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“The March to Freedom”  Episode 8/108


Oi-Lan:  “I never thought this day would come, Cyrus.  You and
me-- free of the past-- heading t-- Cyrus?”

Cyrus:  “Hmm?”

Oi-Lan:  “Something’s bothering you.  What is it?”

Cyrus:  “It’s Bellus.”

Oi-Lan:  “Don’t worry.  Everything is fine.”

Cyrus:  “Then why is he leading us along the beach, where’s
there’s no cover?  We should have weapons.”

Man:  “Did you hear, Admeta?  Cyrus thinks-- we should be armed.”

Admeta:  “Ah-ha-ha-- Cyrus-- Cyrus is a fool!  We left our home
to escape war.”

Man:  “Exactly.”

Oi-Lan:  “Why do you laugh?!  Cyrus just wants to protect us.”

Man:  “From what?  Once Bellus has taken us to Calydon, we will
have no enemies.”

Oi-Lan:  “Maybe they’re right, Cyrus.  We’ve had good luck this

Cyrus:  “Hmm.”

Admeta:  “What is that?”

Cyrus:  “Run!”

Woman’s Voice:  “Quickly!”

Cyrus:  “Oi-Lan!”


Man’s Voice:  “Over this way!  All of you!  Move along!  Come on,
get up, now!”

Bellus:  “All right-- move ‘em out!”

Cyrus:  “Liar!  You betrayed us!”

Bellus:  “What’s this?  A rebel in our midst.  Oh-- you’ve put
fear in my heart.”

Cyrus:  “I’ll put a knife in your heart.”

Bellus:  “You better do it before we get you and your friends to
the slave auction.”

Man’s Voice:  “When I say move, I mean move!”

Cyrus:  “We’ll escape, first chance we get.”

Mudo:  “Silence, slave!  Silence!”

Bellus:  “Don’t damage the merchandise, Mudo!  A slave with
fighting spirt like that will fetch top dinar at the Libyan
animal games.  And this one-- I’m tempted to keep for my own

Cyrus:  “Pig!”

Bellus:  “Oh good-- ha-ha!  He never quits.  We’ll start the
bidding high on him.”

Man’s Voice:  “All right-- move out!”



H:  “Mother-- ”

Alcmene [Alc]:  [Laughs]

H:  “What are you doing?  That’s-- too heavy for you.”

Alc:  “Guess I’m used to taking care of things by myself.”

H:  “All ya-- have to do-- is ask.”

Alc:  “Thanks-- but, I can manage-- really.”

H:  “Would you let me do that?  What good is it having your son
visit if you don’t put him to work?”

Alc:  “I suppose you’re right.”

H:  “Of course I am.”

Alc:  “Don’t settle for less than 400 dinars for this load.”

H:  “You want me to sell the grain?”

Alc:  “You said you wanted to help.”

H:  “Well yes, but-- I can’t haggle with those vultures in the

Alc:  “The gods gave you a sharp mind to go with that strong
body, Hercules.  You give yourself a chance.”

H:  “All right-- all right.  But you’re wrong about one thing.”

Alc:  “Oh?”

H:  “It wasn’t the gods who gave me a sharp mind.  It was you.”

Alc:  “Mmm.”


H:  “How many times did we walk across this very place?
Laughing-- thinking our happiness would never end.  I look
around-- and all I see is you, Deianeira-- and you-- Ilea-- Ason,
and Clonis.  That’s why I didn’t come back sooner.  I was afraid
it would hurt too much.  I know I should get on with my life,
but-- I can’t stop missing you.  [Sighs]  You were everything to
me-- and now I have nothing except the memories you gave me.
All I can offer in return are these.  I’ll try to do better the
next time I come here.”


Girl:  “Chickens!  Chicken-- here’s a chicken!”

Man’s Voice:  “Two dinar!  Two dinar!”

Man’s Voice:  “Here you go!  Two dinar!”


A Man’s Voice:  “Goat for sale!”

Man’s Voice:  “Fine-crafted-- ”

Man’s Voice:  “Weapons, sir?  The finest weapons in the
marketplace.  Please-- have a look, sir.  May I interest you in
some bows, sir?  The finest quality.  Try it out, sir, try it

H:  “It’s a nice bow.”

