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“Encounter”  H:TLJ Episode 50/313


[H and I in a fight]

Thug:  “Ow!  Ow!”

I:  “Come on!  Herc, catch this!”

Hemnor:  “Noooooo!  Don’t!  Hey!  I’m one of the good guys!”

H:  “You are?”

Hemnor:  “I’m Hemnor, of Cyrneia?  I’ve come to ask your help!”

H:  “Oh.”

Hemnor:  “Thanks.”

H:  “Don’t mention it.  So, what can we do for you?”

Hemnor:  “Uh-- ah, stop a-- a senseless, tragic death.  My
village lives in terror-- in fear of a monster that lives in the

H:  “A monster?”

I:  “Yeah, we do monsters.  Wait, it’s not slimy, though, is it?”

Hemnor:  “No-- it’s not slimy.  It’s-it’s kind of-- a doe.”

I:  “A deer?”

H:  “A female deer?”


Hemnor:  “What was that fight all about?”

I:  “Bad manners.  Those guys wanted the landlord to give ‘em
their food _and_ the day’s receipts.”

Hemnor:  “You actually looked like you were having a good time.”

I:  “Yeah.  So?”

H:  “Tell us about your monster.”

I:  “Yeah, your killer deer.”

Hemnor:  “Well, it’s not exactly a deer.  She’s part woman.”

I:  “Well, there you go.  That explains it.”

H:  “Wait, uh-- half-woman, half-deer.  Golden horns and hooves.
He’s talking about the last golden Hind.”

Hemnor:  “Yeah-- and without your help, she’ll soon be gone, too.
I want to save her, but-- I don’t know what to do.  My neighbors
have petitioned Prince Nestor to come with soldiers and

H:  “Nestor.”

Hemnor:  “You’ve heard of him?”

H:  “I had some trouble with his brother.”

I:  “His _late_ brother.”

Hemnor:  “Well, then you know what I’m up against.  The Hind has
never had to fight such odds.  She doesn’t stand a chance.”

H:  “We’ll see.”


Hind:  “Strangers are here, in our sacred forest.  They’ve come
for me.”

Ares:  “They won’t risk offending the god of war.  You’re mine,
and they know it.  I’ll protect you if you need it.”

Hind:  “Hmm.  I have no fear, great Ares.  I am what you’ve made

Ares:  “Yes-- yes, I do great work.  When Zeus slew the other
Hinds, I stood against him and made him spare your life.  You’ve
always made me glad I did that.”

Hind:  “What would you have me do-- about the strangers?”

Ares:  “They’re only mortals.  They’re of no consequence.  But,
my brother, Hercules, is also coming.  Now, with him-- we may
have some fun.”  [Laughs]



Prince Nestor [Nestor]:  “Ares, champion of arms, sovereign of
battle-- give me a sign.  Grant me the blood of the golden hind.

Strife:  “You know, for someone in your line of work-- you gotta
know better.  Strife!  Ring a bell?”

Nestor:  “Nephew of Ares.”

Strife:  “Yeah, well, you’re not as thick as you look.  But,
then, maybe you are.  You want my uncle-- the god of war, to let
you turn his-- prize Hind-- into jerky!  [Giggles]  Hello!  Are
you in there, Prince Nestor?!”

Nestor:  “It’s said the blood of a Hind can kill a god!  Well, I
want it-- to take the head of Hercules.”

Stife [Claps]:  “Ha-ha-ha-haaaa!  That is definitely on time!
Chk-chk!  Yeah, ‘cause my uncle, Ares, has got a-- got a thing
for the Hind.  But, uh-- you whack Hercules-- he’ll cut you some

Nestor:  “So, it’s OK if I kill the Hind-- that’s what you’re
saying.  And your uncle will approve?”

Strife:  “I’ll just say this-- if you’re gonna be in the mix-- be
in it-- to win it.  You take the deer-- we’ll deliver Herc’s


Man’s Voice:  “-- can’t see the ropes.  Bring it right above the
ground.  OK, raise it up, now.  Careful.  Careful.  Tie it off.
Hurry.  That’s the way.  It looks good.”

Nestor’s [?] Voice:  “Drop that line.”

Nestor:  “When we flush the Hind, we’ll drive it this way.  I
want this whole area to be one big death trap.”

Bald Man:  “We get through here-- not even the birds in the trees
will be safe.”

Nestor:  “Just remember-- we take the Hind’s blood.  The gold’s
not what we’re after.  That’ll come later.”


Soldiers:  “Come on!  Let’s go!  Let’s go!”


Soldier’s Voice:  “Let’s go.”

H:  “See it?”

