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“Centaur Mentor Journey”  Episode 36/223


Ceridian [Cer]:  “You’re a brave lad, Theseus.  You have nothing
to fear from the city.  Let no one but Hercules see this.  Go
now.  There isn’t much time.”


Man’s Voice:  “Corn!  Fresh corn!”

Salmoneus [Sal]:  “You’re in the right place at the right time.”

H:  “OK, what is it?”

Sal:  “You’re never gonna believe it.”

H:  “When it involves you, I usually don’t”

Sal:  “Ha-ha!  No!  I’ve stumbled onto something that’s gonna
make us more dinars than you ever imagined!”

H:  “Do you ever give up?”

Sal:  “All I need is your endorsement!”

H:  “For what?”

Sal:  “Air sandals.”

H:  “Come again?”

Sal:  “Air sandals!  See?  Each one of these has a squirrel
bladder-- lovingly sewn inside.  Ya blow in it like this-- tie it
off-- and-- it’s like you’re walking on air.”

H:  “Hmm-- how does the squirrel feel about it?”


The:  “Have you seen Hercules?”

Man:  “Not lately.”

Thug:  “D’ya need some help?”

The:  “I’m looking for Hercules.”

Thug:  “You’re in luck!  He’s right here.”

Mong:  “Huh?”

The:  “Ah-- I know what Hercules looks like.”

Thug:  “I was just kidding?  What you got there?”

The:  “Nothing.”

Thug:  “I don’t want it.  Just let me see it.  Get him!”


Sal:  “I even have a slogan-- ‘The son of Zeus!  Is o-o-o-o-on
the lose!  With Herculoid [?] air sandals!’  Whaddya think, huh?”

H:  “I-- hold that thought.”

Thug:  “Say, friends.  This isn’t-- any of your concern.”

H:  “Well, you’re wrong on both counts.  One-- I’m not your
friend.  And two-- this is my concern.”

Thug:  “Mong-- rearrange his body parts.”

H and Sal:  “Mong?”

H:  “Hi.”


H:  “Doesn’t that hurt?”

Sal:  “Uh-uh-- not nice to hit somebody from behind.”

Thug:  “Oh?  I should do it face-to-face?”

Sal:  “It’s more sporting.  Ah!”

Mong:  “Oh!”

Man’s Voice:  “Look out!  He’s goin’ down!”

Sal:  “Hmm?  Hmm?  Hmm?”

H:  “You all right?”

Sal:  “Huh?  Ow.”

H:  “Theseus.  What are you doing here?”

The:  “It’s from Ceridian.”

Sal:  “Who’s Chromium?”

H:  “Ceridian-- he was my mentor.”

Sal:  “Well, what’s he say?”

H:  “He’s dying.”



H:  “Are you doing OK, Theseus?”

The:  “Yeah, I’m fine.”

H:  “I hardly recognize you since I last saw you.  You’ve grown
so much.”

The:  “Yeah.”

Sal:  “Ha-ha-- not much of a talker, is he?”

H:  “Well, that’s not a bad thing.”

Sal:  “What I don’t get is-- Zeus is your father.  Why did you
need a mentor?”

H:  “Ah-- Zeus was never around.  My stepfather died before I
even met him.  It was Ceridian who helped my mother raise me.  He
taught me everything I know.”

The:  “He was the one that taught Hercules how to be a great

H:  “It was more than that.  He-- taught me medicine--
philosophy-- reading, writing.  He taught me about life.”


Sal:  “Shouldn’t Theseus lead the way?”

H:  “I spent a good part of my youth here.  I could find my way
blindfolded.  Ah.  Of course-- I was much shorther back then.”

Sal:  “Ha-ha-- yeah.”


Cer:  “You came.”

H:  “Of course I did.  Ceridian-- the note said you were dying.”

Cer:  “I am.  But-- I intend to go out with a little-- dignity--
on my own four feet.  I’m Ceridian.”

Sal:  “Salmoneus-- it’s an honor to meet you.”

Cer:  “Let’s eat.”


Cer:  “Theseus-- sip it.  don’t slurp it.”

Sal:  “It’s very good.  What’s in it.”

H:  “Just enjoy.”

Sal:  “Huh?”

Cer’s Voice:  “I’ve lived a long, fruitful life, Hercules-- seen
and done many things.  But-- my greatest pleasure has always come
from-- tutoring young men like Theseus and yourself-- watching
them grow into good, productive beings.”

