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“The Mother of All Monsters”  Episode 20/207



1st Thug:  “Off the chariot!  Got a present for ya!”

2nd Thug:  “Kick him again!”

H:  “Hey!  Hey!”

I:  “We scared ‘em off.”

H:  “Hello, friend.  I bet you’ve had better days.”

Demetrius [Dem]:  “Attack!”

I:  “It’s an ambush!  Hey, Herc!  Right in the sweet spot!”

H:  “Iolaus!  Pay attention!”

Dem:  “Kill him!  Kill the son of Zeus!”

H:  “Sweet spot?”

I:  “Yeah.  Come on!  Take off your mask!”

Dem:  “Until we meet again, Hercules.”

I:  “Coward!”

Dem:  “Yah!”

I:  “Won’t even show his face.  How can you have any fun
fighting a guy like that?”

H:  “I suppose you’d rather fight a monster.”

I:  “Huh-- are there any left?”


Echidna [E]:  “You may know defeat, but you don’t know loss.”

Dem:  “Your words confuse me, Echidna.  I have lost valuable
warriors-- mercenaries-- who thrive on violent excess.”

E:  “But none of them sprang from _your_ seed!  Then you can’t
possibly understand what I have lost-- or the pain and
loneliness I have suffered.  The Hydra!  The She-demon!  The
Symphalian bird!  [Screams]  All of them my children!  All of
them_slain_ by Hercules!”

Dem:  “Well, it appears that he defeats monsters as well as

E:  “He has not beaten me-- the _mother_ of all monsters!”

Dem:  “That is why I’ve come to see you.  Only you have the
power to vanquish him.”

E:  “I want to see the face of the man who flatters me.  Remove
your mask.”

Dem:  “It is not necessary.”

E:  “Do it no-o-o-o-ow!  Ye-e-e-e-s.  You’ll do nicely.  There
will be no trashe [sic] of Hercules or hish [sic] family left
when I’m finished.  And you shall be remembered for all time--
as the man who killed Hercules!”



Man’s Voice:  “Be happy to!”

Merchant [Mer]:  “Greeting, Alcmene.  Trust your well.”

Alcmene [Alc]:  “Never been better, thank you.”

Mer:  “And that son of yours-- I hear he’s been vanquishing
infidels at every turn.”

Alc:  “Sounds like you know as much about what Hercules is up to
as I do.”

Woman:  “Poor dear-- I thought he’d be the kind of boy who’d
look _in_ on his mother!”

Alc:  “Don’t you worry about me.  I get along perfectly.  He’s
got my bag!  Stop him!”

A Woman’s Voice:  “Stop him!  There he is!”

Dem:  “Good work.  You apologize to the lady.”

Third Thug:  “Sorry.”

Dem:  “You better be.  Now, you go, and you make yourself
scarce.  Go ahead!  Ha!  I think this is yours.”

Alc:  “Thank you.”

Dem:  “If you don’t mind, maybe I should walk with you awhile--
so you won’t have any more trouble.”

Alc:  “I wouldn’t mind at all.”

Men’s Voices:  “I’ll join you-- ”  “Turn around!”


Man:  “OK?!  Who’s gonna be next to try Hercules on for size?!
Donate _two_ dinars to our widows and orphans’ fund-- and _you_
can challenge him to _any_ event you like!  Come on!  Step right
up!  Why, if you win!  You’ll be the _talk_ of all Greece!”

A Woman’s Voice:  “You might as well throw your money away!”

I:  “Great, no takers.  You’re wiping out charity in Cappadocia

H:  “Well, maybe we’ll just give the people all your money,

Man:  “There’s gotta be another challenger out there, somewhere!
Wh-what do ya say, fellas?!  Two dinars is all it’ll cost you!”

Challenger [Cha]:  “I’ll donate _ten_ dinars!  If Hercules’ll
match it.”

H:  “Ten dinars it is.”

Cha:  “Fool!”

Woman’s Voice:  “He challenges Hercules?”

I:  “This guy needs a lesson in humility.”

Cha:  “You’re the man who needs a lesson in humility.”

A Man’s Voice:  “Go ahead!  Show them what you can do!”

Measurer [Mea]:  “Two hundred-- seventeen paces!”


Cha:  “Beat that.”

H:  “If-- you insist.”

Cha:  “He doesn’t have a prayer.”

I:  “What makes you so sure?”

Cha:  “You’ll see.  Hercules-- heard about your mother?!  She’s
gettin’ married!”