I:  “Yeah.  [Laughs]  Amateurs.”


Soldier’s Voice:  “Hey, you.  Come on.”


Soldiers’ Voices:  “She’s close!  I can feel it!”  “Let’s go!”
“This way!”


H:  “Listen.  Nestor’s still out there, beating the bushes.”

I:  “Means he hasn’t gotten the Hind.”

H:  “Not, yet-- but we’ve gotta move faster.”

I:  “You know, we’re gonna cover more ground if we split up.”

H:  “OK.”

I:  “Uh-oh.”

H:  “Don’t-- move.”

I:  “Huh?  You kidding?”

H:  “Interesting.”

I:  “It is?”

H:  “There’s another one.  And they’re tied together.  I disarm
one-- the other one shoots whether you move or not.”

I:  “Oh-- good.  What do we do now?”

H:  “Give me a minute.”

I:  “Sure-- take your time.”

H:  “Grab it, and hold on.”

I:  “Isn’t there a better way?”

H:  “Just-- grab it.”

I:  “I hope you know what you’re-- ” [Screams]

H:  “You’re supposed to hold on.”

I:  “Yeah-- that was the plan, wasn’t it?”

H:  You still wanna split up?”

I:  “No!”

H:  “I’ll meet you back here!”


Male Voices [Mostly incoherent]:  “This way.”

Elderly Man:  “This way.”

Soldier:  “There’s the hind!  Sound the alarm!”

Soldiers:  “Let’s go!”  “Run!”  “Run!”


Soldier:  “Hey!  Watch it!”

Lieutenant:  “What’s the matter with you?!  Get out of the way!”


Boy:  “Ahh!  Ahh!  Uh!”

H:  “Oh, no.  Lie still.  Don’t move.  Nestor!  He’s only a boy!”

Serena:  “How badly is he hurt?”

H:  “He’s dying.”

Serena:  “Is he your son?”

H:  “No-- I don’t know him.”

Serena:  “But you grieve.  You already mourn his passing.”

H:  “He’s-- he’s innocent.  He’s done nothing to deserve this.”

Serena:  “I can help him-- if you let me.”

H:  “Please.”

Serena:  [Heals boy, then swoons]

H:  “Don’t be afraid.  You’re OK!  It’s-- .  Who are you?”

Serena:  “I’m Serena.  Who are you?”

H:  “Hercules.”

Serena:  “Why would the son of Zeus care for a mortal’s life?”

H:  “Don’t confuse me with my father.  That boy’s life is as
important as any.  It’s-- ”

Serena:  “You’re not the angry warlike man I’ve always heard

H:  “I don’t know who you’ve been talking to.  I certainly don’t
think of myself that way.”

Serena:  “How do you think of yourself?”

H:  “As a friend.”

Serena:  “Hmmm.”

H:  “What you did for the boy was a miracle.”

Serena:  “Oh-- I have the gift of healing.”

H:  “Oh.”

Serena:  “Please don’t tell anybody what you saw me do here,

H:  “No, I mean, if-- if that’s what you want.  It’s-- ”

Serena:  “People would come-- more would be hurt.  It’s a
dangerous place.”

H:  “Your secret is safe.  I, uh-- .”

Male Voice:  “I found the trail!”

H:  “You shouldn’t be here.  This place is-- .  Where can I find


I:  “No, wait!  I’m here to help!  Uh!  Ooh!  Uh!  Uh!”



Hemnor:  “Oh, my.  Here.  What happened?”

H:  “He was shot by the Hind.”

Hemnor:  “The Hind?”

H:  “Yeah.  He’s got a fever.  The arrow was dipped in poison.”

Hemnor:  “This happened to the others, too.  But none of them
made it back to town.”

H:  “I dressed the wound with herbs as soon as I found him, but,
it only helped for a while.”

Hemnor:  “Is there anything else we can do?”

H:  “Yes-- there is.  I’ll be back as soon as I can.”

Hemnor:  “But, wait!  What’ll I do?!”

H:  “Like I said, I’ll be back as soon as I can.  Take care of

Hemnor:  “You better hurry.”


Ares:  “If I help Nestor kill Hercules, and the other gods find
out-- all of Olympus will come down on my head.”

Strife:  “Ah-- so what?  You’ve got the Golden Hind.  Her blood
can kill a god.  Am I right?  They can’t touch you.  You’re large
and in charge.”

Ares:  “Why can’t you talk like a normal god?!”

Strife:  “It’s like a generational thing, you know what I’m

Ares:  “Usually-- no.  I can’t use the Hind’s blood against the
other gods.  They’d join forces-- and I would wind up in a
place-- far, far worse than Tartarus.  I have the ultimate
weapon, and I can’t use it, not even against Hercules.  Mmmm!
Being brilliant has a downside I never realized.”

