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“Siege At Naxos”  Episode 17/204


Woman:  “Thank you.  Barbarians!”

Goth:  “Grab everything you see!  Everything is for the taking!
Food and drink-- for my men!  As for me-- you’ll do just fine.”

Man’s Voice:  “-- the women!”

Goth:  “Bring us-- food and drink.  Maybe you’d hear better if I
opened up your ears.  Move!”

Argeus [Arg]:  “I can help you.”

Goth:  “And who are you, little man?”

Arg:  “Argeus-- owner of this establishment.  I can get you
whatever you want.”

Goth:  “Well-- Argeus-- my name’s Goth!  And you can bring me
everything you’ve got.”

Arg:  “I will-- but first, let go of the woman.”

Goth:  “This man-- has the courage of an ox!  And the _brains_
of one.  Coward!”


I:  “Gotcha!  Hey-hey!  Nice size, too!
Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha.  Come on, Hercules, admit it!  This is
one thing I’m better at than you are!”

H:  “Shhh.  You talkin’ quantity or quality?  Ha-ha-ha-ha.”

I:  “Both!”

H:  “You’re right.  I never caught a log that big.”

I:  “Caught a log that-- big.”


H:  “I have to admit, Iolaus.  You do know your fishing holes”

I:  “Aah-- it’s the water on this island.  Naxos has the best
fishing anywere.”

H:  “It’s beautiful country, too.  I’m glad we came.”

I:  “See, it’s great to just-- relax and take it easy once in a
while.  Boy-- these are gonna taste great.  My friend, Argeus,
has a tavern up ahead.  He’ll be able to cook ‘em up and give us
a bed for the night-- I hope.”

Woman’s Voice:  “Help!”

I:  “Argeus!”

Goth’s Voice:  “Come here, my pretty!”

Woman’s Voice:  “Stay away!  Help!”

Goth’s Voice:  “Quit your whining!”

Man’s Voice:  “First of all-- !”

I:  “Argeus-- ”

Argeus:  “Iolaus-- run-- get away.”

I:  “Who did this?”

Argeus:  “Goth.  He’ll kill us all.  Run!”

Man’s Voice:  “Don’t hurt me, please!”

I:  “Where’s Goth?”

Thug:  “Inside?  But you’ll have to get past us, first.”

I:  “With pleasure.”


H:  “Hey!  Excuse me for _not_ knocking.”

Man’s Voice:  “Come on!  Take his feet out!”

I:  “Boy-- I guess some people really don’t like fish.”

H:  “Tell your men to drop their weapons!”

Goth:  “You’ll need more help than that.  That’s my brother,
Bledar-- with the rest of my men.”

Bledar [Ble]:  “Charge!”



H:  “Tell your men to stay where they are.”

Ble:  “You’re in no position to make demands!  Who _are_ you?!”

I:  “He’s Hercules.”

Goth:  “Hercules!  Make a muscle, strong man.”

Ble:  “Let’s-let’s _all_ settle down!  What do you _want_,

H:  “Justice.  Your brother’s wanted by the Athenian government
for war crimes.  And he just killed the owner of this tavern.”

Ble:  “Perhaps the food wasn’t to his liking!”  [Laughter]

H:  “Iolaus!  We’re taking him to Athens to stand trial.”

I:  “Yeah-- but for the record-- I’d rather try him here-- with

Man’s Voice [In Background]:  “Who does he think he is?!”

Goth [Interrupting]:  “Bledar-- kill them all!  Kill them now!”

Dax:  “I can take him, Bledar-- without harming Goth.”

I:  “Go ahead-- give me an excuse.”

Man’s Voice:  “Serious-- who is it?”

Ble:  “Dax-- put down the bow.  You’re very brave-- but there
are _only_ two of you.  And it’s a _long_ way to Athens.”

H:  “We’ll do all right.”

Ble:  “We’ll see!  Come on.  We _will_ meet again!  Yah!”


I:  “You know?  We’re only postponing the inevitable.”

Goth:  “The only thing inevitable is your death!”