Man’s Voice:  “Only-- 15 dinars.”

I’s Voice [Disguised]:  “Hey, you!  Stop kickin’ my pig!  Woww!”

A Man’s Voice:  “Only 10 dinar, right here!”

H:  “Hello, Iolaus.”

I [Laughs]:  “Hercules-- you beast slayer!  What are you doing

H:  “Visiting my mother.”

I:  “Oh, and neglecting your best friend?”

H:  “No-- actually, I was headed to your house, when my mother
roped me into selling her grain.”

I:  “Oh-ho.”

H:  “You’re lookin’ well!”

I:  “Thanks.  Come on.”

H:  “Oh, someone-- new in your life?”

I:  “Oh, very funny.  Actually, uh-- I’m just about to sell
Penelope to the-- b-u-t-c-h-e-r.”

H:  “Oh, the butcher.  You know?  You’ve _got_ to stop naming
your animals.”

Bellus’ Voice:  “Get in there.  Low-life scum.”

Man’s Voice:  “Yes, sir.”

H:  “What’s all this about?”

Jeweler’s Voice:  “Gold and jewelry-- get your-- ”

I:  “That’s Bellus-- slave trader.  Comes through here every

H:  “What about the one pushing the slaves around?”

I:  “What, the big guy?”

H:  “Hm-hmm.”

I:  “That’s Mudo-- the gargantuan.”

H:  “I hate slavery.  It’s not right, Iolaus.”

I:  “Well, you’re not gonna end the slave trade here-- today.
You got some grain to sell.  Come on.  Let’s see if we can find a
buyer.  Come on, Penelope.”

Man’s Voice:  “Yes, sir.”


Woman’s Voice:  “Hello, Hercules.”

I:  “Will ya look at that?”

Woman:  “Hiiiii.”

I:  “There’s nothing like a hero’s homecoming.”

H:  “I forgot the scenery around here was so good.”

Saleswoman:  “Don’t walk away before you hear my offer,

H:  “Uh, look-- I’m flattered and all-- ”

Saleswoman:  “I was talking about your grain.”

I:  [Laughs]

H:  “You were?  Well, good-- because there’s a time and place for
everything, and this is the time and place for business.  Do you
mind?  What I have here is the finest grain that can be found for
a hundred miles in-- any direction.”

Saleswoman:  “Then, you better not waste it.”

H:  “Oh-- hardly enough for a loaf of bread.  Uh-- uh-- so, uh--
I’ll tell you what I’ll do, I’ll-- I’ll drop the price of, uh--
what spilled there and, uh-- give you all six sacks for-- 400
dinars.  Now, you know in your heart you can’t beat a deal like

Mother:  “I don’t have a heart.”

H:  “Who are you?”

Mother:  “Her mother.”

I:  “I never would’ve guessed.”

Mother:  “You’ve got your nerve, trying to take advantage of my

Saleswoman:  “Oh, but Mother-- ”

Mother:  “Quiet!  I wouldn’t feed your grain to a pig.”

I:  “Aw, hey!”

H:  “My mother grew that grain.”

Mother:  “A likely story.”

Saleswoman:  “Mother, this is Hercules.”

Mother:  “It is?  Come here a minute.”

H:  “Iolaus.”

Mother’s Voice:  “Hey, Hercules-- I’ve got a deal for a big,
strong man like you.”

Mother:  “If you’ll spend a little time with me, I’ll give you
everything you want for your grain.”

I:  [Laughs]

Mother’s Voice:  “What do ya say, pretty boy?”

Mother:  “It wouldn’t kill ya.”

H:  “How much for just the grain?”

Mother:  “Scared of a real woman?!”

H:  “No, it’s not that, it’s just that, um-- ”

Mother:  “You don’t know what you’re missin’.”

H:  “Uh, I’m the shy type.”

Mother:  “Two hundred dinars!”

H:  “That’s all?”

Mother:  “Unless you’d care to renegotiate.”

