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“Heedless Hearts”  Episode 28/215


I:  “Mmm-- yeah, and what about the fangs on that thing?  I’m
glad it was slow.  You know-- we could’ve ended up-- ”

H:  “-- as dinner.”

I:  “Yeah, yeah.”

H:  “Ha-ha.”

I:  “Those villagers seemed thankful, though, didn’t they?”

H:  “Yeah, but building statues in our honor seemed a-- bit
much, though.”

I:  “Come on!”

H:  “Well.”

I:  “No more-- disappearing cattle.  No more virgin sacrifices.
You ask me, they got a lot to be thankful for.  They should have
built a _shrine_ to us.”

H:  “Whoa-- you, uh-- better watch your mouth, Iolaus.  Uh-- ”

I:  “Oh, come on-- it’s not the gods.  It’s just a lightning

H:  “There’s only one way to find out.”

I:  “Oh, yeah-- that’s right.  ‘Cause lightning never-- ”

I and H:  “-- strikes in the same place twice.”

H:  “Iolaus, come on.  I’m just k-- ”

I [Interrupting]:  “No, no, no, no.  No, no, no, no, no, no, no,
no.  [Clears throat]  I think-- they should have built a shrine
to us!”

H:  “Iolaus?  Iolaus?  Speak to me!  Great.  Better be a
coincidence.  All right?  All right, you’ll be all right,
Iolaus.  You’ll be all right.  OK, just-- just-- stand there--
and-- rest a bit.”


I [Startles]:  “Whoo!  Ha!”

H:  “Iolaus-- are you all right?”

I:  “Yeah.  Yeah-- I-I’m-- fine.”

H:  “But-- you were struck by a bolt of lightning.”

I:  “Yeah?  No, I feel great.  I feel, um-- better than I’ve
ever been in my life.  Uh-- actually I-- I feel kind of
energized, ha.”

H:  “Well, we-- better lie low till the storm passes.”

I:  “Oh, no.  It’ll be over in a couple of minutes.”

H:  “How would you know that?”

I:  “You know, we’d make Colchis by sundown if it wasn’t for
those other distractions.”

H:  “What distractions?”

I:  “A pretty girl on a horse, for one.  Oh-- Herc-- you have to
watch her.  She is gonna bring you so much trouble.”

H:  “I-Iolaus, you’re-you’re babbling.  I-I-I-- ”

I [Interrupting]:  “No, wha-what?”

H:  “You should take it easy.”

I:  “No, no, no, no, no, no!  Because, I can see it!  It’s like
a whoosh!  And then-- wow!  This is-- wow!  Yeah, uh-- yeah, uh,
it’s totally, uh, totally big, big-- flying things, uh-- with
metal wings-- and-and they’re full of people!”

H:  “Metal wings?”

I:  “Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, uh.  A-and a city wi-with tall

H:  “Iolaus-- ”

I:  “Uh, they’re so tall-- ”

H [Interrupting]:  “I-Iolaus-- ”
I:  “-- you can’t see the-- ”

H [Interrupting]:  “Iolaus!”

I:  “What?!”

H:  “You’re babbling!”

I:  “Horse!  Huh!  Ha-hah!”  [Laughs]

Rheanna [Rhe]:  “Whoa.  That was some storm, wasn’t it?  Maybe
you two can help me.  I’m looking for Hercules.”



Rhe:  “I’m sorry.  Obviously, you can’t understand me.”

H:  “Uh-- I’m-- Hercules.”

I:  “Yeah-- no, no, he is, really.  Uh, I know, ‘cause I’m his
best friend-- Iolaus.  Hi.”

Rhe:  “Uh-- Rheanna.”

I:  “Oh-- you’ll be wanting some water-- because-- it’s a-- long
way to Tevar.”

Rhe:  “How did you know that?”

I:  “Uh-- I don’t know.  Uh-- maybe I can cool your horse off
for you, uh-- give you two some time-- together.  Oh-- yeah.
Come on, Archilechas.”

H:  “Uh-- now that you’ve-- found us, what can we-- do for you?”