Sal:  “Hercules told me about them.  It’s an impressive list--
Jason-- Asclepius-- ”

Cer:  “Amongst others.  I-- merely brought out what was-- already
in them.  You know?  even my-- less-famous students-- none of
them ever-- ever turned out badly-- yet.  Theseus-- would you
excuse us?”

The:  “Mm-hmm.  He’s a good lad.  A little-- rough around the
edges, but-- so was somebody else I can remember at his age.”

Sal:  [Chuckles]

H:  “So, he’s-- not your problem.”

Cer:  “No.  His name is-- Cassius-- a Centaur.”

H:  “I remember Cassius.  I thought he was one of your best

Cer:  “He is.  He’s a brilliant thinker-- extraordinary warrior.
But-- he’s just beginnning to-- understand his powers--
especially over others.  And I’m afraid he may-- use them to bad
ends.  He’s a natural leader, and-- Theseus looks up to him so

H:  “Oh-- I see.”

Cer:  “It would mean a lot to me-- if you could-- put him back on
track.  Then-- I’d leave this Earth a happy man [sic].”

H:  “I’ll do what I can about Cassius.  Where do I find him?”


Smith:  “Yeah, Cassius comes here sometimes-- usually at night--
says he doesn’t like-- being around humans, anymore.  And the
feeling’s mutual-- ever since he threw the last smith through the
wall for calling him a beast.”

Sal:  “Through a wall?  You’re kidding.”

Gredor [Gre]:  “Cassius is just a trouble-maker.  We have no
Centaur problem around here.”

H  “Well, that’s-- good to know.”

Gre:  “As long as they know their place-- in the forge-- on the
battlefields-- there are no better workers or warriors.  It’s
when they’re allowed to mingle-- that troubles arise.”

H:  “And how does one keep them from-- mingling?”

Gre:  “I make the laws.  They must obey them.  [Chuckles]  It’s
really very simple.”

H:  “Hmm-- and who are you?”

Gre:  “I’m Gredor, the town Magistrate.  And you?”

H:  “I’m Hercules.”

Gre:  “Is my sword ready?  This-- will do nicely.”

Sal:  “Pleasant guy.”

H:  “Yeah-- friend of yours?”

Smith:  “He keeps the peace.  You wanna find Cassius-- go ask
Myrra, his ex-girlfriend.  She’s at the school.

H:  “Thanks.”

Sal:  “OK.”


Cer:  “The important thing is to keep the string as taut
[Coughs]-- don’t be afraid for me.”

The:  “I don’t _want_ you to die.”

Cer:  “I know-- but that’s the natural course of all living
things.  The birds, trees, flowers-- they all bloom, reproduce--
then fade away, to make room for others to bloom in their place.”

The:  “But why?”

Cer:  “Good question-- who knows?  You may be the one to find the
answer.  You are a young Hercules-- aren’t you?”  [Coughs]


Sal:  “I hope they teach business and marketing concepts at that
school-- like-- the value of celebrity endorsement?  And, ‘Buy
wholesale and sell retail.’?”

H:  “You are just-- full of good ideas, aren’t you?”

Sal:  “Hey!  Build a better mousetrap; the world will beat a path
to your hut!  Huh!  Ha-ha-ha.  Wait a second.  Wait.  Is that?
It is!  Gnoxius!”

H:  “Gnoxius?”

Sal:  “He’s the guy who sold me the air-sandal franchise.”

Gnoxius [Gnox]:  “I never guaranteed you a profit!”

Sal:  “Relax!  I barely tested the market!”

Gnox:  “So, call your muscle off.  We can work something out on
the price.”

Sal:  “He-he-he!  He’s not my muscle!  He’s Hercules, my friend.”

H:  “Uh, you two seem like you have a lot of catching up to do,
and I’ve got a school to go to, so-- if you’ll ex-cuse me.”

Gnox:  “Hey-- your friend’s big enough to call himself what he
likes.  But if the real Hercules finds out-- ”

Sal:  “He _really_ is Hercules.  He’s going to endorse our

Gnox:  “Endorse?  Really?”

Sal:  “Yeah-- now listen.  The air-sandals-- they feel good, but
they sound bad.  It’s kind of a pffffft!  You know what I mean?”


