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Edition Take a Journey Through Tartarus!


“A Rock And a Hard Place”  58/321


Villagers:  “He can’t be far!”  “Come on, this way!”  “Split up!
We’ll cover more ground!”  “Over here!”  “Ahhhh!  This way!”  “I
think I saw him!”  “He must be caught!”  “Kill the murderer!”
“That way!”  “He killed the baker and his whole family!”

H:  “Any sign of him?”

I:  “I thought he came through here.”

H:  “Iolaus, go around!  We’ll cut him off!”

Villager:  “How many did he kill?”

Girl:  [Screams]

H:  “Wait!”

Woman’s Voice:  “Don’t hurt her.”

Cassus [C]:  “I don’t wanna have to hurt the little girl!  Back
off!  You back off, now!”

Man’s Voice:  “She’s only a child.”

H:  “Let her go.  Don’t make things worse for yourself.”

C:  “If I let her go, I’m dead.”

H:  “I won’t let that happen;  I’ll see that you get a fair

C:  “From this bunch?”

H:  “You can’t hide behind her forever.”

C:  “I don’t need forever!”

Old Man:  “Don’t!”

C:  “Huh?”

Man’s Voice:  “Hercules!”

H:  “Iolaus.”

Villagers:  “He’s getting away!”  “After him!”

H:  “You’re OK.  You’ll be OK.”

I:  “Come on.  Come on.  It’s OK.  OK.  All over.”


C:  [Screams]  


H:  “This isn’t gonna go your way.”

C:  “You’re making a big mistake!  You shouldn’t have followed

H::  “You made the mistake.  You shouldn’t have run.  Now, drop
the knife.”

C:  “I don’t wanna kill you-- but I _will_ if I have to.  I
just-- I have to get out of this town.”

H:  “I can’t let you do that.”


H:  “Don’t move.”

C:  “Like I’ve got a choice?  Are you gonna lift this thing off
me, or just stand there?  What are you waiting for?  Answer me!” 

H:  “Your body’s been crushed.  If I lift up this rock, you’ll



C:  “You’re lying.”

H:  “This rock is all that’s holding you together.  If I move it,
you’ll bleed to death.”

C:  “Oh, shovel it somewhere else, hero.  I don’t scare so
easily.  Quit stalling; get me out of here.”

H:  “Believe whatever you like; I’m telling you the truth.”

C:  “If I were as messed up as you say, how come I don’t feel any

H:  “You will.  Your body’s still numb.”

C:  “Oh, are you enjoying yourself?  Watching me squirm?”

H:  “I don’t enjoy anyone suffering.”

C:  [Laughs]  “I’m overwhemed.  It’s getting a little crowded in
here, though, you know?  With the size of your heart and all.
Well, what are you waiting for, break it down!

H:  “It looks like we’re both stuck here.  If I touch anything,
the rest of the cavern will collapse.”

C:  “Well, you’d survive-- you’re Hercules.  Me, I’m just a
talking corpse, so you’ve got nothing to lose.”

H:  “Except the pleaseure of your company.”

C:  “Yeah, I can tell you and I-- we’re gonna be the best of


I:  “They’re in here!”

Old Man:  “This mine’s been abandoned for years.  We can’t go in

I:  “Go back to the village.  Get me a torch and some tools.  Go!
Give me a hand clearing these rocks!”


C:  “Stuck in a place hotter than Tartarus-- and you wanna light
a fire?”

H:  “Would you prefer the dark?”

C:  “Yeah-- makes it easier to-- pretend that I’m not stuck here
with you.”

H:  “Look-- we can spend all day trading insults, or you can drop
the act.”

C:  “Act-- I’m not the one strutting around like I’m a real man,
just ‘cause  my father gave me muscles bigger than everybody

H:  “And slaughtering a family while they sleep-- I guess that
makes you a real man.”

