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Edition Take a Journey Through Tartarus!


“Doomsday”  Episode 39/302


[[[[[[Icarus:  “Dad!  Dad!  Da-a-a-a-a-ad!  Help me!

Daedalus [Dae]:  “Icarus!  No!  How could I have-- done such a
thing?”  [Yells]


Woman’s Voice:  “-- come over here!”

Old Man:  “How can we repay you?!  Without your help, we could
_never_ have finished before the floods!”

H:  “I only made the suggestion.  Your people are doing most of
the work.”

Man’s Voice:  “Hey, thanks, Hercules.”

H:  “My pleasure.”

Woman’s Voice:  “A living legend, isn’t he?”

H:  “Ooh-- thank you.”  [Sighs]

Katrina [Kat]:  “This is quite a feat-- but not exactly the
stuff of legends.”

H:  “I’m sorry, I don’t believe I’ve had the pleasure.”

Kat:  “I’m Katrina of Kataea?  I-- suppose I’m famous too, in my
own way.”

H:  “What way is that?”

Kat:  “You don’t recognize my byline?”

H:  “Byline.”

Kat:  “I’m a scribe!  I go to where things are happening, and I
_write_ about them.”

H:  “So, you write about-- what other people do.”

Kat:  “Essentially.”

H:  “But you don’t-- do anything, yourself.”

Kat:  “Oh, well, I-I investigate-- I ask questions.  I interview
people-- ”

H:  “And you get paid for that?”

Kat:  “Yeah.”

H:  “Oh.”

Kat:  “I heard that the great Hercules was re-routing a river?
So I came to check it out?  Looks like another case of the myth
outweighing the man.”

H:  “People do tend to exaggerate.”

Kat:  “Yeah, like the tail of you killing a giant sea-monster
with your bare hands?  That’s a little hard to swallow.”

H:  “Well, actually, that one’s true, and it was _pretty_ easy
for him to swallow me.”

Kat:  “OK-- but that yarn about the two-headed Hydra?  I mean,
come on.”

H:  “That one they got wrong.”

Kat:  “There you go.”

H:  “It had three heads.”

Kat:  “See?  That’s a perfect example.  That kind of
misinformation never would ’a happened if I’d been chronicling
the battle.”

H:  “Well-- people-- really want to read your stories.”

Kat:  “Of course-- some-- a few, but the point is, they have a
right to know.”

H:  “Maybe.”

Kat:  “You know?  I’m on my way to Euboea to meet an inventor
named Daedalus?  I-- was told you know him.”

H:  “Yeah, he’s a-- very good friend of mine.  I haven’t seen
him in ages, though.”

Kat:  “What’s he like?”

H:  “Oh, he’s probably the smartest man I know.”

Kat:  “That’s it?  Then it’s gonna be a very short story.  Come
on, come on.  Tell me something-- I don’t know.”

H:  “All right, uh-- he’s a-- terrific father.  His son’s name
is-- Icarus.”

Kat:  “Was.”

H:  “Whaddya mean?”

Kat:  “You didn’t hear?  Icarus is dead-- and Daedalus killed



Kat:  “See?  If there were more scribes in the world, you’d have
gotten the news a lot sooner.”

H [Sighs]:  “When did this happen?”

Kat:  “Six months ago?  They say-- Daedalus was using Icarus to
test a flying device?”

H:  “Mm-hmm.”

Kat:  “And something went wrong.”

H:  “So, Daedalus didn’t actually kill him.”

Kat:  “No, but according to my sources, it _was_ his fault.”

H:  “Are these sources sure he’s still living in Euboea?”

Kat:  “Yes-- why?”

H:  “Because you’re gonna have company on your trip.”

Kat:  “Oh, that’ll be fun!”

H:  “I may regret this.”


Kat:  “So, let me ask you something.  What’s it like to have a
father who’s the most powerful of all the gods?”

H:  “I thought I’d already answered all your questions.”

Kat:  “Oh, I was just getting warmed up!”

H:  “Wonderful.”

