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Edition Take a Journey Through Tartarus!


“Atlantis”  Episode 59/322


[Dream]  Cassandra [Cas]:  [Screams]

Cas:  “He’s coming.”


A Sailor’s Voice:  “Stand by to loose the mainsails!

Sailor:  “Captain!  We may have a problem, Captain.”

A Sailor’s Voice:  “No!  She’s amidship!”

Sailor:  “Storm ahead.”

A Sailor’s Voice:  “Let’s store them in the bulkhead!”

H:  “That doesn’t look too good, Demetrius.”

Demetrius [Dem]:  “I think you’re right, Hercules.  And if we get
caught in that, we’ll be blown off course.”

H:  “I think we’re off course already.”

Dem:  “Brace the mainsail, and keep a sharp lookout!”

H:  “I’ll give you a hand.”

Dem:  “What’s that sound?”

H:  “I have no idea.”

A Sailor’s Voice:  “Watch the boom!”

H:  “I don’t think we should stick around and find out.”

Dem:  “Stand by to come about!”

A Sailor’s Voice:  “Move it!  Move it!  Prepare to come about!
Come on!  Up you go!”

Sailor:  [Screams]

Sailors’ Voices:  “Look out!”  “Give me a hand!”

H:  “Demetrius!”

Sailors:  “Someone help-- !”  [Screams]  “She’s dead!  We’re
goin’ down!”

H:  “Get to the lifeboat!”

A Sailor’s Voice:  “Abandon ship!”

H:  “Ah-h-h!”


Cas [Softly]:  “There, there.  It’s OK.”

H:  “The sh-- ship.”

Cas:  “Shh.  You’re safe, now.”

H:  “Are there any survivors?”

Cas:  “None that I’ve seen.”

H:  “Where am I?”

Cas:  “On the island of Atlantis.”



Cas’s Voice:  “Well, it must have been some storm.”

H:  “It was.  It was, uh-- it was strange.  Lightning-- hit the
ship.  We went down.  All those men.”

Cas:  “Drink this.  It’ll help.”

H:  “Thanks-- for everything.”

Cas:  “I’m-- Cassandra.”

H:  “Hercules.”

Cas:  “Hercules-- nice to put a name to the face.  Are you

H:  “Yeah, I am-- if it’s not too much trouble.”

Cas:  “Oh-- it’s no trouble at all.  It’s nice to have the
company.  I’m all alone up here.  It can get pretty lonesome.”

H:  “Well, then it’s lucky for both of us that you found me.”

Cas:  “Luck?  It had nothing to do with it.  I’ve been expecting
you-- although-- you’re taller than I thought you’d be.”

H:  “I-- think you have me confused with someone else.”

Cas:  “No.  No.  I’ve seen you-- in dreams.  In one of them, you
saved my life.  They’re-- more like visions, really-- of things
to come.  I’ve had them as long as I can remember.  They _always_
come true.  And now-- here you are.  [Sighs]  You’re going to
save us.”

H:  “Save you.”

Cas:  “Hmm.”

H:  “From what?”

Cas:  “Um-- Atlantis is going to be destroyed.”


Cas:  “I’ve had this garden since-- I was little.  It was my
father’s.  He always used to say, um-- ‘This-- is where life
begins.’  They look sick, don’t they.”

H:  “Yeah.”

Cas:  “Well, I’d hoped to pick us lunch, but no matter how hard I
try, I can’t seem to keep this garden alive these days.”

H:  “You, uh-- said that the entire island of Atlantis is-- gonna
be destroyed.”

Cas:  “I know how this must sound to you, Hercules, but I am not
imagining it.”

H:  “OK, then-- why don’t you tell me about it.  What happens in
your dreams?”

Cas:  “What I see is-- chaos-- and ruin.  I’m falling-- seems
like forever-- until last night.  You caught me.  It was then
that I knew you were coming.  You don’t believe me, do you?
[Laughs]  Of course not!  How could you?!  I mean-- silly woman,
living alone in the woods, carrying on about the end of the
world-- well-- her world, anyway.  But it’s real.  Hercules, it
is _real_.  I _know_ it.  You know?  I had _doubts_ at first.  I
hoped it was just a nightmare, but it’s-- _not_ a nightmare,
because you’re here.”

H:  “Have you told anybody?”

Cas:  “No.  I’ve-- I’ve been afraid.  I-- don’t exactly fit in.
Um-- the people here-- they’re all alike.  They dress alike.
They-- think alike.”

H:  “But you don’t, and-- they have a problem with that.”

