’s still alive!”

Janista’s Voice:  “Thank the gods.”

Janista:  “Hercules, are you all right?”

H:  “Where’s Titus?”

Janista:  “He’s not under there, is he?”

H:  “He’s the one who led me into this trap.”

Janista:  “What are you talking about?!  Titus wouldn’t do something like that!”

H:  “Uh, maybe he wouldn’t before-- but Ares has ‘hold of him now.”

Janista:  “I’ve gotta find him.”

H:  “Wait!  I’ll go with-- ”

Ata:  “You’re not going anywhere, but with me, Herc.”

H:  “But-- ”

Ata:  “No ‘buts’ about it, Herc.”


Janista:  “What about me, Titus?  You gonna try killing me, too?”

Titus:  “Warriors of Ares don’t kill women.”

Janista:  “Oh, just men.”

Titus:  “When they stand in Ares’ way.”

Janista:  “And what about Hercules?  What did he deserve?”

Titus:  “To die!”

Janista:  “But why?!”

Titus:  “He killed my father!  Ares said so!  And I saw how he had his hands all over you last night.”

Janista:  “Titus, you don’t know what you’re saying.  Now, please, give that back to me.”

Titus:  “No!  I’m a soldier now.  This belongs to me.”

Janista:  “Well, if you won’t give it to me, then you can give it to Hercules.”

Titus:  “Dead men don’t need swords.”

Janista:  “Well, lucky for you, he isn’t dead.  I just saw him.”

Titus:  “You’re lying!”

Janista:  “No, I’m not!  Titus, come back here!”


Ata:  “There, that should do it.”

H:  “Thanks.  I didn’t think you’d have such a gentle touch.”

Ata:  “Come back when you don’t need repairs, and I’ll-- treat you even better.”

H:  “Sorry, but, I’ve-- I’ve gotta go find those kids.”

Ata:  “Fine, let’s get moving.”

H:  “This is not your fight, Atalanta.  This is between Ares and me.”

Ata:  “Look, Ximenos might be out there.  That makes it my fight.”

H:  “I understand your concern.”

Ata:  “Yeah, yeah-- you don’t think I can handle myself?  You think I’m weak?”

H:  “No-- I would never call you weak.  But this is too dangerous.”

Ata:  “Well, that’s why I have this.  And if you still wanna argue about it, we can always arm-wrestle.”

H:  “Um-- after you.”


Aurelius:  “It was magnificent, Ares.  People will be talking about our triumph until the end of time.  Of course-- Hercules didn’t fall until _I_ delivered the killing blow.”

Ares’ Volice:  “Fool!  Hercules isn’t dead!”

Aurelius:  “He-- he isn’t?”

Ares’ Voice:  “No-- I still feel him.”

Aurelius:  “My troops won’t fail you a second time-- I promise.”

Ares’ Voice:  “Not your troops-- you!”

Aurelius:  “How?”

Ares’ Voice:  “Use my blood.”


H:  “I’ve always been ashamed that Ares and I share the same father, but this is as low as he’s ever sunk-- using boys to get the blood he needs to live on.”

Ata:  “Well, can’t Zeus do something to stop him?”

H:  “Why would he?  It’s only human life.  That means nothing to him.”

Ata:  “Ow, my arm!”

H:  “Atalanta, are you all right?”

Ata [Ares’ Voice]:  “I’m fine.”

H:  “Not you, too.”


H:  “Fighting in a woman’s body-- you’re a coward, Ares!  What’s the matter?!  Can’t you fight your own battles?!  Atalanta-- are you all right?”

Ata:  “Of course, I’m all right.  Now, get me out of here!  What happened?!”

H:  “You just tried to whip the hide off me.  That’s what happened.”

Ata:  “What are you talkin’ about?”

H:  “Ares got into you and went crazy!”

Ata:  “He must’ve been the same reason why I was makin’ those swords.  I had the same strange feeling.”

H:  “Well-- warn me the next time you get any strange feelings.”


Titus:  “Aurelius!  Aurelius!  Hercules is still alive!”

Aurelius:  “Old news, Titus.”

Titus:  “Well, what’re you gonna do about it?!”

Aurelius:  “I’m not gonna do anything.  You are.  Ares wanted you dead when you screwed everything up-- but I made him give you one more chance.  Hold up your sword.  Ares’ blood is pure poison.  One cut-- and Hercules is dead.”

Ximenos:  “Titus is my friend.  I fight with him.”

Aurelius:  “You better win with him.”


Janista:  “Hercules-- stop!  Titus-- is acting crazy.  He’s still tryin’ to kill you.”

H:  “I know that.  I know that.  I know where to find him.”

Janista:  “Please don’t hurt him.  He’s all I have.”

Ata:  “He’ll be all right.”

H:  “The only one I wanna hurt-- is Ares.”

Ata:  “Go home, Janista.  We’ll handle this.”

Janista:  “I’m coming.  He’s my son.”


Boys:  “Ares!  [Stated a total of 46 times, while panning back and forth between boys and Herc et al.]

H:  “This is where it ends, boys.  Game is over.”

Aurelius:  “That’s what you think.  Great god, Ares-- show him your power!”



Aurelius:  “He’s all yours.”

Titus:  “I thought you were my friend, Hercules-- but you murdered my father!  And you came to take away my mother.”