Myrra:  “So-- for your homework tonight-- I want you to finish
your sums, and-- prepare for the geography quiz in the morning.
Class dismissed.”

H [Clears throat]:  “Pardon me.  Are you-- Myrra?”

Myrra:  “If you wanna pull your child from my class, talk to my

H:  “Are you having a problem keeping students enrolled?”

Myrra:  “Some students seem to object to the company I keep.”

H:  “Would that company be Cassius the Centaur?”

Myrra:  “What if it is?”

H:  “I’m looking for him.”

Myrra:  “He doesn’t wanna be found-- at least, not by our kind.”

H:  “And what kind would that be?”

Myrra:  “Humans.  Cassius views all of us as inferior to

H:  “Is that why you two went your separate ways?”

Myrra:  “I’d rather not talk about this right now.”

Perdidis [Per]:  “If you insist on pulling your child out of
Myrra’s class, there’s-- ”

H [Interrupting]:  “No, actually, I don’t have any children in
your school.  But I am very impressed.  Education is a wonderful

Per:  “It’s something my daughter and I believe should be
available for all-- not just the rich.”

H:  “I-- couldn’t agree with you more.”

Locus:  “So, if you don’t have any children here-- ”

H:  “I’m-- looking for Cassius.”

Per:  “I don’t speak for him, anymore-- and I don’t speak about
him.  Maybe Locus will help you.”

H:  “What happened between them?”

Locus [Loc]:  “Myrra.  Fathers can be very protective of their

H:  “Hmm-- yes, they certainly can.”

Loc:  “Well, follow me.  I’ll take you to the Centaurs.”

H:  “Ah, good.”


Sal:  “Yeah, I think ’possum’s the ticket.”

Gnox:  “It’s tougher.”

Sal:  “It has a stronger build to it.  So, whatcha-whatch been
doing?!  I mean, when’d you get back from Egypt?!”

Gnox:  “Check out these beauties.”

Sal [Whistles]:  “Wow!  What are they?”

Gnox:  “I call them-- wrist dials.”

Sal:  “Uh-huh.  Uh-huh.  Uh-huh.”

Gnox:  “It’s a kind of portable sundial.”

Sal:  “Uh-huh.  Uh-huh.  What’s a sundial?”

Gnox:  “You use ‘em to tell the time.”

Sal:  “Why don’tcha look up at the sky?!”

Gnox:  “Hey!  Anybody can look up in the sky!  Not everyone can
own one of these.  It’s a _fashion_ statement.”

Sal:  “Fashion statement, huh?  How much do they go for?”

Gnox:  “Five dinars apiece.”

Sal:  “Wait a second!  Wait a sec!  Oh!  I’m getting a vision,
here!  Five dinars?  Wait a second!  Need a catchy name--
something to grab the-- customers’ attention!  Something-- a name
for-- something like, uh-i-i-i-e-e-e-- sun-time-- sun--
time-sun-- sun-- wrist-sun-- wrist-- s-sun-- sunex!  Sunex!”

Gnox:  “Sunex-- I like it.”

Sal:  “It’s short!  It’s punchy.”

Gnox:  “Sunex.”

Sal:  “It grabs ‘em by the throat-- and it takes their money.”


Loc:  “If I were you, I wouldn’t get involved.  There’ll be a lot
of blood spilled before this is over.”

H:  “Why’s that?”

Loc:  “Centaurs have turned militant.  They’re threatening to
take arms and march throught the town to the public fountain.”

H:  “Why the fountain?”

Loc:  “Only humans are allowed to drink there.  It’s the law.”

H:  “Figures-- I met the lawmaker.  Huh.”

Loc:  “Perdidis’ estate straddles the main road into town.  He
swears that should Cassius come armed-- his own men will repel
them-- with force, if necessary.  Well, this is far as I go.
Good luck.”


Cassius [Cas]:  “Good-- very good.  But not good enough.  Ahhhhh!
What do we want?!”

Centaurs:  “Equal rights!”

Cas:  “When do we want ‘em?!”

Centaurs:  “Now!”

H:  “Very impressive!  Hello, Cassius.  Oh-- did I come at a bad



H:  “This doesn’t look like the kind of hospitality that Ceridian
taught you.”

Cas:  “Consider it a courtesy to him that I even talk to you.  If
I say the word, you’re a dead man.  Ceridian spoke of you often.
He said you never lacked courage.”