Kat:  “Now, then, rumor has it you and Zeus don’t get along.”

H:  “Let’s just say we stay out of each other’s way as much as

Kat:  “What about your stepmother?”

H:  “Hera?  We-- get in each other’s way as much as possible.”

Kat:  “Because she killed your wife and children?”

Woman’s Voice:  “Hurry!  Before they find us!”

H:  “You ask too many questions.”

Kat:  “Sorry-- it is my job, remember?”

Woman’s Voice:  “This way!”

H:  “W-w-wait.  What’s uh-- going on?”

Man:  “Back there-- soldiers-- attacking our village.”

H:  “You stay here.”

Kat:  “OK-- not.”

A Man’s Voice:  “Hurry up-- !”


Warrior’s Voice:  “Come on!  Get it in there!  Light it up!
Light it up!  All right!  Clear!  Clear!”

Warrior:  “Fire!  It’s pillage time!”

Woman’s Voice:  “Look!  They’ll burn it to the ground!”

Warrior’s Voice:  “Fire!”

Man’s Voice:  “Here comes another one!  Hercules saved us!”

Kat:  “You threw that better than Atlas.”

H:  “This isn’t a time for small talk.”

Kat:  “But then-- he’s more into lifting weights-- or
shrugging-- that sort of thing.”

Man’s Voice:  “Who did this?!”


A Warrior:  “Ow!  Ow!”

Kat:  “Mightier than the sword!”

A Warrior:  “Ow!”

Kat:  “And don’t judge a book by its cover.”

A Warrior:  “Ah-h-h!”

Warrior’s Voice:  “All right, you!”

Another Warrior:  “Oh.  Please-- don’t kill me.”

H:  “Whose cross-bow is this?”

Kat:  “I think you better tell him.  He doesn’t look too happy.”

Another Warrior:  “Uh-- uh-- Daedalus-- he’s the one.”


King Nikolos [Nik]:  “A toast-- to Daedalus-- the man whose
inventions will help protect the realm from our enemies.”

Perdix [Per]:  “To Daedalus.”

Others:  “To Daedalus!”

Dae:  “Uh-- if you’ll excuse me, King Nikolos-- I have work to

Nik:  “I thought you’d finished.”

Dae:  “Oh-- the first megalith is almost ready to test, um-- and
if you’d like me to stop there-- ”

Nik:  “No, no.  By all means, please-- return to the lab.  Keep
an eye on him, Perdix.  We’ve come too _far_ for him to have a
change of heart now.”

Per:  “Yes, your Majesty.”

Nik:  “Oh, and, uh-- see if ya can’t speed up the process--
because once this weapon is finished-- even the great Hercules--
won’t be able to stop me this time.  [Laughs]  Cheers.”


Warrior’s Voice:  “I don’t think we’ll have any more trouble--
but just to make sure-- stay on the lookout.  Don’t let anybody


Kat:  “Why would Daedalus build a weapon like that cross-bow?”

H:  “I intend to find out.  It’s certainly not the Daedalus I

Kat:  “But you knew he was capable of it.  You said he was

H:  “We’re still not sure that he built it.  Maybe that soldier

Kat:  “But if Daedalus didn’t-- then who?”

H:  “I don’t know.  Let me do the talking.”

Kat:  “I’m just here to observe and report.  You won’t hear a
peep out of me.”

H:  “It’d be a nice change.”

Warrior:  “Right.  Where do you think you’re going?”

H:  “I’m here to see Daedalus.  He’s a friend of mine.”

Kat:  “The inventor?  Builds giant cross-bows-- things like
that?  Sound familiar?”

H:  “Katrina.”

Kat:  “Well-- come on fellas, you’re not fooling _anyone_.  We
know he lives here.”

Warrior:  “No one enters without the king’s permission.”

Kat:  “You obviously don’t know who you’re talking to.”

H:  “It’s all right.  We’ll-- be right back.”

Kat:  “It is _not_ all right!  They have no right to treat us
like this!  I have come all the way from Kataia-- and-- hey!
Don’t _pull_ so hard!”