Rhe:  “My people need your help.  My village is under King
Melkos’ rule.”

H:  “Melkos-- seems I’ve-- heard that name.”

Rhe:  “He rules not for the people-- but for his own selfish,
perverted interests.  His latest law gives him wedding-night
privileges with every new bride in his kingdom.”

H:  “I thought those were just rumors.”

Rhe:  “They’re not.”

H:  “I’m sorry.”

Rhe:  “Look-- I neither need, nor have time for, your sympathy.
My late husband and I led a rebellion against Melkos.  Two
months ago, Jordis was killed in an ambush, and since then, the
movement has floundered.  Without his leadership, I’m afraid
it’ll die.”

H:  “And you want-- us-- to help overthrow Melkos.”

Rhe:  “Yes-- before his oppression spreads.  Look-- I don’t seek
revenge.  I just want to see an end to my people’s suffering.”

H:  “We’ll do what we can.”


Rhe:  “I know those people.  Come on.  Clarion!”

I:  “She’s a beauty, isn’t she?”

H:  “Is she?  Hey, her story really affected me.”

I:  “Right-- you haven’t taken your eyes off her since she
showed up.  But we’re gonna be up to our necks in soldiers in a
minute, so-- 

H:  “Soldiers?

I:  “Yeah.”

H:  “Where?”

I:  “No, no, no, no, no-- I didn’t see them.  I-- I-- I _saw_
them, but, I mean, well no-- no, I didn’t see them.  Uh-- uh--
look-look-- Herc, they’re gonna _be_ here.”

Rhe:  “They’re refugees from my village.  They don’t wanna live
under the king’s tyranny anymore.”

Man’s Voice:  “It’s the king’s men!”

H:  “Soldiers.”

Cyrus:  “Stop!  You people are to return to your homes!”

Clarion:  “Why?  We’ve nothing left to give the king.  He’s
taxed us to death.”

Cyrus:  “He’ll be the judge of that.  Now turn around!  Or
you’ll find out what death is really like.”

H:  “Now, hold on, there.  These people haven’t done anything
wrong.  They have a right to leave if they choose.”

Cyrus:  “I don’t recognize you, stranger.  But I’d advise you to
mind your own business.”

H:  “I am-- I’m making _this_ my business.”

Cyrus:  “Have it your way.”


Soldiers’ Voices:  “Get him!”

I:  “Whoo-hoooo-ooooo!”

Men’s Voices:  “Come on!  Over there!”  “What’s this?!”

Woman’s Voice:  “We’re safe, now.”

Man’s Voice:  “At least for a little while!”

Rhe:  “Why are they leaving, Clarion?  I told them I’d be back
with help, and I did.”

Clarion:  “Yeah-- it’s nothing against you.  The death of Jordis
just took the fight out of them.  They’ve just lost too much,

Rhe:  “And you?  If you leave, our cause will suffer.  But I
can’t make your decision for you.”

Clarion:  “You’ll still lead us?”

Rhe:  “Yes.”

Clarion:  “And those two will fight with us?  Then I’ll stay--
but I’m sending my family off with the others.”

Rhe:  “Well-- you’ve convinced me you’re Hercules.  I’ve never
seen a man fight like that.”

I:  “He wasn’t alone.  Huh.”

H:  “Uh, no, I wasn’t.  Uh-- you handled yourself pretty well,


Vericles [Ver]:  “Rheanna-- you’re back.”

Rhe:  “Didn’t I promise?  Where is everyone?”

Ver:  “Tryin’ to figure out how to pay their taxes.  It’s gotten
so a man can’t afford a mug of mead no more.  Will there be a
meeting tonight?”

Rhe:  “I’ll let you know.  Here-- let me help.”

I:  “Uh, Herc?”

H:  “Hmm?”

I:  “Stay alert.”

H:  “What?”

Rhe:  “Thank you.”

H:  “You’re welcome.”

Rhe:  “Uh, you’ll need a-- place to stay and some food tonight.
Vericles can help you.”

H:  “You said something about a meeting.”