Man’s Voice:  “Look out!  Look out!”

Cha:  “Ahh!  Ahh!  Uh!”

H:  “Married?”

I:  “I, uh-- think you dropped this.”

H:  “Oh-- yeah.  Uh!”

A Man’s Voice:  “Can you believe it?”

H:  “Make sure the money goes to the widows and orphans.”

I:  “Hey, where ya goin’?!”

H’s  Voice:  “Home!”


Dem:  “Ah-- look strong enough to you?”

Alc:  “Looks wonderful.  You really shouldn’t have gone to all
this trouble.”

Dem:  “Well, I’m just finishing what your son started.  He had
the right idea about protecting you.”

Alc:  “I think Hercules worries about me too much.”

Dem:  “Well, what is he going to say if _I_ start worrying about

Alc:  “You shouldn’t bother.”

Dem:  “Look, I’m only doing what my heart tells me to do.”

Alc:  “Trust me.  Your heart’ll beat a lot faster the first time
a pretty girl half my age bats her eyes at you.”

Dem:  “Why do you have to say something like-- aw!”

Alc:  “Demetrius.”

Dem:  “Oh, it’s nothing.”

Alc:  “Why don’t you let _me_ decide that?  Here.  Ah-- you’ll
live, but-- I’d still better clean it up.”

Dem:  “Well, if that means you’ll hold my hand for a while
longer-- I’m all for it.”


I’s Voice:  “So, your mother’s got herself a boyfriend.  Maybe
you’ll end up with a stepfather.  Why are you so upset?”

H:  “Iolaus-- how do I know this guy’s good enough her?  I mean,
I’ve never even met him.”

I:  “It’s her life.”

H:  “Yeah, I know, but-- ”

I:  “What?”

H:  “It’s like I don’t know my own mother anymore.”

I:  “She’s gonna love you no matter what.”

H:  “I don’t know why.  I’m away from home too much.  You know?
If you stop and think about it, I spend more time worrying about
total strangers than I do about the woman who gave me life.”

I:  “Hercules-- you have nothing to feel guilty about.”

H:  “Tell that to my conscience.”


E:  [Screams]

Archer [Arch]:  “We are here to _serve_ you, Echidna.”

E:  “Then serve me well.  Join my crusade against Hercules!”

Arch:  “The warrior, Demetrius, is not enough?”

E:  “A mortal, challenging the son of Zeus?!  That will never be
enough for me-- no matter how much hate Demetrius has in his

Arch:  “We will leave at once-- but you must know, there is only
one thing we can do when we confront Hercules.”

E:  “Yes-- you’ll kill him.”

Arch:  “With arrows Hephaestus has crafted.  But I thought
killing Hercules was a pleasure _you_ coveted.”

E:  “It means more to me that his _mother_ watches him die.
_She_ must know the pain _I_ felt-- when he _slew_ my children!”

Arch:  “We can kill her, too.”

E:  “No-- I want her brought to me so that I can tell her
myself-- why she was forshed [sic]-- to shuffer [sic].”

Arch:  “And, then?”

E:  “Then I will kill her.”


I:  “You know?  You’re probably gonna like him once you get to
know him.”

H:  “We’ll see.”

I:  “Uh-- give your mother some credit for having good taste.”

H:  “Good taste?  She fell for Zeus, remember?”

I:  “Yeah, but he’s a god.  He’s handsome-- ”

H:  “He’s the reason my wife and children aren’t alive, and
don’t tell me you’re going to defend him.”

I:  “Well, even if I wanted to, which, incidentally I don’t--
now would not be the moment.  Look.”

H:  “What?”

Goon:  “I’ve got a proposal for you, gentlemen.  Your money-- or
your lives.”

H:  “Why can’t people find an honest way to make a living?”

I:  “Uh, uh-- Herc-- ”

Goon:  “Looks like it’s gonna be their money _and_ their lives.”

H:  “I really-- don’t have time for this.”


H:  “Well-- are you coming, or not?”

Goon:  “Get me down!”

I:  “He’s missing his mother.”


Alc:  “Maybe I’m being too bold.”

Dem:  “Don’t be silly.  All you’re doing is providing public
service.  You’re giving your neighbors something to talk about
aside from the weather.”

Alc:  “I already did that-- when I was young and foolish.”

Dem:  “Well-- don’t be so hard on yourself.  All you were doing
back then was-- listening to your heart.  Sometimes, that’s the
only thing one can do.”