Ximenos:  “We’re gonna fix it so you don’t hurt anybody anymore.”

H:  “Ares is filling you with hate and lies.  He’s using you!”

Ximenos:  “Shut up!”

H:  “What’s the matter?  Does it hurt that the god of war is a vulture, because that’s what Ares is.  He’ll have you kill me.  He’ll even make you kill your friends.  And, who knows?  He’ll probably make you kill each other.”

Janista:  “He’s telling you the truth, Titus.  He came here as a friend.”

Aurelius:  “Don’t listen to them!”

A Boy’s Voice:  “Ximenos!”

Ata:  “Hercules hasn’t hurt anyone.  He’s trying to help you get free from Ares.”

Aurelius:  “What are you waiting for?!  Kill him!  Kill them all!”

H:  “You must be the leader.  You look like the kind of puppet Ares would like.”

Aurelius:  “A puppet couldn’t kill you, Hercules.  You fell right into my trap.  I’m Ares’ general.”

Ata:  “And what kind of general could that be?  A general nuisance?”

Aurelius:  “For that-- you die first!  Kill her!  Show Hercules what’s in store for him.”

Janista:  “No, Titus!  Don’t do it!”

[Boys:  “Kill them!  throughout the rest]

H:  “Titus, Ximenos, think about it!  You don’t want blood on your hands.”

Aurelius:  “Don’t listen to him, Titus.  Hercules is a liar!  He killed your father, Titus.”

Janista:  “No, Titus, don’t do this!”

Ata:  “Don’t do it, Ximenos.”

H:  “Think about your father, Titus.  You too, Ximenos.  They fought against the very evil that Ares stands for.  You’re not killing anybody.  [Boys’ chanting stops]  What’s it gonna be, boys?  Whose side are you on?”

Titus and Ximenos:  “Yours.”

H:  “Good choice.”

Aurelius:  “Don’t listen to him.  You want to feel the wrath of Ares?”

H:  “If you’ll excuse me, it’s time to teach someone a lesson.”

Aurelius:  “Attack!  Attack!”


Ata:  “Great!  I wanted to fight, but not with dwarves.”

Aurelius:  “Stand back, Hercules.  This sword is poison.”

H:  “That just makes it more interesting.”

Aurelius:  “One cut-- one tiny little nick-- and you’re dead!”

H:  “Then you better not slip.”

Ata’s Voice:  “Come and get me, boys.”

Ata:  “You see that?  Huh?”

Aurelius:  “Ares!  Help me!  Hercules is here!”

Ares:  “So, there you are-- little brother.  Ah-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!”

Aurelius:  “Stand back, Hercules.  I am protected by Ares, himself.  We have a deal.”

Ares:  “Deal’s off!”

Aurelius:  [Screams]

H:  “I thought maybe I’d seen the last of you, half-brother.  Well, you haven’t gotten any better-lookin’-- that’s for sure.”  [They fight.]  [Yells]

Ares:  “Ha-ha-ha-ha.  Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha.  Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha.”

Boys’ Voices:  “Hercules!”  “Get up!”  “He’s coming!”

Ares:  “Take your last breath, Hercules.”

Titus:  “Here, Hercules!  Use my father’s sword!”

Ares:  “Time to die, little brother.”  [Laughs]

H:  “I hate my family.”  [Yells]

Boys:  “Ares!  Ares!”

Ares:  “Next time, Hercules!  Next time!”  [Laughs]

H:  “I’ll be looking forward to it.  Is that the god you worship?!  That-- ?!  Take those masks off.  Go home.  Go back to the villages and farms that you came from.  And if you have to fight, fight for peace, not for war.”

Titus:  “Sorry, Mom-- for everything.”

Janista:  “Shh-- it’s all right, Titus.”

Titus:  “Is it over?”

H:  “For this town-- for today.  Come on.  Let’s go home.”


H:  “The circumstances were all wrong, Janista.  But I’m still glad I got the chance to meet you and Titus.”

Janista:  “So am I, Hercules.  And don’t forget-- there’s always room for you under our roof.  After all-- you built it.”

H:  “Thank you.  Now, for you two.”

Titus:  “Sorry for all the trouble we caused you, Hercules.”

Ximenos:  “We wouldn’t have done it if we’d known.”

H:  “Well-- no hard feelings-- as long as you promise me it won’t happen again.”

Ximenos and Titus:  “It won’t.”

H:  “Good.  The last words your father spoke to me-- were meant for you, Titus.  He wanted you to know that-- the art of the warrior is not to kill-- but to destroy the forces of evil.  I hope you’ll never forget that.”

Titus:  “You’ve got my word.”

H:  “Good.  Then you’ll grow up to be the man that your father wanted you to be.  [Chuckles]  Atalanta-- what can I say?”

Ata:  “Just shut up and say, ‘One, two, three.’”

H:  “You’re not gonna, like-- flip me or anything, are ya?”

Ata:  “Would you just say it?”

H:  “One, two, three.”

Ata:  “Come back and see me, sometime.”

H:  “Ah-- yeah.  I’ll, uh-- I’ll save-- my strength for you.”

Ata’s [?] Voice:  “Bye, Hercules.”

Ximenos’ [?] Voice:  “Thanks.”

Ata’s [?] Voice:  “Shush.”


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