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“As Darkness Falls”  H06/106


Nemis:  “Oh, glorious Hera.  I must possess the beautiful
Penelope.  Please-- send me some sign.  I will do anything to win
her--  anything.”

Hera:  Produces club that can kill Hercules.

Nemis:  “Thank you, great Hera.  Now you must show me-- who must
I kill?”


H:  “Soldier!  Where you headed?”

Tiron:  “Nespa.”

H:  “I’m going there, myself-- to a wedding.  Let me give you a
hand.  I’m not trying to steal your armor.”

Tiron:  “Don’t touch it!”

H:  “I’m just trying to help.”

Tiron:  “I don’t want your help.”

H:  “Two sets of armor-- your comrade’s.”

Tiron:  “He died because-- I was a coward.  I’m taking his armor
back to his family.”

H:  “You still have a long ways to go.”

Tiron:  “It’s the least I can do.”

H:  “I understand.  Good luck, my friend.”


Craesus:  “Ha-ha!  Beat that.”

Lyla:  “Dead center.  OK?  Go!”

Craesus:  “Huh!  Why do we bother practicing?  Even if we win an
event, the groom gets the money.”

Deric:  “I take pride in knowing I’m as good as any of them.”

Craesus:  “Then why aren’t you... ”

Lyla:  “Yeah!”

Craesus:  [Continues without a pause]  “... sitting at the main
table-- instead of quarantined-- half-way to the woods?”

Deric:  “Still-- not many people would dare invite a centaur to a

Craesus:  “Ten years we worked for the bride’s father.  And this
is the thanks we get?!  A table between the children and where
they tether their beasts?!”

Lyla:  “Aww-- are you denying the beast in you?”

Craesus:  “You watch your tongue.”

Deric:  “Craesus is right, Lyla.  You’d probably be a bridesmaid
if you didn’t hang around with us.”

Lyla:  “I choose my own friends.”

Nemis:  “Lyla!  Fill it with wine.  And when the time is right,
add this!  Hera has given me the power to win the hand of

Craesus:  [Laughs]  “Penelope?  She’s the bride!”

Nemis:  “Now I can show her the error of her judgment.  And with
this-- I will avenge my brother’s death!  It’s a club like you’ve
never seen.  This club will kill Hercules.”



Salmoneus [Sal]:  “Hercules?!  Hey, Hercules!  Wait up!”

H:  “Not again.”

Sal:  “Hercules!  I thought it was you!”

H:  “Salmoneus-- good to see you.”

Sal:  “Wooo!  You got quite a stride, there.”

H:  “You should take better care of yourself.  You’re looking a
little warn down since the last time I saw you.”

Sal:  “Yeah-heah-heah.  Hey, that’s not funny, my friend.  It
might be easy for a god to entertain fifty nubile maidens.  It
almost killed me.”

H:  “Almost, huh?  Still selling togas?”

Sal:  “Nah, I got out of that racket-- style change every year.
Real estate!  That’s where the future is.  They’re not making any
more land, you know?  Which reminds me-- hey!  Take a look at
this.  Isn’t that beautiful?  I got a great deal on some
swampland in Macedonia.”

H:  “Not interested.”

Sal:  “No, I don’t mean for you to buy!  You could be my partner,
huh?!  With your knack for moving mountains and diverting rivers,
we could make a killing just subdividing by twenty extra lots.”

H:  “Not-- interested.”

Sal:  “Think about it!  You don’t have to decide now!  Hey,
Hercules, where you going?!”

H:  “You’re-- going to Nespa, too.”

Sal:  “Yeah!  There’s a wedding going on there.  I figure that
newlyweds always need to get off on the right foot.  Buy a home,
a little land.  See, you got your southern exposure-- three kinds
of... ”


Marcus  [Marc]:  “Happy?”

Penelope  [Pen]:  “Mmmmm-- and you?”

Marc:  “Mmm-- very.  But I still think it was a mistake inviting
Lyla and the centaurs.”

Pen:  “Marcus-- we’ve been over this.  Lyla is one of my oldest
friends.  And Craesus and Deric have worked my father’s farm for
years.  It’d be an insult not to invite them.”

Marc:  “Even at the risk of destroying the wedding ceremony?”

Pen:  “They’ll be fine-- at least as long as they stay away from
the wine.”

Marc:  “Mmm-- who’s gonna keep them away?”


Sal:  “Location, location, location.  That’s what it’s all about!
See-- I’ve got some Thracian hills here with views to die for.”

H:  “Not-- interested.”

