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“The Power”  Episode 35/222


Deon:  “I just wanna do something with my life-- something
different.  I just don’t know what, yet.”

Cyrene:  “What’s wrong with being a fisherman?”

Deon:  “Come on, Cyrene?  How many songs or poems do you know
are written about fishermen?  They’re written about warriors
and-- heroes.”

Cyrene:  “Like your Uncle Karis.”

Deon:  “Yeah, he-- he’s been around.  He’s seen the world.  I--
I haven’t been outside this province.”

Cyrene:  “Well, I’ll let you see as much of the world as you
want-- as long as you take me with you.”

Deon:  “Now, why would I do that?  Just because I love you, or
because you love me?”

Cyrene [Laughs]:  “Love a fisherman?  No way!”

Deon:  “Ha-ha-ha.”


Bearded Thug:  “Look at that.  Young blood-- easy pickings,

Thug’s Voice:  “You take the guy; the girl’s mine.”

Cyrene:  “Come on.”

Deon:  “Run.  Run!”

Bald Thug:  “Wait a second.  Someone else is comin’.  He don’t
look so easy.”

Bearded Thug:  “Who’s that?  Gimme a look.  No, no, no.  No big
deal.  He’s alone.  He’s alone.  You two go after the kids.  The
rest of us will deal with the big guy.  Go, go, go.”

H:  “Are you trying to make me dizzy?!  Ah, that’s a nice ride.”

Bearded Thug:  “Thank you!”

H:  “Uh, is there something I can do for you?!”

Bearded Thug:  “Um-- you could give us all your money!”

H:  “Uh, sorry.  I don’t-- carry any money!”

Bearded Thug:  “Ah, what-- no money?!  We’ll kill ya anyway!
A-ha-ha!  Kill him!”

H:  “Ah, what a pleasant world we live in.”

Bearded Thug:  “Come on!  Come on, pretty boy!”


Cyrene:  “They’re coming after us!”

Deon:  “Faster!”

Cyrene:  “Come on!”

Bald Thug:  “You’re not goin’ anywhere!  Ooh.”

Deon:  “Hah!”


H:   “Uh-oh.”

Bearded Thug:  “Whoo-hoo!  Hoo-hoo-hoo!  You see that?!  We got
him!  We got him!  Hoo!  OK!  Oh!  Where’s he gone?!”

H:  “Hey!  That wasn’t very nice.”

Bearded Thug:  “Oh, there you are!  Oh, you got some money after
all!  Oh, you’re a fiery one, all right!  Ha-ha!”


Deon:  “Hah!  Run, Cyrene!  Get help!  Hah!  Come on!”


Thug:  “Whoa!  Whoa!  Whoa!”

H:  “I’d, uh-- hold onto something if I was you.”

Bearded Thug:  “Oh, gods.”

Thug:  “Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh!”

Bearded Thug:  “Oh gods!  Oh, gods!”

H:  “Oh.”

Bearded Thug:  “You idiot!  How we gonna fix this?!  There’s--
nothing left in there but junk!  Yah!”

H:  “Ah-- there you are!  I didn’t like-- being run over.”

Cyrene’s Voice:  “Help!”

H:  “Don’t go anywhere.”


Cyrene:  “Help me, please!  Bandits are attacking my boyfriend!”

H:  “[You] stay here.”

Deon:  “Look-- I don’t have any money.  Ah!  Look, there’s no
reason to hurt me!”

Bald Thug:  “I hope savin’ the girl was worth dying for.”

Deon:  “No, don’t kill me!  Stop!  Let go of me!  Go!  Get outta
here!  Go!  Hah!”

Cyrene:  “Is he all right?  What happened?”

H:  “He just-- told them to go-- and they did.”



Karis:  “Jacobus asked me for help.  Tomorrow, take another man,
and escort my brother’s catch to the marketplace.  No charge,
Jacobus-- not for kin.”

Jacobus [Jaco]:  “Thanks, Karis.  Lask week, a friend of mind
lost all his supplies to bandits.  Couldn’t afford your

Karis:  “Well, I can’t afford to help everyone for free.  Armed
guards cost money.”

Deon:  “Father!  Uncle Karis!  Bandits just tried to attack us!”

Karis:  “Bandits attacked you?”

Jaco:  “Did anyone get hurt?”