Kat:  “Why didn’t you teach thoses Cretans a lesson?”

H:  “Because they’re not-- from Crete.”

Kat:  “Oh.”

H:  “I know there’re only four at the gate, but I know Nikolos.
There’ll be a hundred more inside.”

Kat:  “I’ve heard stories of you defeating twice as many.”

H [Sighs]:  “That’s not the point.  I don’t want anyone to get
hurt needlessly.”

Kat:  “What kind of a story would _that_ make?  Now what are you

H [Sighs]:  “I’m going over the wall, if it’s any concern of

Kat:  “With that rope.”

H:  “Yes.  Now, just stay put-- and I’ll be right back.”

Warriors:  “When’s our shift over?”  “Oh, I don’t know.  But my
feet hurt.”

H:  “Hey!”

Warriors:  “Huh?”  “Wha-- ?”  [Yell]

H:  “Going up.  Going down.”

Kat:  “Ow.”


Dae:  “No.  No, no, no.  Use circular movements-- circular.”

Per:  “Hurry up with that!  The king’s anxious to see the
megalith in action.  Give it to me!”

Man:  “Ooh!”

Dae:  “Fool!  Don’t you know how dangerous those compounds are?!
Be careful!”


Kat:  [Screams]

H:  “Didn’t I tell you to wait for me?”

Kat:  “That was you?  You meet so many people in my line of
work.  Look, I-- I can’t help it.  I smell a story-- I follow my

H:  “All right-- but-- stay close to me.  I don’t want you out
of my sight.”

Kat:  “Right.  Right.”

Dae:  “Oh.”

H:  “Daedalus!  Are you all right?!”

Dae:  “Hercules!”

H:  “What happened?!”

Dae:  “Pay no a-- just a small chemical fire.  It’s nothing that
my assistants can’t handle.  What [Coughs]-- what are you doing
in Euboea?”

H:  “I heard about Icarus.  I-- I’m sorry.”

Dae:  “Oh-- thank you.”

H:  “And if there’s anything I can do-- ”

Kat:  “I’m Katrina of Kataia?  I was wondering if you’d like to
make a statement about your cross-bow.”

H:  “’Trina, this isn’t the time.”

Kat:  “I’m practicing my craft?  If you don’t mind?”

Dae:  “What is she talking about?”

Kat:  “On our way here, we saw a giant cross-bow.  A soldier
said _you_ made it.”

Dae:  “So?  I’m chief inventor to King Nikolos.  That’s my job.”

Kat:  “The same King Nikolos that massacred hundreds at the
fields of Danlos?”

H:  “Katrina, don’t-- ”

Kat:  “Excuse me.  I have a job to do here?”

Dae [Sighs]:  “Look, that war ended years ago.”

Kat:  “So, you don’t deny building the weapon.”

Dae:  “Why should I?”

Kat:  “Aren’t you aware how your cross-bow is being used?”

H:  “Daedalus, there was a time you wouldn’t design a knife, for
fear it might-- cut someone.  I-- ”

Dae:  “And what’s that supposed to mean?”

Kat:  “It means you’re designing giant cross-bows to kill

Dae:  “It is _not_ my cross-bow, young lady.  It belongs to the
kng!  My job is to invent-- not pass judgment!  Good to see you
again, Hercules.  Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have work to do.”

H:  “Yeah.”

Kat [Sighs]:  “I can’t believe you were so protective of him.”

H:  “Hey.  She is-- _really_ starting to bug me.”


Nik:  [Whistles, then Laughs]

Per:  “Your Highness-- I just saw Hercules-- outside Daedalus’

Nik:  “Hercules here-- in my city?  Is the megalith ready?”

Per:  “Yes, your Highness.”

Nik:  “Go-o-o-o-od.  Because the next time I fight Hercules--
_he’ll_ be the one that won’t stand a chance.”  [Laughs]



Kat:  “I think your pal, Daedalus, has lost his conscience.”

H:  “You don’t know him well enough to make that judgment.”