H:  “Two is fine.  Two is great.”

Mother:  “Take it and be gone.”

H:  “Thanks, it’s been, uh-- a pleasure doing business with you.”

Saleswoman:  “Goodbye, Hercules.”

H:  “Goodbye.”

Mother:  “That other 200 dinars’ll be waitin’ for you if you
change your mind.”

H [Aside to I]:  “Pigs’ll fly first.”

I [Aside to H]:  “Maybe she gets her looks from her father.”

H:  “Uh-huh.”


Bellus’ Voice:  “Sold!  And next-- fresh off the livery-- a young
scrapper-- hah-hah.  He’ll work your fields, tend to your
livestock, and he’ll take a good whipping, besides.  Who’ll start
the bidding at a hundred and fifty?  Do I have one-fifty?  Do I
have one-fif-I have one-fifty.”

Man’s Voice:  “One-fifty.”

Bellus’ Voice:  “I have one hundred and fifty dinars.”

A Man’s Voice:  “Two hundred dinars!”

Bellus’ Voice:  “Do I hear two?  I have two.  Two-fifty?
Two-fifty.  Do I have more?  Do I have any more?”

Man’s Voice:  “Three hundred!”

Bellus’ Voice:  “Three!  Three hundred-- a strong lad here.
Three-fifty.  Three-fifty.  Four?”

Man:  “Four hundred.”

Bellus’ Voice:  “Four hundred dinars.  Do I have more?  Do I have
any more?”

Ineas’ Voice:  “Five hundred.”

Bellus:  “Five hundred?  Five hundred?  Five hundred, once-- ”

Man’s Voice:  “Fold.”

Bellus:  “-- twice-- sold to Ineas for five hundred dinars.
Congratulations, you’ve got yourself a _spirited_ young slave.
Ha-ha-- ”

I:  “Ineas is a buyer for the Libyan animal games.”

H:  “Lunch for the lions, huh?”

Oi-Lan’s Voice:  “Get your hands _off_ me!”

I:  “What’s wrong?”

Bellus:  “And now-- what you’ve all been waiting for-- the best
for last-- a fine young wench for your bidding.  She’ll cook your
dinner, scrub your floor, and-- with that soft skin and pretty
face-- ha-ha-- she’ll warm those cold, lonely nights.”

Bellus’ Voice:  “Come, gentlemen-- ”

Man’s Voice:  “How much do you have, ?”

Bellus’ Voice:  “Who’ll start the bidding?”

Man’s Voice:  “With his twelve, we’ve got enough.”

Man:  “Well, what about my new plow?!”

Bearded Man:  “Fool!  Once we buy the wench, we’ll charge others
to use her!  We’ll make enough to buy ten plows!”

Bellus:  “Who’ll give me one hundred dinars for this flower of
the mystic East?”

Bearded Man:  “One hundred.”

H:  “Two hundred!”

I:  “What are you doing?”

H:  “Trying to save her.”

Bellus:  “I’ve got two hundred, but-- surely, this is not enough
for a woman who has so much untapped potential as a concubine.
Do I hear two-fifty?”

Bearded Man:  “Two-fifty!”

Bellus’ Voice:  “Ah-- music to my ears.”

Bellus:  “Do I hear three hundred?  [Continues in the background]
Gentlemen-- ”

H:  “How much money have you got?”

I:  “No, I don’t want a slave.”

Bellus’ Voice:  “-- have you lost you-- ?”

H:  “Consider it a loan.”

Bellus’ Voce:  “-- see this woman’s many gifts.”

I:  “I’m supposed to buy a new forge.”

Bellus:  “Come now, gentlemen.  A lass this lovely is certainly
worth at least three hundred dinars.”

H:  “Don’t worry.  You’ll get your money back.”

I:  “Yeah OK.”

Bellus’ Voice [In background]:  “Do I hear three?!”

I:  “Well, I’ve got two hundred dinars.”

H:  “Four hundred!”

I:  “What are you doing?  No one’s bid three hundred yet.”