Sal:  “No-- you don’t realize the potential-- whoa!  Look at all
these prospects!  Ah, guests.  [Clears throat]”

H:  “I can’t believe your ability to turn anything into a
profit-making venture.”

Sal:  “It’s a gift.”

H:  “Do me a favor?  Keep the hustling a selling to a minimum?
They may be dressed for a wedding, but these are not rich

Sal:  “You hurt me.”

H:  “Don’t tell me I’ve actually wounded your pride.”

Sal:  “What pride?!  You’re cutting off my source of revenue!
I’m trying to earn a living, here!”

Pen:  “Hercules!”

H:  “Penelope!  [Laughs]  Oh, Penelope, look-- look at you.
You’re all grown up.”

Pen:  “Look-- I couldn’t stay twelve forever-- not even for you.
I’m so happy to see you.  I wasn’t sure you’d come.”

H:  “What-- miss the wedding of Myceum’s sister?”

Pen:  “I wish he were here to see it.”

H:  “I know-- me too.  This is a friend of mine-- Salmoneus.”

Sal:  “Congratulations.  I’d like to talk to you about your

H:  “Do you-- listen to a word I say?”

Sal:  “Which word is that?”

Pen:  [Laughs]  “Come-- you must be starving after your journey.”

Sal:  “Hi!  Uh-- I’m Salmoneus... ”

Pen:  “Now-- tell me all about your adventures.”


Man’s Voice:  “Look at that!”

Judge:  “Two hundred four paces!”

Craesus:  “Ever seen anyone throw that far?”

H:  “Only once.”

Craesus:  “Oh-- how about that far, with accuracy?”

H:  “Pick your target.”

Craesus:  “The far stump.”

Men’s Voices:  “The far stump?!”  “How can he reach that far

H:  “You’re on.”

Sal:  “OK!  I’ve got Hercules for twenty dinars!  Twenty dinars!
Who’ll take the centaurs?!  Twenty dinars!”

Tall Man:  “Bet against Hercules?  Are you crazy?”

Sal:  “I’ll give two-to-one odds.  Three-to-one.  Five?  OK, at
five-to-one, that’s-- let me see-- ten dinars pays fifty--
less... ”

H:  “Be my guest.”

Craesus:  “That’ll be hard to beat.”

H:  “Very hard.  It’s a little light.  Makes it harder to gauge
the distance.”

Craesus:  “Well, perhaps you’d rather-- ”

Sal:  “Yeah!  Yeah!”

Men’s Voices:  “It went clear through it!”  “He hit the centaur’s

Sal:  “OK!  That’s five for you!  Nothing for you.”

H:  “Lucky shot.”

Sal:  “You can’t lose with honest Salmoneus!  Hey, Hercules!  You
ever thought about getting an agent?!”

H:  “What’s an agent?”

Sal:  “You know, someone to find you work.  Make sure you get
paid for all your toil and trouble?”

H:  “It’s not work to me, Salmoneus.  I enjoy helping people.
And besides, payment is never part of the deal.”

Sal:  “See, that’s why you need me!  I could get you a contract
for big dinars!”

H:  “Not interested.”

Sal:  “I’m just thinking of your future.  Suppose you wanna get
out of the hero business-- you know-- open up a souvenir shop--
have-- I know-- not interested.”

Lyla:  “I bet I know what interests you.”

H:  “And-- what’s that?”

Lyla:  “Pretty things?  Come-- I’ll show you the best view in all
of Nespa.  Well, come on.  I won’t bite.”  


Lyla:  “Did I lie?”

H:  “No-- it must be wonderful to wake up every morning and-- see

Lyla:  “Hmm-- I have never seen a man throw a javelin so far.”

H:  “Well-- all it takes is a-- little practice.”

Lyla:  “What else have you practiced?”

H:  “Can we-- slow this down?”

Lyla:  “Well, don’t tell me you like to fall in love with someone
before you go to bed with them.  I’m not a virgin, you know?”

H:  “That’s not the point.  [Laughs]  I just-- don’t-- want to go
through life-- leaving a string of fatherless children behind.”

Lyla:  “Are you always so noble?”

H:  “I try to be.”

Lyla:  “Well-- a toast-- to Hercules and nobility.”

H:  “And to Lyla-- and beauty.”

Lyla:  “Are you sure I can’t convince you otherwise?”

H:  “Ah-- I’m sorry.”

Lyla:  “No.”

H:  “Look-- I can’t-- do this.”

Lyla:  “Well, you can’t expect me to make it easy for you-- no

H:  “Uh-- none taken.  Excuse me.”