C:  “Right now, you’re the judge, jury, and executioner.  Slow
down, hero.  Other people gotta make a living, too.”

H:  “Keep talking, Cassus.  Just remember, you got yourself into

C:  “You think you know what’s what, don’t you, Hercules?  Well,
you don’t.  If you did, you’d know that I’m innocent.”


Various Villagers:  “Are you saying he killed an entire family?”
“And there were bloody footprints all over the house.  I said
there were bloody footprints leading from the house.”  “Come on,
this way!”  “Where is it?”  “It’s over there.”  “I hear he cut
their throats, and then stabbed them.  I guess he wanted to do a
thorough job.”  “It’s perfect, isn’t it?”  “I’m looking forward
to this.” 


C:  “It was early; the sun wasn’t up yet.  I was walking into
town, looking for work.  I heard a scream; I thought it was an
animal dying.  Then I realized that it came from inside a house,
so-- I ran to help. It was a nightmare.  They were all dead.
Blood-- everywhere.  I heard a noise behind me.  I turned around.
I tried to get him, but he was gone.  Someone must’ve seen me
coming out of the house, ‘cause-- the next thing I-- I knew, I
was running for my life.  Ah-- I, I guess I picked the wrong

H:  “Why don’t you go to the Magistrate?”

C:  “I’ve got a history.  How many people are gonna believe a guy
who spent time in prison?”

H:  “What for?”

C:  “I took a few things here or there-- to make ends meet.  OK,
I’m no monk, but that doesn’t make me a killer.”

H:  “If that’s true, you could’ve stood up for yourself in

C:  “Where have you been all morning?  Those animals out there
tried to put a hole in me!  They don’t want the truth; they want
my blood.”

H:  “What did he look like?”

C:  “Who?”

H:  “The man you saw running from the house.”

C:  “I don’t know.  It was too dark.  I didn’t get a good look.”

H:  “Tall, short?”

C:  “I’m saying that he ran by too fast.”

I’s Voice:  “Hercules?”

H:  “Iolaus!”


H:  “Over here!”

I:  “You all right?”

H:  “Yeah-- I’m fine.”

I:  “Did you get him?”

H:  “You could say that.”

I:  “You know?  It doesn’t look too good out here.”

H:  “It’s-- not much better on this side, either.”

I:  “Great.  What are we gonna do now?”


Villagers:  “There’s nothing like watching a criminal get what’s
coming to him.”  “Hey!  Hey!  What’s going on here?”  “There’s a
mass-murderer in there.”  “The children are having so much to
learn.”  “Yeah.”  “And it’s such a beautiful day.”  “Perfect.”
“Front-row seats.”


Woman:  “Yes.  Keep it right there.”

Light Bearded Man:  “This could be fun.  Hi”

Woman:  “Hi.”


Paris:  “If criminals were properly punished, we wouldn’t have
this problem.”

Man’s Voice:  “Yeah, you said it.”

Paris:  “The truth is, I hope that murderer is still alive, so we
can hang him ourselves-- a proper execution.”

Old Man:  “Paris has never been the same since his wife died.”


H:  “Careful.”

I:  “I _am_  being careful.  Hey-- you really think this’ll be
strong enough to brace the roof?”

H:  “I hope so.”

I:  “Yeah.”

C:  “Oh, nice going, hero!”



C:  “Well, what’re you gonna do now, hero?!  Huh?!”

I:  “You OK?”

H:  “So far.”

I:  “I’m sorry, Hercules.”

H:  “Well-- no harm done.”

C:  “A pleasure-- you’ve been a real service to the community.
Now, get out of here!”

H:  “I’ll be back.”

C:  “Yeah, sure.  You tell those people out there they can all go
straight to Tartarus.  And while you’re at it, you go too!”


Paris:  “Look-- Hercules.  Thank the gods you’re safe.  We owe
you a debt of gratitude.”

H:  “Don’t thank me yet.”

Paris:  “Is he dead?”