Bellus:  “Four hundred?  Hah!  At last, a man who appreciates
pulchritude.  Do I hear five?  All right, then, going once, going
twice-- sold!  To the gentleman with the sparkle in his eye, for
four hundred dinars.  Congratulations, sir.  Enjoy your



Man’s Voice:  “This way!  Knave!  Keep moving, or you’ll feel my

Slave’s Voice:  “Where are you taking us?”

Men’s Voices:  “Hurry along!”  “Move it!”  “Come on, you!”
“He’ll make a tasty morsel for the lions!”  “Get in there, ya
vermin!”  “Get yourself in there, slave!”  “You heard me!”

Cyrus:  “Oi-Lan!”


H:  “I’m here for the woman.”

Bellus:  “Money first, friend.”

H:  “Sure.  Now, take her shackles off.”

Mudo:  “You think you can handle her?”

H:  “Do it.”

Man’s Voice:  “This way.”

Bellus:  “Go ahead, Mudo.  We’re just spectators from this point

I:  “What do we do, now?”

H:  “Ah-- well-- maybe we should introduce ourselves.”

I:  “Hello-- I’m Iolaus.  [Chuckles]  Don’t be afraid.  I’m not
gonna hurt you.  Wow!”

A Man’s Voice:  “Come with me!”

I:  “It’s bad enough when _you_ flip me.”

H:  “Well, you certainly have a way with women, Iolaus.”

Oi-Lan:  “Don’t touch me-- either of you.”


Bellus:  “You-- seem to have forgotten something-- the delivery

Ineas:  “You’re changing the rules!  It always used to be

Bellus:  “Then you’re refusing?”

Ineas:  “I certainly am!  This is robbery!”

Bellus:  “Tsk-tsk-tsk-tsk-- such a pity.  I guess we’ll just have
to take the slaves back.”

Ineas:  “But they’re mine!  I paid for them!”

Bellus:  “There you go again-- forgetting the delivery charge.
Mudo-- show Ineas the error of his ways.”

Ineas:  “Now, you keep that animal away from me.”

Bellus:  “I’m afraid it’s the price you have to pay for being so

Ineas:  “You-- ”  [Screams]

Bellus:  “What do you say we-- take the slaves to Libya ourselves
and-- sell them all over again?”  [Laughs]


Oi-Lan:  “You’ll have to kill me, first.”

H:  “Beg your pardon.”

Oi-Lan:  “That’s the only way I’d be your slave.  I’d have to be
dead.  You’d have to slice me open and skewer me.”

I:  “Shy-- passive-- willing to please-- yeah-- she’s pretty much
like I expected her to be.”

H:  “Don’t pay attention to him.  Look, we’re trying to help

Oi-Lan:  “How?  By selling me to someone else?  Turning a nice

I:  “Hey!  You better watch your-- mouth.  That’s Hercules you’re
talking to.”

Oi-Lan:  “So?  Everyone has a name.”

I:  “You mean, you never heard of Hercules?”

H:  “It doesn’t matter, Iolaus.”

I:  “Yeah, but, she sa-- ”

H [Interrupting]:  “Hey-- .  You’re free to go.”

Oi-Lan:  “I don’t believe you.”

H:  “No, I mean it.  Go on.  You’re free.”

Oi-Lan:  “Why are you doing this?”

H:  “Because I hate slavery.”

Oi-Lan:  “You better not change your mind until I’m gone.”

I:  “Well-- that’s two hundred dinars I won’t see again.”

Man:  “Let’s go.”

I:  “On the other hand-- maybe it was a good thing we let her go.
A Calydonian boar has got a better personality.  Ha-- she was

H:  “I noticed.”


Men’s Voices:  “Ha!”  “Quiet!”  “Come on!  Quickly!  Quickly!”

Man’s Voice:  “Ha!”


Oi-Lan:  “Cyrus-- ”

Man:  “Where are you goin’, slave-girl?”

Oi-Lan:  “Get out of my way!”

Man:  “We can’t do that.  Get her!”


Man:  “Now, you’re mine.”

H:  “That’s funny-- I bought one just like her.”

Man:  “That’s not gonna matter when you’re in two pieces.”

H:  “And which two pieces would those be?”