Cas:  “Yeah.  I don’t wanna live in the city-- to be told-- when
to come-- when to go-- what to do.”

H:  “Huh.”

Cas:  “What to think.  I don’t have to have everything my
neighbor has to be happy.  You know?  I’m just like my father.
People were afraid of him, too, because he was different.  But--
you know, it didn’t matter to him.  We had a wonderful life out
here.  It didn’t matter to me either-- until now.  I wish I could
convince you.”

H:  “I believe that you believe, Cassandra.  That’s good enough
for me.”

Cas:  “You’ll help me?”

H:  “Yes-- but you’ve got to tell people what you know.”

Cas:  “You’re right.  I will.  But there’s something you must do,


H:  “I, uh-- I feel ridiculous.”

Cas:  “Outsiders aren’t allowed on the island.  The people here
think that the-- rest of the world is-- well, let’s just say,
less than civilized.”

H:  “And that’s why I have to wear this thing.”

Cas:  “Uh-huh.”

H:  “Yeah.  I don’t think so.”

Cas:  “What are you doing?”

H:  “Uh-- I-I-I’m-- gonna go back-- and put my own clothes on.  I
think I can behave myself.”

Cas:  “No.  Y-you don’t understand.  Y-you’re an outsider, and
any citizen caught with an outsider is punished.”

H:  “Punished?”

Cas:  “Mm-hmm.”

H:  “How?”

Cas:  “I don’t know.  Nobody’s ever broken the rule before.”

H:  “You know?  What is it-- ?”

Cas:  “Hey, watch it!”

H:  “What was that?”

Cas:  “Uh-- one of King Panthius’ latest advancements.  The
guards use ‘em to patrol the island.”

H:  “I’d like to meet this king of yours.”

Cas:  “He’ll be at the council meeting this afternoon.  Well--
this is it.”

H:  “Looks like I’m not in-- Corinth, anymore.”


Man’s Voice:  “What is _she_ doing here?”

H:  “It’s, uh-- like a circus here.”

Cas [Giggles]:  “That’s putting it mildly.”

H:  “I-- thought you said we’d fit right in.”

Cas:  “No, I said _you’d_ fit right in.”

Salesman’s Voice [In Background]:  “Step right up!”

Cas [Interrupts]:  “I told you I wasn’t very popular.”

H:  “Well, it’s just that-- ”

Man:  “Citizen!”

H:  “Um-- ”

Man:  “This is your _lucky_ day-- or should I say, your little
woman’s lucky day.  Thanks to the _miracle_ of modern
crystology-- and my special price to you-- and a steal of a deal
it is-- _you_ can have your very own-- crystalwave oven!  Just
pop in your food-- press a button-- and zap!  Instant feast.  A

Cas:  “I’m sorry.”

H:  “What happened?”

Cas:  “Oh, I got caught up in a-- circus.”

Man:  “She with you?”

A Man’s Voice [In Background]:  “It dices, it slices--” 

H [Interrupts]:  “Uh, yeah-- is there a problem?”

Man:  “What are you tryin’ to do?  Ruin my business?  Citizen!
This is your lucky day!  Or should I say, your little woman’s
_lucky_ day.”

H:  “Is everyone here this-- friendly?”

Cas:  “Well, the people think _I’m_ weird because I don’t have
all their-- gizmos.”

H:  “Well, who can trust food cooked in a _crystalwave_ oven?!”

Cas [Interrupts]:  “Um-- just about everything on the island is
powered by crystals-- the gliders-- the, um-- street lights.
King Panthius calls it progress.”

H:  “Street lights.”

Cas:  “Mm-hmm?”

H:  “And I thought the gods were misguided.”

Man’s Voice [In Background]:  “-- it doesn’t even _look_

Cas [Interrupts]:  “Uh-uh-- wh-wh-- you believe in the gods?”

H:  “Uh, I don’t have much choice.  My-- father is one of them.”

Cas:  “No.  I knew it!  I _knew_ the myths were true.”

H:  “Myths?”

Cas:  “Oh-- the people of Atlantis haven’t believed in gods for

Woman’s Voice:  “State of the art!”

Cas:  “Come on.  Let’s go.”

A Man’s Voice:  “It’s _better_ than a sundial.”

H:  “Myths.”

A Man’s Voice:  “You can read it at night!”


Builder:  “It will reach into the sky-- housing _hundreds_ in a
single building-- so that our children’s children can _enjoy_ the
benefits of Atlantis-- till the next millenium.  It will be
your-- legacy-- King Panthius.”