Rhe:  “I’ll send someone for you.  We-- keep it secret till the
last minute.  Vericles, this is Hercules and Iolaus.”

Ver:  “Glad to meetcha-- Hercules.  What’ll ya have?”

I:  “No, no-- he’s Hercules.”

Ver:  “Right-- he’s the third one this week.”


Men’s Voices:  “Sire!  I’m here!”  “I hear King Melkos needs
some soldiers.”  “That’s my friend!”


Cyrus:  “Your Highness-- we failed to turn back the refugees.”

Melkos [Mel]:  “That could cost you your jobs.  You do realize--
that it’s _their_ taxes that _pay_ you and your men.  How many
were there?”

Cyrus:  “Five or six families, Sire.”

Mel:  “Armed?”

Cyrus:  “No.”

Mel:  “So-- a dozen-- armed and trained soldiers-- couldn’t
convince a ragged band of refugees-- to return to their home?”

Cyrus:  “They had help-- one of the women from the village-- and
two men I’ve never seen before.”

Mel:  “Probably mercenaries.  Dismissed.  That bodes well for
us.  The rebels must be getting desperate if they rely on
outsiders.  Find me that woman.”

Grovelus [Gro]:  “And the mercenaries?”

Mel:  “Ha-- a couple of paid soldiers don’t worry me.  Besides--
if all goes according to plan-- they’ll be crushed with the rest
of the rebels tomorrow.”


I:  “You’re gonna lose a lot of money.”

H:  “What?”

I:  “Uh-- I see you-- losing a lot of money.”

H:  “Iolaus, that-- doesn’t make any sense.  I don’t have any

I:  “I’m just telling you what I see.”

H:  “What happened to you in that lightning strike?  I mean,
first it was Rheanna, then the soldiers, now this-this-- money.
Are-- are you telling me you can-- see the future?”

I:  “Yeah-- no-- I mean-- uh-- ‘know, y’see-- what it is?  Um--
I get these visions.  And sometimes-- they’re really like--
zing!  Clear.  And then other times, they’re kind of-- uh--
wa-wa-wa-wa-wa-wa!  You know, you can’t tell.  I mean, I don’t
know what they are.  It’s-- sort of-- ”

H:  “This is really strange.  You sure you feel all right?”

I:  “Oh, yeah, yeah-- I feel great.”

H:  “Good.  Good.  Um-- well, it’s getting late.  I need some

I:  “Yeah.  Oh-- yeah.”

H:  “Yeah.  Hmm.”

I:  “Uh-- Herc?”

H:  “What now?”

I:  “You, uh-- you may wanna move over.”

H:  “Why?”

I:  “Well-- you’re in the cow’s favorite spot.”

H:  “What cow?”

[Cow moos]


Man’s Voice:  “We’re late-- hurry.”


Rhe:  “We’re all feeling the loss of Jordis.  But this is no
time to let up.  Every day that we continue our attacks on the
king, our support grows.  And tonight we have news that’ll help
our cause immensely.  Gnossus?”

Gnossus:  “Tomorrow, the king is sending a shipment of gold
through the Lucian forest.  Our taxes paid for that gold.”

Ver:  “Why are you telling us this?  There’ll be an army
guarding it.”

Rhe:  “No-- as we speak, there’ll be an uprising in Rarda.  Most
of the king’s army will be busy putting down the rebellion

Hephate [Heph]:  “Then that shipment will be lightly guarded--
ripe for the taking.”

Clarion:  “We can get our taxes back-- and hit the king where it
hurts most.”

Rhe:  “Taking his gold-- and defeating his soldiers-- would
build our reputation.”

Ver:  “What are we waiting for?”

H:  “I know this is your battle-- but you should move
cautiously.  How do you know this information is correct?”

Rhe:  “It comes straight from the lips of the king’s

I:  “Yeah, but-- don’t you have to ask yourself why he’s telling
you all this?”

Gnossus:  “No-- I am the king’s bookkeeper.”

H:  “Oh.”

I:  “Oh.”

H:  “So, uh-- where is this shipment going?”


Soldiers’ Voices:  “Move along!”  “Move it, you stupid ox!”
“Keep it going!”  “Yah!  Yah!  Yah!”