I:  “The Athenians had a fort around here when I was a kid.  You
know?  We could hand our prisoner to the soldiers and let them
take him to Athens.”

H:  “That’s not a bad idea.”

I:  “There was a road around here, somewhere.”

Goth:  “You call yourselves warriors!  Ha-ha!  You’re nothing
but sheep!  Lost in the woods, looking for some _army_ to save

I:  “Hey, don’t laugh.  Those soldiers hate you almost as much
as I do-- after what you did during the Mycenian invasion.”

Goth:  “A great war!  I beheaded an entire company!  And left
the road to Thessaly lined with rotting, Greek skulls!”

I:  “Someone should put him out of his misery.”

Goth:  “War-- isn’t won by the weak.  Conquest and control by
the strongest!  That’s the real law-- the only law!”

I:  “Is that why you killed Argeus?  To prove you’re stronger
than a gentle, kindhearted man-- who never fought anyone in his

Goth:  “He was weak!  He ran from battle!  He deserved to die!”

H:  “Iolaus!  He’s not-- worth it.”

Goth:  “Hunting season’s open!”

H:  “Hoo-- that was close.”

Warrior:  “Go on!”

Goth:  “Can’t lose _my_ men!”

Warriors’ Voices:  “There they are!”  “We’ve got them now!”
“There they go!”

H:  “Open the gate!”

Goth:  “Come on!  Shoot!  Shoot!  Can’t you idiots b-lind idiots
hit anything?!”

I:  “Guards!  We’re under attack!  Open the gate!”

H:  “What’s _wrong_ with him?!”

Goth [Interrupting]:  “Kill them, now!  It’s our last chance!”

H:  “Sorry-- I thought there was more slack.”

I:  “Sentry-- where’s your commanding officer?  There are
barbarians out there!  What is wrong with you?!  We could’ve
been killed!  Ah.  Uh-- Hercules, we got a problem.”


H:  “What’s wrong with the guard?  Asleep at his post?”

I:  “Well, you could say that.”

H:  “Ahhh.”

I:  “What’re we gonna do, now?”

H:  “Same thing we started out to-- get to the nearest port and
catch a boat to Athens.”

I:  “You’re forgettin’ the part where we fight to the death with
a horde of bloodthirsty barbarians.”

H:  “I’m still hoping we can avoid that.”

I:  “You think they’re gonna forget about him?”

H:  “If that was a scouting party-- the rest of his troops won’t
get here for awhile.  We can wait till nightfall, then slip away
in the dark.”

I:  “Oh.”

Goth:  “No army to save you.  Ha-ha-ha-ha.  It will be sweet
when I cut out your livers and roast them over an open flame.”

I:  “Can we do something about him?”

H:  “Yeah, why don’t you find him a cage, while I look around
and see if there’s anything here besides-- ghosts.”

I:  “Sure.  Come on!”


H:  “You’re a girl.”

Ilora [Ilo]:  “Lucky you.  If I was a seven-foot man, _I’d_ be
the one on top.”



Ilo:  “You might as well just go ahead and kill me, because if
you try to have your way with me, I’ll make sure you _wish_ you
were dead.”

H:  “Don’t worry.  I’m not gonna do anything to you.”

Ilo:  “Really?”

H:  “Really.”

Ilo:  “Then why are you still on top of me?”

H:  “Oh.  Sorry.  Why did you attack me?”

Ilo:  “What did you expect?  A big kiss?!  All that yelling,
outside-- I was scared.”

I’s Voice:  “Hercules!”

H:  “Ah, excuse me.  That’s-- my friend.  I’ll be right back.”

Ilo:  “Hercules.”


I:  “This old man is dying.”

Charadan [Cha]:  “A drink-- please-- only a few drops to-- ease
my parched and aching throat.”

I:  “Here you go.”

Cha:  “This is water!”

H:  “Well, I thought you were thirsty.  What’s wrong with the

Cha:  “What’s wrong with it?  Fish _swim_ in it!  Skunks take
-baths_ in it!  If the gods had meant for people to drink it,
they wouldn’t have invented wine!  Now, you heard what your
friend said!  I’m dying!  Get me something to drink!”