Kat:  “Well, he admitted building the cross-bow.”

H:  “He lost his only son.  I’m not sure you can really
appreciate what that did to him.”

Kat:  “That doesn’t give him the right to build weapons of mass

H [Sighs]:  “No-- it doesn’t.  But it does give him the right to
be treated with a little-- courtesy and respect-- not
interrogated like some common criminal.”

Kat:  “OK, maybe I was a little outta line, but-- his
evasiveness irritated me.”

H:  “You-- put him on the defensive.”

Kat:  “Yeah, maybe he’s got something to be defensive a-_bout_.”

H:  “Maybe-- or maybe Nikolos has taken advantage of his grief.”

Kat:  “Well, whether that’s true or not, Nikolos is even _more_
dangerous, now that he has Daedalus’ invention.  You should have
killed him at the battle of Plataea.”

H:  “I don’t believe in killing, unless I have to.  Nikolos was
defeated-- and his army scattered with the wind.  After that, he
just-- disappeared.”

Kat:  “And now he’s back and he’s become a problem, again.”

H:  “If I set myself up as executioner, then I’m no better than
he is.  I’m gonna go speak to Daedalus, alone.”

Kat:  “I’ll go with you.”

H:  “Alone-- means-- alone.”

Per:  “His Majesty-- King Nikolos, would like Hercules to join
him at the palace.  It’s a request-- not an order.”

H:  “In that case, lead the way.”

Per:  “The invitation, is for Hercules alone.”

Kat:  “I know-- alone means alone.”


Nik:  “Hercules-- ”

H:  “Nikolos-- ”

Nik:  “So-- what brings you to our peaceful little kingdom?”

H:  “There are villagers a half a day’s march from here-- who
would question its peacefulness.”

Nik:  “Those people are rebels.  I have a _right_ to defend my

H:  “But not to wipe out entire villages.  Those _rebels_-- are
helpless farmers, not soldiers.”

Nik [Laughs]:  “For the threat of annihilation to work, one must
_occasionally_-- make good on those threats.”

H:  “You know?  That’s _exactly_ the kind of attitude that got
you exiled to Lexos.”

Nik:  “Are you threatening me?!”

H:  “Call it what you like-- but don’t get any ideas about
returning to your former power-- especially when you recruit
friends of mine to help.”

Nik:  “You’ve got it wrong.  Daedalus came to _me_ with his
plans-- _begging_ me for funds and equipment.  I merely
_provided_ them.”

H:  “When he puts his grief behind him, he’ll realize what
you’re doing, and you won’t be able to use him anymore.  I think
our little-- reunion-- is over.”

Nik:  “This should be interesting.  Perdix-- see what our frind
Daedalus is doing.  Bring him to me-- now.”


Kat:  “Daedalus!  Remember me?  I’m Katrina-- Hercules’ friend.
I’d like to ask you a few more questions.”

Dae:  “I’ve said all I have to say.”

Kat:  “I’d like to get _your_ side of the story-- about your
son’s death?”

Dae:  “Oh-h-h!”

Kat:  “Really-- I know I’m prying-- and I know it’s personal and
painful-- but people are saying his death was your fault.  Don’t
you want an opportunity to respond to that?”

Dae [Sighs]:  “You’re right.  I-i-it is personal-- and very
painful  And you _are_ prying.  Guards!”

Guard:  “Away with you!”

Kat:  “All right-- but _you_ may regret this!”

Guard:  “Hey!”


Dae’s Voice:  “Early experiment.  That’s it, that’s it.  Move it
over here.  Carefully; carefully!  In position-- ”


Dae’s Voice:  “-- crystal _must_ be aligned exactly.”

Per:  “Exactly-- there.”

Dae:  “Try it now!  Oh-h-h-h.  No, it’s, uh, that’s _still_ not
right.  Do it again!”


Kat:  “Uh-oh-- ”


Dae:  “Go away.”

H’s Voice:  “Daedalus.  It’s me-- Hercules”

Dae:  “What do you _want_ from me?”