H:  “Tell me, Salmoneus-- do I look all right to you?”

Sal:  “Uh-- sure, I think you’re very attractive.  I mean, I
don’t find you particularly attractive-- but I’m sure women do.
I mean, I don’t find you unattractive.  In fact, I consider you
quite handsome.  I don’t want you to get the wrong idea!  I’m not
interested in you that way.”

H:  “What I meant was-- Do I look like there’s anything wrong
with me?”

Sal:  “Come again?”

H:  “I just don’t-- fell right.  It’s-- my eyes.  Does the day
seem-- a bit overcast to you?”

Sal:  “Not at all.  Why do you ask?”

H:  “Just-- curious


Woman 1:  “I think it’s _disgusting_ that they should ask those
creatures-- to a wedding, no less!”

Woman 2:  “Shh!  He’ll hear you.”

Woman 3:  “Quiet down.  Quiet down.”

Deric:  “Funny-- I thought the chicken was delicious.  You think
it’s the company?”

H:  “It’s-- possible.  You see-- assigned seating can be a

Deric:  [Laughs]  “Yes, uh-- I’ve noticed these centaurs have
been-- exiled to the far tables.”

H:  “Well, some would claim that they offer a better view of the

Deric:  [Laughs]  “Well, in that case, perhaps you’d care to eat
with us.”

H:  “I’d love to.  It’s been years since I’ve broken bread with a

Deric:  “It’s rumored you were taught by one.”

H:  “No rumor-- almost everything I know, I learned from a
centaur named Ceridian.”

Deric:  “Including athletic skills?”

H:  “Yes.”

Deric:  “Perhaps you oughtta test a student-- see how well he’s

H:  “Done.”


Judge:  “Two fingers-- left of center!”

Men’s Voices:  “Great shot, Deric!  Hercules won’t beat that!”

Judge:  “Two fingers-- right of center!  A tie!”

Men’s Voice:  “Two winners!”  “I want my money back!”  

Tall man:  “Well done.”

Man’s Voice:  “Yeah, give us our stakes back!”

Sal:  “Why not leave it with me, huh?!  I’ll give great odds!
I’ll double the odds!”


H:  “I’m not-- laying back.  Something is wrong with my eyes.”

Sal:  “Yeah, right!  You hit a bull’s-eye two hundred paces away,
huh?  You must be going blind, huh?!”  [Laughs]

H:  “Salmoneus, I’m telling you, I can’t-- ”

Sal:  “You know, whatever you’re doing, keep it up!  If this
keeps going, I get the odds
down to three-- maybe even two-- to-one-- huh?!  Ha-ha!”


Deric:  “You gave him the drink?”

Lyla:  “Just like Nemis said.”

Deric:  “All of it?”

Lyla:  “What do you think I am-- stupid?!”

Deric:  “Anybody else would’ve been completely incapacitated.”

Lyla:  “Nemis is too crazy to care.”

Craesus:  “Huh!  You’d be crazy too, if Nemis killed your twin.”

Lyla:  “Nemis’ twin tried to rape Hercules’ wife.  He deserved to

Craesus:  “Too bad you wound up on the same side as Nemis, huh?
And the rest of us outcasts!”

Deric:  “Watch your mouth, Craesus!”

Lyla:  “Sharos makes a beautiful maid of honor, doesn’t she?
Pity she’s spoken for.”


H:  “Oh, maybe I am losing my touch.”

Pen:  “Oh, but you didn’t have any problems yesterday.”

H:  “Penelope?”

Pen:  “Hmm?”

H:  “How well do you know Lyla?”

Pen:  “Oh!  The lovely Lyla!  We used to be best friends.  When
we were younger, we were inseperable.  She had a real crush on my
brother before he died at the siege of Corinth.  And then she
changed.  She got-- wilder-- started hanging around with

H:  “Well-- it’s not a crime.”

Pen:  “Oh, it is to some people around here.  You-- might have
lost a few fans when you befriended Deric, earlier.”

H:  “I didn’t befriend him; I was just being civil.”

Pen:  “Yeah-- I try to be the same way.  Centaurs are like
everyone else.  Some are good; some are bad.  Oh, no-- speaking
of bad.”

H:  “Nemis.”

Man’s Voice:  “Where’re you going?!  Take it easy, Centaur!”

Pen:  “You know him?”

Man’s Voice:  “You clumsy lout!”

H:  “His twin brother tried to abduct someone very dear to me.  I
was forced to kill him.  What’s he doing here?”