Alc:  “I’m afraid I’m out of practice.”

Dem:  “You mean, you’ve sworn off love?  The way a drunkard
swears off wine?”

Alc:  “Until now.”


H:  “My wall-- ”

I:  “Ah-- what about it?”

H:  “Somebody finished it.”

I:  “You mean, you didn’t?”

H:  “No, I-- started it, but then there was that-- trouble--
with-- ”

I:  “Iphicles.”

H [Sighs]:  “Yeah.”

I:  “Wait, you mean you haven’t been back here since then?
Maybe your mother _should_ get herself a new husband.”

H:  “I was going to finish it, Iolaus.  It’s just that things--
came up.  People kept needing my help.”

I:  “Well, that’s the curse of being you, Hercules.  It’s also
the curse of being your mother.”

H:  Yeah-- I guess you’re right.  You wouldn’t-- wanna come in
with me, wouldja?  I-I’m sure she’d love to fix  ya dinner.”

I:  “No, thanks.  I better go on to my place-- see if it’s still
standing.  Good luck, my friend.”

H:  “Yeah.”


H:  “Mother?  Mother.”



Alc:  “Hercules-- you’re home.”

H:  “Yeah.  Yeah, I guess I am.”

Alc:  “I, um-- I wasn’t expecting you.”

H:  “I kind of figured that out.  So, should I ask what’s new?”

Dem:  “Well, I believe I am.  The name’s Demetrius.”

H:  “I’m Hercules.”

Dem:  “I thought you were.  Your mother’s told me a great deal
about you.”

H:  “Hmm-- then I’m at a disadvantage-- because I don’t know
anything about you.”

Alc:  “Hercules-- there’ll be plenty ’a time to get to know
Demetrius.  I think you’ll like him-- if you give him a chance?”

H:  “Sure.”

Dem:  “I believe you two have a lot of catching up to do.  I
should be on my way.”

Alc:  “But you came for dinner.  You haven’t eaten a bite.”

Dem:  “Well, I think Hercules, here, needs to eat more than I
do.  He’s the one who’s been travelling.  Until tomorrow.  I
hope to see more of you-- my friend.”

H:  “Uh-- Mother, I was just-- ”

Alc:  “Not one more word.  Do you hear me?  Not one more word
from either of us, or we both might say things we regret.  Now--
do you want dinner, or don’t you?”


I:  “With prices like yours, no wonder I’m away so often.  Hey,
take it easy, friend.  There’s room enough for both of us.”

Leukos [Leu]:  “Beg your pardon, sir, but are you Iolaus, friend
of Hercules?”

I:  “Who’s asking?”

Leu:  “A veteran, sir-- battled at Liguria, Alchedon, and the
Isterian Peninsula.  They call me Leukos, sir.”

I:  “Yeah?  Well, no one calls me sir, Leukos.  Iolaus will do

Leu:  “Then it is you.  I’m hopin’ you’ll lead me to Hercules.”

I:  “Well, I need a reason.”

Leu:  “To save his life.”

I:  “OK-- that’s a good enough reason.  You wanna explain?”

Leu:  “No-- only to Hercules.”

I [Chuckles]:  “Got over treating me like a ‘Sir’ pretty
quickly, didn’tcha?”

Leu:  “I mean no offense.  But please, is there a place where I
may meet Hercules-- a safe place?  I fear the wrong eyes are on

I:  “OK-- go out of the town walls, OK?  Through the first
gate-- ”


H:  “That tune brings back some nice memories.”

Alc:  “You were just a little boy when I used to sing it to you.
It’s been a long time since I was that happy.”

H:  “But you’re happy now-- aren’t you?”

Alc:  “Yes, I am.  Hercules?  Can’t you rejoice for me?  Can’t
you open your heart and let Demetrius in?”

H:  “How can I?  When I have no idea whether he’s worthy of

Alc:  “Uh, I say he is.  That should be all the assurance you
need.  Look-- you have to understand that-- I’m getting older,
and I’m-- I don’t relish the thought of doing it by myself.  I--
I’d like someone in my life-- someone to love.”

H:  “Are you two-- ?  I mean-- I mean, are you-- ?”

Alc:  “Ah, that’s-- my business, Hercules.  But I will tell you
that everything about him says he could love me without
qualification.  Zeus could never do that and-- about the only
other man I ever wanted to was Amphitryon.”

H:  “One more explanation for Demetrius, right?”