Rhe:  “Attack!  Halt!”

Clarion:  “Rocks!”

Rhe:  “Rocks.”

Men’s Voices:  “It’s a trick!”  “It’s a trap!”  “It’s a trap!”

Soldier’s Voice:  “There they are!”

Rhe:  “Pull back!”

Man’s Voice:  Come on!”

I:  “You really wanna fight all these guys at once?”

H:  “Just long enough to make sure everyone gets away.”

I:  “OK.”


Clarion:  “They’re back.”

Rhe:  “Oh, you made it.  I was worried you didn’t hear my call
for retreat.”

H:  “Uh-- we heard you but, uh-- ”

I:  “-- we ignored it.”

H:  “Yeah-- sorry.”

Rhe:  “I’m still just tryin’ to piece it all together and figure
out what happened.”

H:  “There’s not much to figure out.  You were-- set up.”

I:  “There’s a traitor in your midst.”

Men’s Voices:  “What?”  “A traitor?”



I:  “Here comes-- ”

Ver:  “Rheanna?  The village square-- two soldiers dumped
someone’s body.”

Rhe:  “Whose?”

Peoples’ Voices [In background]:  “Oh, no.”  “No.”

Ver:  “I was too far away to tell.”

Men’s Voices:  “Let’s go.”  “Come on.”  “Hurry.”  “Quickly.”


Men’s Voices:  “Over there.”  “There he is.”

Rhe:  “Gnossus?  Gnossus, what happened?”  

Gnossus:  “They found me out.  I didn’t tell them a thing.  They
don’t know who we are.”

Man’s Voice:  “Easy.”

Rhe:  “Gnossus.”

Heph:  “I warned you this would happen!”

H:  “I’ll catch up with you later.  Rheanna-- I’m sorry about
your friend.”

Rhe:  “He wasn’t just my friend.  He was my brother.”

H:  “I didn’t know.”

Rhe:  “First my husband.  Now my brother.  Where does it end?”

H:  “Well, when King Melkos no longer rules.”

Rhe:  “But at what cost?”

H:  “The price of freedom is never cheap.  But you’re the one
who has to decide what you’re willing to pay.”

Rhe:  “I just don’t wanna see my people suffer any more than
they already have.  King Melkos intends to win, even if he has
to kill us all.”

H:  “Then don’t let him.”

Rhe:  “I don’t know if I can go on.”

H:  “Your people-- are counting on you, Rheanna.  To give up now
would mean your husband and brother’s deaths would have been in
vain.  They wouldn’t want that.”

Rhe:  “I’d better go.”


Mel:  “Are you saying-- that you killed the spy, Gnossus-- by

Cyrus:  “Yes, Sire.  We dumped his body in the village square.
I’d say we sent the rebels quite a message.”

Mel:  “Has it ever occurred to you that-- if I wanted to send a
message-- I’d use a messenger?  Or that-- by killing their spy--
we have lost someone we could use to our own advantage-- like
spreading misinformation.”

Cyrus:  “No, Sire.”

Mel:  “Not very smart, that move-- was it, Cyrus?  And I can’t
afford to have myself surrounded by stupid people-- can I?
Enlighten him.”

Gro:  [Laughs]

Cyrus:  “Please, your Highness-- if I may.  We have access to
the rebels’ inner circle.”

Mel:  “We do?  Go on.”

Cyrus:  “One of my soldiers is having a-- shall we say-- close
relationship with this person.”

Mel:  “Does Grovelus know the name of this soldier?”

Cyr:  “No, Sire.  I am the only one with that knowledge-- and if
anything were to happen to me-- ”

Mel:  “You may not be very smart-- but at least you’re clever.
I’ll spare your education-- this time.”


Ver:  “On the house.”

I:  “Thanks.”

H:  “Thank you.”

I:  “Herc.”

H:  “Hmm?”

I:  “Come here.”

H:  “What?”

I:  “Come over here.  Hah.”

H:  “Rheanna!  Rheanna.  Rheanna.  I’ve been looking for you.”