H:  “And he was right about your leadership abilities.  That was
quite a display.”

Cas:  “Centaurs need to stand united-- if we’re going to take
back what’s rightfully ours.  No human’s going to give us
anything, are they?”

H:  “I’m-- not so sure about that.”

Cas:  “I am!  This town was built on the _backs_ of Centaurs.  We
tilled the fields.  We worked the forges-- yet we’re not allowed
in the marketplace-- or even to drink from the public fountain!”

H:  “That’s not right.  And I sympathize with your-- ”

Cas [Interrupting]:  “Sympathy is for the weak!”

Centaurs’ Voices:  “Mmm.”  “Right.”

Cas:  “And I vow that Centaurs will _never_ be weak again.”

H:  “There are other ways to achieve your goals without people
getting hurt.  Ceridian wouldn’t-- ”

Cas [Interrrupting]:  “Ceridian is an old fool!  Centaurs are
done talking.  It’s time for _taking_.”

H:  “Cassius, don’t you think it would be better if y-- ”

Cas:  “I’m through talking to you.  The next time we meet-- you
had better come armed.”


Man’s Voice:  “I’m taking a break.”

Sal:  “I think we’re getting good market acceptance-- ”

Gnox:  “Mm-hmm.”

Sal:  “-- and penetration.”

Gnox:  “I think-- ”

Sal [Interrupting]:  “Now-- if we keep with this rhythm-- I think
we can find out if the market is really gonna-- ”

Man [Interrupting]:  “Hey-- ”

Sal:  “Hmm?”

Man:  “This thing’s not working.”

Sal:  “Of course, not.  Do you see any sun?”  [Laughs]

Man:  “And what good is it if I can’t tell time inside?”

Sal:  “No, no-- you’re missing the point!  The point is-- it’s a
fashion statement!”

Gnox:  “Hey-- it’s a Sunex.  Pretty soon, everyone’ll want one.”

Sal:  “Huh?  Huh?!  [Laughs]  Maybe it’s the name.  Maybe it’s
not sexy enough.  Maybe, uh-- ‘Wristoflex’, huh?”

Gnox:  “I like it.  Good ring to it.”

Sal:  “You [?]-- ?”

Gnox:  “Yeah.”


H:  “That should help ease the pain.”

Cer:  “Never mind the pain.  Tell me about Cassius.”

H:  “Uh, yeah.  We-- talked.”

Cer:  “Oh, he’s a stubborn one, always was.  A lot like you in
your younger days.  I had hoped to groom him to take over-- for
me after I’ve gone, but-- now-- .”

The:  “You’re not going to die!”

Cer [Mouths]:  “Go on.”

H:  “Yeah.”


H:  “I’m sorry you have to go through this.  It’s never easy
letting someone you love go.”

The:  “What do you know about it?”

H:  “More than I ever wanted to.”

The:  “Cassius used to be my friend.  But now Ceridian’s the only
one I have left.”

H:  “No-- I’m your friend, too.  I know what you’re feeling.
Ceridian was always there when I needed him.”

The:  “But when he’s dead?”

H:  “He’ll still be there.  You’ll see.  Just be grateful for
this time you’ve had with him-- and know that he’s going to a
better place..”

The:  “Do the Elysian Fields really exist?”

H:  “I’ve been there.”


Cas:  “You’re a long way from your father’s estate.”

Myrra:  “And you’re a long way from the castle training grounds.”

Cas:  “I like this place.  It helps me think.”

Myrra:  “About how you’ll kill all the humans?”

Cas:  “Only those who trample on our rights!”

Myrra:  “Then, why are you arming yourself to march on my
father’s estate?”

Cas:  “We may need to defend ourselves.”

Myrra:  “It’s not revenge, because he stopped you from seeing

Cas:  “It was my idea to stop seeing you.”

Myrra:  “You?  But why?”

Cas:  “This movement I’ve started-- it’s taken on a life of it’s
own.  People can’t ignore me, or turn away anymore.  Now, for the
first time in my life-- when they look at me-- I see respect.”

Myrra:  “Are you sure it’s not fear?”

Cas:  “After centuries of abuse-- maybe it’s not such a bad thing
that Centaurs are feared rather than fearful.”

Myrra:  “Cassius, let us do this together.  I want to be by your

Cas:  “No-- there are some who want me dead.  That’s a risk I’m
willing to take.  But I couldn’t stand it if any harm were to
come to you.”

