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Edition Take a Journey Through Tartarus!


“The Lady and the Dragon”  Episode 47/310


Cynea [Cyn]:  “Oh, Zachariah, there’s no one like you.  You’re so
brave-- and strong.  Oh, Zachariah.  What’s the matter?”

Zachariah [Zach]:  “I’m sorry, Cynea-- not tonight, OK?”

Cyn:  “Well, don’t worry about it.  I’ve heard it happens to
every man sometime.”

Zach:  “That’s not it.  Someone-- has to stop Braxis.”

Cyn:  “You promised we wouldn’t talk about that tonight.”

Zach:  “Yeah-- well, you’re right.  I’m through talkin’.”

Cyn:  “Wait.  Where are you going?”

Zach:  “Look at you-- the fear Braxis put into you.  I’m stopping
him _now_.”

Cyn:  “No.  Please, Zachariah, don’t!  No one has ever come back
from that awful place alive.  I couldn’t bear to lose you.”

Zach:  “Look-- if I don’t kill him, he’ll destroy Laurentia like
the other villages.”

Cyn:  “If you must go, carry a part of me with you-- for luck--
and love.”

Zach:  “I’ll come back-- I promise.”

Cyn:  “Oh, Zachariah.”


Men’s Voices:  “I need another drink!”  “Haven’t you had

H:  “Hi.  Could I get a, uh-- a tankard of water-- and a rack of
venison, please.  Thank you.  If I were you, friend, I’d put that
knife back-- unless you wanna lose your other arm.”

Marcius [Mar]:  “Are you threatening me, big man?”

H:  “I believe you’re the one doing the threatening-- I just--
came in here to get something to eat.”  [They laugh.]

Mar:  “Hercules!  How have you been?!”

H:  “I’m great, Marcius-- yourself?!”

Mar:  “Never better!  And Iolaus?!”

H:  “Oh, he’s fine, he’s fine.  Actually, I’m on my way to meet
him in Laurentia.”

Mar:  “Business or pleasure?”

H:  “Unfortunately, it’s-- trouble.  Some of the soldiers who
helped us overthrow Adamis have disappeared.”

Mar:  “Then the rumors are true.”

H:  “Hmm.  What have _you_ heard?”

Mar:  “The same-- Vedris-- Meandra-- Zachariah-- they all pass
through here.  But-- when they get to Laurentia-- nobody hears
from them, anymore.”

H:  “Well-- I’m gonna go find out why.”

Mar:  “I’ll come with you!”

H [Chuckles]:  “And who’s gonna put food on the table for you
eight children?”

Mar:  “There’s ten now.”

H:  “Really?  Two more reasons not to go.  Don’t worry.  Iolaus
and I will get to the bottom of it.”

Mar:  “Well, I hope so.  Oh, they were all good men.”

H:  “Yes, they were.  So-- two more kids, huh?”

Mar:  [Laughs]

H:  “The nights must get _really_ cold here.”

Mar:  “Yeah, well-- ”  [They laugh.]


Zach:  [Screams]



H:  “Anybody here?!  Somebody left in a hurry.”


Gyger [Gy]:  “No!  No!  Let me go!”

H:  “Whoa!  Whoa!”

Gy:  “Let me go!”

H:  “Take it easy!”

Gy:  “I’m not afraid of you!”

H:  “Well-- that’s-- good.  You can tell me what happened back at
the village.”

One-eyed Man [One-eye]:  “What more do you bandits want?  You’ve
_taken_ everything we have!”

H:  “I-- think you’re confusing me with somebody else.  Who’s
everybody hiding from?”

Lemnos [Lem]:  “Hercules?  Is that you?”

H:  “Lemnos.”

Man’s Voice:  “He’s Hercules?”

H:  “Lemnos!  Leandra.  Oh, and this-- must be Gyger.  He
certainly has your courage.”

Lem:  “Put the slingshot away, son, and-- meet the man who helped
us drive Adamis into the sea.”

Gy:  “Did you come to help us?”

H:  “You tell me what’s going on.”

Lem:  “Adamis is back from exile on Tarsus.”

H:  “Adamis?”

Leandra [Lea]:  “He’s attacking the villages that resisted him
before-- looting and destroying everything in his path.”

Lem:  “He plans to take _all_ of Greece-- not just the provinces
like last time.”

One-eye:  “We sent for help.”