H:  “No, but he’s-- badly hurt and we can’t move him.”

Paris:  “Well, you don’t need to tell us you’re gonna protect
him, do you?”

H:  “By sunset, Cassus will be dead.  Nothing is gonna change
that.  He can’t hurt anybody now.”

Paris:  “Hey!  You’re going to-- hold that butcher’s hand while
he dies?  Where were you when my wife was killed, Hercules?  I
never even had a chance to say goodbye, before a bandit slit her
throat.  She died alone because of people like that monster in

H:  “I am truly sorry about your wife.  I know how you feel.”

Paris:  “What about him?  Is he sorry for what he’s done?”

H:  “He says he didn’t kill those people.”

Paris:  “And you believe him?”

H:  “There is a chance that he’s innocent.  Until we know the
truth, we don’t have the right to condemn him.”

Lynah:  “He won’t get away with this.  I won’t let him.”


I:  “I don’t get it.  Why are you defending this guy?  I mean,
he’s a murderer.”

H:  “Well, when Serena was murdered, didn’t you find me with the
knife in my hand?” 

I:  “Yeah, but that was different.”

H:  “Why?”

I:  “Well, ‘cause, you know, you’re-- you’re Hercules.”

H:  “It didn’t seem to matter much to anyone else.”

I:  “Yeah, but you proved them wrong.”

H:  “A chance Cassus isn’t gonna get-- guilty or not, he’s gonna
die without a trial.”

I:  “Hercules, I have to know-- do you really think he’s

H:  “No.  But before this place collapsed, Cassus said something.
He didn’t want to kill me, but he would if he had to.  A man
without a conscience wouldn’t have said that.”

I:  “So-- what?  You think you’re gonna get him to confess?”

H:  “It’s the only way we’ll find the truth.”

I:  I’ll get some more water.  You’re gonna be in here for a

H:  “Yeah.”


C:  “You forget something?”

H:  “I thought you might be thirsty.  You’re welcome.”

C:  “I don’t need you here.  I  don’t want you here.”

H:  “Well, gee, that’s too bad-- and I was really looking forward
to seeing you again, too.”

C:  “You just come back to-- hear me beg for mercy?”

H:  “I came back because a dying man deserves to have his last
words heard.  And it looks like I’m the only one who will listen
to yours.”

C:  “I don’t get your angle.  Being here hasn’t made you popular
with the people outside.”

H:  “Yeah.  Well, what’s popular isn’t always what’s right.”

C:  [Laughs]  “You are _some_ piece of work.  You’re just
_glowing_ with goodness.”

H:  “Cassus, do you have so little respect for yourself-- that
you can’t see when someone’s trying to help you?”


Villagers:  “We should do this more often.”  “Drink to it!”

Paris:   “Don’t do this.  You’re in over your head.”

I:  “Thanks for the advice.”

Man:  “Where do you think you’re going?”

I:  “Look-- we’re not doing this to hurt you people.”

Paris:  “Then stop this, please.  Before my wife died, we were
gonna start a family-- have children.  Now, all I know, all I
am-- dies with me.”

I:  “I realize you’re upset about your wife-- but Cassus had
nothing to do with her death.”

Paris:  “How do you know?  The man who murdered my wife was never
caught.  For all I know, he did kill her.  Doesn’t that mean
anything to you?”

I:  “What more can you possibly do to him that hasn’t already
been done?”

Paris:  “I can watch him die.”

I:  “Well, somehow, I don’t think that’s gonna make you feel

Villagers’ Voices:  “[?], where have you been?”  “Here you go, my
Dear-- more wine.”

Paris:  “You’re making a mistake you may not live to regret!”

I:  “We’ll take our chances.”


C:  “Hotter than a baker’s oven in here-- all gone”

H:  “Iolaus will be back soon.”

C:  “Best pals?”

H:  “I trust him with my life-- but I guess a thief wouldn’t
understand much about trust.”