Man:  “A figure of speech, that’s all.  No harm intended, friend.
You bought her-- she’s all yours.”

H:  “Get outta here!”

Oi-Lan:  “You should have hurt them.”

H:  “That’s not what I came for.  I wanted to make sure you were
all right.”

Oi-Lan:  “Don’t worry about me.”

H:  “Well, it’s my nature.”

Oi-Lan:  “Ha!  You probably wanna make me your slave again.”

H:  “You were never my slave in the first place.”

Oi-Lan:  “Then keep it that way.”

H:  “If you tell me where you’re going, I might be able to help

Oi-Lan:  “I’m goin’ to save the one I love.  They made him a
slave, too, and he’s somewhere on his way to Libya.  Now, if ya
really wanna help, leave me alone!”

H:  “But, you’d be safer with me.”

Oi-Lan:  “I’ve heard that before.”

H:  “And, I know the road to Libya.  I’ve travelled it many

Oi-Lan:  “You have?”

H:  “Yes, I have.”

Oi-Lan:  “Very well.  You may help me, then.  Just stay out of my

H:  “Fine.”

Oi-Lan:  “Fine!”


H:  “Be careful!  Follow me!”

Oi-Lan:  “When I need your help, I’ll ask for it!  Some

H:  “We had to take it!  If you wanna catch up with Cyrus, this
is the quickest way down.  You sure you don’t need help?!”

Oi-Lan:  “I’m fi-- oh!  Be down in a minute!”

H:  “Looks like there’s a cave over here!  I’ll fix us dinner!”


H:  “You sure you’re all right?!”

Oi-Lan’s Voice:  “Yes!”

H:  “What happened?”

Oi-Lan:  “Nothing!”

H:  “Why don’t you come inside, where it’s warm?”

Oi-Lan:  “I’ll just stay out here.”

H:  “You should have something to eat.”

Oi-Lan:  “And miss this beautiful evening?”


Mudo:  “I hear Hercules bought your woman.  She must be making
him _very_ happy.”


H:  “It’s there for the eating.  Help yourself.”

Oi-Lan:  “I’m not hungry.”

H:  “Sooner or later, you’re-- going to have to trust somebody.”

Oi-Lan:  “I’ve already tried that.  It didn’t work.”

H:  “The slave trader?”

Oi-Lan:  “That’s not what he said he was.  Cyrus and I aren’t
fools!  We were gonna get married-- start a new life.  And this
man, Bellus, said he would take us there-- us and all the other
settlers who believed his lies.”

H:  “Bellus isn’t a reason to give up on everybody else on the
face of the Earth.”

Oi-Lan:  “A lot you know.”

H:  “I know how it feels to be betrayed.”

Oi-Lan:  “I doubt it.”

H:  “You really make it hard to like you, you know that?”

Oi-Lan:  “You can leave me any time you want!  I can get along by

H:  “I’ll try to remember that.  If you change your mind about
eating, it’s here for you.  I’m going to sleep.”

Oi-Lan:  “Good.  I could use a little peace and quiet.”


Slaver:  “Get back or no gruel!”

Cyrus:  “Bahhhh!  Oh-ahhh!  Ahhhhhh!  [Etc.]” 


Oi-Lan:  “What’s the matter?  Don’t you trust me?”


Slave:  “Cyrus, where are you going?”

Cyrus:  “To find Oi-Lan-- and to kill Hercules.”



Oi-Lan:  “There you are.  I was looking for you.”

H:  “I, uh-- didn’t wanna wake you.  Besides, I-- thought I could
use a bath.”

Oi-Lan:  “I could use a bath, myself.”

H:  “Yeah, you could.  I, uh-- I didn’t mean right now.”

Oi-Lan:  “Don’t be embarrassed.  People bathe together all the
time where I’m from.”

H:  “Well-- not where I’m from.”

Oi-Lan:  “Relax.  I don’t bite.”

H:  “You could have fooled me.”

Oi-Lan:  “Something wrong with your shoulder?”

H:  “Well, it’s-- a little stiff, yeah.”

Oi-Lan:  “Turn around.  Go ahead, turn around.”