Stife:  “Um, let me help you, Uncle.  You know, I-I’ve got all
this potential and, nowhere to spend it.  Let me mess up
Hercules, once and for all.”

Ares:  “I told you, I can’t be a party to that!  Now, what do you
want from me?!”

Strife:  “Uh-- I want a place like this.  I want the perks!”

Ares:  “Strife-- ”

Strife:  “Don’t worry, I’m not gonna try and take your place.  I
mean, I appreciate the crumbs you brush my way.  Ooh.  I need
more.  I need a reputation.  I need Hercules.”

Ares:  “You are like a bothersome itch.  But, maybe there is a
way to get at Hercules through Nestor-- without the other gods
being any the wiser.”  [Laughs]

Strife:  [Laughs]


H:  “Serena!”


H:  “Serena!  Ares.  I’ve been looking for you.  I-- just wish I
hadn’t found you here.”

Serena:  “Why not?  I serve in Ares’ temple.  I’m not ashamed of
it.  He’s your brother.”

H:  “He’s my half-brother.  You must know how it is between us.”

Serena:  “He’s told me.  I’m-- glad not everything I’ve heard
about you is true.”

H:  “You’re out of place here, Serena.  You’re gentle, you’re
caring, you value life.  Ares doesn’t.”

Serena:  “You said you were looking for me.”

H:  “My friend, Iolaus, has been hurt.  He was shot by the Hind.
We came here to help her-- to save her from Nestor and his

Serena:  “She probably thought that he was a poacher after her
gold.  You say he’s hurt.  He’s-- he’s not dead.”

H:  “No.  He’s alive-- but he’s getting worse.”

Serena:  “No one shot with the Hind’s arrow has ever survived.”

H:  “He needs your gift.  You-- you can save him.”

Serena:  “I can’t help you.  I can’t go into the village.  My vow
to Ares forbids it.”

H:  “Well-- does a good man die, because of your vow, to a
bloodthirsty god?  Or, was I that wrong about you?”

Serena:  “No-- you weren’t wrong.  But, I can’t do as you ask.
I’m sorry.”


Soldier’s Voice:  “I give up.”


H:  “Wait!  Wait!  I’m not here to harm you!”


Nestor:  “Get her!  Now!  Now!”

Soldiers’ Voices:  “Get the Hind!”  “Get her!”  “Come on!”  “Drop
the Hind!”

Bald Soldier:  “Give me that blade!”

Soldier:  “No!  Wait!  Take her alive!”

Bald Soldier:  “You wait!  It’s time for venison!”

H:  “Try pork!  The other-- white meat!”


Nestor:  “Get the beast!  Go after her!  We’ll deal with Hercules

H:  “This is wrong, Nestor!  Let her go!”

Nestor:  “Never!  We got the Hind, once!  We’ll get her again!
When we do, you’re dead, Hercules!  Hah!”

Soldier’s Voice:  “We’ve lost her trail!”

H:  “Serena-- what are you doing here?”

Serena:  “Watching-- you saved her.”

H:  “Yeah-- of course, I did.  I mean, that’s why I’m here.  I
was hoping she could help Iolaus.”

Serena:  “Wait, don’t go.  Uh-- .  You don’t need her.  I’ll go
with you.”

H:  “It wasn’t-- your vow to Ares, was it?  You’re afraid-- to go
into the village.  That’s why you want your gift to be a secret.”

Serena:  “OK, you’re right.  I’m afraid of people.  They-- are
dangerous to-- anyone that’s not exactly like them.”

H:  “It will be dark-- by the time we get to the village.  No one
will see you.  And even if they do, I-- promise, I’ll-- I’ll take
care of you.”


Hemnor:  “Hercules, he’s still-- ”

I:  “Uh.”

Hemnor:  “I need to get some water-- if you need me.”

H:  “Not a word that she’s here.”

Hemnor:  “Whatever you say, Hercules.”

Serena [Heals Iolaus]:  “Noo!”



Hind:  “I never meant to deceive you.”

H:  “I suspected the truth.  You were afraid to come to the
village because-- ”

Hind:  “-- because-- a mortal’s touch causes me to change.  I
become as you see me now.  Your touch is different-- because your
father is a god.”

H:  “What made you take the risk-- to come here to-- help

Hind:  “I could feel your pain-- your fear of losing him.  It was
in my power to help.  That’s why I’m here.”


Serena:  “I feel like I’ve never felt before.  I crave your

H:  “Hmm.”