H:  “No, they’re fine.”

Jaco:  “You-- helped my son?”

H:  “I was too far away.  It looked like he was about to be
killed when-- ”

Deon [Interrupting]:  “Yeah, I just ordered them to drop their
swords and run, and they did.”

Karis:  “They just ran away?”

Chicken-Man:  “They ran from Deon?  Maybe _he_ can stop the

Woman:  “We live in wonderful times when-when bandits fear
simple fishermen!”

Deon:  “Hey, that’s what happened.”

H:  “He’s not lying.  I saw it all.”

Chicken-Man:  “Deon-- bandits don’t run like-- chickens from
boys like you.  You say you did this?  Do it again.  Make me
believe-- I’m a chicken.”

Man’s Voice [In Background]:  “Yeah, prove it to us!”

Deon:  “OK.”

A Man’s Voice [In Background]:  “Back up your mouth, kid!”

Deon:  “OK, Chicken-Man-- dance.  Dance like a chicken!”

H:  “Salmoneus?”

Salmoneus [Sal]:  “Hey!  Let go of my wings!”

Man’s Voice:  “I’ve never seen anything like it!”

Sal:  “Huh?  Hercules!”

H:  “Hi.”

Sal:  “Ha!  I’m wet.”

H:  “Yeah.”

Deon:  “Maybe, they’ll believe me now, huh?”

Karis:  “That was quite an exhibition.”

Cyrene:  “Deon, where’d you get these powers?”

Jaco:  “I don’t like to see a man turned into a laughingstock--
but-- how did you do that?”

Deon:  “I don’t know.”

Karis:  “We know he didn’t inherit it from you.”

Jaco:  “Deon, why don’t you take Cyrene home?  I’ll meet you
back at the house later.”

Karis:  “So, Jaco-- what you told me years ago?  It’s true?  And
Deon doesn’t know?

Jaco:  “No.”


Woman’s Voice [In Background]:  “It was amazing-- ”

H:  “Here you go--”

Woman’s Voice [In Background]:  “-- he clucked just like a

H:  “-- have some water.”

Man’s Voice [In Background]:  “In all my years-- ”

Sal:  “Thanks.”

Man’s Voice [In Background]:  “-- I’ve seen nothing like it!”

Sal:  “Any idea why that boy made us act like chickens?”

H:  “Well, I guess, Deon got-- tired of the villagers egging him
on.”  [Chuckles]

Sal:  “Zeus, that’s witty.”

H:  “Ah-- what brings you to this village, anyway?”

Sal:  “Would you believe it?  I was paid to come here.”

H:  “You’re right, I don’t believe it.”

Sal:  “These Titus brothers-- supposed to be the richest farmers
in the district-- I mean, you heard of them?”

H:  “Can’t say that I have.”

Sal:  “Well, they heard of Salmoneus-- the ‘marketing genius’.”

H:  “Yes, the man who introduced Greece to sports togas?”

Sal:  “I’d appreciate ya not mentioning that.”

Jaco:  “Excuse me.  This man called you Hercules.  Is that

H:  “Ah, yes, I am.”

Jaco:  “I’m Jacobus-- Deon’s father.  Will you be staying in
these parts long?”

H:  “I-- may stick around for a while.”

Jaco:  “Why don’t you stay with us?  No one can touch my fish
soup and, uh-- this place is a breeding ground for lice.”

Sal:  “Ahh!  A-ha!”

H:  “Thanks, I appreciate the offer, but, I-- ”

Jaco:  “I insist.  Please.”

H:  “Fine.  Thank you.”

Sal:  “Ya got any extra room?”


Jaco:  “You know, he idolizes his uncle-- worships the ground he
walks on.”

H:  “I could tell.”

Jaco:  “I guess it’s to be expected.  The man’s a warrior, a
soldier-- he’s fought all over the world-- brought back a
souvenir or a story of-- almost every battle.  I’ve barely been
out of my village in twenty years.”

H:  “Jacobus-- are you proud of your life?”

Jaco:  “Yes, I am.”

H:  “Well, then there’s honor in that.”

Jaco:  “Honor maybe, but not much glory.”

H:  “Yeah, it depends on how you look at it.  Maybe-- guidance
is what Deon needs right now.”