H:  “Why are you being so nice to me, now?”

Oi-Lan:  “Turn around.  I’m not gonna hurt you.”

H:  “You better not.  I bruise easily.”

Oi-Lan:  “That’s not so bad, is it?”

H:  “No.  It’s, uh-- it’s very good.”

Oi-Lan:  “I used to do this for Cyrus all the time when he was an
acrobat at my father’s palace.”

H:  “Your father has a palace.”

Oi-Lan:  “Yes-- and all the power that goes with it.  He banished
me from our province, because my mother wasn’t his number one.
I’m sure you wouldn’t understand.”

H:  “Oh, I think I do.  It sounds like the family I come from--
if you could-- call it a family.”

Oi-Lan:  “Then you know how it feels to be lonely?”

H:  “Uh, yes.”

Oi-Lan:  “Cyrus cured my loneliness.  He stood by me when my
father neglected me.  I hope you have somebody who loves you,

H:  “I used to.”

Oi-Lan:  “We come from far different places, Hercules-- and yet
we come from the same place.”

H:  “Thanks.”


Man’s Voice:  “Hey!  Set me up with another!”

Another Man’s Voice:  “What’re you tryin’ to do?  Cheat me?”

A Man’s Voice:  “Who’s there?”

Mother:  “What’s the problem, handsome?  You lost?”

Cyrus:  “I’m looking for a man.”

Mother:  “Aren’t we all?”

Cyrus:  “This is serious.  His name’s Hercules.”

Mother:  “Figures he’d be the one.  You’re no more fun than he

Cyrus:  “Tell me where he is.”

Mother:  “Men-- you’re all the same-- ‘Gimme, gimme, gimme.’
When do I get mine?”

Minus:  “You buyin’ for the lady?”

Cyrus:  “No.”

Mother:  “You’re gonna have to learn how to _treat_ a lady, if
you wanna get anywhere with me.”

Cyrus:  “Where-- is Hercules?”

Mother:  “Off to Libya, I hear-- him and his new woman.”

Cyrus:  “That’s the direction I just came from.”

Mother:  “And you didn’t bump into them?  What were ya doin’?
Swinging through the trees?”  [Laughter]  “Hey-- why do you want
Hercules, anyway?”

Cyrus:  “I don’t want Hercules.  I want the woman I love.  If he
tries to keep her from me-- I’ll kill him.”

Mother [Laughs]:  “You?!  Kill the son of Zeus?!  Did ya hear
that, Minus?  This little guy’s gonna kill Hercules!”

Man’s Voice:  “Hey.”

Mother:  “Think he’s single?”


H:  “Do you mind if I ask you something?”

Oi-Lan:  “You don’t need my permission.”

H:  “Those three lunkheads who tried to grab you-- where’d you
learn to throw people around like that?”

Oi-Lan:  “One gift my father gave me was an education in martial

H:  “It didn’t look like you missed any classes.”

Oi-Lan:  “How much farther?”

H:  “Until we find Cyrus?  I wish I knew.”


H:  “What’s wrong?”

Oi-Lan:  “I keep thinking about Cyrus.”

H:  “I’d be surprised if you didn’t.”

Oi-Lan:  “There’s this voice in my head that keeps telling me
that we’re never gonna find him.”

H:  “We will, Oi-Lan.  I promise we will.”

Cyrus:  “You’ll pay for that, Hercules.”


H:  “It can be dangerous around here-- but we’ll make it.”

Oi-Lan:  “I trust you.”

H:  “Never thought I’d hear that.  Oi-Lan!”

Oi-Lan:  “Cyrus!”

Cyrus:  “No-- wait here.”

H:  “Cyrus, what are you doing?”

Oi-Lan:  “Hercules!  You killed him!”

Cyrus:  “He got what he deserved.”

Oi-Lan:  “But he was helping me!  We were gonna rescue you!”

Cyrus:  “Didn’t you hear the same thing from Bellus?!  They all
_say_ they’re helping you, but you can’t trust any of them!”

Oi-Lan:  “But Hercules was different!”

Cyrus:  “Come on, Oi-Lan!”