Pen:  “I suppose he invited himself.  He used to work our farm.
We even played together when I was younger.  Then my father threw
him off when he started getting too familiar.”

Marc:  “Your father had the right idea.”

Pen:  “Marcus, don’t.”

Marc:  “I don’t want him here.  He wasn’t invited.”

Pen:  “Please?  Don’t make a scene.”

Nemis:  “Everyone ready?”

Deric:  “Nemis-- are you sure you wanna go through with this?”

Nemis:  “Have you chosen your prize?”

Craesus:  “Oh, yes-- I have.”

Pen:  “Stop it.  No, Marcus.”

Marc:  “No, listen.”

Pen:  “No, come on-- it’s our wedding day-- please?”

Marc:  “Don’t ask me to leave.”

Pen:  “Don’t be afraid.  He’ll go before long.”

Nemis:  “Some day, Penelope will thank me for this.”

Brother 1’s Voice:  “Hey, look!  It’s Tiron!”

Brother 2’s Voice:  “It’s our brother’s armor.”

Brother 1’s Voice:  “Where is he, Tiron?”

Tiron:  “He died in battle-- at my side.  It was my fault.”

Sharos:  “Tiron!  Tiron, you’re back!”

Tiron:  “Please, Sharos.  I don’t deserve you-- not anymore.”

Brother 2:  “I’ll second that!”

Brother 1:  “Tell us how our brother died, war-hero!”

Tiron:  “It was in the marshes-- at Thebes.  We were attacked by
a larger force.  I fell.  I was about to be killed.  Taros turned
his back to help.  He died saving me.”

Brother 2:  “Did you avenge his death?!”

Tiron:  “I tried-- but the command to retreat was sounded!”

Brother :  “So you ran?!”

Tiron:  “I withdrew!  A soldier follows orders!  Taros was
already dead.  There was nothing I could do.”

Brother 2:  “Then I’ll avenge my brother, and you shall join

Sharos:  “No!”


H:  “Hold on!  Hold on”

Brother 1:  “It’s not your business, Hercules!”

H:  “Killing him won’t bring your brother back.”

Brother 2:  “But it’ll make us feel better!”

H:  “Why?  Tiron has acted with honor.  He’s carried your
brother’s armor from the battlefield to your doorstep.”

Brother 1:  “So, we’ll return the favor!  We will deliver his
armor to his family!”

H:  “Then you’ll have to go through me.”


[Various cries and shouts]

H:  “It needs salt.”

Sal:  “Not a bad payday.  I’m surprised that first guy caught you
with a sucker-punch.”

H:  “You could’ve warned me.”

Sal:  “I thought you saw it coming.”

H:  “I’m not seeing much of anything lately, Salmoneus.”

Sal:  “The guy was as big as a house.  I mean, how could you miss

H:  “That’s what I’m trying to tell you.  I think I’m going
blind.  Salmoneus, what’s going on?”

Sal:  “The centaurs smashed the banquet table, and they’re
beating up the guests!”

Pen:  [Screams]

Marcus:  “Penelope!”

Sal:  “Hey!  They grabbed the bride-- they’re heading this way!”

Pen:  “Help!  Somebody, help me!”

H:  “All I can see is shadows.”

Pen:  “Let me go!”

Man’s Voice:  “Watch out!”

Sharos:  [Screams]  “No!”

Deric:  “Lyla!  Come on!”

Lyla:  “Let’s go!”

Sal:  “Hercules?”



Sal:  “He’s breathing.  Don’t drown him!  Oh-- thank the gods
he’s alive!”

H:  “What happened?”

Sal:  “They took them; they’re gone.”

H:  “Who?”

Marc:  “The centaurs and that slut, Lyla!”

H:  “No-- who’d they take?”

Marc:  “Penelope and Sharos.”

H:  “Marcus-- Tiron-- you know the land.  You lead the way.
Salmoneus, you’re coming, too.”

Sal:  “Hercules-- you know I’m not much of a warrior.”

H:  “Salmoneus-- I need you-- to be my eyes.”

Sal:  “All right, all right.  I see what you mean.”


Sal:  “Lower your head.”

H:  “Did you see who it was?”

Tiron:  “Uh-- I couldn’t tell.”

H:  “Let’s move deeper into the bush.  We’ll be all right if we
don’t give ‘em a clear shot.”


Nemis:  “Lyla!  Some food for our guests.”

Pen:  “Don’t do this, Nemis.  It can only end badly for you.”