C:  “I told you, it’s not a career.  I just do it to get by.”

H:  “You never wanted anything else, huh?”

C:  “What do you mean, like a house, a kid, a little lady on the

H:  “Nothing wrong with it.”

C:  “Why are you here?”

H:  “I tried to have those things.  The truth is-- there’s
nothing I want more.  But uh-- I guess it wasn’t meant to be.”

C:  “Bad luck?”

H:  “You could call it that, yeah.”

C:  “Well, you’re not mising much.  I had an old lady once.
Nice, pretty-- I would’ve let her stick around, too, but-- she
took off, left her kid behind.”

H:  “Her kid.”

C:  “Yeah, she said it was mine--  Nikko.  Tell you the truth, he
didn’t look much like me.”

H:  “What happened to him?”

C:  “I tried to provide for him, and gave him everything that I
never had.  The little punk just took off.  I haven’t seen him in
years.  I should’a known he’d turn out rotten as his Mama.”

H:  “Oh, so it’s-- her fault that your son left.”

C:  “Damn right.  A man can’t be expected to take care of a-- kid
by himself, can he?”

H:  “In your case, Cassus, that may be true.”


H:  “Thanks.”

C’s Voice:  “More water!  Bring it here!”

I:  “How much more of that’re you gonna take?”

H:  “The guy is so full of excuses.  He’s never taken
responsibility for anything in his life.”

I:  “Yeah?  I doubt he’s gonna start now.”

H:  “Unless-- He said he had a son, Nikko-- ran away.  Probably
living on the streets.  Think you can find him?”

I:  “Street kid?  Yeah.  I got a pretty good idea where to look.

H:  “The boy didn’t just leave for no reason.  If  Cassus won’t
face his responsibilities-- ”

I:  “We gotta bring his responsibilities to him.”

C’s Voice:  “Hercules!”

H:  “Yeah.  Go-- he doesn’t have much time left.”

Lynah:  “Murderer!”

C:  [Screams]  “Help me!  Help me!  Do something!”



C:  “Help me!  Do something!”

Lynah’s friend:  “Help!  Please!  


Lynah:  [Calls his name!]

Lynah’s friend:  “I’m slipping!”

H:  “I’ve got him.  Here.”

Lynah’s friend:  “My leg!”

H:  “Sit still.  You probably twisted it.”

Lynah’s friend:  “We didn’t mean to hurt you with a-- with a
fire-bomb, Hercules.  Lynah and I just-- just wanted to-- Lynah?
Where is she?


Lynah:  “You bastard!

C:  “Keep that crazy woman away from me!”

Lynah:  “He killed my family.”

H:  “Killing him won’t bring them back.”

Lynah:  “He deserves to die.”

H:  “That’s exactly what he’s doing.  Please.”


H:  “You shouldn’t be in here.  This cavern’s not safe.”

Lynah:  “I’ve got nothing left to lose.  He’s taken everything
from me.”


C’s Voice:  “Do I have to listen to this little drama?!  I’m sick


Lynah:  “I’ll kill you!  They never hurt anybody.”

H:  “Lynah-- listen to me.  This is not the answer.”

Lynah:  “What do you know?!”

H:  “I know how easy it is to hate at a time like this.  I also
know that-- hate can make you do things you’ll regret.”

Lynah:  “How can I ever regret killing that monster?!”

H:  “Because this is not what your family would want you to do.
It’s gonna be hard-- but you will make it.”


I:  “Hey kid, uh-- I’m looking  for a guy called Nikko.  A kid,
uh-- maybe-- I don’t know-- fourteen.”

Boy:  “I don’t know any Nikko.”


I:  “You’ve never seen or heard of this kid before.  You don’t
know where he is.  You know nothing about him.”


H:  “What’s the matter with you?!  She hasn’t been through enough
today?!  Now, you have to _mock_ her as well?”