H:  “Well-- help is here.”


Velasarius [Vel]:  “Iolaus.”

I:  “Velasarius, how are you?”

Vel:  “Good.  It’s been a long while.  What’ll it be?”

I:  “Guess it’ll be boar stew.  Oh, and a mug of ale to wash it

Vel:  “You really have a way with women.”

I:  “Yeah.”

Vel:  “She’s been like that since she came in.”

I:  “Really?  Looks serious.”

1st Thug:  “Cheer up, wench.  A few of these-- and
_everything_’ll start to look better.”

A Thug’s Voice:  “Yeah.”

Cyn:  “Leave me alone.”

I:  “Hey, buddy-- is that your mouth?  Or ‘ja borrow it from a

2nd Thug:  “Go back to your lunch, little man, while you can
still eat it.”

I:  “Are you kidding?  Eat lunch and look at your ugly faces at
the same time?  Oooh.”


I:  “I’ll get this sliced for ya!  Uh-- I’m-- sorry about all the

Cyn:  “You’re very brave, but-- I have to go now.  It’s a long
walk to Laurentia.”

I:  “Well, there’s a coincidence, you see?  Uh-- I’m meeting a
friend there.  You mind if I walk with you?”

Cyn:  “Suit yourself.  It’s a free province.”


Gy:  “He was about twenty cubits long with mean red eyes and
pointy claws.  And he breathed fire.”

H:  “Sounds like a dragon, all right.”

Lem:  “His name is Braxis-- a plague that fell from the sky.
We’re lucky we got everyone out before he set the fires.”

H:  “A dragon helping to loot a village.  It doesn’t make any

Lea:  “Some say Adamis cast a spell on him.”

H:  “You sure Adamis is behind all this?”

Lem:  “I saw him myself.  He’s still a young man, but, uh-- he
had a look in eye-- like he’d stolen power from the gods.”

H:  “Hmm-- it doesn’t sound like his years in exhile changed him

Lea:  “If anything, they made him crueler.”

Lem:  “He’ll use Braxis to destroy us-- unless we can find
someone to kill that dragon.”

H:  “Well, let me-- have a little talk with Adamis, first.”

Gy:  “Oh-- I’ll go with you!  I’m not afraid of warlords-- or

H:  “I can see that; but I’m sure needs your family needs you
around here.  I’ll be back.”

Lem:  “Take care.”


Adamis [Adam]:  “Behold the flame’s beauty, Orenth.  It
cleanses-- like a dragons’ breath.  Embrace the pain, Orenth.  It
makes you stronger.”

Orenth [Ore]:  “Uh, I’m strong enough, already!”

Adam:  “Strong enough to defeat Laurentia?”

Ore:  “Why waste our time conquering pathetic little villages?
We need to secure a route to the sea!”

Adam:  “I said-- Laurentia!”


Adam:  “Toth-- what trifling bit of commerce brings you from your

Toth:  “Big news, Adamis.”

Adam:  “If it’s big enough, I’ll pay five dinars-- or perhaps
five _dinners_ would be more to your liking.”

Toth:  “It’s about Hercules.  He’s here-- and he’s _looking_ for
_you_.  I’ll go, now.  I know you have villages to plunder--
farms to pillage!”

Adam:  “Perfect.  All the pieces are falling into place.”

Ore:  “How did you know Hercules would show up?”

Adam:  “He’s so predictable.  Threaten some innocents and--
Hercules comes running.  Ten years I spent on that island with
nothing but dragons for company.  Ten long years to plan my
revenge.  And now-- I’ll destroy Hercules-- in the very place he
once defeated me-- Laurentia.”


I:  “Here you go.  Cheer you up.”

Cyn:  “I’m sorry, I’m just-- not in the mood.  [Sighs]  See, my--
fiance, Zachariah, was killed.  I had to tell his family.”

I:  “Zachariah-- of Macedonia?”

Cyn:  “You knew him?”

I:  “He saved my life at the battle of Thespis.  How’d he die?”

Cyn:  “He was killed by a dragon.”

I:  “I’m sorry.  He was a good man.”

Cyn:  “He wasn’t the first to die at the hands of this beast.
It’s been ravaging the countryside for months.”

I:  “Then-- it’s time somebody did something about it.”

Cyn:  “You’re very brave, but no man can do it alone.  It would
take-- an army.”