Panthius [Pan]:  “Your proposal-- is approved, citizen.  Good
work.  Submit your designs to the council.”

Builder:  “Thank you, Sire.”

Pan:  “Keep up the good work, citizen.  Who’s next?”

Cas:  “I can’t do this.”

H:  “Yes, you can.  I’ll be right here.”

Pan:  “Next citizern!  Step forward!”

Man’s Voice:  “Oh, no-- not Cassandra!”

Woman’s Voice:  “Don’t let her speak!”

Pan:  “Every citizen-- has the right to speak-- even if they
choose to reject our way of life.”

Cas:  “Thank you-- King Panthius.  Citizens-- I-- know what you
all think of me-- but-- Atlantis is my home, too-- which makes
what I’m about to say all the more difficult.  We’re in danger.
Our island is going to be destroyed.”

Pan:  “I warn you-- do not mock this council.  If you don’t have
a legitimate subject for discussion-- step down!”

Cas:  “I mean no disrespect-- but you have to believe me.”

Pan:  “What makes you think we’re-- in danger?”

Cas:  “I’ve seen it-- in a vision.”

Man’s Voice:  “She’s crazy!”

Pan:  “In-- a vision?!  Still trapped in the dark ages, are we?
And where do your visions come from?  The gods, perhaps?  You’ve
wasted enough of our time!  Step down!”

Woman’s Voice:  “Liar!  Don’t insult us!”

H:  “Now, wait a minute!  She isn’t finished!”

Pan:  “Yes!  She’s _quite_ finished-- citizen.”

H:  “I know it’s hard to believe in something you can’t explain--
but what if she’s right?  Are you willing to gamble with the
lives of your families-- your children?  At least hear her out.”

Pan:  “We will not let you spread fear in our kingdom!”

H:  “Just hear what she has-- ”

Pan [Interrupts]:  “Enough!  I have no idear [sic] what motivates
your superstitious lies-- but reason-- and logic expose them for
what they are.  Now-- leave this city-- until you can-- conduct
yourselves in a more-- _civilized_ manner.”

Man’s Voice:  “Go on.  Go on.”

Cas:  “I’m going.”

Men’s Voices:  “And don’t come back!”  “You crazy witch!”

Woman’s Voice:  “You’re scaring our children!”


Cas:  “The looks on their faces.  Before, they thought I was just
an animal.  Now, they think I’m crazy, too.”

H:  “Hmm-- I’m starting to think that you’re the only sane one

Cas:  “Hmm.  My family’s lived in this forest for generations.
All my ancestors are buried here.  My mother always used to say
that their souls-- would always be with me-- you know?  Alive?
In the wind?  In the song of the birds?  Listen [Sighs]-- can’t
believe it’s all going to disappear.”

H [Sighs]:  “Don’t give up, Cassandra.  You were brave today.”

Cas:  “Thanks to you.”

H:  “Maybe they’ll come around.”


Cas:  “No!  No!  No!  Hercules!  No!  No!  Herc!”

H:  “Cassandra.  It’s OK.  You were having a nightmare.”

Cas:  “No!  I saw fire!”

Men’s Voices:  “Burn, you crazy freak!”  “That’s what you get for
spreading lies!”

H:  “Good timing.  I’m sorry I doubted you.  Come on.”

Woman’s Voice:  “Burn!”

Man’s Voice:  “This is our island!  We don’t want you here!”



Cas:  “We’re trapped.”

H:  “Do you trust me?”

Cas:  “Uh-- I trust you.”

H:  “Hang on.”

Cas:  “Wait.  What are you-- ?  [Screams]  Hercules!”  

Woman’ Voice:  “The fire didn’t burn him!”

Man’s Voice:  “Did you see that?!”

H:  “Are you all right?”

Cas:  “I think so.”

Men’s Voices:  “Everybody, get back!”  “This can’t be!”

H:  “You call yourselves civilized!  She’s trying to help you!”

Cas:  “My father built this house.  I was born here.  It’s all
just-- a cruel joke.  It’s a curse!  I mean-- the people just
won’t believe me.  I never wanted this responsibility!  Never!”

H:  “You had the courage-- to come this far.  Don’t give up now.”

Cas:  Why is this happening to me?”

H:  “I don’t know.  I-- I-- I do know-- growing up, I thought my
strength was a curse.  It took me a long time to understand
that-- it’s a gift.  It’s-- like your visions.”