Alc:  “He doesn’t need explaining, Hercules.  He’s a wonderful
man.  He’s honored as a warrior, and-- successful as a farmer in
the Arcadian highlands.  And the most important thing of all is
he’s good to me.”

H:  “From where I stand, he is still a mystery.”

Alc:  “Well, I think I’m a mystery to you, too.”

H:  “Yeah.  Maybe you’re right, Mother.  I’ve been gone so much
that I never stopped to realize how-- lonely you are.”

Alc:  “Then-- give me a chance to end that loneliness with

H:  “Yeah.”


Dem:  “Echidna sent you here for Hercules.  You should not
concern yourself about anyone else.”

Arch:  “But the veteran I’m telling you about-- he could cause
trouble.  He’s spoken to Hercules’ best friend.”

Dem:  “Maybe they’re old friends.  Hercules has fought many

Arch:  “So have you.”

Dem:  “Very well.  If you think the veteran could cause
trouble-- eliminate him.”


E [Moans]:  “Ohhhh-- my children, I miss you so-o-o-o-o.
There’s an emptiness in my life that can never be filled.  But
this I swear-- Hercules will die for what he did to you-- and to
me!  To all of us!”  [Moans]


I:  “Hercules.”

H:  “Uh-- she’s really fallen for him, Iolaus.”

I:  “Look, I know you’re worried about your mother but right
now-- you have other problems.  Someone’s trying to kill you.”

H:  “That happens all the time.  I don’t have the evergy to be

I:  “Well, you better find the energy.  Otherwise, you won’t be
around to worry about your mother.”

H:  “What?”

I:  “The guy who thinks you’re in danger-- he’s a warrior.  If
we were in battle together, we would trust him to cover our
backs.  He’s tryin’ to do that for you now.”

H:  “Where is he?”

I:  “He’s outside of town.  I told him he’d be safe there.”

H:  “You make it sound like he’s afraid.”

I:  “He is.  He’s very afraid.”


I:  “Leukos.  Leukos?”

H:  “I hope that’s not your man.”

I:  “It is.”

H:  “No mortal shot this arrow.  It was crafted in the forges of

I:  “That means Hera must be after you again.”

H:  “My mother.”


Dem:  “The wagon’s ready.”

Alc:  “And so’s our picnic lunch.”

Dem:  “Ahhh-- then there’s nothing to wait for-- except this.
And there’ll be more for dessert.  After you, my dear.”

Alc:  “Oh, what a beautiful day.”

Dem:  “The best one in a long time.”

H:  “Mother!  Mother, there’s trouble!”

Alc:  “What does he mean?”

Dem:  “Look for yourself.”

Alc:  “Hercules, look out!”

Arch:  “Now.”

H:  “Uh!  Uh!  Ahhhh!”

Alc:  “No-o-o-o-o-o-o!”

I:  “Hercules!”

Dem:  “Don’t worry, you’ll be seeing him on the other side--
sooner than you think.  Now to finish this.  Yah!  Hah!  Hah!

Alc:  “Hercules!”

I:  “Don’t die, Hercules.  Please don’t die.”



Dem:  “Whoa!  Whoa!”

Alc:  “You planned this all along, didn’t you?  You never loved
me.  You just wanted to set a trap for Hercules!  Why,
Demetrius?!  Why would you wanna kill someone who’s done so much

Dem:  “Why don’t you worry about yourself?”

Alc:  “You can’t do anything worse to me than you’ve already

Dem:  “I’m sure I can figure out something.”

Alc:  “Is this where you _kill_ me, Demetrius?  Is that what
happens now?”

Dem:  “No.  I’m much too much of a gentleman for that.  Wine?
Ohh.  Ride ahead.  Deliver the news about Hercules.  The rest of
you stay with the wagon.  We wouldn’t anything to happen to our
lovely Alcmene-- until it is her turn to die.”

Alc:  “You’re a monster.”

Dem:  “I am nothing compared-- to what you are about to see.”


I:  “Come on, Hercules.  I know you’re still with me.  You can
_do_ it.  I know you can.  Come on!  Fight back!”

H:  “Ah-h-h-h-h-h-h!  Ah-h-h-h!  Ah-h!  Iolaus!”

I:  “I’m here.  I’m here.”

H:  “Ah-h!”

I:  “Take it easy.”

H:  “My mother!  Where is she?!”

I:  “I-- I don’t know.  Sh-- Demetrius carried her off.”