Jaco:  “Well, what kind of guidance can a mortal give a boy like

H:  “A boy like what?”

Jaco:  “Ah, no-- nothing, I just meant-- ”

H:  “Jacobus-- what is this about?”

Jaco:  “I never told Deon the truth about his mother.  I know
exactly where his power comes from.  That’s why I need _your_

H:  “What are you trying to say, Jacobus?”


Sal:  “Stylish, yet sporty-- first impressions are always
important-- especially for new employers.  So-- tell me about
these Titus brothers.”

Man’s Voice:  “Oh!”

Innkeeper:  “Titus brothers?  They’re comin’ here?”

Man’s Voice:  “Last time they were here, I had to burn my

Sal:  “What is it?  Why-why’s everybody going?  What?  What is

Innkeeper:  “Look-- I’m trying to run a nice place, here.”

Sal:  “Hey!  Let go of the tunic!  It’s a new gar-- what?
[Whispering]  What’s that smell?”

Big Titus [T]’s Voice:  “Are you Salmoneus?”

Sal [Whispering]:  “Are those the Titus brothers?  Tell them
I’ve gone.”

Innkeeper:  “Here’s you man!”

Big T:  “I’m Big Titus-- and this is my brother, Little Titus.
And we’ve got a job offer for you-- that’s gonna make us all
filthy rich.”

Sal:  “Well, I can believe half of that.”

Big T:  “Oh, who’s got time to wash?  We’re too busy.
Salmoneus-- listen.  We want you-- to be the exclusive
distributor-- of Titus family manure.”

Sal:  “Manure?”

Big T:  “Best in Greece.  Made-made from a secret family recipe,
o-of dung-- a-and straw-- a-and fish guts-- all mixed lovingly
by hand.”

Sal:  “That’s why you brought me here?  To sell manure?  That’s
my chance at the big time, huh?”

Little T:  “We heard you were _perfect_ for the job.”


Bald Thug:  “I don’t know what the boy did to us.  We were ready
to slit his throat.  Next thing I know, we were running away.”

Bearded Thug:  “Oh, you liar.  You’ll _pay_ for your cowardice.”

Karis:  “They’re the ones who attacked the boy?”

Bearded Thug:  “Yes, sir.”

Karis:  “Then, who ordered that attack?”

Bearded Thug:  “I did, sir.  But Karis-- they were the ones that

Karis:  “That was my nephew you attacked.  Are you blind as well
as stupid?!  Being new here is no excuse for attacking my kin.
You got that?”

Bearded Thug:  “Yes, sir.”

Bald Thug:  “S-sir-- sir, the boy, uh-- uh, I mean, your
nephew-- he has the power ta [sic] cast spells.”

Karis:  “I know.  I saw it myself.  And imagine if I could get
Deon to use his power-- to help us.”  [Laughs]


Jaco:  “Deon, can you come in here?”

Deon’s Voice:  “Coming.”

Jaco:  “Hope I’m doing the right thing.”

H:  “You are.  He deserves to know.”

Deon:  “Hey.”

H:  “Hi.”

Deon:  “Is something wrong?”

H:  “Your father needs to tell you something.”

Jaco:  “You know that story I told you-- about the girl from a
distant village who-- died-- giving birth to you?  It’s a lie.”

Deon:  “What?”

Jaco:  “I met your real mother about 20 years ago on this very
beach.  She was the most beautiful woman I’d ever seen.  We
spent one-- wonderful night together-- and then I never sawr
[sic] her again-- until-- she came back with a baby-- you--
Deon-- and then she left again.”

Deon:  “My mother abandoned me?”

Jaco:  “Uh-- ”

H:  “She’s-- not exactly the maternal type.”

Deon:  “You know my mother?”

H:  “Uh, yes, I do.”

Deon:  “She’s not dead?”

Jaco:  “She can’t die, Deon.”

Deon:  “That’s crazy-- everybody dies.”

Jaco:  “She’s not mortal.  She’s the goddess, Aphrodite.”

H:  “Your power-- is from the gods.”



H:  “It’s a little overwhelming, isn’t it?”

Deon:  “I’ll say.  Within twenty-four hours, I find out that I
have powers to make people do what I want-- my mother is a
goddess-- and my father is a liar.”