Cas:  “But what’s the point if I can’t use them to change

H:  “Maybe you can.  It doesn’t matter why you have the gift.
The important thing is how you use it.  Some good-- will come of
all this.”

Cas:  “I hope you’re right.”

H:  “Come on.”

Pan:  “Say that again!”

2nd Man:  “It’s true, Sire.  Well, he just walked through a wall
of fire.”

1st Man:  “No ordin’ry man could have done it-- yet we saw it
with our own eyes.”

Pan:  “And your minds?  What do they say?  Think!  Since what you
describe is impossible, it stands to reason-- it was a trick.
How many others saw it?”

2nd Man:  “ A dozen?”

1st Man:  “Maybe more.”

Pan:  “I promise, we _will_ get to the bottom of this.  Thank
you, citizens.”

1st Man:  “Sire.”

Guard:  “Word spreads quickly.  The people will demand an

Pan:  “And that’s _exactly_ what we’re going to give them.  But
first-- find the girl-- and her friend.  Bring them here.”

Guard:  “He sounds like a very strong man.  What if he resists?”

Pan:  “I’m sure you’ll think of something.  You always do.”


Cas:  “What’s it like-- out there-- Hercules?  Beyond--

H:  “It’s beautiful.  Every place is different-- its own-- unique
people-- customs.”

Cas:  “I’d like to see that.”

H:  “Well-- I’m sure you’ll get the chance.  Cassandra-- what’s

Cas:  “Um-- the ground-- this is how it starts in my vision.
They’re gone.”

H:  “What?”

Cas:  “The birds.  You see, they know.  It’s instinct.  So--
whatever’s gonna happen, it’s gonna happen soon.”

A Guard:  “There!  There they are!”

H:  “Uh-- let me guess.  You’re-- lost, and you need directions.”

A Guard:  “Ah-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h!”

H:  “Guess not.  No-o-o-o-o-o!  Uh!”

Cas:  “Hercules, no!”


Pan:  “Well-- look who’s back from the dead.”

Cas:  “Are you all right?”

H:  “Oh, yeah, I feel great.”

Pan:  “It’s _unusual_ for someone to survive the touch of our
sceptres.  Are you one of Cassandra’s gods?”

H:  “Uh-- the son of a god, if it matters.”

Pan:  “It doesn’t.  People who need you may believe in you.  This
is Atlantis.  We don’t.”

H [Sighs]:  “Well-- in that case, I guess we’ll be going.  It’s
been a pleasure.”

Pan:  “And you-- harboring an outsider-- a god-- no less.  We’ll
have to make the punishment fit the crime.”

H [Sighs]:  “Leave her out of this, Panthius.  She’s done nothing
but try to help you.”

Pan:  “Wrong!  She has greatly upset the order of our society by
bringing you here!  In Atlantis-- order-- and progress-- are
supreme.  You might say they’re _our_ religion.”

H:  “Well, maybe it’s time to think about converting.”

Pan:  “I’d be doing the people a disservice if I let _you_
shatter their faith.”

Cas:  “If you really cared about your people, you would tell them
to leave the island, now.”

Pan [Chuckles]:  “Even _I_ couldn’t get them to leave.  And why
should they?  There’s nothing we can’t overcome.  Science-- is a
proven-- safeguard.  And as you’re about to witness-- we’re quite
prepared for any outside threat!”

H:  “That’s probably a really big crystalwave oven.  That was no
lightning bolt.  You destroyed my ship!”

Pan:  “Yours wasn’t the first.  And I promise it won’t be the

H:  “Good men died because of you!”

Pan:  “That-- is incidental!  I’m only concerned with preserving
_our_ way of life.”

H:  “I’ve got news for you, pal.  You’re in for a big-- letdown.”

Pan:  “There’s no place-- for you, here.  Too bad.  Dispose of
this-- god.”

Guard:  “Come on!”

H:  “I’ll come back for you.  I promise.  I’ll come back for you,
too, Panthius.”

Guard:  “Move it!

Pan:  “Only-- in your dreams, my dear.”


Guard:  “Enjoy your stay!  Don’t even think about it!”

H:  “Well-- this could be a problem.”



H [Sighs]:  “So much for technology.”


Men’s Voices:  “I heard he walked through fire!”  “He’s walking
through it!”

Pan:  “A stranger-- has entered our great kingdom!  He wears the
mask of deceit!  Now, rumor spreads like wildfire.  Look behind
you, citizens.”

Men’s Voices:  “Huh?”  “It’s just a mirror.”

Pan:  “A simple trick-- done with mirrors.  Gods do _not_ exist!
Tricksters do!”