I:  “How about an army of two?  You know?  My friend and I-- ”

Cyn:  “No-- please.  I feel responsible for my Zachariah’s fate.
You seem so nice.  I-- I couldn’t have both your deaths on my
conscience.”  [Sighs]

I:  “Then you won’t.”


I:  “Hercules!  I know who’s been killing our friends.  It’s a
dragon-- Br-- .”

H [Interrupts]:  “Braxis.  I know.  I heard the same.”

I:  “Zachariah’s fiance told me.  He’s been killed as well.
Herc-- you know, he saved my life, once.  I really feel like we
should-- avenge his death.”

H:  “This doesn’t-- feel right.  Dragons don’t leave their lairs
to hunt-- not to-- burn villages or track down warriors.”

I:  “These warriors weren’t tracked down.  They died in its

H:  “Adamis might be behind all this.”

I:  “Adamis?  Isn’t he in exile on Tarsus?”

H:  “Not anymore.  He’s back in Lauentia-- and we both know that
Tarsus is a breeding-ground for dragons.”

I [Sighs]:  “Hercules, what does it matter _how_ Braxis got here.
The point is, he is _killing_ our friends.  We’ve gotta stop it.”

H:  “I know.  But we have to track down Adamis first and find out
what’s really going on.”


Adam:  “I’ve done the best I can!  Tryin’ to protect you
throughout the years-- just as I protected your mother-- before
she was murdered.  I thought you’d be safe here, but I was wrong.
Stop that!  Are you listening to me?!  Now-- her murdereres are
here!  In this territory-- looking for you!  I need your help.
These assassins are-- tricky and clever.  But if we do this
right-- we can be rid of them-- so you’ll never have to fear
anyone-- again.  Their names-- are Hercules-- and Iolaus.  Men
this evil-- deserve to die-- slowly.”

Braxis [Brax]:  “I’ll be ready.  I’ll _kill_ them both!”



I:  “I don’t get it.  Why don’t you wanna go after a dragon
that’s already killed so many of our friends.”

H:  “We don’t know if it didn’t act in self-defense.  The
warriors were all killed in the dragon’s lair.  It didn’t hunt
them down.”

I:  “Well, Hercules-- _I_ don’t want to wait until he _starts_
hunting people down.”

H:  “Iolaus, can we just hold off until we have proof about
Braxis?  If he’s as bad as you say, we’ll fight him

Cyn’s Voice:  “Iolaus!”

I:  “Oh.  It’s not-- what you think.”

H:  “Of course not.”

I:  “This-- is Zachariah’s fiancee?”

H:  “Oh.”

I:  “Hi.”

Cyn:  “Hi.  Is this the-- friend you’re meeting?”

I:  “Yeah.  Hercules, this is Cynea.”

H:  “Hi.  I-- I was-- sorry to hear about Zachariah.”

Cyn:  “Ah, thank you.  It’s been-- hard on all of us.  Um-- I’ve
heard so much about you.  Iolaus was kind enough to escort me
home.  I was gonna fix him dinner?  Would you-- like to join us?”

H:  “Oh-- thanks, but I’d-- hate to intrude.”

Cyn:  “You wouldn’t be intruding.”

I:  “Not at all.  I’m just-- walking her home because-- you know,
bandits, or-- anything can happen.”

H:  “I know.  Anything can happen.  Maybe some other time.”

I:  “See ya.”

H:  “See ya.”

Lem:  “Hercules!  Oh, thank goodness I found you.  Something
terrible’s happened.”

H:  “What is it?”

Lem:  “It’s Gyger.  He took my sword, and he’s run off to fight

H:  “Don’t worry.  I’ll bring him back.”


Cyn:  “I had no idear [sic] you were friends with Hercules.”

I:  “Hmm.”

Cyn:  “Is he the-- second half of your two-man army?”

I:  “Yeah, usually.  I’m not sure this time.”

Cyn:  “Good.  Maybe he can talk some sense into you.  People are
already fleeing Laurentia.  I’ll be going soon, too.”

I:  “Because of Braxis.”

Cyn:  “It’s only a matter of time until he destroys this place.
I’m going to Plethos.  I have family there.”

I:  “Plethos-- that’s pretty far away.  How am I ever gonna run
into you by accicent?”

Cyn:  “Well, you wouldn’t.  But-- you could come visit on

I:  “I might do that.  Cynea-- this is wrong.  People should not
be forced to leave their homes because of that monster.  Someone
has to do something about it.”