H:  “Deon, one lie doesn’t make a man a liar.  I mean, I’m not
saying I agree with your father’s choice, but he did what he
thought was best for you.”

Deon:  “It’s just-- this is all so confusing.  I mean, why do I
have these powers now?”

H:  “The-- gods move in mysterious ways.  Just remember, that
with this new power comes responsibility.”

Deon:  “No more turning people into chickens when I lose my

H:  “That’s not a bad place to start.  Oh-- by the way--
Aphrodite is my half-sister.”

Deon [Laughs]:  “So, uncle?  What’s my mother like?  Besides--
being beautiful, I mean.”

H:  “Well, Aphrodite has some-- good qualities.  I mean, she,
uh-- enjoys the outdoors-- and loves the sun-- the beach, and,
uh-- a good wave.  But, sometimes her fun can hurt people.”

Deon:  “Yeah, like having a baby she didn’t wanna raise.”

H:  “Ah, that’s not your fault.  If you remember the pain you’re
feeling now-- then you won’t be tempted to use your power


Man:  “Here’s ten dinars for the whole load.”

Little T:  “Good luck, and remember us next season.”

Big T:  “What a salesman.”

Man:  “Bye-bye.”

Big T:  “You sold him a whole cartful.  What’s your secret?”

Sal:  “Self-preservation-- the more I sell, the less I smell.”

Big T:  “Uh-- S-Salmoneus, sometimes it sounds like you don’t
even _like_ manure.  [Chuckles]  You should _love_ your job.
Don’t be afraid to embrace it.”

Sal [Gags]:  “Embrace manure.  [Clears throat]  With due
respect,  do you think these fumes are maybe getting to your

Big T:  “You know?  When-wh-when a child’s afraid of the water--
sometimes, the-the only way to teach him to swim i-- is just to
throw him in.”

Sal:  “Well, yeah, I mean-- .  Hey!  Hey!  Hey!  What?!  Help!
Help!  Help!  He-e-e-e-e-e-lp!”


Deon:  “Sounds like a woman in trouble.”

H:  “That’s not a woman, but you’re not far off.”


Sal:  “Stop this!  I’m not a child, and that’s not water!”

Titus:  “Threeee.”

H:  “All right, uh-- put him down.  Whoo.  Boy.  You know, I’d
really rather not come over there.”

Deon:  “Lemme handle this.  I know the Titus brothers.”

H:  “Be my guest.”

Deon:  “Big T?  Little T?  Listen to me.  Now, you guys should
just all be friends.  So, put him down.”

Big T:  “OK-- if you say so.”

Deon:  “Now, Salmoneus will come with us.  But-- don’t worry,
you-- you guys will all be together again tomorrow.”

T’s Voice:  “We’re gonna miss you, Salmoneus.”

Sal:  “I love you guys.”

H:  “Maybe you overdid it.”

Deon:  “I know-- but it feels really good helping people.”

H:  “Yeah, but it doesn’t-- smell so good.”


Fishmonger:  “Here you are, Cyrene.”

Cyrene:  “Thanks.”

Deon:  “Guess who?”

Cyrene:  “Why, the love of my life.  But, you’re back from the
war so early, Attilicus.”

Deon:  “Ha-ha.  You’ll stop teasing when you realize how lucky
you are to be with me.  I am not just the son of a fisherman,

Cyrene:  “I know.  Everyone’s calling you the boy with the
power.  Look.”

Women’s Voices:  “It is.”  “It’s him.”  “He’s powerful.”

Deon:  “They’re talking about me?”

Woman’s Voice:  “Don’t cross him.”

Cyrene:  “You’re the village celebrity.  Now, we’ll never get
any privacy.”

Deon:  “It’s only gonna get worse.  Wailt till they find who my
real mother is.”


Deon:  “I thought you’d be happy to find out that I was the son
of a god.”

Cyrene:  “Well-- I am-- sort of.  But, what about us?  Um-- I’m
just a mortal, but you-- ”

Deon:  “No, no-- don’t talk like that.  Nothing will ever change
the way I feel about you.”

Karis’ Voice:  “Deon!”

Cyrene:  “Mother needs these for dinner.”

Karis:  “Problems?”

Deon:  “Well, Cyrene’s worried that now she’s not good enough
for me.”

Karis:  “Women.  Who can understand ‘em?”