Woman’s Voice:  “Yeah!”

Pan:  “The only threat to Atlantis-- is fear!  We must unite
against it!”

People’s Voices:  “Yes!”

Pan:  “Anyone who chooses-- may leave the city, but!  Know this--
out there-- beyond the cliffs-- that is wilderness.  You will
live as a savage among savages!  Who among you is prepared to
take that chance?!  The future-- is ours!  Are-- you-- with me!”

People:  [Cheer]


Guard’s Voice:  “You, there!  Quicker!”

Slaves’ Voices:  “I’m going as fast as I can.”  “Ooh!”  “There it
is again!”  “Oh!”

Guard’s Voice:  “All right!  Back to work!”

Slave’s Voice:  “Are you all right?”

Guard:  “Keep it moving, you lazy dog!  You’re too slow!”

Slave:  “I’ve got it.”


Pan:  “You-- are a pariah-- living in the forest like an animal--
hated-- despised-- alone.  We all need to be-- connected to
_something_, Cassandra.  I think maybe-- we can help-- each

Cas:  “I doubt it.”

Pan:  “Your power could be very useful to us.  I’m prepared to
offer you a seat on the council-- a position-- of respect--
advisor-- to the king.  As your first official duty-- tell me--
what-- is going to destroy Atlantis?”

Cas:  “There are limits to my vision.  I don’t know how the
island is going to be destroyed, but I do know that there is
nothing that you can do to stop it.”

Pan:  “I think you’ll be-- shocked-- by what _I_ can do.”

Cas:  “Uh-oh.”


Guard’s Voice:  “Get a move on!  You’ve outlived your usefulness,
old man.  Time-- to retire.”

H:  “Careful-- somebody might get hurt.  [Sighs]  They just--
never listen.”

Guard’s Voice:  “An intruder!  Get him!”


H:  “Huh.  Lucky shot.”

Old Man:  “Who are you?”

H:  “I’m-- ”

Dem:  “Hercules.”

Sailor’s Voice:  “It’s Hercules!  We’re saved!”

H:  “Demetrius-- I thought you were dead.”

Dem:  “Until now-- I wished I had been.  The king’s men found me
on shore and brought me here.  All of us-- sailors blown off
course-- and our ships destroyed.”

H:  “Yeah.  Panthius is using you to mine his precious crystal.”

Old Man:  “Break our backs so that people can have their toys.”

Dem:  “Thank the gods you came, Hercules.  We thought we’d never
get out alive.”

H:  “Well, if we don’t leave soon, we won’t.  This island’s about
to be destroyed.”

Dem:  “Destroyed?  How?”

Old Man:  “By greed.”

H:  “Exactly.  Those fissures?  I’ve seen them all over the

Old Man:  “The diggings-- are weakening the foundation.”

Dem:  “I’m not surprised.  These tunnels are everywhere.”

Old Man:  “We’ve already had flooding.”

H:  “Flooding?  Atlantis must be sinking.  Come on, men!  Let’s
get moving.”

Dem:  “Come on.”

Slave’s Voice:  “Let’s go.”


Pan:  “I’ll ask you again.  What threatens-- our kingdom?  Or--
should I say, ‘Who?’  The gods-- perhaps.”

Cas:  “I’ve told you everything I know!  I swear it!  Now,
please-- don’t do this!”

Pan:  “I’m afraid you leave me no choice.  That was just a taste,
Cassandra.  Make it easy.  Save yourself the pain.”

Cas:  “Even-- if I had an answer-- I wouldn’t tell you!  You’re a

Pan:  “Poor thing.”


Dem:  “The ocean!  I never thought I’d see it again!”

Sailors’ Voices:  “Fresh air!”  “The ocean!”  “What a sight!”

H:  “Think you got the strength to take one of those ships?”

Dem:  “Are you kidding?  I could take on an army.”

H:  “All right, then.  Good luck.”

Dem:  “You’re not coming?”

H:  “Uh-- I’ll catch up with ya, later.”

Dem:  “We’ll wait for you.”

H:  “No, no.  There’s-- not enough time.  If this place goes-- I
want you to leave without me.  Promise me.”

Dem:  “Be safe.”

H:  “You, too.”

Dem:  “OK, let’s go.”

Sailors’ Voices:  “Good, let’s go.”  “Let’s go!”  “Yeah!”  “To
the ship!”  “Yeah!”  “Quickly!”


H:  “That-- doesn’t look too good.”