Cyn:  “No!  I don’t wanna talk about it anymore.  I’ve already
lost someone close to me.  You are so sweet.  I couldn’t stand it
if-- we should get back.  After dinner, I have to finish


H:  “Gyger!  Gyger, can you hear me?!  It’s Hercules!  Gyger?!”

Gy:  “Come out, you big overgrown lizard!  Y-y-you don’t scare
me!  G-get a-get away from me!  Ah!  Ah!  [Screams]  Wow.
Higher!  Let’s go higher!  Hel-l-l-l-lp!”

H:  “Don’t move, Gyger!  Stay there-- I’m coming to get you!”

Gy:  “Did you see what happened?”

H:  “No, but I just saw Braxis fly off, so keep your voice down.”

Gy:  “He-he saved my life.”

H:  “What?”

Gy:  “I fell off the ledge-- and he flew down and caught me.”

H:  “Gyger-- you’re not makin’ this up, are you?”

Gy:  “No, no-- I _swear_ it’s true.  And I wasn’t scared for a

H:  “Well-- your parents were.  So, come on.  We better get you
back to them.”


Adam:  “Stupid!  You should have killed him!”

Brax:  “But why?  He’s just a little boy-- not much older than

Adam:  “Braxis-- Braxis, you make it so hard for me to take care
of you.  Can’t you see?  By not killing that boy-- the villagers
will think you have a soft side.  They won’t be afraid to come
here anymore.  You won’t be safe anywhere.”

Brax:  “I just-- wanted another friend.”

Adam:  “I know.  I know it’s tough growing up all by yourself.
But it’s a cold, hard world out there.  And the only way to
survive-- is to be cold and hard yourself.”

Brax:  “But-- ”

Adam:  “No buts.  I know it’s not easy-- but try and think of
what happened to your mother.  Remember she was soft?  She
trusted Hercules and Iolaus.”

Brax:  “Are they the ones who killed her?  I’m sorry, Adamis.  I
should have listened to you.”

Adam:  “I’m only doing this for your own good.  I just don’t
wanna see you end up like your mother.”

Brax:  “I sure miss her.”


Cyn [Laughs]:  “Thanks for all your help.  It feels really good
to smile again.”

I:  “Huh-- it feels really good to _eat_ again.  You know?  This
is a meal fit for the gods.”

Cyn:  “And I thank them for sending you.”

I:  “Huh.”

Cyn:  “You know, you’ve cheered me up.”

I:  “You better be careful.  Might get used to this.  I-I’m
sorry.  That was-- ”

Cyn:  “No, it’s just that-- I feel so guilty-- enjoying you--
while poor Zachariah-- ”

I:  “Cynea-- I can’t bring Zacharaiah back.  But I _can_ avenge
his death for you.”

Cyn:  “What do you mean?”

I:  “All I know is-- if you wanna go on, you have to put the past
behind you-- Braxis, all those terrible memories.”

Cyn:  “Iolaus, I didn’t mean to upset you.”

I:  “Look-- you have suffered more than anyone should suffer.
And I’m gonna put a stop to it-- right now.”

Cyn:  “Iolaus, don’t.  If you have any feeling for me at all, you
won’t risk your life for this dragon.”

I:  “It’s not just about my feelings for you.  I have to do this
for Zachariah-- for all the others.”

Cyn:  “Then take this with you-- for luck.”


H:  “Hello, Cynea.”

Cyn:  “Hey, Hercules.  Come on in.”

H:  “Thanks.  Is-- Iolaus still here?”

Cyn:  “Why no.  He’s not with you?  He left a long time ago--
right after dinner.”

H:  “It’s not like Iolaus to eat and run.  Did he-- say where he
was going?”

Cyn:  “No-- I didn’t think he’d go alone.”

H:  “Go where?”

Cyn:  “To kill the dragon, Braxis.”

H:  “Ah, Iolaus.”

Cyn:  “You have to stop him.”

H:  “Don’t worry.  I will.”

Adam:  “Another great performance-- my love.  I doubt he’ll catch
him in time-- but even if he does-- we won’t be seeing Hercules
_or_ Iolaus-- ever again.”

Cyn:  “To our victory.”



H [Whispers]:  “Ah, Iolaus.”


Warrior:  “Get him!”

H:  “Fellas, I really-- don’t have time for this.”