Rhe:  “And I’ve been avoiding you.”

H:  “Well, shouldn’t we talk about it?”

Rhe:  “Look-- what happened earlier-- ”

H:  “Nothing happened.”

Rhe:  “What almost happened.  What I wanted to happened.”

H:  “Is the same thing I wanted to happen-- ”

Rhe [Interrupting]:  And it’s wrong.”

H:  “No-- it isn’t.  The timing might be wrong but-- our
feelings aren’t.”

Rhe:  “Don’t you see?  Jordis has only been dead for two

H:  “Deianeira has been gone much longer, and I still feel that
same guilt.”

Rhe:  “Everything is just so mixed up right now.”

H:  “I know.  I know.  And whatever it is we have-- can wait.
But we don’t have to exile ourselves from each other.”

Rhe:  “No.”

Man:  “Good day, Rheanna.”

Rhe:  “I’d-- better go.”

H:  “Yeah.”


H:  “What?”

I:  “Uh-- what, what?”

H:  “Iolaus, you were never good at hiding your feelings.  Now,

I:  “Uh, I wasn’t gonna say anything, b-- but, um-- Herc-- I was
right about Rheanna; I was right about the soldiers; and I’m
right about this.  She’s gonna betray you.”

H:  “Who?”

I:  “Who?  Rheanna.”

H:  “Oh-- Iolaus, come on!”

I:  “I’m only telling you-- what I heard and-- what I-- saw.”

H:  “I don’t know what you-- saw, but-- Rheanna betray me?  I
mean, it’s a little hard to believe.”

I:  “All right.  If I can’t stop you from going on the ambush--
will you please promise you’ll be careful.”

H:  “I’ll be fine.”

I:  “Hercules-- I saw the death of a warrior.  It was you.”



Rhe:  “We can’t wait any longer.”

Clarion:  “Are you sure you’re not just doing this out of

Rhe:  “No-- I’ve put my feelings behind me.  Our last setback
has Melkos thinking we’re dispirited-- and ready to give up.”

H:  “Rheanna’s right.  Another raid will show the king your
cause isn’t dead.”

Ver:  “I’m with them.  Let’s get our weapons.”

People:  “Yeah!”

Soldier:  “Arrest them!”

Man’s Voice:  “Soldiers!”


Soldier:  “Stop your fighting!  Unless you want to see her

H:  “Do what he says.”

Heph:  “She’s the one.  She’s their leader.”

Rhe:  “Hephates.  Why?”

Heph:  “Because I was never good enough for your brother.  What
do you say now, Rheanna?  Am I good enough for him?”

Cyrus:  “Bring ‘em away!”

Soldiers’ Voices:  “Come on, move!”  “You!”  “I’ve got him!
Come on!”


I:  “I guess I owe ya an apology.”

H:  “You weren’t too far off.  Someone betrayed us, and someone

Soldier’s Voice:  “In there.”

I:  “I can’t believe I didn’t see it.  Ah!”

Soldier’s Voice:  “Jail them!”


Mel:  “The gods have smiled on us, Grovelus.  Not only has our
young captain delivered the leader of the rebel movement-- but
the son of Zeus as well.”

Gro:  “Won’t he be an inspiration to them?”

Mel:  “Not if he’s dead.”

Gro:  “I take it the rebels will be executed without trials.”

Mel:  “No-- there’ll be a trial tomorrow.  They’ll be found
guilty and then-- executed.  Hm-hm.  And when the great Hercules
dies-- no one will ever dare rise up against us again.”


Rhe:  “I’m sorry for getting you into this.”

H:  “You forget.  We volunteeered.”

Rhe:  “They’ll execute us tomorrow-- as a warning to others.”

H:  “We’ll see.  We’ll see.”


I:  “Hey, Herc.”

H:  “What is it?”

I:  “I’ve had another vision.”

H:  “Oh-- great.  Is this good or bad?”

I:  “You remember the prison in Thessaly?”

H:  “You sure you wanna do that again?”

I:  “Yeah, why not?”

H:  “Uh-- I’ve got a better idea.”