Bellus:  “What a pleasant surprise.  Your infidels didn’t foul it
up.  Hercules is out of the way, and-- I get my two most valuable
commodities back.”

Cyrus:  “Let her go!”

Bellus [Chuckles]:  “I’m not going to Libya one slave short.
Besides-- it’s a long trip, and-- I might get lonely.  Let’s go!”



Bellus:  “I want her at the front-- and _him_ at the back!  I
don’t want ‘em anywhere near each other.  And now you’ll all live
or die as one.”

Cyrus:  “If you had any spine at all, you’d fight me man-to-man.”

Bellus:  “Mudo!  There’s no time for that.  We’re already behind
schedule.  Let’s get movin’!”

Slavers:  “Move!”  “Keep moving.”  [Etc.]


Slavers:  “Keep moving.”  [Etc.]

H:  “Cyrus!  I think you owe me an apology!”

Slave’s Voice:  “Hercules!”

Cyrus:  “I thought you were dead!”

H:  “We’ll talk about that later.”

Cyrus:  “Look out!”


Bellus:  “Kill him!”

H:  “Thanks for the keys.  Oi-Lan!”

Bellus:  “Stop her!  She’s getting away!”

H:  “Careful.  Big knife like that, you might cut yourself.”

Slave’s Voice:  “Look out!”

Bellus:  “Drop ‘em!  You still belong to me.”

Oi-Lan:  “Cyrusssss!”

H:  “Cyrus!  Hurry up!”

Cyrus:  “Oi-Lan!”

Oi-Lan:  “Cyrus!”

Bellus:  “Mind your manners.  I wouldn’t wanna have to cut that
pretty little throat of yours.”


H:  “Bellus!  We want the girl!”

Cyrus:  “If he’s hurt her-- ”

H:  “How does he do that?  [The chase continues.]  Let her go.”

Bellus:  “You want her so much?!  Buy her!”

H:  “I’m not here to negotiate.”

Bellus:  “Stay back!  I’ll kill her!”

H:  “That’s not a good idea.”

Cyrus:  “Ahhhhhh!  He deserves to die.”

H:  “No.  I have a better idea.”


Mother:  “Three hundred.  Three fifty.  Four hundred dinars.  You
drive a hard bargain, Hercules.”

H:  “Hey-- he’s worth it.”

Bellus:  “You should a’ let that crazy man kill me.”

Mother:  “Uh-uh-- Mummy wants her little love slave nice and

Bellus:  “Hercules!”

H:  “Listen to the lady, Bellus.”

Bellus:  “Hercules!”


Oi-Lan:  “You don’t hafta do that.”

Alc:  “I want to.  It would make me the happiest woman since
Venus met Adonis.”

H:  “What are you talking about?”

Cyrus:  “Your mother’s offered to have our wedding at her house.”

H:  “She did?”

Alc:  “Mm-hmm.”

H:  “Well, only special people get an offer like that.  Now, if
you’ll come with me-- I’ll show you what else special people get
for their wedding..”


H:  “The land extends to the end of that ridge.  It’s a lot of
work, but the soil is fertile, and the weather is kind.”

Cyrus:  “I don’t know what to say.”

H:  “Say you’ll take it.”

Oi-Lan:  “You know we will.”

Cyrus:  “Thank you for everything, Hercules.”

H:  “You’re welcome.  I hope you’re as happy here as I was with
my family.  We were always good to each other.  Try to do the

Oi-Lan:  “Trust us.”

Alc:  “And have lots of children.”

Cyrus:  “We’ll call our first son Hercules.”

Alc:  “You think the world’s ready for another one?”  [They


H:  “You’d like them, Deianeira.  They’ll bring laughter back to
these hills.  And one day, they’ll bring children, too-- the kind
of children who’d have run and played with ours.  People as much
in love as Oi-Lan and Cyrus shouldn’t have to spend their lives
apart.  But sometimes it happens, doesn’t it?  Then all you can
do is-- look at the ones who are lucky enough to be together--
and try to remember what you had.  It _was_ special, Deianeira.
I take it with me everywhere.”


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