Warrior:  “It won’t take us long.”

H:  “Good.”


Ore:  “They should slow him down-- right according to plan.”

Toth:  “Where are we going?”

Ore:  “You’ll find out when we get there.  I think Adamis has got
a little surprise for you.”

Toth:  “He does?”

Ore:  “Just keep moving.”

Warriors:  “Ahhhh!”  “Ahhhhhhh!”  “Ahhhhh!”

H:  “You’re right.  It didn’t take that long.”


Adam:  “Vigilance.  Good, Braxis.  I’m impressed.  I’ve come with
news.  Hercules’ friend, Iolaus is on his way.  He’s only one
man-- but he fight like ten.”

Brax’s Voice:  “I’m not afraid of anybody.”

Adam:  “Nor should you be.  After you kill him, Hercules is sure
to follow.  Then you’ll avenge your mother’s death.”

Brax:  “Ha!  Ha-ha-ha!”

Adam:  “I brought you a little snack to-- keep your strength up.
Orenth!  One by one, we’ve destroyed our enemies.  Now with these
last two, our revenge will be complete.”

Toth:  “Oh, no.  No-o-o, no, please-- Adamis, I beg you.  No--
I’m your friend.”  [Chuckles]

Adam:  “Well-- if you’d betray your neighbors, you’d certainly
betray me!”

Toth:  “Oh-h-h!  You don’t want me.  I’ve got gallstones.  You’ll
chip a too-oo-ooth!”

Adam:  “Enjoy.  We’ll be back.”


Toth’s Voice:  [Screams]

I:  “Iolaus-- this is a dragon.  Big deal.  I’ve fought worse.
A-- fire-- breathing dragon.  Huh.”


H:  “Iolaus, don’t do anything foolish.”


Adam:  “It’s done.”

Cyn:  “They’re both dead?”

Adam:  “Not yet.  They’re separated, just as I planned.  By the
time Hercules gets there-- Braxis will be picking his teeth with
Iolaus’ bones.”

Cyn:  “How can you be sure Hercules won’t kill Braxis all by

Adam:  “Even the mighty Hercules isn’t strong enough, or clever
enough, to slay a dragon.”

Cyn:  “You did it once.”

Adam:  “I spent ten years living amongst those beasts.  They
trusted me.  I know how they live-- breathe-- and think.”

Cyn:  “I wouldn’t underestimate Hercules.”

Adam:  “I won’t.  But mark my words-- Iolaus’ death will destroy
his will to fight.  Then-- I’ll drape your body-- in this
country’s riches.”

Cyn:  “As long as we rule equally-- you can drape my body with
whatever you want.”


I:  “Ah-h-h!  Ah-h!  Uh!  Uh!”


I:  “Think you’re _smart_, huh?!  Hey, that’s not supposed to


I’s Voice:  [Screams]

H:  “Iolaus?”


I:  “Put me down!”



H:  “Whoa.  Big dragon.  Hang on, Iolaus!”

I:  “Like I have a choice?”

H:  “Mind if I borrow this?”

I:  “Ooh.  Ah-h-h-h!  Ooh!  Oh!  Ah-h-h-h-h!”

H:  “Iolaus, you OK?!”

I:  “No!”

H:  “Braxis!  Braxis-- we’re not here to harm you.  Can you you
understand that?”

I:  “What are you talking to it for?!  It’s a dragon!”

Brax:  “I’ll _kill_ ya both!”

I:  “Talking dragon.  Huh!”

H:  “Iolaus.”

I:  “Hey!  Whoo-hoo-hoo!  B-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b!  Over here,

Brax:  “Hey!  Don’t call me names!”

I:  “Hey!  Hey!  Come on!  Come on, lizard lips!  Give me your
best shot!  Ah-h-h-h!  Ha!  Ow!  Ah!  Ah!  Ah!  {Sighs]  You got
it!  Come on!”

H:  “No!  We’re not killing him.”

I:  “Why not?  He was trying to kill us.”

H:  “Only to protect himself, like he did with the others.”

I:  “How do you know that?”

H:  “‘Cause I just figured out who sent our warrior friends to
die here.”

I:  “Who?”

H:  “Is that Cynea’s scarf?”

I:  “Yeah.”

H:  “Better take a look in that pit over there.”


Cyn:  “You’ve been quiet all day.  What are you thinking about?”