Nemis:  “It’ll end badly, all right.  But for Hercules-- not me.”

Pen:  “He’s done nothing to you!”

Nemis:  “He killed my brother!  And a day doesn’t pass that I
don’t _dream_ of revenge!  Maybe-- maybe when he’s dead by my
hand, you’ll see me in a different light.”

Pen:  “You’re fooling yourself.  I could never care for you-- not
that way.”

Nemis:  “You loved me once-- long ago.”

Pen:  “You mistake a child’s affection for something else.”

Nemis:  “You’re the one that’s mistaken-- and the dead carcass of
Hercules will prove it to you!  Craesus.”

Craesus:  “We’ll have our fun later.”

Sharos:  “Never, pig!”

Craesus:  “Horse, my dear-- horse!”  [Laughs]

Pen:  “Lyla-- how can yo be a part of this?  You were my friend.”

Lyla:  “Right-- such a good friend that I’m not even part of the
bridal party.”

Pen:  “I didn’t think you cared.  You haven’t spoken to me in two

Lyla:  “So?  I’ve made new friends.”

Pen:  “And I don’t begrudge you that.  But old friends still


Sal:  “Is your vision any better?”

H:  “I can barely distinguish between dark and light.”

Sal:  “Maybe it’s just temporary.”

H:  “What if it isn’t?!  I’ve dedicated my life to helping
people.  How do I do that if I’m the one that needs help?”

Sal:  “Maybe it’s time to hang up the old sandals, hmm?  You’ve
done a lot of good deeds.  Time to slow down and smell the roses.
You only go around once, you know?  Well, maybe if you’re
immortal, you get a chance to go around and around.”

H:  “I am _not_ immortal-- at least, I don’t think so.”

Sal:  “I guess you’ll find out sooner or later.  It’s Marcus.”

H:  “What did you find?”

Marc:  “They’ve rejoined forces-- headed toward higher ground.”

H:  “No attempt to cover their tracks.”

Marc:  “None-- it’s, it’s like they want us to find them.”

Tiron:  “Hercules!  Over here!  The centaurs-- they’re out in the
open, two hundred paces up the hill-- by the caves.”

H:  “The caves-- what are they up to?”

Marc:  “We seem to be just out of their range.”

H:  “Not mine.  Salmoneus!  I’ll need your help.”

Sal:  “What if they get lucky?”

H:  “Stay behind me.  How far?”

Sal:  “Two hundred and twenty paces.”

Marc:  “What’re you doing?!”

Sal:  “He can’t see!  Now, where were we?”

H:  “Is my direction right?”

Sal:  “Yeah.”

H:  “How did we do?”

Sal:  “Ah-- ten paces to the left-- and they’ve moved ten paces
to the right.  Ah-ah-ah-ah!  Hercules!  We better get out of
here!  They’re about to dislodge a boulder the size of Mt.

H:  “Tell me how close my last arrow was, then run for the

Sal:  “It’s heading straight for us!”

H:  “How close?!”

Sal:  “Three paces left!”

Tiron:  “Marcus, get back!”

H:  “Who?”

Sal:  “Tiron-- he saved Marcus’ life.”

H:  “And mine.”

Marc:  “Ah!  My leg!”

H:  “Centaurs.”

Sal:  “One’s dead-- and the others are gone!”

H:  “Well, at least that cuts the odds.  Marcus-- you can’t do
any good here.  Salmoneus’ll have to take you back.”

Marc:  “And leave you?!  You can’t  fight them alone!”

H:  “It will be dark in a few hours.  Then we’ll be on equal

Sal:  “It’s suicide if you stay here!  Come back with us; we’ll
get more recruits!”

H:  “No-- I should’ve realized it before-- this is between Nemis
and me.”

Marc:  “Hercules, you can’t!”

H:  “This is my fight!  But first-- I must give a brave soldier a
proper burial.”


H:  “Rest easy, Tiron.  You were never a coward.  I know you’re
there, Nemis!  What are you waiting for?!”



H:  “Show yourself, Nemis.  Or are you afraid?”

Deric:  “I’m not afraid-- nor am I Nemis.”

H:  “So-- he sent you to do his dirty work.”

Deric:  “Yes-- but I’m refusing.”

H:  “Why would you do that?”

Deric:  “You’re not my enemy.  Even if you were, I wouldn’t take
advantage of your blindness.”

H:  “How do you know I’m blind?”

Lyla:  “I told him.  You’ll be glad to know it’s a temporary
condition-- providing, of course, you can make it through the
next few days.”