C:  “In case you didn’t notice, she tried to kill me.”

H:  “Put yourself in her place, Cassus!   Her family was
stabbed-- to death!  She’ll never see her brother grow up-- never
hold her mother again!  What if someone did that to your son?!”

C:  “I haven’t seen him in years.  How do you think it’d make me

H:  “The same way Lynah does-- or maybe you’re afraid!”

C:  “Afraid?”

H:  “Yes, afraid!  You know what I think?  If you saw herself
through her eyes, you’d see someone you wouldn’t like.”

C:  “What happened to that girl’s family was a real tragedy.  But
for the last time, I didn’t kill those people!”

H:  “I hope not, Cassus.  I really do.”


I:  “Does anyone where I can find a kid called ‘Nikko’”?

Nikko:  “Who wants to know?”

I:  “Well, you can ask Nikko when I find him.”

Nikko:  “Tell you what.  You can turn around and walk out that
door, or you can stay and bleed.”

I:  “What is this?  Threaten Iolaus day?  Come on, kid; I’m not
in the mood.”

Nikko:  “No?  You in the mood to die?”

I:  “You know what?  If you wanna stay in this game, you gotta
react a lot faster than that.”

Kids:  “Are you gonna take that from an old man?”  “Maybe he’s
scared.”  “Yeah,  what are you?  A chicken?”

I:   “You see what I mean?”

Nikko:  “What do you want?!”

I:  “Oh-- hard of hearing?  I’m looking for Nikko!”

Nikko:  “I’m Nikko!”

I:  “Then we have to talk.”

Nikko:  “We’ve got nothing to say to each other.”

I:  “It’s-- it’s about your father.”

Nikko:  “I don’t have a father.”


Vendors:  “Get your bury the butcher tunics here!  Five dinars
each!  Two for ten dinars!”  “[?] meat!  Get your [?] meat here!”

Dark bearded man:  “You got the mead.  That’s what I need.   This
oughtta hold us awhile till things get a little more--

Light bearded man:  “You said it.  I thought we’re gonna see some

Paris:  “This used to be a safe place to live.”

Man’s Voice:  “Yeah.”

Paris:  “Now we can’t even sleep without fearing for our lives.”

Man’s Voice:  “We want justice!”

Man:  “Paris is right.  I’m tired of being afraid.”

2nd Man:  “But what can we do?”

Paris:  “We can stick together-- so that scum like that will know
they can’t hide from justice.”

Woman’s Voice:  “The man’s a killer!”

Man’s Voice:  “Revenge!  Revenge!”

Dark bearded man:  “Know what I think?  We’re gonna get what we
came for.”

Man’s Voice:  “And why not?  We’re celebrating, aren’t we?”


Nikko:  “Well, that’s a tragic story, but, what do you want me to
do about it?”

I:  “Well, I-- I thought you might wanna see him before he dies.”

Nikko:  “Well, you thought wrong.  He’s been dead to me a long

I:  “That is quite a chip you have on your shoulder.  You wanna
carry that around with you for the rest of your life?  Hey!
Look-- I don’t blame you for running away.”

Nikko:  “Is that what he told you?  I’m not surprised.  I didn’t
run away.  He walked out on me.  So you can go back there and
tell him exactly what he told me when he took off.”

I:  “What?”

Nikko:  “Nothing.”


C:  “I should’ve expected this-- trapped here like an animal.
Mob outside that wants my blood on the wall.  Bad luck has a way
of-- following me around.”

H:  “So that’s why you’re here, huh?  Bad luck.”

C:  “What else?  I didn’t ask for this to happen to me-- just--
kind of fell on me.  [Laughs]”

H:  “Yeah-- you’re right.  People can’t control everything that
happens to them.  But they do have a say.”

C:  “Get off of your high horse!  You had everything handed to
you.  Son of  a god.  Strength of a thousand men.  You never had
to struggle for anything in your life.”