Myrra:  “I’m not afraid.  I’d rather-- ”

Cas:  “If anything _does_ happen to me-- just know that I loved


Gre:  “Your great-grandfather’s castle.  A shame how it’s fallen
into ruin.”

Loc:  “Now a Centaur training-ground.”

Gre:  “Not for long, Locus-- not if things go as planned.  You
don’t think Perdidis or Cassius suspect anything?”

Loc:  “No-- nothing.”

Gre:  “Good.  I love surprises.  [Chuckles]  Especially
unpleasant ones.” 


Sal:  “I gotta tell ya-- they look good and they feel good.
My-my wrist would be naked without it right now.”

Gnox:  “I like the colors.”

Sal:  “Absolutely-- now, if you had a mirror in there, you could
kind of look at yourself-- and you c-- ”

Centaur:  “Hey-- look what we got here.”

Sal:  “Uh-oh.  See ya later.”

Centaur:  “Why didn’t you run with your friend?”

Sal:  “I’ve got no problem with Centaurs.”

Centaur:  “You don’t?  What’s that stupid thing on your wrist?”

Sal:  “This?  It’s a wrist dial.  See-- if there’s enough sun--
and you’re in the right position-- you can _kind_ of-- tell--
t-you can-- it’s a fashion statement!”

2nd Centaur:  “Fashion statement?”

Sal:  “I sell them to people.  OK?  It’s a living.  I mean--
here-- why don’t you take one?  I-- it’s not worth much-- just
some cheap metal.  I mean-- ”

Centaur:  “Made in forges-- by cheap _labor_-- like us!”

Sal:  “Hey!  Some of my best _friends_ are cheap labor!  Uh!  I-I
mean-- Centaurs!”

2nd Centaur:  “Who you calling ‘Cheap’?!”

Sal:  “Hey-- watch it now.  Watch it.”

Centaur:  “What’s ’a mattuh [sic]?  You don’t like being shoved
around by your cheap-labor Centaur friends?!”

Sal:  “Hey!  I used to baby-sit for Centaurs!  Please!”

H:  “What’s going on here?”

Centaur:  “We were discussing-- liberal _hypocrisy_-- among the
middle class.”

H:  “Well-- Salmoneus is_full_-- of liberal hypocrisy.  You
should have plenty to talk about.”

2nd Centaur:  “Enough talk!”


Cas:  “Nice shot, but I thought you were a man of peace.  Is this
how you sympathize with our cause?”

H:  “This isn’t what it looks like.”

Cas:  “An attack on one Centaur-- is an attack on all of us.”

H:  “Cassius, I don’t have a fight with you.”

Cas:  “Well-- now you do!”



Cas:  “This is for all Centaurs.”

H:  “And what is this for?”

Cas:  “All the indignities we’ve suffered at the hands of humans
over the centuries.”


Centaur:  “Yes!”

2nd Centaur:  “Ye-eah!”

Centaur:  “Kill the human!”

2nd Centaur:  “Yeah!”

Centaur:  “Yeah!”

Cas:  “Ha-ha!”  [Whinnies; whinnies; whinnies; whinnies]

H:  “Ceridian said you were intelligent-- that you were a born
leader.  Now, why don’t you show it?”

Cas:  [Whinnies; whinnies; whinnies; whinnies]

Centaurs:  “Yeah!”

Centaur:  “Get him, Cassius!”

H:  “Give up!”

Cas:  “Never!”

H:  “Now, that’s _twice_ I could’ve killed you!”

Cas:  “I’ll never yield to another human again!”

H:  “Then you’re a fool!  Moral battles may be worth dying for--
but not street brawls!”

The:  “Come quick!  It’s Ceridian!  He’s having trouble

H:  “If this is the end, you should be there.”

Cas:  “Ceridian chose to live with humans. He can _die_ with

H:  “You have a lot to learn.”


H:  “Salmoneus, take Theseus.  Find me some eucalyptus leaves.”

Sal:  “Yeah.”

H:  “Quickly!  Go!”

Cer:  “Cassius.”

H:  “We-- met again.  It-it we-- talked-- longer this time.”

Cer:  “You talked.”

H:  “Don’t worry about it.  It’ll work out.”


Cas:  “What do _you_ want?!”