Ilo:  “Papa, please.  You’ll have to forgive my father.  Years
of confinement have made him forget his manners.”

I:  “Who’s this?”

Ilo:  “My name is Ilora.”

I:  “Ah.  Well, uh-- I’m Iolaus and this is my friend-- ”

Ilo:  “Hercules-- yes, I know.  We just met.  And this
ill-tempered gentleman-- ”

Cha [Interrupting]:  “I can talk!  I-- used to be called--
Charadan.  As a young man, some called me, ‘Charadan the Brave’!
You see?  I, too, was once a warrior!”

Ilo:  “A very long time ago, Papa.  What he did best was raise a
family, and to try to eke out a meager living on a small farm
not too far from here.”

H:  “How did you end up in prison?”

Cha:  “Uh-- personal-- hardship turned me into a vicous outlaw.”

Ilo:  “Papa, please.  After our crops failed one summer-- he was
arrested for stealing bread for me and my sisters.”

Cha:  “She lies!  Don’t be fooled by my present condition.  I’m
still capable of-- vile and merciless assault.  When I’m in a
foul mood-- I advise you not to venture too close.”  [Chuckles]

I:  “I’ll, uh-- try to remember that.  What-- happened to all
the other soldiers?”

Ilo:  “An epidemic wiped out everyone in the fort except Papa.”

Cha:  “B-because _I_-- wouldn’t drink the water!”  [Coughs]


Ble:  “Dax!  You’re lucky Goth wasn’t injured in your _clumsy_

Dax:  “Your brother wanted me to attack!”

Ble:  “Figures.  He’s as crazy as you are.”

Dax:  “Well, I almost had them!  I mean, if they hadn’t made it
inside-- !”

Ble [Interrupting]:  “Listen!  And listen well-- you ever
disobey a direct order again and I’ll have your head on my
sword!  Are we clear?!”

Dax:  “Yes, sir.”

Ble:  “Now!  Tell me about the fort.”


Ilo:  “I’m afraid these irons were meant to stay on forever.  I
take care of him as best as I can-- bathe him-- keep him covered
when he’s cold-- bring him food every day-- and as much wine as
I can find.  But I fear he doesn’t have much longer.”

I:  “Well, not if he has to carry on like this.”

H:  “First, let’s get him out of these chains.”

Ilo:  “It’s impossible-- others have tried.”

H:  “I could break this one, too-- but I’m afraid it might hurt
him.  Iolaus-- see that catch inside?”

I:  “Oh, yeah.”

Ilo:  “How did you do that?!”

H and I:  “It’s an old hunters’ trick.”

I:  “You know, Hercules, we oughtta get ready.”

Ilo:  “For what?”

H:  “In case any visitors drop by.”

I:  “Yeah, it’s dark, and, uh-- we have to light the torches.  I
left our travelling companion in a room down the end of the

H:  “Let’s get this off.”


Ble:  “No one-- gets in-- or out.  Eventually, they’ll be
_forced_ to give him up.”

Dax:  “Starving them out could take months.”

Ble:  “Oh, so _your_ plan will be to simply _charge_ over the
walls and destroy everyting in our path!”

Warriors:  “Yeah.”  “Yes.”  “I like that.”

Ble:  “Or-- we could use Titantus.”

Warrior:  “Yeah.”

Dax:  “It’d take time-- for that monster to get here.”

Warrior’s Voice:  “Right!”

Dax:  “If we wait-- ”

Warrior’s Voice:  “Yeah.”

Dax:  “-- we lose the advantage of surprise.”


H:  “Here, let’s see if he’ll-- drink this.”

Ilo:  “What is it?”

H:  “It’s a mixture of some herbs and oils I found in the
storage bins.  It should help him get back on his feet.”

Ilo:  “Where’d you learn to make medicine?”

H:  “My-- cousin, Asclepius, showed me.”

Ilo:  “The god of healing.”

H:  “One of the few gods who-- tries to help people instead of
control them.”

Ilo:  “Here’s your wine, Papa.  Drink up.”