H:  “You won’t fight against me.  Will you fight with me?”

Deric:  “Not against Nemis.  He raised me.”

H:  “I respect that-- and your refusal to take sides.  But will

Lyla:  “It doesn’t matter.  We’re leaving this land.  Maybe the
Athenians will be more hospitable.”

Deric:  “Hide Hercules-- till your sight returns.  You’re no
match for him, now.”

H:  “I’m afraid there’re two women-- who wouldn’t appreciate the

Deric:  “Forget them, and worry about yourself.  Hera has given
Nemis a special club.”

H:  “Hera-- I should’ve guessed.  The sounds of the bats--
they’re from the cave.”

Deric:  “You’re very perceptive.  They’ll return an hour before
dawn.  Hercules?  I’m sorry one of you has to die.  Nemis wasn’t
always bad.  Life-- death-- wore him down.”


Pen:  “Nemis?  Please?  Let us go.  And I promise, no harm will
come to you.”

Nemis:  “Sweet Penelope-- I think I’m the only one here in
position to make promises.  And I promise you by-- the end of the
day, Hercules will be dead.  And you?  Mmm-- will start learning
to like my stew.”


Sal:  “What am I doing here?”


Pen:  “Her-- cules.”

H:  “Penelope-- show me where you’re tied.”

Pen:  “What’s wrong?  Can’t you see?”

H:  “No-- hurry!  There’s no time to waste!”

Pen:  “Uh, uh-- the, the key.  It’s on the beam, by Sharos.  Uh--
six-- maybe seven paces to the right.”

Sharos:  “Here-- above my head.”

Pen:  “Hurry, please!”

Nemis:  “Leaving so soon?”

H:  “Let the women go, Nemis.  It’s me you want.”

Nemis:  “Wrong!  I want you and Penelope.”

Pen:  “Help!  Quick!  Undo the chains!”

Nemis:  “And I’m in no hurry.  I want both pleasures to be slow--
and-- gratifying.”

H:  “What is that stench?  Dog meat?”

Nemis:  “Why doesn’t anyone like my _cooking_?!”

[H and Nemis fight]

Sharos:  “Where are the keys?!”  “I can’t undo it!”

Pen:  “It’s opening!  Pull!  Get my ankle!”

H:  “No fire-- no light.  Now you have the same problem I do.”

Nemis:  “Except your darkness is about to become-- permanent.”

Pen:  “Leave me!  Save yourself!”

Sharos:  “I’m not leaving without you!”

Pen:  “Hercules!  Plea-ease!  Noooooo!  Nooooooooo!  Nemis!”

Nemis:  “You killed me.”

Pen:  “Save me!”

Nemis:  “Go!  Help Penelope!  Help Penelope!”

Sharos:  “Hercules.  I couldn’t undo it!  This one’s got two!
Oh, Hercules-- break it!”

H:  “Run!  Get out!”

Nemis:  “Go, save yourself!  Go!  Penelope!”

Sal:  “I was worried you wouldn’t make it.”

H:  “Salmoneus?”

Sal:  “Ah!”

H:  “You were the decoy.”

Sal:  “I’m sending you my tailoring bill.  When Marcus wouldn’t
let me take him back-- I thought it was the least I could do.”

H:  “You did well.  Everybody did-- even Nemis.  He really loved
you, Penelope.”

Pen:  “I know.  I’m just sorry love took him so far astray.”


H:  “When a soldier dies bravely-- his sword becomes the symbol
of his courage.  I know he’d want you to have it.”

Sharos:  “Thank you.”

Marc:  “Thank you, Hercules-- for everything.”

H:  “It turned out to be a very nice ceremony.  I wish you both
the best.”

Pen:  “Please come back soon.”

H:  “You made out quite well, I understand.”

Sal:  “Well, I don’t wanna brag, but, uh-- I got great odds on
you against the centaurs.  Nobody had faith in you like I did.”

H:  “Hmm-- may I-- see?”

Sal:  “Um-- OK?  But, uh-- don’t drop anything.”

H:  “Did I ever finish explaining about the custom in these

Sal:  “Uh, uh, uh, wha- wha- what custom is that?”

H:  “The-- bride and groom collect all gambling winnings.”

Sal:  “Hercules!”

H:  “Come on, Salmoneus.”

Sal:  “Th-- that’s my money back there!”

H:  “Yes, that was very generous of you.”

Sal:  “Generous?!  Yeah, but that, but that, but that-- !”

H:  “And smart-- they’ll never forget you.”

Sal:  “Really?  That’s nice!”

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