H:  “I _want_ to know what you’re doing here with Nikolos.”

Dae:  “I had _no_ place else to go, Hercules.  He took me in
and-- gave me everything I needed for my work.”

H:  “And in return, you supply him with all the deadly weapons
he wants.”

Dae:  “I help him protect Euboea’s citizens.”

H:  “I know this man, Daedalus.  He doesn’t care about--
protecting civilians.  I saw the bodies he left behind-- when he
ransacked Danlos and Plataea.”

Dae:  “Ah, that was long ago.  People change.”

H:  “Not his kind of people.  [Sighs]  I saw his men-- use your
cross-bow against helpless farmers.”

Dae:  “No.  No-- Nikolos-- wouldn’t have attacked those
renegades unless they posed a threat to our security.”

H:  “You’re letting your grief blind you to the truth.”

Dae:  “What would you know about my grief?!  I’m sorry,

H:  “Apology accepted.  Daedalus-- I know-- this is a hard time
for you-- but creating pain and suffering for others isn’t going
to bring Icarus back.”

Dae:  “What would you have me do?  If I don’t keep busy, I’ll go
out of my mind.  I _can’t_ be held responsible if someone
misuses one of my creations.”

H:  “Can’t you?”

Dae:  “Why can’t people just leave me alone to do my work?”

H:  “Ah, because what we do-- whatever it is-- affects everyone
around us.  Is this how you want to honor Icarus’ memory?  By
building weapons of destruction.”


Kat:  “You ever considered using a depilatory?  I _hope_ you’re
not considering keeping me prisoner.  I have some very powerful
friends in very high places.”

Nik:  “Prisoner?  On the contrary-- you’re an honored guest.”

Kat:  “I am?”

Nik:  “Of course.  It’s not often we have scribes in our

Kat:  “You don’t strike me as the type who’d appreciate a free
press.  Can I really go when I want?”

Nik:  “Certainly.  However-- it might be in your best interest
if you stayed.”

Kat:  “Why is that?”

Nik:  “Why, you’d have the opportunity to witness history in the
making!  An event that will live for a hundred centuries.”

Kat:  “I’m listening?”

Nik:  “Daedalus has supplied me with the ultimate military
weapon-- which I’m about to demonstrate.  You’ll have an
exclusive on the story.  Interested?”


Men’s Voices:  “Step right up-- over here!”  “Fresh poultry--
step there.”  “Some bread, please.”  “As you can see, uh-- ”
“There you go, sir.”

H:  “What is that stuff?”

Falafel [Fal]:  “Boiled sea serpent-- put hairs on your chest--
not that you need any, of course.  But you should see the way it
worked for one of the guards around here.”

H:  “Do I know you?  Sure I do.  [Laughing]  It’s Falafel.  Hey,
what’s-what’s with the beard?”

Fal:  “Please-- I owe people money for a taco franchise.  Hey, I
have a special-- eyes and fries.  For you?  Dinar-ninety-five.”

H:  “No.  Thanks.  I’m lookin’ for a girl.”

Fal:  “Aren’t we all?”

H:  “No, it’s not like that.  She’s-- she’s about this tall--
asks a-- lot of questions.  Ah.”

Fal:  “Ah-- good luck!”

H:  “Ah-h-h-h-h-h-h!”

Per:  [Laughs]




Per:  “I’m gonna squash you like a bug, Hercules.”

Nik:  “Shouldn’t you be taking notes?”

Kat:  “Stop it!  Please!”

Nik:  “Why?!  With Daedalus’ megalith, I’ll get back
_everything_ that Hercules forced me to give up.  I’ll be
unstoppable!  And you can quote me on that.”

H:  “Ah-h-h-h-h-h-h!  [Whispers]  Ow.  [Normal Voice]  Ow.”

Kat:  “Please!  Call him off!”

Nik:  “I thought your job was to report to the world what
happens here.”

Kat:  “But he’s killing Hercules!”

Per:  [Screams]

H:  “What’s the matter, Nikolos?!  Things didn’t work out like
you hoped?!”