Serena:  “Ares would definitely not approve.”

H:  “Ah-- his approval isn’t something I worry about.”

Serena:  “Why do you resent my allegiance to him?”

H:  “I know him.  And he’ll use your loyalty to his own ends.
He’ll hurt you if it suits him.”

Serena:  “He’s always protected me.”

H [Laughing]:  “I think you can take care of yourself.  I’ve seen
you.  Besides-- I’ll protect you.”

Serena:  “How?  You can’t be with me all the time, and where
would I live?  I can’t live with people.  Someone would touch me,
eventually.  I’m a freak of nature.  This is where I live.  And
here, I belong to Ares.”

H:  “No-- you don’t belong to anyone but yourself.  You knew how
I felt about losing Iolaus.”

Serena:  “Hmm.”

H:  “You know how I would feel-- if I had to say goodbye to you.”

Serena:  “I never thought you could feel the same way I do.  It
only makes this more difficult.”

H:  “I won’t leave you here.  I’ll talk to Ares.”

Serena:  “No!  Please-- don’t make things worse.”

H:  “What are you doing to me?”


Woman’s Voice:  “-- will you give me a hand?”


I:  “Now, get-- !”

Hemnor:  “No!”

I:  “Look, I feel great!  I feel _fine_.”

Hemnor:  “You were almost dead last night.  You-- you can’t be--

I:  “Ah.”

Hemnor:  “Here.  Here.  Sit down.  Rest.”

I:  “Hemnor-- I don’t want to rest.  I don’t want to lie down.
What I want to do is-- eat.”

Hemnor:  “OK, so eat.”

I:  “Yeah.”

Hemnor:  “Just-- take it easy!”

I:  “I will!”

Hemnor:  “Maybe, you can talk some sense into him!  He needs

H:  “Well, you look better.”

I:  “Yeah.  I feel better.  I feel great!  But-- boy-- those
dreams were really weird.”

H:  “Yeah?”

I:  “You know, I had this vision of a-- a beautiful woman.”

H:  “And you sound like yourself again, too.”

I:  “No, no, no, no, no, no, no-- I’m serious.”

H:  “Iolaus-- that-- vision-- saved your life.  Her name’s

I:  “Yeah?  Well-- in my dream-- she was reaching out for me and
then-- then the Hind was there, again.  I thought she was gonna
shoot me all over again.  And then-- nothing.”

H:  “Yeah, well, uh-- a lot has-- happened-- since you were

I:  “Yeah, I wanna hear about it-- and I wanna meet Serena to
thank her.”

H:  “Well-- .  You know what?  That’s a great idea.”

I:  “Hmm.”

H:  “The three of us should be together when I tell you.  It will
simplify everything.”

I:  “Ah.”

H:  “I’ll work it out with Serena-- and we’ll meet you back

I:  “I’ll come with you.”

H:  “No-- no, no.  You should, uh-- stay here.  You should-- you
should rest and just-- take a nap.”

I:  “Yeah, but-- ”

H:  “I’ll be back.”

I:  “Herc-- ”

H:  “I’ll be back!  Hey!  Stay.” 


Hind:  “Ares!  Why have you betrayed me?!  You captured me!  For
Nestor!  Giving him my life to take the life of Hercules!  How
can you do this?!”

Ares:  “You misunderstand.  This is not to imprison but-- to
protect you.  I mean, Nestor caught you once.”

Hind:  “I-- let myself be distracted.  It won’t happen again.”

Ares:  “Think of this-- as a sanctuary.  A place to-- stop, and
think, and consider.  Your thoughts are turbulent, now.  I-- I
fear the guile of Hercules has-- clouded your judgment.”

Serena:  “He is a kind and gentle man.  He cares for me.  And-- I
care for him, but that doesn’t tarnish my loyalty to you.”

Ares:  “Still-- your human side has been led astray.”

Serena:  “Do you hate him so much?”

Ares:  “Hate my brother?  No.  I have such-- an affection for
him.  He’s always been jealous that I’m a true god and he is not.
But I would have you remember what you are-- and that you’re


H:  “Serena.  Ares.  Don’t worry, I’ll get you out.”

Serena:  “Careful.  Thank you.”

H:  “Something’s not right.  That was too easy.”

Serena:  “Too easy for you, maybe.”

H:  “Let’s go have a chat with my brother.”

Serena:  “No, Hercules, wait.  Look, Ares is upset about us.
He-- he means no harm.  Try to look past the things he does, and
understand why he does them.”

H:  “I understand him-- all too well.”

Ares:  “Ooh-- the blood of the Hind.  Goodbye, Brother.”