Karis:  “Believe me, there’s more good than bad in being the son
of a god.”

Deon:  “Then you know.”

Karis:  “I have for a long time.  I’m surprised your father
never told you earlier.  But I guess he had his reasons.  Think
something like this would make your girl-- smile, again?”

Deon [Sighs]:  “I’ll say.  Getting supplies past those bandits
pays better than I thought.”

Karis:  “No, no, keep it.  There’s plenty more where that came
from.  Oh, Delia.  Find the earrings that go with this necklace,
and bring them to my nephew.”

Delia:  “So, this is the Deon everyone’s talking about.  He’s

Deon:  [Sighs]

Karis:  “Women are attracted to power.  And with a power like
yours-- you could have anyone you wanted.”

Deon:  “Anyone?  No-- no, I-I just want Cyrene.”

Karis:  “Of course.  But don’t you want her to have fine
jewelry?  Beautiful clothes?”

Deon:  “Well, yeah-- she deserves the best.”

Karis:  “Then you’re gonna have to work at how you’re gonna get
her those things.  The man has to provide for his family.  How
would you like to come and work for me?”

Deon:  “Really?”


Sal:  “I’m gonna tell the Titus brothers to take their job and--
ya-ya-- ya mind coming with me for moral support?”


H:  “Huh?”

Woman’s Voice [In background]:  “You sure it was Hercules?”

Sal:  “What?  What is it?

Man’s Voice:  “It was pretty boy!”

H:  “It’s just someone who gave me a ride at the beach

Sal:  “Ohhh.”

Man’s Voice:  “You should have seen him fall.  He ate sand, I’ll
tell ya.”

H:  “Hi.”

Bearded Thug:  [Belches]

H:  “Picked up any hitchhikers, lately?”

Bearded Thug:  “You know?  I don’t know what you’re talkin’

H [Chuckles]:  “You know, I, uh-- I believe you.  See, a good
memory’s a sign of intelligence and you-- yeah.  Anyway, I-- bet
you can remember who you work for.  Thanks-- but I’m not

Bearded Thug:  “Boys?  We got ourselves a-- ‘troublemaker’.”

H:  “Ahhh, it’s nice to see you, again-- but wasn’t it three of


H:  “Good.  Now, we’re all here.  You start.  Punch?  Duck!  I
told you to duck.  Backhand.”

Sal [Laughs]:  “This is great.”

H:  “Uh, how about a right?  Ready?  Left!  Right!  Left!
Right!  Left!  Right!  Uh-- duck!  Duck again!”

Sal:  [Laughs]

H:  “Uh-- sorry-- I should ’a told you about that one.  Jump!
That would be a head-butt.  I didn’t say-- you could throw
anything.  Now-- let’s try this one more time.  Who is it that
you take orders from?”


Karis:  [Laughs]

Thugs:  “Ahhhhhhhhh!”

H:  “Sorry about that.  Excuse me, Ma’am.  These men are
bandits-- and they say they work for you.”

Deon:  “Hercules, that can’t be true.”

H:  “Ask your uncle.”

Karis:  “Yeah, they do work for me-- but they’re not bandits.”

H:  “Then, why would they admit it?”

Karis:  “Well?”

Bandits:  “I lied.  He-- he was killing us, so-- so I said
that-- we were bandits.  He was hitting and-- punching and--
there was blood and-- he was-- he wouldn’t stop, and-- it was
like he was in a trance or something.”

Karis:  “Look at these men-- the beating they’ve taken.  If I
were them, I’d say anything to get out of that kind of
punishment.  You’re not solving any problems, beating up
innocent men, Hercules.”

H:  “You should be more careful of the company you keep, Deon.”

Karis:  “This is just a misunderstanding.  We’ll get it worked

H:  “Slippery people eventually slip up.  And I’ll be there when
you do.  It’s over.  The robberies end now.  Good day, Ma’am.”

Bearded Thug:  “Looks like we’re out of business like the good
guy says, huh?  I don’t wanna tangle with him again.”

Karis:  “Why not?  It won’t be long before we have our very own
son of a god on our side.”

Bearded Thug:  “Who?  Deon?  You’d pit your own nephew against

Karis:  “Deon is very impressionable.  It won’t take much for
him to do whatever I want-- even killing Hercules-- oh-- if it
comes to that.”