I:  “Oh, what?  Might ‘a known.”

Soldier:  “Get back in your cell, or I’ll run you through!”

H:  “Uh-- run me through.  Did you have a backup plan?  I didn’t
think so.”

I:  “Come on, Herc!  Come on!”


H:  “Oh.”

I:  “Come on.  Come on, come on.  Herc-- it’s all clear.”

H:  “Oh-- yeah, yeah.”



Soldier:  “Whoa!  Whoa!  Whoa!  Ahhhhhh!”

H and I:  “Ooh.”


I:  “Rheanna!”

H:  “It’s OK!  Here!  Give me your hand!  I’ve got you!  Iolaus!
Time to take a little ride!”

I:  “What ride?!  Oh!  That ride!”

H:  “Rheanna!  Hold on!  Whooooaaaaa!”

Soldiers’ Voices:  “Don’t let them get away!”  “Shoot them!”
“Quickly!”  “Let’s get the traders!”  “Kill [?] the gates!”

Clarion:  “Come on!”

Man’s Voice:  “Come on, Clarion!”

H:  “Ahhhhh!”

Rhe:  “Hercules!”

I:  “Wait here.  Herc!”

H:  “Huh?”

I:  “Aren’t you hurt?  I mean-- ”

H:  “Thick-- thick shrubs.”

I:  “Oh.  Ah-- come on!”

H:  “Huh?”

Rhe:  “Oh.  I thought I’d lost you.”

H:  “I’m not going anywhere.”

I:  “Uh-- guys?  We-- we really got to get going.”

Rhe:  “I know a farmhouse nearby where we’ll be safe.”

H:  “OK.”

Rhe:  “Come on.”


Rhe:  “Hello, Mirim.”

Mirim:  “Well, Rheanna!  We heard you were captured.”

Rhe:  “We were.  We escaped.  Is something wrong?”

Mirim:  “You-- better get inside.”

Rhe:  “Oh-- right.  The king’s patrols are out.”


I:  “This is Hercules.  I’m Iolaus.”

Rhe:  “Mirim, what is it?”

Mirim:  “You’d better look in there.”

Rhe:  “Oh, may the gods forgive me.”

H:  “What’s going on?”

Rhe:  “Hercules?  This is Jordis-- my husband.”



Rhe:  “Jordis, you fell from the top of the waterfall.  I saw
the arrow pierce your chest.”

Jordis [Jor]:  “No-- you saw it-- pierce this.”

Mirim:  “My sons found him downstream right after the battle-- a
heartbeat from death.”

Rhe:  “But why didn’t anybody tell me?!”

Jor:  “I told them not to.  I still wasn’t sure if I’d make it.
I didn’t want you greiving twice.”

H:  “Yeah.  Well, uh-- you two should have some-- time alone.”

Rhe:  “I still can’t believe you’re back.”

Jor:  “I have a lot of lost time to make up for.”

Rhe:  “You’re in-- no shape to do anything right now.  You need
to get well.”

Jor:  “That can wait.  Is he really Hercules?”

Rhe:  “Yes.”

Jor:  “Will he help us?  Then we should use it to our

Rhe:  “Jordis, I just got you back from the dead.  I won’t-- ”

Jor [Interrupting]:  “Listen to me.  In the end-- our lives
really don’t matter.  If we can put an end to the injustice and
the tyranny in this kingdom.  We have to strike now-- while they
least expect it.  Talk to Hercules.  He’ll understand that.”


I:  “Look, I-I’m sorry.”

H:  “For what?  We should be celebrating Rheanna’s good
fortune-- the rebels’ good fortune.”

Rhe:  “Come on, you know what for.  You and Rheanna-- ”

H:  “Rheanna loves her husband.  And now that he’s back--
there’s no question.”

I:  “That’s what I mean-- seems-- unfair.”

H:  “But that’s the way it is.”


Cyrus:  “Your own castle guard let them get away.  Now, if it
were _my_ men.”

Mel:  “Your men-- couldn’t even turn back a raggedy band of

Gro:  “Their escape could inspire them.”