Nik:  “I’m not finished with you yet, Hercules.  I swear-- I’ll
have my revenge!”

Man’s Voice:  “He can’t get up!”

Woman’s Voice:  “He looks like a bug on his back!”

Per:  “Hmm?  Huh?  Huh?  Huh?”

H:  “You’ve got about three seconds to get out of there-- or you
can become a permanent part of that thing.”

Nik:  “Out of my way!”

Kat:  “That was great!”

H:  “Yeah.”

Kat:  “Ooh-- ”

H:  “Ah-- ”

Kat:  “Are you all right?  Oops.”

H:  “Yeah-- I’m fine.  Nikolos has an odd sense of hospitality.”

Kat:  “Yeah, we better get out of here.”

H:  “Why?  It’s such a fun town.”


Kat:  “I should take a look at that cut.”

H [Sighs]:  “Think I’ll live?”

Kat:  “How can you joke?  I’ve never been so scared in my life.
My heart is _still_ pounding?  Weren’t you afraid?”

H:  “Sure-- but a little fear is healthy.  It-- keeps you from--
underestimating your opponent.”

Kat:  “Can I quote you on that?”

H:  “Don’t you ever-- stop?”

Kat:  “Well-- ”


Nik:  “You!  You told me the megalith was invincible!  Yet
Hercules just defeated it!”

Dae:  “You used it against Hercules?!”

Nik:  “Can you think of a better test for it?”

Dae:  “You told me you wanted it to protect Euboea!  Hercules is
my friend!  He’ll think I’ve betrayed him!”

Nik:  “Old man-- I don’t care what Hercules thinks-- but your
next machine-- better not fail.”

Dae:  “Oh, no.  There won’t be a next one.  I’m going to
dismantle it right now!”

Nik:  “Nobody quits on me.”

Dae:  “King Nikolos.  Please, I-- ”

Nik:  “You were on your last legs when I found you-- living on
the streets-- practically suicidal.  _I_ took you in-- fed you--
put a roof over your head-- gave you a lab-- and this is how you
repay me?”

Dae:  “I’m begging you.”

Nik:  “No-- I’m telling you-- if you wanna get out of Euboear
[sic] alive-- you _finish_ the job I hired you for!”


Kat:  “Ah, you’re in no condition to go anywhere!”

H:  “Daedalus-- needs my help.  Nikolos has him so confused,
he’s not thinking straight.”

Kat:  “You go back there, Nikolos will just try and _kill_ you

H:  “I’m more concerned about Daedalus.”

Kat:  “Have you ever stopped to think?  If you’d killed Nikolos
when you had the chance-- none of this would ’a happened?”

H:  “Maybe-- but that’s not who I am.”

Kat:  “Oh, that’s great!  Wait, wait!  Whoo!  Wait, wait, wait
for me!”

H:  “What?”


Dae:  “Icarus.  [Sighs]  I’m sorry.  Somehow, I’ll put things
right.  [Sighs]  I promise.”


Woman’s Voice:  “OK-- ”

Mans Voice:  “Good day to you.  How are you?”


Dae:  “Burn it down.  [Laughs]  Get out of my way!”

Per:  “What are you doing?!  Guards!  Oh, forget him!  Get the
megalith out of here!  Halley!  Over there!”

Haley [Hal]:  “Yes, Perdix.”

Guard’s Voice:  “Help me!  Protect the king’s weapon!
Daedalus-- ”

Per [Interrupts]:  “Move, move!”

Guard’s Voice  “-- is a traitor!”  

Dae:  “Let it burn!”

Hal [?]:  “Don’t mess with us, old man.”


Woman’s Voice:  “The lab’s on fire!”

Man’s Voice:  “The lab’s on fire!”

H:  “Katrina-- !”

Man’s Voice:  “Get some water!”

H:  “Just-- uh-h-h!”


H:  “Daedalus!”

Per:  “Guards!  Get him!”


Hal:  [Screams]

Per’s Voice:  “Halley!  No!”