H:  “Look like the sky’s not so friendly, after all.  Uh-oh.  I
take it this isn’t a good place to hide.  I hate being right.”

Pilots:  “Hey!  Watch out!”  “Yah-h-h!”  “Ah-h!”


H [Sighs]:  “Well, if man was meant to fly-- aw, forget it.”


Sailor:  “Shhh.”


Guard:  “She doesn’t know anything.  She would have talked by
now.  Shall I prepare the fleet for evacuation?”

Pan:  “Don’t be ridiculous!”

Guard:  “But her vision-- ”

Pan:  “Forget that!  Our technology can withstand any force her
visions could suggest!  Hallucinations, is more like.”

Guard:  “Then what do we do with her, now?”

Pan:  “She’s a criminal.  Treat her-- accordingly!”

A Guard:  “Sire!  The slaves have escaped!”

Pan:  “What?!”

A Guard:  “The stranger set them free!”

Pan:  “They won’t be getting very far!”

H:  “Sorry to crash the party-- but Cassandra’s coming with me.”


H:  “Uh-oh.  It’s a bummer, isn’t it?”

Cas:  “Hercules!”

Pan:  “Another step-- and _she_ dies!”

H:  “When does it stop, Panthius?!  What can you gain from this
that you don’t already have?!”

Pan:  “The future, Hercules-- the future.”


Woman’s Voice:  “Look up there!”

Man’s Voice:  “What’s going on?!”


H:  “Party’s over.”

Pan:  “Ah-h-h-h-h-h-h-h!”

H:  “You all right?”

Cas:  “Ask me later.”

H:  “I think it’s a good idea.”


Man’s Voice:  “It’s coming down!”

Woman’s Voice:  “Run!”

Man’s Voice:  “Hurry!”


H:  “Come on.”


Woman’s Voice:  “Quickly!  Quickly!”


Pan:  “Hercules!  Ah-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h!”

H:  “This place blows.  Let’s get outta here.”


Cas:  “Don’t let me fall!”

H:  “Don’t worry.  I’ve gotcha.”

Cas:  “Ah-h.  Thank you.”

H:  “Well-- let’s not celebrate yet.”

Cas:  “Now, what?!”

H:  “I’ve got an idea.”


Sailor’s Voice:  “Give me a little slack in the line!”

Old Man:  “We must go.”

Dem:  “Not without Hercules!”

Old Man:  “If we stay, we’re _all_ gonna die.”

A Sailor’s Voice:  “He’s right!  Demetrius, you have to make a

Dem:  “All right.  Pull the anchor.”

Sailors’ Voices:  “Easing the shackle!  “Standing by the braces!”


Women’s Voices:  “Hurry!”  “No, no!  Oh-h-h!  Oh-h-h-- no!”


H:  “Here we are.”

Cas:  “This is your idea?”

H:  “You got a better one?”

Cas:  “Whoa!  Do you know what you’re doing?”

H:  “I have no idea.  All right-- check back there.”

Cas:  “Um-- the crystals are glowing.”

H:  “Yeah.  Well-- that must be good.”

Cas:  “We gotta hurry!”

H:  “Yeah.  Uh-- hang on!”

Cas:  “Ah-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h!”


Cas:  “Oh-h-h-h-h-- let me know when it’s over.”

H:  “Well-- we’re safe.  You can open your eyes now.”

Cas:  “I know this isn’t the best time-- uh-h-h-h-- but we don’t
have anywhere to land”

H:  “We-e-e-ll-- we’re not lookin’ for land.  There it is.”

Cas:  [Laughs]


Sailors:  “Up there!”  “Hercules!”  “He made it!”  Hooray!”


Cas:  “Well-- I’ll say one thing.  You sure know how to sweep a
girl off her feet.”


Sailors’ Voices:  “Look at that!”  “He made it!”


Sailors’ Voices:  “We’re goin’ home!”  “I’ll second that!”

H:  “You did everything you could, Cassandra.  You can’t save
people from themselves.”

Cas:  “I’m going to miss my home.”

H:  “I know.  But it will always be with you.  Look.”

Cas:  “They’re flying west.”

H:  “What a coincidence.  We’re headed that way, too.  What was
that for?”

Cas:  “For believing in me.”

H:  “All you really needed was to believe in yourself.”

Cas:  “You know Hercules, I’ve-- got a feeling.”

H:  “Oh-- no, not another-- vision.”

Cas [Chuckling]:  “No-- just a hunch.  We’re gonna be friends for
a long time.”

H:  “Ya know something?  I-- think you’re right.”


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