Nestor:  “I’ve mounted campaigns from Crete to Macedonia--
successful campaigns.  I’ve sacked cities all over the place.  I
was the horror of Hellespont.  I was brutal!”

Ares:  “And you shall do more.  The Hind was simply out of your
league.  After all, I-- taught her myself.”

Nestor:  “Yes-- yes, that’s a very good point.  A point I made to
one of my lieutenants only yesterday.”

Ares:  “Which was-- ?”

Nestor:  “Well that, in addition to your-- generous permission to
take the Hind-- what we need-- is your genius.”

Ares:  “Ooh.”

Nestor:  “Y-y-your-your input.  [Sighs]  We need your help.”

Ares [Laughs]:  “And you were right.  It’s yours.  Make arrows--
out of these thorns.  They’re covered with the Hind’s blood-- and
they will kill Hercules.”

Nestor:  “As you say-- great Ares.”

Ares:  “And, I can even tell you where to find him.  He’s gonna
go to my temple.”


Serena:  “Even if Ares is responsible for all that’s happened--
why would he do it?”

H:  “Just to get to me.”

Serena:  “Ah.”

H:  “It’s his military mind-- any means to an end.”

Serena:  “Knowing that we’d meet-- how we’d feel about each

H:  “He’s counting on it-- and counting on your loyalty.  He’s
using you to draw me here, and to draw Nestor here.”

Serena:  “Well, then, I guess that’s another debt of gratitude
that I owe him.”

H:  “Excuse me?”

Serena:  “I have finally found-- someone-- who touches me.”

H:  “So have I.  We are both-- of two worlds-- not completely
belonging to either one.  And I blame-- Ares-- for bringing us

I’s Voice:  “Hercules!”

H:  “Uh, _that_--”

I’s Voice:  “Herc!”

H:  “-- would be Iolaus.  Iolaus!  He’s been wanting to meet--
you.  Boy, she’s fast.  Hey.”

I:  “I-- got tired of waiting.”

H:  “Ah.”

I:  “Any luck?”

H:  “Um-- some, some.  Uh-- how do you feel?”

I:  “Like a million dinars.  What do you mean, ‘Some’?”

H:  “I mean, uh, I want to tell you something.”

I:  “Yeah?”

H:  “It’s about the Hind.”

I:  “Hey, maybe your friend, Serena, can help us catch it.”

H [Chuckles]:  “Well-- ”

I:  “Uh-- am I-- missing something, here?  We s-- do still wanna
catch the Hind, don’t we?”

H:  “It’s not-- quite that simple, anymore.”

I:  “You’re not forgetting what Nestor has in mind, are you?  For
the Hind-- and for you?”

H:  “Nestor’s not the problem.”

I:  “Oh, he isn’t?”

H:  “Ares is-- and I know where to find him.”

I:  “Ares-- ah-- great!  Hey, Herc-- wait!”


I:  “I don’t understand, Hercules.  Wh-what’s Ares got to do with
the Hind?  Come on, what’s going on?!”

H:  “OK.  Serena-- .  Can I tell you later?”

I:  “Yeah.”


Soldiers’ Voices:  “We’ve got him now!”  “Put him on the horse!”
“Don’t let him get away!”  “Never!”  “Yah!”  “You’re mine!”
“Come on, we’ve cut them off!”  “Come on!”  “Hurry!”  “Here!”
“Get him!”  “I’m coming!”  “I’m coming!”  “Ohh, my arm!”  “I

Nestor:  “Hold your arrows.  Hercules is mine.  Keep the pressure
on Hercules.”

Lieutenant:  “Prince Nestor.  It’s-- it’s the Hind!”

Nestor:  “The Hind is alive-- and _helping_ Hercules.”

Lieutenant:  “Ares has deceived you!”

H:  “Nah!  Go-- home.”

Soldier:  “Good plan-- yeah.”

Nestor:  “Save yourself-- if ya can.”

H:  “Nestor!”

Soldier’s Voice:  “Retreat!”


H:  “Nestor!”


Serena:  “So, you’ll be leaving soon.”

H:  “Uh, no, not for a while.  Iolaus needs time [chuckles]--
uh-- that’s not true.  Iolaus is fine.  I don’t wanna leave you.”

Serena:  “You take my breath away.”

H:  “I barely know you.  But, I know you so well.”

Serena:  “Me, too.  But with everything that separates us-- can
we be together?”

H:  “We feel the same about each other.  That’s what’s
important-- not the ways we’re different.”

Strife:  “He’s won.  My big chance-- gone.  I could have been a

Ares:  “Stop thinking short-term.  This is workin’ out j-u-s-t
right.”  [Laughs]


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