Mel:  “I don’t think so.  They very nearly died  And now we know
who they are.”

Cyrus:  “Let _my_ men-- ”

Mel:  “No!  Take all our men.  Go into every stronghold and
hideaway.  Raze their homes to the ground if you have to.  Wipe
them out.”


Soldiers’ Voices:  “Over here!”  “Nothing over here!”  “No sign
of them yet!”


Soldiers’ Voices:  “Got to be in here, somewhere!”  “Over here!”
“Heads’ up!”  “Keep looking!”  


Soldiers’ Voices:  “Come on!”  “This way!”  “Move it!”  “Find
them!”  “Nothing here!”  “Anything here?!”    “Look over there!”
“No!”  “Nothing!”


Soldier:  “Ho!”  


Soldiers’ Voices:  “Now what?!”  “Nothing over here!”

Cyrus [Interrupting]:  “They’re not here!”

Soldier’s Voice:  “Come on!”

Cyrus:  “Come on!”  

Soldier’s Voice:  “They’re gone!”


I:  “Come on!”

H:  “Sh-sh-sh.  Jordis-- I thought we agreed you shouldn’t be

Jor:  “I shouldn’t be anywhere else.  I could never ask my men
to fight in my place.”

H:  “All right.  Iolaus and I will take out the sentries.”


Sentry:  “Huh?”

A Sentry:  “Well, we meet again.”

H:  “Hi.  Still no backup plan.”

A Sentry:  “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

Soldiers:  “Grab your swords!”  “All right!”  “Go!”  “Yes, sir!”
“Come on!”  “Over there!”

Woman:  “No!”

A Soldier:  “Quickly!”


Rebel [Jor?]:  “OK.  Now.”


Rebel’s Voice:  “Come on!”

Soldier’s Voice:  “The rebels!”

H:  “Come on!”

Soldiers’ Voices:  “Get them!”  “Protect our king!”  “Down with
the rebels!”

Hanging Soldier:  “Put me down!”  “Let me go!”


Mel:  “Grovelus?  What’s happening?”

Gro:  “Sire-- the rebels have breached the castle defenses.”

Mel:  “Get my sword!”


Hanging Soldier:  “I’m getting sick!”

Soldier:  “Ahhhhhhhh!”

I:  “Ahhhhh!  Ooh!  Pooo!”  “I don’t know who you are-- but,
um-- thanks.”


Gro:  “It’s no use, Sire.  Your soldiers can’t hold them.”

Mel:  “Quick-- the secret passage!”

H:  “If it’s supposed to be a secret-- you really should design
it better.  Now-- you have-- five seconds to call off your men--
or they won’t have a king to surrender for.”

Mel:  “Oh.”


Jor:  “I don’t know how to thank you-- but I do know we couldn’t
have done it without you.”

H:  “It was your bravery that inspired them.  Just-- get well.
It’ll take a lot of energy to run Melkos’ kingdom, now that he’s
in exile.”

Rhe:  “Could you excuse me a moment?  You can’t just leave.
It’d be better for the movement if you stayed.”

H:  “Between you and Jordis, I-- think they have enough

Rhe:  “I’m sorry.  I’m sorry that what we had-- ”

H:  “-- is something we’ll always have.  And I wanna thank you
for that.”

Rhe:  “Why?  All I’ve done is cause us pain.”

H:  “No.  No, you, uh-- you took my heart somewhere that-- I
wasn’t sure it could go anymore.”

Rhe:  “I’ll miss you.”

H:  “I’ll miss you, too.”


I:  “You did the right thing.”

H:  “I didn’t have much choice.  So-- ever since you took that
hit to the head you-- can’t see the future anymore?”

I [Chuckles]:  “Yeah.  But you know what?”

H:  “Huh?”

I:  “When I came to-- I didn’t know why I was fighting-- didn’t
know who Rheanna was-- didn’t know who _I_ was.”

H:  “Well-- I’m sorry it took a hit to the head but-- I’m-- glad
to get the old Iolaus back.”

I:  “Yeah, me too.  What was your name again?”  [They laugh.]

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