Deon:  “Why are you both so quick to believe that Karis is a

Jaco:  “I know my brother.  And he’s the only one who never lost
any of his own supplies to bandits.”

Deon:  “And that never kept you from using his men to guard your

H:  “I know you’re impressed with your uncle, but there is a
side of him you’ve never seen.”

Deon:  “Uncle Karis is family.  We have to stand by him.”

Jaco:  “If he’s a thief, then blood makes no difference.”

H:  “I-- I’m gonna go get some more tar.”

Deon:  “How can you just turn your back on him like that?!  When
those mercenaries came to our coast, he saved our lives!”

Jaco:  “And I’ll always be indebted to him for that-- but that
doesn’t mean I have to condone thievery!”

Deon:  “Oh, yeah-- right.  Yeah, you’re so honest and upright.
You couldn’t even tell me the truth about my own mother.”

Jaco:  “I’m sorry about that, Deon.  I made a bad choice.  I
wish I could undo it!  Come on.  I want this ready for high

Deon:  “You’re treating me like a slave!  I am not!  I’m-- !”

Jaco:  “You’re what?  You’re my son, that’s what.  Now, help me
with this caulking.”

Deon:  “Only half of me is your son-- the weaker half.”

Jaco:  “He’s the only thing that really matters in my life, and
I’m losin’ him.”

H:  “No-- not necessarily-- I remember when I was his age.
Sometimes you just-- have to be by yourself.”


Deon:  “I shouldn’t have treated my father that way.”

Cyrene:  “You should talk to him.”

Deon:  “I don’t know what to say.  It’s just like everything’s
just been turned upside down overnight.”

Cyrene:  “I’m sorry this is hurting you.”

Deon:  “I am so confused.”

Cyrene:  “Let me help.  You don’t have to deal with this alone.”

Deon:  “I just feel like you’re the only person left I can count

Men:  “Out of our way, woman!”  “Karis is waiting!”


Sal:  “You sure this is fresh?  This doesn’t smell fresh.  In
fact-- it smells like-- ”

Big T:  “Hey!  You were supposed to meet us at dawn!”

Sal:  “Ha-ha!  Fellas!  I can’t sell your manure, anymore.  Uh--
uh, uh-- it’s _not_ just the odor.  Ha-ha!  Keep that haircut!
Uh, uh-- see, I-- it’s an image thing.  I-I-I’ve spent _years_
building up my reputation, see?  And if word gets out that I’ve
sold cow flop-- my reputation won’t be worth-- well-- ha-ha!
Cow flop.”

Big T:  “Manure-- is what made our family great!  You insult
it-- and you’re insulting our ancestors.  Are you insulting

Sal:  “Perish the thought!  Look-- let’s-let’s sit down and talk
about this, huh?  Here, let me make a nice-- _thing_ for ya.
Nice.  Nice.  Sit.  Sit.  Sit.  Sit.  Now-- let’s just calm
down-- take a _deep_ breath-- and talk about this.  Now-- ”

Big T:  “Hey!”


Thug:  “Get the silver!”


Deon:  “Stop!  Put your weapons down!  You, too!  Drop them!”

Karis:  “Thank you, Deon.  Now, there won’t be a need for any
more bloodshed.”

Deon:  “Hercules was right.  You’re nothing more than a bandit.”

Karis:  “Uh-- maybe we should talk about this?”

Deon:  “Let ‘em pass!  Now, leave us!

Karis:  “That silver shipment you just let pass-- is a product
of slave labor in the Litherium mines.”

Deon:  “Why are you telling me this?”

Karis:  “To show you it’s not a black-and-white world.  The king
the silver is going to-- I fought _for_ him in the Thracian
campaign.  I fought _against_ him in the Macedonian War.” 

Deon:  “It doesn’t give you the right to be a thief.”

Karis:  “Do you think I wanted to be a bandit?  I was a war
hero-- decorated-- metals up one arm and down the other.  And
now-- how quickly they forget.”

Deon:  “You could have been a fisherman-- like my father.”

Karis:  “Is it so wrong to want more?  Isn’t that what you want,
Deon?  More?

Deon:  “Maybe.”

Karis:  “You deserve more.  Deon-- you have the power to make a
_mark_ in this world-- a real mark.  I mean, before long, they
should be building statues in your honor.”