Hal:  [Screams]


Hal:  [Screams]

2nd Man:  “Hey?  What’s that?”

Hal:  [Screams]

1st Man:  “Halley.”

2nd Man:  “Again?”

1st Man:  “Aah.”


H:  “Go!  Run!  Run!”

Man’s Voice:  “Over there!”


Dae:  “After Icarus died, all my-- all my ideas were born out of
rage and pain.”

Kat:  “You felt responsible for his death.”

Dae:  “I could have stopped it.  There were _two_ sets of wings,
one for each of us.”

H:  “You and Icarus went flying together.”

Dae:  “Uh, uh.  I still remember the first time.  He was so
scared.  But by the end, he was soaring.  He could never get
enough.  The day he died, he-- he came into my workroomm as I
was-- struggling with a new invention.  He wanted me to go
flying with him.  ‘Later,’ I said.  After a while-- I noticed
how quiet it was.  I went to look for him.  [Voice Cracking]
I-- I heard a voice-- far up in the clouds.  It was Icarus--
crying out for me.  I had _warned_ him against flying too close
to the sun.  There was _nothing_ I could do-- except watch him
fall.  [Normal Voice]  Or I could have gone with him!  Instead
of being so-- _busy_ with all my inventions.”

H [Sighs]:  “Y-you can’t change the past.  All you can do is--
be the man that Icarus knew and loved.”

Dae:  “I’m not sure if I can or not.  But I do know it’s long--
past time I started trying.”

Kat:  “What’s that?”

Dae [Chuckles]:  “Oh-- one of the toys I made for him.”

Kat:  “Ooh, it’s gooey!  It’s incredible!”

H [Chuckles]:  “That looks like fun.”

Kat:  “Yeah!  And it’s addicting.  What do you call this stuff?”

Dae:  “Oh, it doesn’t have a name.  It’s-- it’s just a silly
little thing I made out of nuts and mud and oil.”

H:  “What do you say we put the-- silly, nutty thing away, and
we go tell Nikolos that you’re through workin’ for him?”

Dae:  “I’d like that-- very much.”


Nik:  “How badly damaged is it, Perdix?”

Per:  “It-- looks like we salvaged all the essential parts, my

Nik:  “Good.  I want to see for myself.”

Man’s Voice:  “Come!  Quickly!”

Per:  “Shall I climb in and ready the machine, my lord?”

Nik:  “No.  As king, I want the honor and glory of _killing_
Hercules myself.  I’m going to _roast_ him like a pig!
[Laughter]  Be quiet!”



Dae:  “Hercules?  You should know there is another megalith I
was working on.”

H:  “There’s another one of those things?”

Dae:  “Unfotunately-- and it’s-- more powerful and-- less
vulnerable than the first.  That’s why I went back to the lab to
destroy it.”

Kat:  “Well, let’s hope you succeeded.”

Dae:  “Well, I can’t tell.  With all the smoke, I-- wasn’t sure
if the fire got to it.”

H:  “Well, then we’d better make sure.”

Dae:  “Hercules is right.  If it didn’t burn up-- it’ll be the
most powerful weapon the world has ever seen.  And this time--
it won’t be so easy to destroy.”

H:  “Easy  Look-- you two better stay here while I go back to
the lab and check it out.”

Kat:  “But if the weapon wasn’t destroyed-- ”

H:  “That’s why I want you to stay here.  You think you can do
that this time?  Thank you.  Ah-ah!”


Per:  “Are you sure you won’t be needing any help-- my lord?”

Nik:  “Just bring a broom, Perdix.  Because the next time you
see Hercules-- there won’t be anything left but ashes!”


Kat:  “Daedalus?  Those questions I was asking you-- ”

Dae:  “Oh, you were right to ask them.  It’s the mark of a good

Kat:  “Still, I could have-- _should_ have been more sensitive.”

Dae:  “Then that would have made you a _great_ scribe.”

Kat:  “I meant to tell you-- I’m sorry about your son, Icarus--
truly sorry.”

Dae:  “Thank you.  I tried to raise him as best as I could,
but-- after his mother died-- ”

Kat:  “You never remarried?”