Goth’s Voice:  “Anybody out there?!  I need food!”

Ilo:  “Who’s that?”

H:  “Just our-- travelling companion.”

Goth’s Voice:  “Can anybody hear me?!  I’m _stuck_-- in this
filthy hole-- with nothing to eat or drink!”

H:  “I hear you, Goth!  Pipe down!”


Goth:  “Hercules-- starving-- your prisoners?!  It’s not what
I’d call-- _civilized_ behavior.”

H:  “You’ve had the same as me today.”

Goth:  “Maybe-- my hunger-- is _bigger_ than yours.  Now, that
stirs an appetite.”

H:  “Watch your mouth, Goth-- and maybe I’ll bring you something

Goth:  “Just-- bring her!”


I:  “There you go, soldier.  Now, when the fighting starts--
give it everything you’ve got.  And don’t lose your head.”


Ilo:  “Why didn’t you tell me you had that barbarian with you?”

H:  “We were waiting for a better time.”

Ilo:  “Everybody knows about Goth and his vandals.  They came
through Naxos about two years ago-- burning-- looting--
killing-- destroying everything in their way.”

H:  “Ah, we’re takin’ him to Athens to stand trial.”

Ilo:  “His brother and his men will never let that happen.”

Cha:  “Alemedes-- Saturn, they’re-- they’re crossing into the
underworld.  This must be Erebus.”

Ilo:  “Papa-- you’re not dead.  And you’re not in the dungeon,
anymore.  This is Hercules.  He and his friend got you loose
from the irons.”

Cha:  “Uh-h-h, I know who he is.  He was suppoesed to be getting
me something to drink.”

H:  “Wh-whoa, take it easy.  You haven’t used those legs in a
long time.  It may be a while before you can walk again.”

Cha:  “Those-- kegs there.  Wager at least one of them holds
wine.  Fill my belly with that-- ha-ha-ha-- I’ll be dancing
before morning!”  [Laughs]

H:  “I gave you medicine that works better-- with water.”

Cha:  “Oh, water.”

I’s Voice:  “Hercules.”

H:  “Here-- you try.  What is it?”

I:  “Bledar’s arrived with the rest of the troops.  They’re
surrounding the fort.  You know?  With that girl and her sick
father-- it’s gonna be really hard to escape tonight.”

H:  “You’re right.  We’ll have to make a stand.”

I:  “Good.”

Ilo:  “What can I do to help?”

H:  “Ah-- they won’t try anything tonight.  We have some time.”

I:  “Yeah-- I tried to make the fort look fully manned.”

H:  “Hopefully, we can keep up the illusion in daylight.”

Ilo:  “Why wouldn’t they attack at night?”

I:  “It’s dark.  They don’t know what they’re up against.  No’d
be stupid enough to attack at night.”

H:  “Of course, barbarians aren’t really known for their

Warrior’s Voice:  “Fire!”



Dax:  “Aim!  Fire!”

I:  “Aren’tcha glad I asked you on this vacation?!”

H:  “You said we’d go fishing!  You didn’t say we’d catch so
much trouble.  Ilora-- get back inside!”

Dax’s Voice [In Background]:  “Ready, aim fire!”

I [Interrupting]:  “How’d you do that?”

H:  “I don’t know.”


Cha:  “My men!  Where are my comrades?!  Thaddeus!  Saturn!  I-I
need you!  The enemy are upon us!”

Ilo:  “Papa-- I have to move you.  Stay down.”

Cha:  “Palamedes-- has the whole battalion deserted us?”

Ilo:  “No, Papa, they’re on their way!  Your comrades will be
here any minute to save us.”

Cha:  “It’s all right, my dear-- there’s no need to humor me.
I-- I know where I am.  For a moment, I-- I just forgot.”


I:  “Hercules-- meet some of my best soldiers.  Ready, men!
Aim.  Fire!”

H:  “Pretty clever.  Now if they could only reload as fast as
they shoot.”

I:  “Yeah.”


Ilo:  “Stay here, Papa.”