Deon:  “Oh, right, like Hercules?”

Karis:  “Why not?  You put your pants on the same way as he
does.  You have the blood of the gods _coursing_ through your
veins-- just like he does.  And anyway-- how great is Hercules?
Oh, sure, he’s strong, but-- you have the power to influence
people-- to make a change for the better in the world.  I wanna
be part of that.”

Deon:  “I don’t need a thief by my side.”

Karis:  “I could change, Deon, I-- .  All I’m asking for is
another chance.  Isn’t that the least you could do-- for


H:  “Salmoneus.”

Sal:  “Where?!  Oh!  I thought you were one of the Titus
Brothers!  Maybe I lost ‘em!  I can’t smell ‘em.  Listen-- I
need your help!”

H:  “Nah, you’ll be fine.  Have you seen Deon?”

Sal:  “_He’ll_ be fine!  He just got into town with his uncle.
They’re at the tavern.”

H:  “All right.  Let’s go.”

Sal:  “W-w.  W-w-w.  W-w.  Wait for me!”

Jaco:  “Let me go in alone-- please.  This is between brothers.”

H:  “All right.  I’ll be out here if you need me.”


Jaco:  “Let’s go, Deon.  You’re comin’ gome.”

Karis:  “I think Deon is man enough to make his own decisions.”

Deon:  “Father, I’m tired of taking orders from you.”

Jaco:  “Let me talk to your uncle alone.”

Deon:  “Talk all you want.  But from now on, I make my own

Jaco:  “You’ll _pay_ for this.”

Karis:  “You sound just like our father.”

Jaco:  “He’d _hate_ what you’ve become.”

Karis:  “I know.  I should have become a fisherman like him.
Like you, Jaco.  Like Deon.”

Jaco:  “There are worse things.”

Karis:  “Are there?  With his power?  His potential?  And you’d
waste it all by having him become the greatest _fisherman_ in
all of Greece?”

Jaco:  “And what would you have him be?  The greatest thief?  I
won’t allow that, Karis!”

Karis:  “You forget where that sword came from.  The last man
who drew it on me was a Macedonian general.  I dug his grave
with it.”

Jaco:  “You’re not taking my son!”

Karis:  “Deon would never forgive me if I killed you.  But
that’s the only reason you’re alive.”


H:  “You know this is wrong.  I can see it in your eyes.”

Karis:  “Ready, Deon?”

H:  “Where’s Jacobus?”

Karis:  “He’s finishing his ale.”

H:  “Is he, really?”

Karis:  “Don’t worry.  He’s all right.”

H:  “Don’t you wanna go see for yourself, Deon?”

Karis:  “Uh, I think Deon can take my word for it.  Look, I’m
not about to kill my own brother.”

Deon:  “I’m leaving.”

H:  “Not until you come to your senses-- unless you wanted to
try your power out on me.”

Deon:  “I’ll do better than that.  Salmoneus-- listen to me.
Make Hercules get out of the way.  Do whatever it takes.”

H:  “Why are you doing this?”

Sal:  “Ow!”

H:  “Salmoneus-- ”

Karis:  “Here, try this.”

Man’s Voice:  “Let’s see some blood!”

Karis:  “Come on.  Let’s get outta here.  Come on!  Hah!  Hah!”

Sal:  “Hercules-- you’re not going anywhere.”



H:  “Salmoneus-- put-- the sword down.”

Sal:  “Don’t make me hurt you.”

[Fight-- sort of]

H:  “Now, stop it-- before you hurt yourself.”

Jaco:  “Did Deon do this to him?”

H:  “What do you think?  He’ll wear himself out in a minute.
Come on.  Let’s go get Deon.  Salmoneus?”

Sal:  “Hercules!  You tried to drown me?!”

H:  “Tri-- ?  You know?  I liked you better as a chicken.  Look,
we’ve gotta go find Deon.  So-- try not to hurt anybody while
we’re gone.”

Little T:  “We’re never gonna find him.”

Little T and Big T:  “Let’s go back to the farm.”

Big T:  “That way.”

Little T:  “Oh-- yeah.”


Deon:  “Cyrene-- I’m joining my uncle-- and I want you to come
with me.”

Cyrene:  “But Hercules said he’s a bandit.”