H:  “So you’re-- just a victim here, huh?”

C:  “I’m no victim.  You don’t hear me whining.”

H:  “No?  The town has misjudged you.  Your son didn’t repay your
kindness.  His mother is rotten.  You play the part, Cassus.  The
choices you made had an effect on your life.”

C:  “Get out.  Get out!”

H:  “It’s so much easier to blame others for our failures, isn’t

C:  “Get this off of me!  I-- can’t take this anymore!”

H:  “Stop!  Stop!”

C:  “Get!  Get this thing off of me!”

H:  “I _can’t_, and you know that!”

C:  “No!  I can’t!  I can’t go this way!  This is no way for a
man to die!” 

H:  “I want to help you, Cassus.”

C:  “Help me what?  I’m dying, get it?”

H:  “But you’re not dead yet.  You still have a chance to die
with some self-respect.”

C:  “How?  By confessing?  You know what I think, hero?  I think
you want me to be guilty, because, if I’m not, there’s still a
murderer running loose out there.  And you’re to blame for the
death of an innocent man.”



Lynah:  “I shouldn’t have gone to the lake last night, [Garian].
I should’ve stayed home.  Maybe it would’ve made a difference.”

Lynah’s friend:  “There’s nothing you could have done; and if
you’d have been home-- ”

Lynah:  “If I’d been home, I’d still be with them!”

Dark bearded man:  “How many dead people can you fit in a meat

Light bearded man:  “As many as you wanna, as long as you slice
‘em thin enough.”

Lynah’s friend:  “Hey!  How about a little consideration?”

Dark bearded man:  “You got a problem, buddy?”

Lynah:  “Garian, don’t-- they’re drunk.”

Lynah’s friend:  “It doesn’t give ‘em the right to shoot off
their mouths.”

Light bearded man:  “What’re you gonna do about it?”

Lynah:  “Please!  I don’t wanna lose you, too!”

I:  “Fellas.  It’s not the right time.”

Dark bearded man:  “Gee-- you’re right.  I’m sorry about all
this.  Come on.”

I:  “Some people are _so_ insensitive.”


Dark bearded man:  “That’s what you get for making friends with a
murderer.  Hold him tight!”

I:  “Your swing needs work.  Here-- I’ll show you.”

Paris:  “What’s going on here?”

I:  “You might wanna try asking them that-- once they’ve gotten
over their hangovers.”

Paris:  “You brought this on yourself.  Did you really think you
could light a fire without getting burned?”

I:  “You know, you should try asking yourself that question.
Come on, these people listen to you.  Why don’t you try and stop
this thing before it’s too late.”

Paris:  “Hercules is the only person who can stop this.”


I:  “It’s getting worse out there.”

C:  “Blood-sucking leeches.  I told you they weren’t interested
in the truth.”

I:  “You wouldn’t know the truth if it--  Ask him why he
abandoned his son.  I found Nikko.”

C:  “You had no right.”

H:  “I thought you said he ran away.”

C:  “We can’t all be perfect, Hercules.  What do I know about
raising a kid?  I did him a favor, walking out on him.”

H:  “You did yourself a favor.  You’re a coward, and your son’s
paying the price.”

C:  “He survived, didn’t he?”

I:  “Yeah, by stealing-- living on the streets.”

C:  “Worked for me; I got by just fine.”

H:  “What?  You call this getting by?  Unbelievable.  That’s it;
I want the truth.  You killed those people, didn’t you?”

C:  “No.”

H:  “I don’t believe you.”

C:  “I don’t care.”

H:  “Yes you do, Cassus.  I know you do.  You really wanna die
like a man?!  Then tell me the truth!”  

C:  “Nothing I say’ll make any difference to those maggots out

H:  “Maybe not!  But it’ll matter to you!  And maybe someday,
it’ll matter to your son.”

C:  “I don’t care what he thinks.  He didn’t even have the guts
to come and see me.”