Cha:  “Mighty Zeus-- please-- send me a sign.  My men might come
soon.  Please-- give me a sign.  It-- it is-- wine!  Ye-ah!
Thank you, oh, mighty one.  Thank you!”


I:  “Here they come.  Get out of here!  Join your buddy!”

Warriors’ Voices:  “Give me a hand!”  “Quickly, men!  Quickly!”


Cha:  “You’ll do the trick.”


Warrior’s Voice:  “Inside!”


Ble:  “Enough already!”


Ble:  “Sound the retreat!”


I:  “I hope that means they’re takin’ a break.”

H:  “Me, too.”


Ble:  “I should have followed my instincts.  I _never_ attack
without knowing my enemy’s strength.”

Warrior’s Voice:  “I can’t walk.”

Dax:  “Threre were more of them than we thought.”

Ble:  “Where’s Titantis?!”

Dax:  “It’ll be here by morning.”

Ble:  “We should have used him the first time.  That monster
will crush that fort like an anthill!”

Dax:  “Sir-- let me take a small scouting party to the fort--
tonight.  I’ll find out their strength.”


Goth’s Voice:  “Hercules!  I heard the sounds of battle!  Are
you and your friends-- dead yet?!”

I:  “You call that a battle?!  All we did was swat away a few
stinking barbarians.  I thought it was kind of fun.”


Goth:  “You won’t be making jokes-- after Bledar overruns this
woodpile-- ”


Goth’s Voice:  “-- and I-- hang you on a meat hook!  Hercules?!”


Goth:  “Hercules!  Get me some water!  You said you’d bring me
something later!”


Goth’s Voice:  “Are you a man of your words-- or not?!”

Ilo:  “I’ll take it.”

H:  “I-- don’t think that’s a good idea.”

Ilo:  “I’ll be careful.”

H:  “Yeah, but it’s-- ”


Goth:  “Ha.  Ha-ha-ha-ha.  Ahhh-- Ilora-- such a beautiful name.
[Laughs]  Ahhh.”

Ilo:  “It’s been a long time, Goth.”

Goth:  “Too long-- little bird-- too long.”


Cha:  “Uh.  Uh, Hercules-- and Iolaus.  I-I-I-- I can walk!
I-i-it’s a miracle, isn’t it?!”

H:  “Old soldier, I’d say-- you’re the miracle.”

I:  “Great job, Charadan-- but that’s probably enough exercise
for now.  You should go inside and get some rest.”

Cha:  “Oh!”

H:  “And-- why don’t you give us that jug?”

Cha:  “What jug?”

H:  “This one.”

Cha:  “Oh!  No, no!  That’s the only thing that-- makes me feel

H:  “For the last few years, that wine’s kept you from feeling
anything.  You don’t need it anymore.”

Cha:  “Maybe you’re right.  I’m starting to see things.”


Warriors:  “Heave!  Heave!”


Warriors’ Voices:  “Heave!”

I:  “Are you seeing what I’m seeing?”

H:  I’m not sure.”


Warriors:  “Heave!”

I’s Voice:  “What kind of a monster is that?”

H:  “A big one.”

Warriors’ Voice:  “Heave!  Heave!”



I’s Voice:  “Do you have any idea what that thing is?”

H:  “It’s called a catapult.  I saw one in Macedonia.  It can
hurl boulders the size of men and pound walls to dust.”

I:  “That’s good news.  So what else can go wrong?”


Goth:  “Hurry up and cut me loose.”

Ilo:  “I couldn’t bring a knife.  They-they-they were watching

Goth:  “Then go back and get one!”

Ilo:  “Give me one good reason!  I haven’t seen you for over a

Goth:  “I was busy-- waging war, little girl.  I asked if you
wanted to come along!”

Ilo:  “And who would take care of my father?!  Admit it, Goth--
you got what you wanted-- and then you left.”

Goth:  “I came back-- didn’t I?  Why do you think I’m here?  For
you, Ilora.  For you.”

Ilo:  “So-- now that you’re here-- now, what?”

Goth:  “We’ll talk later.  Just get the knife.”


I’s Voice:  “The size of those boulders.”