H:  “W’ve got to go!”

I [Interrupting]:  “No, you can’t!  You can’t!  You’re hurt
pretty bad.”

H:  “Ah-h-h-h!  Take it out!”

I:  “Hercules-- I might just make it worse.”

H:  “Take it out!  Or I swear, I’ll do it myself!”

I:  “All right.  It’s gonna be like no pain you’ve ever felt.”

H:  “Pull-- the arrow out.  Ah-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h!”

I:  “Rest well, my friend.”


Alc:  “I should have known I couldn’t trust you.  Your eyes were
always as cold as stone-- no matter how much passion the rest of
you was generating.”

Dem:  “My eyes.  Well, perhaps they’ll be brighter, now that
Hercules is no longer standing between me-- and immortality.”

Alc:  “Well, enjoy your power while you can.  ‘Cause anyone as
cowardly and treacherous as you won’t be able to hang onto it
for long.”

Dem:  “You know-- maybe I ought to kill you.”

Alc:  “Well, why don’t you?  I’m gonna die anyway, aren’t I?
Come on, Demetrius-- kill me.  There’s no other way you’re gonna
satisfy Hera.”

Dem:  “Hera-- Hera didn’t send me.”

Alc:  “But no one else hates Hercules and me as much as she

Dem:  “Ha.  No-- Echidna hates you even more.”


E [Squawks]:  “What is it?  Why are you here?”

Arch:  “Hercules is dead.  No one survives our arrows.”

E:  “Then my world is a better place.  And his mother-- ”

Arch:  “A captive.  Demetrius will have her here tomorrow.”

E:  “Then tomorrow she will die.”


H:  “Iolaus.”

I [Sighs]:  “Thank the gods.  I didn’t think anyone could
survive an arrow forged by Hephaestus.”

H:  “How’d I get in here?”

I:  “I dragged you.”

H:  “My mother!”

I:  “Wait, wait!  You gotta heal up a little first.  Then we can
both go and get her.”

H:  “If we wait-- she’ll be killed.”

I:  “Hercules-- you gotta listen to me.  This is not just about
you and Demetrius.  There’s some bigger force at work here.  And
weak as you are-- it may kill you.”

H:  “That’ll be a death-- worth dying.”

I:  “Look-- you won’t even stand a fighting chance!”

H:  “Get out of my way; I’m going after her.  Ahh!”

I:  “Not without me, you’re not.”

H:  “Good-- because I don’t think I could make it by myself.”


I:  “Take it easy, friend.”

H:  “Gotta keep going.”


I:  “Looks like the wagon was joined here by a gang of riders.”

H:  “The archers.”

I:  “Yeah.  But the only thing in this direction is-- ”

H:  “Dronos-- and you know what’s there.”

I:  “Echidna.”

H:  “This must be her revenge, Iolaus.”

I:  “What do you mean?”

H:  “She’s paying me back-- for slaying all the monsters that
call her, ‘Mother’.”

I:  “So-- she tries to have you killed-- while your own mother
is watching.”

H:  “Yeah-- but it doesn’t end there.  Now, she wants to kill my
mother, too.”

I:  “Stop, Herc!  Come on.  It’s gonna be night soon.  We can’t
travel much farther.”

H:  “No-- I’ve gotta keep going.”

I:  “Ah-- I’ll be right beside ya.”


Arch’s Voice:  “I’ll check the horses.”


Dem:  “Not even a goodbye kiss, my love?  You should have better
manners than that.”



H:  “It can’t be much farther.”

I:  “I’ll scout ahead and make sure.”

H:  “No!  This is my mother we’re after.  That makes it my
fight.  I don’t want you sticking your neck out.”

I:  “Come on, Hercules.  What are you talking about?”

H:  “This is about family.”

I:  “I know how much you love your mother.”

H:  “Then you should understand when I ask you to stay back.”

I:  “Wait!  I do understand.  But-- this is family for me, too.
After all we’ve been through together-- the _risks_ we’ve taken
for each other.  You’re like a brother to me.  I-I don’t know--
any other way to put it.”

H:  “The feeling’s mutual.  Come on.”


Dem:  “Hah!  Ha!  Ha!  Ha! Hih!  Hah!  Hah!  Whoa!  Whoa!

Alc:  “Should I be?”

Dem:  “If I were you, I’d be frightened to death.”

Alc:  “Is that what you want, Demetrius?  Would that make you
feel like you’ve _scored_ some kind of victory over me?”