Dae:  “Oh, perhaps I should have.  He was a wild, headstrong
boy, and I was always-- busy with all my inventions.  If he had
a mother-- ”

Kat:  “You did the best you could.  Sometimes the gods smile on
us-- sometimes.”

Dae:  “I wish I had died instead of him.”

Kat:  “Don’t say that.  You still have the capacity to do good
in this world.”

Dae:  “Maybe.”


Kat:  “How long has he been gone now?”

Dae:  “Ah-h-- not that long.”

Kat:  “It feels like an eternity.  There’s a story happening,
and I’m not there.”

Dae:  “He wants you out of danger.”

Kat:  “Yeah, while he puts himself _in_ danger”

Dae:  “Because of _my_ shortcomings.”

Kat:  “It’s not all your fault.  Nikolos had a little to do with

Dae:  “It’s _still_ my responsibility.  I invented that weapon.
I should _be_ there _with_ Hercules.”

Kat:  “Me, too.”

Dae:  “He told us to stay.”

Kat:  “I haven’t listened to him yet.”



Nik:  “Hercules!”

Woman’s Voice:  “It’s another megalith!”

Man’s Voice:  “Let’s get out of here!”

Nik:  “Once, you defeated me.  Now, I will enjoy watching _you_
suffer.  Welcome back to Euboea.  Too bad your stay can’t be
longer.”  [Laughs]

H:  “Oh, yeah-- like this’ll protect me.  Oh.  Bad idea.”

Nik [Laughs]:  “Where are you going?!  It’s time to play!

H:  “Great.”

Nik [Laughs]:  “Yah-h-h-h-h-h!  That’s what you’ll look like
when I’m _through_ with you, Hercules.”  [Laughs]

H:  “I don’t think so.”

Nik:  “Ee-yah-h-h-h-h!  [Laughs]  You might as well stay and
fight.  I’ll burn the whole city down if I have to-- but I’ll
get you!  [Laughs]  Hah-h-h-h-h-h-h!”

H:  “Oh-oh.”

Nik:  [Laughs]

Dae:  “No!  No-o-o-o-o-o!”

Kat:  “You leave him alone!”

Nik:  “I’ll deal with you two-- later.”

Kat:  “You OK?!  Can I get a quote later?”

Dae:  “Much later.”

H:  “Let’s see what this silly, nutty thing can do.”

Nik:  “Time to fry-- big man.”  [Yells, then Screams]

Dae:  “Hercules!  I-- I thought it would ’a lasted _longer_ than

H:  “Sorry.  Let’s get out of here.”

Kat:  “Yeah.”

H:  “Daedalus, you didn’t-- build any more of these things, did


Dae:  “Well, that should be the last of them.  How will I ever
make up for all the _grief_ my inventions have caused people?”

H:  “By going back and doing what you’ve-- always done best--
inventing things that help-- mankind.”

Kat:  “That’s a story I’d like to write.”

Dae:  “I’ll try my best.”

H:  “I can’t think of a better way to honor Icarus’ memory.”

Dae:  “Farewell, Hercules.  And thank you.”

H:  “Farewell, Daedalus.”

Kat:  “Thank you.”

Dae:  “Scribe-- farewell.”

Kat:  “Hercules!”

H:  “Hmm?”

Kat:  “I had you wrong.  You _are_ a living legend.  And a hero
in the true sense of the word.”

H:  “I just try to help people the best I can.”

Kat:  “Yeah?  Well, I can’t imagine anyone doing a better job.
And you’ve given me more material than I’d ever hoped for.”

H:  “Really?  Maybe you should write a book.”

Kat:  “A book!  What a novel idea!”

H [Laughing]:  “There you go.”

Kat:  “Of course, I’d have to change the names-- cut it down a
lot.  Maybe lose some of the more outrageous stuff.”

H:  “Why’s that?”

Kat:  “This’d definitely have to be fictionalized.  Who would
believe it?”

H:  “Yeah.  Huh.”


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