H:  “It’d be nice if they never got to use them.”

I:  “Yeah-- well, maybe one of us could get close enough to
sabotage the thing.”

H:  “Stay here.  I’ll try not to take too long.”

I:  “Wait, it’s my turn.”

H:  “Why is it your turn?”

I:  “I don’t know.  It makes more sense for me to go.”

H:  “How’s that?”

I:  “You’re bigger.  If we make a run for it, someone’s gonna
have to carry Charadan.”

H:  “We’re not gonna make a run for it.”

I:  “OK, I’m smaller-- and sneakier.  It’s gonna be easier for
me to get past their lines.”

H:  “Iolaus, w-- .  Ilora!  Charadan!  We’ll discuss this later.
Keep and eye on that thing.”

I:  “Sure.”


H’s Voice:  “Everything all right?”

Ilo:  “Yeah, I was just cleaning up some of the mess.”

H:  “Oh.  Iolaus, everything’s OK in here.”


I:  “Great!  Same here!  But-- if I have to watch that thing-- I
might as well  get a closer look.  I told him I was sneakier.”


H:  “Any problems with Goth?”

Ilo:  “No.  Why should there be?  I told you I’d be careful.”

H:  “Ilora-- I was just worried about you.  Goth is as evil as
they come.”

Ilo:  “And you think a simple country girl can’t tell the
difference between good and bad.”

H:  “There’s nothing simple about you.  I’ve seen how you’ve
sacrificed, taking care of your father, the-- way you handled
yourself in the battle.”

Ilo:  “Yeah?  Well, maybe you don’t know me as well as you

H:  “But-- ”

Cha:  “Oh, Hercules-- my head’s beginning to clear, but-- my
throat’s awfully dry.  Do you happen to have any of that, uh--

H:  “Yeah.”


Warriors’ Voices:  “Get another boulder ready.”  “Like that.”
“Get ready.”

I:  “Hi.  Nice piece of equipment!  You know?  I’m lookin’ to
buy a machine just like this!  You guys wanna sell?”

Warriors’ Voices:  “I don’t think so.”  “Come on-- get him!”


Dax:  “Where are the soldiers?  I can’t see anybody.”


Cha:  “Then-- we marched from there to Lycini-- ”

H:  “Shh!  Someone’s coming.”

Dax:  “So, this is your army!  One warrior, a girl, and a sick
old man!”

Cha:  “Don’t worry, my dear-- my battalion-- 500 warriors’
strong, is-- marching here even as we speak!”

Dax:  “Shut up, old fool.  Take us to Goth.  We’re coming for
you, Goth!”


Goth:  “You look like lambs-- on their way to slaughter!
[Laughs]  Where’s your friend-- Hercules?  Already on a meat
hook?!  Bring that one to me.  My prize!  And future wife!
[Laughs]  What’s the matter?  Didn’t she tell you how I took
care of her-- and brought gifts to her-- while you were in

Cha:  “Liar!”

Ilo:  “It’s true, Papa.  We had nothing.  We needed anything we
could get.”

H:  “Ilora-- don’t mistake gratitude for love.”

Goth:  “Hold your tongue!  And you!  You should be grateful for
my saving her life!”

Ilo:  “Leave him alone!”

Goth:  “Easy, boys!  Dax-- give Ilora your sword.  I give you
the privilege-- of cutting me loose-- as a symbol-- of our

H:  “Love-- he doesn’t know what love is.”

Ilo:  “You have to promise you won’t hurt Hercules or Iolaus--
just let them go.”

Goth:  “Don’t be stupid!  I’ll cut Hercules’ heart out-- and
make history!”

Ilo:  “I’m not stupid.”

Goth:  “I said, stop-- being stupid!  And cut me loose!”

H:  “Don’t, Ilora-- you’re not a killer.  You don’t want his
blood on your hands.”

Goth:  “Ilora-- ”

[Brief fight]

H:  “Nice try.”

Ilo:  “What’s that noise?”

Goth [Laughs]:  “Sounds like Titantis-- has come for you!”