Myrra:  “I just heard Ceridian is dying.  Why aren’t you with

Cas:  “He’d rather leave this world in the company of humans than
his own kind.”

Myrra:  “You know that’s not true.  He wants to be around _all_
people he cares about.”

Cas:  “Hercules is with him.  That’s enough.”

Myrra:  “So, it’s pride that stops you from doing what you

Cas:  “Get out of here!”

Myrra:  “Not till you wake up and realize that not all humans are
against you!”  Cassius, I believe in you and what you stand for--
but don’t be so consumed by it that you turn away the ones who
love you!”

Cas:  “What do you want from me?”

Myrra:  “Nothing.  What I want _for_ you is to be happy.  And I
don’t see that in the path you’ve chosen.”


H:  “One of these has to work.  We’ll find the right

Cer:  “There is _no_ herbal remedy to cure this illness,

H:  “I am _not_ giving up!  I’m, uh-- I’ll send Salmoneus off to
find Asclepius.  He must know if _some_ medicine that we-- ”

Cer:  “I’m dying.  That’s-- that’s all there is to it.”

H [Sighs]:  “I-- never got the chance-- to say goodbye to
Deianeira and the kids.  And now that-- you taught me-- so much--
about-- you know, everything.  I just wanted to thank you.  You
may have been my mentor, but-- no one ever had a better father.”

Cer:  “It was my pleasure.”

H:  “I will miss you.”

Cer:  “And I, you.”

The:  “Ceridian, Cassius is outside.”

Cer:  “Send him in.  I want to speak to him alone.”


H:  “He wants to see you.  Let him go!  He needs some time


Men’s Voices:  “-- think of asking.”  “-- fine.”  “I’ll give you
ten dinars for it.”  “I’ll give you _fifteen_ dinars.”

Gre:  “Having second thoughts?”

Loc:  “No, not really.”

Gre:  “We’re doing the right thing, Locus.  This isn’t _just_
about a fountain.  If the Centaurs start-- drinking from the same
waters as humans-- where will it end?  Do we want them-- playing
with our children?  With our women?”

Loc:  “You can count on me.”

Gre:  “Remember-- it’s important that Cassius gets blames for
Perdidis’ death.”

Loc:  “Uh-- I’ve had the smith fashion a knife just like the

Gre:  “I don’t care _how_ you do it-- just so long as we can put
it onto Cassius.  Remember-- with Perdidis and the Centaur out of
the way, we can get your ancestor’s lands back.  Being a
Magistrate-- has its advantages.”

Loc:  “What if Hercules gets in the way?”

Gre:  “Why, then, you’ll have to kill him, too.”


Cer’s Voice:  “Centaurs must live-- ”

Cas’s Voice:  “You’re wrong, old man!  We can live very well
without them!”

H:  “Ceridian, what happened?”

Cer:  “Uh-- just a-- difference of opinion.”

H:  “He’s burning up.  Get some water.”

Cer:  “You must stop Cassius.  He has gone to arm the Centaurs to
march in the fountain.  There’ll be blood spilled on both sides.”

H:  “I am not going anywhere.”

Cer:  “You’re the only one who can stop him!  Saving lives is
more important than waching one slip away!”

Sal:  “I’ll stay with him.  Go.”

H:  “All right.  Shh.”


Cas:  “Step aside, Perdidis.  Let us pass.”

Per:  “I told you before, Cassius-- I don’t allow armed men--
Centaurs or otherwise, across my property.”

Cas:  “Then you bring this fight on yourself!  Centaurs!  At



H:  “Wait!”

Man’s Voice:  “Who’s he?”

H:  “Do you even know why you’re fighting?”

Per:  “They’re trespassing!”

Cas:  “Equal rights for all Centaurs.”

H:  “I believe in equal rights myself, Cassius.  But it’s not
worth killing innocent people over.”

Cas:  “It’s no use, Hercules.  You’re just postponing the

Loc:  “Enough talk!  Attack the Centaurs now!”

Per [Interrupting]:  “Don’t!”

H:  “Can’t you see what’s going on here?!  You’re being goaded
into a fight that no side really wants!  It’s only those who hate
Centaurs that need this war to happen!”

Myrra:  “Hercules is right.  They’ll hope you’ll start the
killing, so they can start killing you!”

H:  “Then they’ll have their excuse to wipe you all out.”

Cas:  “That’s what we’ve come to expect from all humans.”