Nikko:  “You haven’t changed a bit, have you Dad?”

C:  “How long have you been standing there?”

Nikko:  “Long enough.”

H:  “Iolaus.”

C:  “Why’d you come?”

Nikko:  “I wasn’t about to let you leave again without an

C:  “You’re a lot braver than I thought.”

Nikko:  “Wish I could say the same.  I heard you were in prison.”

C:  “Heard from who?”

Nikko:  “Word gets around.”

C:  “I’m famous.”

Nikko:  “For getting caught?  Is prison as tough as they say?”

C:  “Why, you looking to try it out?”

Nikko:  “That’ll never happen.”

C:  “Yeah, you’re too tough for that, huh?”

Nikko:  “You didn’t give me much choice.”

C:  “No, I didn’t, did I?”


Paris:  “Listen up.  We’ve waited long enough.  Time for
talking’s over.  Who’s with me?”

Woman’s Voice:  “Behind you all the way!”  “Indeed we will!”

H:  “Not so fast!” 

Paris:  “You won’t stand in our way, Hercules.”

H:  “Haven’t you seen enough death already?  No?  Then, do it.
Shoot me!  But ask yourself one thing.  What would your wife say
if she saw you now?”

Paris:  “She would.  She would-- ”

H:  “Look at yourselves.  Is this your idea of justice?  To
celebrate death?!  To profit from it?!  Lynah is the real victim
here! She’s lost-- her family!  But it looks like you were all
too busy to care.  The party’s over.  Go home.  I know you’ve
suffered.  But you are not alone.  You can honor your wife’s
memory by sharing your strength with someone who needs it.  This
is where your attention should have been today.  This is where it
should be now.”

Paris:  “Forgive me.”


C:  “Nikko?  Bring me some water.  There’s some things-- some
things I wish-- I had never done.”

Nikko:  “It’s too late for that, now.”

C:  “No, listen.  Let me finish.  If I had another chance, I’d--
I’d probably do it all the same.  But that’s just me.  But you
don’t have to make the same mistakes.

Nikko:  “You lost the right to give me advice a long time ago.”

C:  “You fool.  I’m not talking to you as your father.  I’m
talking to you as someone who’s been where you’re going.”

Nikko:  “Why should I believe anything you have to say?  You’ve
never told the truth in your life.”

C:  “Damn you, Hercules.  Damn you for bringing him here.”

H:  “We live forever, in the hearts of the people we leave
behind.  Your son may never forgive you.  But he doesn’t have to
remember you as a coward.”

C:  “That is what I am.  I’ve been a coward my whole life.  I-- I
only meant to rob the place.  It was so quiet.  I couldn’t hear
the man sneaking up behind me.  He was just protecting his house.
I panicked.  I just kept thinking about prison-- how I wasn’t
going back.  I killed him.  I killed his wife.  I killed their
little son.  I killed them all.”

H:  “I-- ”

C:  “Hercules was right.  I didn’t have the courage to raise you.
For that, I’m very sorry.  Hercules?  Grant a condemned man his
last wish.   Set me free.”

H:  “Cassus, I-- ”

C:  “Please, it’s time.  You go; you go.  You don’t need to see

Nikko:  “I’m staying.”

C:  “I-- I just hope my death-- gives that girl some peace.
That’s the truth.”

H:  “I believe you.”

C:  “You never gave up on me, hero.”

[Cassus dies]


Lynah:  “Is he--?”

H:  “He’s dead.”

Lynah:  “I’ve been seeing his face, over and over-- the way he
looked when I was about to kill him-- the satisfaction I would
have felt taking his life.  Now he’s dead; I’m glad I didn’t.
You were right, Hercules.  I want to believe, someday, that the
pain will go away.  But I don’t.”

H:  “I won’t lie to you.  It gets better, but it never goes

Lynah:  “It hurts so much.”

H:  “I know.”

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