H:  “Wait here!”


Ble:  “Did we get your attention?!”

H:  “Keep firing!  You’ll never find your brother in the

Ble:  “Maybe we could use your friend as a rock!  He’d make a
great sound hitting that wall!”

Warriors’ Voices:  “Yeah!”  “Splat!”  “Like a ripe melon!  Or a
pomegranate!”  [Laughter]

H:  “What do you want?”

Ble:  “A trade!  Goth!  For your friend!”

H:  “Done.”

Ble:  “Bring him out!”

H:  “I’ll need time!  Your catapult just blocked the entrance to
the dungeon.”

Ble:  “You got two hours!”

I’s Voice:  “Don’t do it, Hercules!”


Ilo:  “But without Goth as a hostage, you’ll have no bargaining

Cha:  “They’ll overrun us.”

H:  “Unless your men get here first.  I-- have an idea-- but
I’ll need help.”

Ilo:  “Anything.”

Cha:  “I’m sorry about Iolaus.  Uh-- you know?  He might not
have got caught if he’d-- gone through the tunnel and come up
behind the enemy.”

H:  “Tunnel?”

Cha:  “Under the dungeon.  Years ago, some prisoners dug their
way out.”

H [Sighs]:  “Now you tell me.”


Warrior’s Voice:  “There he is.”

H:  “Start Iolaus walking!  I’ll send Goth.”

Warrior’s Voice:  “We should have killed him!  The little-- ”

H:  “Start walking!”

Warrior’s Voice:  “-- spy!”

Cha:  “Hercules?  Between us?  I-I-- I don’t think my
battalion’s gonna make it in time.”

H:  “Then we’ll make do with what we have.”

Warriors’ Voices:  “Come on, Goth!”  “Goth is finally free.”  “A
true warrior!”

Goth:  “B-a-a-a-a-a-ah!  B-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-ah!”


Warrior’s Voice:  “Get him, Goth!”

H:  “Let them fight, Bledar!”

Warrior’s Voice:  “Come on, Goth!”

Ble:  “Goth will tear that pup apart!”

Warriors’ Voices:  “Crush him!”  “Come on, Goth!”  “Come on,
Goth!”  “He can’t beat you!”

Ble:  “Goth!”

I:  “This is for Argeus!”

Ble:  “Archers!  Get ready!”

H:  “Hold your fire, men!” 

Ble:  “What men?!  All I see is a barricade made of earth, wood,
and stone!  Big-- and empty!”

H:  “I was considering showing you some mercy!  You’re caught in
the open!”

Ble:  “On my command-- sound the charge!”

H:  “Right and left flanks!  Attack positions!”

Cha’s Voice:  “My battalion!  Thaddeus!  Saturn!  Alemedes!
They made it!”  [Laughs]

H:  “Sound your retreat!  Or die where you stand!”

Ble:  “But you forget!  We have Titantis!  Ha-ha.  That evens
the field!”

H:  “No.  This-- evens the field.”

Ble:  “Sound the retreat!”


H:  “Come on.  Let’s get out of here.  Sneakier, huh?”

Cha:  “This way.”


I:  “You _sure_ about this tunnel?  I don’t see any light at the
end of it.”

Cha:  “I saw prisoners escape down into it.  ‘Course, I never
saw them come out.”


Ble:  “They’re very disciplined.  Almost dawn-- and not one
soldier has moved a muscle.  If I didn’t know better, I’d s-s--
can’t be.  Rally the men!”


I:  “Whoa.”

Ilo:  “I recognize this place!  Papa-- our farm is just east of

Cha:  “You can-- catch a boat at the next village.  It’s just
around that cove.”

Goth:  “Ilora-- stupid little fool!  You could have had the
world as my wife!”

Ilo:  “I know-- but then I’d have to be with you.  And that’s
too high a price to pay.  I don’t know how to thank you.”

H:  “You already have-- by realizing you deserve better.  Just
keep believing in yourself.”

Goth:  “Ahh!”

I:  “Hercules-- on the boat to Athens-- you think we could get
in a little fishing?”  [Chuckles]


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