Adam:  “I’m going to miss him.”

Cyn:  “Hercules?  Hmm, but you detest him.”

Adam:  “And I’ll spit on his grave.  It’s Braxis I regret having
to kill.”

Cyn:  “But why do that?  He’s a valuable weapon.”

Adam:  “After I take my revenge on Hercules, I won’t need him.
And he’s too powerful to risk losing to my enemies.”

Cyn:  “But he’ll do anything you asked him to.”

Adam:  “For how long?  When he’s fully grown, he’ll have a mind
of his own.  What’s to stop him from turning against me-- like
his mothere did?”

Cyn:  “So _that’s_ why she died.”

Adam:  “She gave me no choice.  I’ll wait till he sleeps-- then
kill him-- like I killed her.”


I:  “I can’t believe she would do that to me.”

H:  “She’s obviously working with Adamis.”

I:  “Adamis?  Why?”

Toth:  “Because he is her lover.  You were right about Braxis
only killing those who attacked him first.  I’m living proof!”

H:  “What are you doing here?”

Toth:  “I was [Clears throat]-- spying for Adamis-- playing both
sides.  Instead of thanking me-- he served me up as an appetizer.
I was a fool to trust him.”

H:  “Are you paying attention here?  Your friend, Adamis, uses

Brax:  “Let me go!”

H:  “No-- not until you stop trying to kill us and _listen_ for a

Brax:  “You’re trying to _fool_ me!”

H:  “Adamis is the one who’s fooling you.  We’re not here to hurt

Brax:  “You’re lying!”

H:  “I’m not-- and I’ll prove it.  Iolaus-- ”

I:  “Hmm?”

H:  “Your sword.”

I:  “Oh.”

H:  “If I wanted to hurt you-- I wouldn’t be setting you free.”

I:  “Uh-uh, no!  Don’t you think we should talk about this?  What
if-- he wants to hurt us?”

H:  “No, he won’t.  Will you, Braxis?  You’re not a coldblooded

I:  “I don’t think it’s gonna matter.  We’ve got company.”

Cyn:  “They’re alive.”

Adam:  “And they’ve got Braxis, too.  Kill them!”

I:  “Do you mind?”

H:  “No.”


Warriors’ Voices:  “Fry in Hell!”  [Incomprehensible words spoken
as well]

Cyn:  “I’ll take care of Iolaus, myself.”

H:  “Hello.  Goodbye.”

Adam:  “Cynea?  What have I done?  I’ve waited ten years for this

H:  “Get a life.  Give it up, Adamis.  Your soldiers are gone.
Cynea is gone.  It’s over.”

Adam:  “Not yet!  Drop your weapons or I’ll kill him!  Your wrong
if you think I don’t know how.  I killed his mother the same
way-- a simple thrust _right_ between the eyes.  If you’re quick
enough-- you barely get any blood on you.”

Brax:  “_You_ killed my mother!”

Adam:  “Traitor!”

Brax:  “You’re the traitor.”

Adam:  “[Screams]

Brax:  “He never really cared about me.”

H:  “No, Braxis-- he didn’t.”

Brax:  “Now I don’t have any friends.”

I:  “Yeah, you do.  Ya got Hercules-- and me.”

Brax:  “Oh-- _thank_ you.”

H:  “You know?  If you flew back to Tarsus, I-- bet you’d find a
lot of dragons there who’d like to be your friend.”

Brax:  “You’re setting me free?!  Oh-- it’ll be nice to see my
home again.  Would you come visit?”

I:  “Yeah-- ”

H:  “That’s a promise.”

Brax:  “Oh, I’d like that-- alot.  Goodbye, Hercules.  Goodbye
Iolaus!  Thanks!  Whe-e-e-e!  Ha-ha-ha-ha!  Look at me!


I:  “When am I ever gonna learn?  I should ’a listened to you in
the first place.”

H:  “Ah-h-h, you had no way of knowing Cynea was Adamis’ lover.”

I:  “Then how come I feel like such a fool?”

H:  “Because you’re a-- passionate, intense person.  It’s part of
your charm.”

I:  “Yeah?”

H:  “No-- just being nice.”

Brax:  “Hel-lo!  Whoa!  Wha-a-a-a!  Ha-ha-ha-ha!  By-y-y-y-y-ye!”

I:  “Well, where to?”

H:  “Wherever the wind takes us, Iolaus.”


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