Deon:  “Karis promised me that’s gonna stop.”

Cyrene:  “And you believe him?”

Deon:  “Cyrene, he’s my uncle.  He’s family.”

Cyrene:  “I think you wanna believe him so bad, you’re not
thinking straight.  People don’t change overnight.”

Deon:  “Look, I know what I’m doing-- and I want you with you.”  

Cyrene:  “And I wanna _be_ with you-- but this is wrong, Deon.”

Deon:  “I’ve made my decision.”

Cyrene:  “Well, you haven’t made mine!  Hercules said-- !”

Deon [Interrupting]:  “Forget Hercules!  Cyrene, listen to me!
You have to come with me!  You love me, and you’re gonna do
what-- .  I can’t do this to you.  I’m sorry, Cyrene.”


Jaco:  “Hercules-- what will happen if Deon does use his power
on you?”

H:  “I don’t know.”

Cyrene:  “Hercules!  Deon’s run off Karis!”

H:  “I know-- we’re looking for them, now.”

Cyrene:  “He’s just so mixed up.  He-- he doesn’t know what he’s

H:  “Don’t worry, we’ll find them.”

Cyrene:  “I’m so scared for him.” 

H:  “I know.”


Deon:  “That’s all yours?”

Karis:  “Ours.  With this, we can get all the men and supplies.
You’ll change the course of history.”

Deon:  “What’s she doin’ with Hercules?”

Karis:  “She wouldn’t come with you-- but she runs to Hercules.
Put it together.”

Deon:  “No.  No, Cyrene wouldn’t do that.”

Karis:  “No?  What girl wouldn’t?”

Deon:  “But Hercules-- ”

Karis:  “Don’t you believe your own eyes?  He’s been making a
fool of you-- telling you to be good, while he takes whatever he

Deon:  “I can make her come with us.”

Karis:  “Yes, you can-- but only if you’re strong enough to take
her from Hercules.”


H:  “Go home where you’ll be safe-- until we can-- on second
thought, maybe you should stay here.  Uh, Jacobus-- I’ll handle
them.  You protect Cyrene.”

Cyrene:  “Deon!”

Karis:  “You’re wasting your time, Hercules.  Deon’s not about
to change his mind-- not after what he’s just seen.”

H:  “I don’t know what you saw-- but you’re gonna ruin your life
if you go with him.”

Deon:  “I’m through listening to you.  We’re leaving.”

H:  “You’re not going anywhere.”

Karis:  “Go on, Deon-- he’s asking for it.  You have the blood
of the gods in you.  You’re stronger than he is.”

H:  “I’m not so sure about that.”

Deon:  “Stop, Hercules!”

H:  “Don’t-- use your powers this way.”

Deon:  “Shut up and listen to me.  I’m leaving, and I’m taking
Cyrene with me-- and you’re not gonna try and stop me.”

Karis:  “Now’s your chance, Deon.  Kill him.  Be done with him
once and for all!”


H:  “You forget-- I have the blood of the gods in me, too.  Is
this really who you wanna be?!”  

Karis:  “Get Hercules!  Kill him!”

H:  You are in no position to give such an order.”

Deon:  “You were gonna kill Hercules.”

Karis:  “Because you couldn’t.  Kill them!  Kill them all!”

Deon:  “No-- listen to me!”

Karis:  “It’s just like-- when we were-- young!  Huh, Jaco?!
Only-- much--  better!  No use postponing this any longer.”

Deon:  “No!”

Karis:  “Goodbye, little brother.  So, you’d attack me!  Huh?!
Your own uncle!  Family.”

Cyrene:  “Deon!”

Jaco:  “I’m sorry.  It was the only way I could save your life.”

H:  “Don’t you ever learn?”


Deon:  “I can’t thank you enough.  I don’t know how I’m gonna
use my power, but-- I know it’s gonna be to help people.”

H:  “I know I can count on that.”

Jaco:  “Thank you for helping my son.”

H:  “It’s my pleasure.”

Cyrene:  “Are you coming back for the wedding?”

H:  “Wedding?  Well, I, uh, I wouldn’t miss it.  Deon-- um-- if
you ever need me-- for help or-- someone to talk to, you-- ”

Deon:  “I know where to find you-- Uncle.”

H:  “Be safe.”

Deon:  “Wedding?”


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