H:  “Is it really?  Well then maybe you should start the killing
with Myrra!  Or Theseus!  I mean, they _are_ human!  They’re in
your way, aren’t they?!  If you really believe that there’re no
humans worth saving, then begin with them!”

Cas:  “They’re not the ones preventing us from getting what’s
rightfully ours.”

H:  “Neither is Perdidis.  Put down your weapons-- and he’ll let
you and the others pass.  Won’t you?  Put them down, Cassius--
and I’ll march with you.”

A Centaur:  “If we’re attacked-- we’ll be defenseless!”

H:  “Show them your Centaur bravery and strength-- by not taking
revenge on your attackers.  Throw your weapons aside-- and
Perdidis will join us in our march.  Or are you a man who just
talks his principles, but doesn’t live up to them?”

Per:  “We’ll join you.”

Loc:  “Cassius’ bow-- yeah.”


Cas:  “Stand strong, Centaurs.  Discipline.”

Woman:  “The only good Centaur is a dead Centaur!”

Woman’s Voice:  “Centaurs aren’t [?] here!”

Men’s Voices:  “What are they doing here?!”  “They don’t belong!”

Man:  “They can’t; they can’t.”

A Man’s Voice:  “Yeah!  Stone them!”

Woman:  “This is right-- isn’t it?!”

Man’s Voice:  “Kill them!”

Woman’s Voice:  “Stuffy [?] animals!”

Man’s Voice:  “Stone them!”

People:  [Incomprehensible murmuring]

Per:  “No-- I’m fine.”

Cas:  “Are you all right?  Ahh!”

Loc:  “Ahh!  Ahhhh!”

Cas:  “No!  Hold your ranks!”

The:  “But he was-- ”

H:  “I know.  I know.  Come on.  Let’s see if he’s all right.
See what happens, Locus?  Violence begets violence.”

The:  “Yeah.”

H:  “Let’s go.  You’ve got some explaining to do.  I think the
townspeople should hear the real story.  You too.”

The:  “What?”

Gre:  “That’s far enough.  You know the law.”

Cas:  “We’re changing it.”

Gre [Slowly]:  “Not as long as I’m Magistrate.”

Man’s Voice:  “[Incomprehensible]!”

Gre:  “Kill the first one who steps forward.”

Man’s Voice:  “If you don’t kill them, we will!”

H:  “Hold it!  Locus, here, has something to say.”

Men’s Voices:  “He’s a Centaur-lover.”  “Kill-- ”

Loc:  “Gredor’s been lying to you.  He’s behind this whole
thing-- pitting us and the Centaurs against each other, so he can
grab the land.”

Gre:  “That’s a lie!  This man is insane!”

Loc:  “It’s true!  I wanted my ancestor’s castle-- and he wants
Perdidis’ estate for himself.”

Man’s Voice:  “He tricked us!”

H:  “I’ll give you a choice.  I’ll either turn you over to the
crowd-- and let them judge if you’re lying-- or you can resign as
Magistrate-- and leave town-- now.”

Man’s Voice:  “He fooled us all!”

Women’s Voices:  “He won’t get away with this!”  “Ah-- he’s lucky
to leave with his skin!”

Gre:  [Hisses]

H:  “Ceridian.”

Cas:  “Ceridian.”

H:  “Let’s go.”


Sal:  “I think he’s gonna make it.  His spirits have perked up in
the last few minutes.”

Cer [Gasping]:  “Have you two resolved everything?”

H:  “As far as I’m concerned-- but you’ll have to ask Cassius how
he feels.”

Cas:  “I was wrong.  I’m sorry.  We still have a long way to go
to reach equality-- but-- violence isn’t the answer.”

Cer:  “I’m pleased.  The Centaurs can be proud of their new
leader.  And I can go to the other side in peace.  Be brave,
young Theseus-- and listen to your mentor.  Goodbye, my friends.”

H:  “Goodbye, my friend.”


Sal:  “I hardly knew him.  But I know he’ll be missed.”

H:  “Yes-- he will.  Good luck to you, Cassius.  I know you’ll
make Ceridian proud.”

Cas:  “Thank you, Hercules.  But I won’t be alone.  Myrra can
give Theseus his formal education.”

Myrra:  “Father is opening the school to all who want an
education-- Centaurs included.”

H:  “Your father is a very wise man.  Theseus-- you be safe-- all
of you.”


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