Dem:  “Get her out of the wagon.”

Alc:  “Keep your hands off me!”

Arch:  “Don’t hurt her-- unless you wanna take her place in
front of Echidna.”

Alc:  “I think you should _all_ die.”

Dem:  “They’re going to be outside standing watch.
Unfortunately, you’re going to be the only one dying.  Inside.”


Alc:  “Ahh!”

E:  “Welcome to the end of your life.”  [Squawks]


I:  “Hercules.”

H:  “Not now.”

I:  “Yeah, but-- ”

H:  “Quiet!”

I:  “Why?”

H:  “Welcoming committee.”

I:  “Your mother must be in that cave.”

H:  “With Echidna.”

I:  “And Demetrius.”

H:  “We’ve gotta get past those archers.”

I:  “Any ideas?”

H: “ Oh, yeah.”


E:  “Did it hurt when you saw your son die?  Did you feel your
heart crumble?”

Alc:  “I’m not gonna give you the satisfaction of seeing me cry!
Just kill me-- and get it over with!”

E:  “You don’t get off so easily after raising a killer!”

Alc:  “Hercules is no killer!”

E:  “Yes, he is!  He killed my children!  He killed them _one_
after another!  No mother should have to endure that.”

Alc:  “Your children were monsters, just like you.  They
murdered and maimed for _any_ god corrupt enough to use them!”

E:  “Liar!”  [Screams]


E’s Voice:  [Screams]

Arch:  “Sounds like our mission is complete.  The horses!  Come
on!”  [Startles]

H:  “Oh, it’s me, all right.”

Arch:  “You must die again!”

H:  “Can’t you get it through your head-- I didn’t die the first

I:  “Maybe she’s not very bright!”

Arch:  “The bows!  Go get them!”

I:  “Now you see ‘em-- now you don’t!  Did I do that, or did

Alc’s Voice:  [Screams]

H:  “I’ve _got_ to get in there.  Take care of her first.  Then
bring the arrows in.” 


Alc:  [Screams]

E:  [Screams]

H:  “Put her down!”

E:  “Hercules!  Why isn’t he dead?!”

H:  “Bad archers!”

Alc:  “Good genes!”

H:  “Nobody-- takes advantage of my mother.”


Alc’s Voice:  “Hercules!  Be careful!”

H:  “I said!  Put-- her-- down.”

E:  “I think I’ll kill you both at once!”  [Squawks]

[Fight continues]

E:  [Screams]

H:  “Mother!  Run!”

Alc:  “I can’t leave you!”

H:  “You’ve got to!  Now, run!  Over here, Echidna!  It’s me you

E:  “Have it your way!  You’ll die first!  [Screams]  You’re not
getting away!”

Dem:  “You’re not going anywhere-- Mother.”

E [Screams]:  “Right back where you started!  You both

I:  “Wrong!  Alcmene!”

H:  “Iolaus!  Get her out of here!  Go on!  I’ll take care of

Dem:  “You’ll have to get past me first, you little runt.”  

H:  “Iolaus!  The arrows!”  

I:  “Where are they?!”  

Dem [Laughs]:  “Now it’s you and me, Hercules.”  

E:  [Screams]

I:  “Herc-- ”  

E:  [Screams]

Alc:  “No, Hercules!  Don’t!”

H:  “But if she had her way, we’d both be dead.”

Alc:  “It doesn’t matter.  We’re better than that.  We’re not
monsters.  We’re not instruments of death and destruction.
We’re human beings.  And besides-- now I know how she felt when
her children died.  She felt the same way I would have.”

H:  “What do you expect me to do?  I can’t leave her free to
kill more people.”

Alc:  “I know you can’t.  I’m just asking you to-- find a
_better_ way to stop her than by death.  Please, Hercules-- for


Alc:  “Will she be able to get out of there?”

H:  “With Echidna-- you never know.”

Alc:  “I hope you understand why I couldn’t have watched her

H:  “Mother-- I _do_ understand.”

Alc:  “Uh-- are you all right?  Uh-- ”

H:  “I’m _fine_, I’m fine.”

Alc:  “Iolaus, couldn’t you have-- ?”

I:  “I tried-- but you know what he’s like?  Can we go home,

H:  “Why?  Aren’t you having fun, here?  [Laughter]  Let’s go.”

Alc:  “Hercules, you make a mother proud.”

I:  “Hercules-- you ready for a home-cooked meal?”


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